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👍 | Facebook announces its own Clubhouse-style audi…

Photo Facebook announces its own Clubhouse-style audio chat'rooms' – Facebook wants in: The invite-only audio chat app Clubhouse has made waves in recent months with a platform that allows users to listen to or join conversations in audio chat “rooms” . – Zacharie Scheurer / dpa

Facebook announces its own Clubhouse-style audi…

The recent success of the Clubhouse social media app appears to have impressed Facebook enough into creating its own version of the audio chat platform, and the social media giant has now announced plans to roll out so-called Live Audio Rooms for all app users. social media giant said on Monday it was first testing the audio chat rooms in Groups and aiming to roll them out to all app users by mid-2021. Almost at the same time as Facebook, the platform Reddit also announced a similar service called Reddit Talk . In further proof that audio chat is set to be a major social media trend in the… → Continue reading


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