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📱 | Rakuten starts handling iPhone


Rakuten starts handling iPhone

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Until now, when using an iPhone with Rakuten Mobile, it was necessary to purchase an Apple terminal at a store, check whether it can be used with Rakuten's line, and then replace the SIM card.

[Tokyo XNUMXnd Reuters] – Rakuten Mobile, a subsidiary of Rakuten Group, announced on the XNUMXnd that its smartphone “iPhone… → Continue reading


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Rakuten Mobile

Rakuten Mobile(Rakuten Mobile)Rakuten Mobile Co., Ltd.Provided byMobile communicationIt is a service brand of the business.


  • 2017August 12- RakutenAnnounces entry into mobile phone (MNO) business[1]
  • 2018
  • 2019
    • January 1-In the Kanto, Tokai, and Kinki regionsSpecific radio stationObtained a comprehensive license[3]
    • April 4-Rakuten Mobile Network changed its name to Rakuten Mobile, Inc.
    • September 9-Acquired a comprehensive license for specific radio stations in the Kyushu region, and completed acquisition in all regions of Japan[4]
    • August 10- Advance service start..Initially limited to 5000 participants in the "Free Supporter Program"[5]
  • 2020
    • January 1-Expanded "Free Supporter Program" to 22 people[6]
    • March 3-Announcement of price plan "Rakuten UN-LIMIT"[7]
    • August 4- Official service started..The rate plan will be updated to "Rakuten UN-LIMIT 2.0", and in the au roaming area, the speed after data capacity consumption will be gradually increased to 1 Mbps after the same day, and the upper limit of communication volume will be gradually increased to 22 GB after the 5nd of the same month.[8][9]
    • June 6-The number of contract applications exceeds 30 million lines.
    • August 9- 5GStart of the service.Change the price plan to "Rakuten UN-LIMIT V" for 5G[10]
    • June 12-The number of contract applications exceeds 30 million lines.
  • 2021
    • January 1-New rate plan "Rakuten UN-LIMIT VI" announced (scheduled to be available on April 29)[11]
    • June 3-The number of contract applications exceeds 9 million lines.
    • August 4- iPhoneStarted handling.

Communication environment

Rakuten Mobile occupies 1.7MHz bands of 1730-1750MHz (uplink) and 1825-1845MHz (downlink) out of 20GHz band as its own network.[2].. As of the end of March 2020, 3 base stations were in operation in areas mainly in central Tokyo, Aichi and Osaka prefectures.

In places where the radio waves of the company's network do not reachauRoaming to the network[12], In prefectures where the population coverage rate has reached 70%, roaming services will be terminated in sequence.[13].

In addition, when the radio wave condition is bad in the house, etc.無線 LANrouterSmall size with functionFemtocell(4G base station for home use), "Rakuten CasaAre sold[14]..Since R point back is provided for the purchase cost, it is provided virtually free of charge.Initially, Rakuten Hikari and Rakuten's provider were essential conditions, but now, the optical line specified by Rakuten Mobile andProviderThe conditions have been relaxed.

Rate plan

New enrollment and transfer from other carriers (MNPThe only rate plans that can be selected with) are the following "Rakuten UN-LIMIT VI".

Incidentally,MVNO Rakuten MobileIt was said that it would accept changes to the MNO service for users switching from the MVNO rate plan (Super Hodai, etc.).[15], Actually there is no plan other than "Rakuten UN-LIMIT VI"[16].


Source:[17]..The price does not include consumption tax.

Basic charge
Data traffic (*)1st line chargeCharges for the second and subsequent lines
1GB or less0 Yen980 Yen
Over 1GB-less than 3GB980 Yen
Over 3GB-less than 20GB1980 Yen
Over 20GB2980 Yen

* The amount of data communication used to calculate the basic charge is Rakuten Mobile Area.auTotal roaming area (including low-speed communication in the roaming area).

data communication
  • Rakuten Mobile Area (common to 4G / 5G): Unlimited traffic.
  • au roaming area (4G only): The upper limit of communication volume (high-speed mode) is 5GB, and the maximum communication speed after exceeding the upper limit is 1Mbps.If you want to use the high-speed mode after exceeding the limit, you need to purchase additional capacity for 1GB 500 yen.
Other fee
  • Voice call (domestic): Calls via the Rakuten Link app are free (excluding some specials), otherwise 30 yen every 20 seconds
  • Voice call (overseas): Free calls between Rakuten Link apps and from designated countries / regions to domestic calls, other charges are charged[Note 1]
  • SMS(Domestic): SMS via Rakuten Link app is free, otherwise 70 yen for every 3 double-byte characters

Changes in rate plans

All Rakuten UN-LIMIT plan subscribers are automatically upgraded without any procedure when the new plan starts (as of April 2021).

Plan namestart dateBasic chargeRoaming upper limit capacitySame / speed after exceeding the upper limit
Rakuten UN-LIMIT-[Note 2]2980 Yen2GB[Note 3]128Kbps
Rakuten UN-LIMIT 2.02020th of February 45GB1Mbps
Rakuten UN-LIMIT V2020th of February 9
Rakuten UN-LIMIT VI2021th of February 40 circle ~ 2980 circle

Compatible terminal

Currently, Rakuten Mobile can use all functions only on some models (Rakuten Mobile Co., Ltd.Fully compatible with models sold by the MVNO service provided by.

The Rakuten Link app used for calls and SMS isAndroid[18]as well as the iPhone[19]It is offered for.

Also, volunteers[20]It will be verified by, but someMobile routerBut it has been confirmed that it works.

Handling of iPhone

At the beginningiPhoneOfficially said that it was "not guaranteed to work"iPhone XR-iPhone XSIf it is a later model, a normal SIM card andeSIMIt was announced that it will support calls and communications by installing[21]..Also, at the beginning of the service, there was no iOS version of Rakuten LINK app, so voice calls and SMS transmission were charged, but with the start of distribution of the iOS version on July 2020, 7, some iPhone models also It is now possible to make free voice calls and send SMS except for[22][23].

From 2021 year 4 month 30 dayiPhone 12Series andiPhone SE (2st generation)From the 27th of the same month, in line with the start of sales ofiOSEquipped with 14.4 or later, the latest carrier setting update was implementediPhone 6sFormal support has come to be carried out on subsequent terminals.[24][25]..However, there are some restrictions depending on the model, such as the automatic switching function of Rakuten Mobile / au roaming line is not supported except for iPhone 12 series.[26].

Rakuten mobile exclusive terminal

Tinno Mobile


  • (Released on July 2020, 9,5GCorrespondence)[29]
  • Rakuten WiFi Pocket[30]

Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific

  • (Released on April 2021, 4, 21G compatible)[31]

Rakuten line compatible terminal

Devices specified on Rakuten Mobile official website[32]..Excludes the above-mentioned exclusive terminals.

ア ッ プ ル

Fujitsu Connected Technologies



  • HUAWEI nova 5T[34]
  • HUAWEI nova lite 3
  • HUAWEI P30 lite

NEC Platforms


  • AX7
  • Find X
  • OPPO A5 2020[37]
  • OPPO A73[38]
  • OPPO Reno A 128GB[39]
  • OPPO Reno3 A[40]
  • R17 Pro
  • Reno 10x Zoom

Samsung Electronics Japan


  • AQUOS R compact SH-M06
  • AQUOS R2 compact SH-M09
  • AQUOS sense lite SH-M05
  • AQUOS sense plus SH-M07
  • AQUOS sense2 SH-M08
  • AQUOS sense3 lite SH-RM12[44]
  • AQUOS sense3 plus SH-M11
  • AQUOS sense3 plus SH-RM11[45]
  • AQUOS sense3 SH-M12
  • AQUOS sense4 SH-M15
  • AQUOS sense4 lite SH-RM15[46]
  • AQUOS sense4 plus SH-M16[47]
  • AQUOS zero SH-M10
  • AQUOS zero2 SH-M13

Sony Mobile Communications


  • Redmi Notes 9S

CM image character



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注 釈

  1. ^ Outside of Japan, voice calls using standard calling apps are not available.
  2. ^ Since Rakuten UN-LIMIT 2.0 was announced before the official service started, it is not applied except for the roaming maximum capacity.
  3. ^ Applicable until April 2020, 4.

外部 リンク

SIM card

SIM card(Sim card,English: Subscriber Identity Module Card) IsGSM,W-CDMAEtc.Mobile phoneThe ID number used in is recorded to identify the subscriberPrepaid Card[1].. In addition,2.5rd generation mobile communication systemOne of the methods ofIS-95The IC card used in is called.なお、日本のIn addition, JapancdmaOneSo this method was not adopted.

3rd generation (3G) mobile phonesSIM card for has expanded functions,W-CDMA What to use for (UMTS)UIM cardOr USIM card,CDMA2000The one used for is called R-UIM card, but since it is basically compatible, it is often called SIM card without any distinction.

Vodafone The former logo of (Vodafone) is based on the shape of this SIM card.


The SIM card has an IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) Is given a unique number, andPhone NumberCommunication is possible by connecting. By inserting and removing the SIM card, you can transfer the phone number to another mobile phone, or switch between multiple phone numbers on one mobile phone terminal.

However, the SIM card is not supposed to be inserted and removed frequently, and in order to ensure that the power of the SIM card is turned off before inserting and removing it, many battery-replaceable phone terminals require the SIM to be removed. The structure is such that the card cannot be inserted or removed.Since there is no restriction to remove the battery in a terminal that cannot replace the battery, the correspondence differs depending on the terminal, such as rebooting by inserting and removing the SIM, and replacing the SIM in airplane mode.

SIM cards available in Japan are usuallyCarrier (telecommunications company)It is a loan from, and must be returned when canceling.[2]. However,pre-paidIn the case of a SIM card, the cancellation procedure is not required because it expires after a certain period of time from the last use and you cannot make or receive calls.The expiration date is often about half a year after the last use.ソフトバンクモバイルのSoftbank MobilePre-mobileIn the case of, if you do not recharge within 360 days after the balance expires, it will be treated as automatic cancellation.


Storage capacity is 64kPart-Time Jobdegree.実用化されている最大容量はThe maximum capacity that has been put into practical use is2005(HeiseiAs of 17), it was 128 Mbytes.2008Some manufacturers have a policy of increasing the capacity to 20 GB by (1).小容量のカードでは契約者のWith a small capacity card, the contractorpersonal information,Phone bookCan only store about 50, but with a large capacity cardcontentInformation etc. can also be saved.

Half-duplex serial communication is used between the SIM card and the mobile device.The basic transmission speed is 9,600 bits / second, and the transmission speed can be increased to 111,500 bits / second by negotiation.

UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card) is a smart card used for GSM and UMTS mobile devices. In the GSM network, UICC has a built-in SIM app, and in the UMTS network, it has a built-in USIM app. Various other applications can be built into UICC.

The high-speed UICC standard (IC USB), which has recently been standardized by ETSI-SCP, modifies the USB 2.0 physical layer standard to enable communication at normal speeds of 12 megabits / sec (ETSI TS 102.600).In this case, UICC's C4 and C8 pins are used, and the USB standards above the physical layer are compatible.

Initially, the physical shape of the SIM card was a large card, but as the times went by and the size of mobile phones and their parts became smaller, the SIM card was also changed to a smaller size, and by 2020 it will be full. There are four standards: size SIM, mini SIM, micro SIM, and nano SIM.There is also a standard called eSIM that does not require the insertion and removal of a physical card in order to further reduce the size of parts.

Full size SIM

The original SIM cardISO / IEC 7810 ID-1So-called standard external dimensionsCredit cardSize (width 85.6 mm x height 53.98 mm x thickness 0.76 mm)Contact type IC cardso,1991Appeared in, earlyCar phoneAnd used in large mobile phones.the firstForm factor Also called 1FF in the sense of (The first form factor).

It is compatible with this full-size SIM that various small SIM cards that appeared later are provided in the state of credit card size, and it is often used by separating only the IC chip part from it. It is a remnant of the era when sexuality was planned.

Mini SIM

Mini-SIM (mini-SIM) is also called Plug-in UICC, and the external dimensions of the card areISO / IEC 7810 ID-000Width 25 mm x height 15 mm x thickness 0.76 mm.1996Appeared in. Also known as 2FF (The second form factor).

Although it is a standard that appeared after the full-size SIM, terminals that use the full-size SIM as it is were already obsolete during the full-scale popularization period of mobile phones, so this mini SIM is called "Standard SIM". It is often called "normal SIM".

Micro SIM

Micro SIM (microSIM, micro-SIM) is a smaller standard than mini SIM (mini-SIM), and the size is width 15mm x height 12mm x thickness 0.76mm.European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standardETSI TS 102 221 V9.0.0Was determined by. Also known as 3FF (The third form factor), Mini-UICC.2003Appeared in.

It is still used on some MVNO terminals

Nano SIM

Nano SIM (nanoSIM, nano-SIM) is a smaller standard than micro SIM, and its size is 12.3mm in width x 8.8mm in height x 0.67mm in thickness. ETSIETSI TS 102 221 V11.0.0Determined by the standard.2012Appeared in[3].. Also known as 4FF (The fourth form factor).

ア ッ プ ルIn 2012iPhone 5As of 2020, this nano SIM has become the mainstream in mobile phones of most manufacturers.


eSIM (Embedded-SIM) is a standard that has a function equivalent to a SIM card built into the terminal and allows the information written on the SIM card to be downloaded remotely.2016Appeared in.Since there is no need to physically hand over the card, there is an advantage that the mobile phone line can be started quickly, and since there is no need to insert or remove the card, there is no need to provide a card slot in the terminal, further miniaturization and Terminal design with a high degree of freedom is possible[4].

Usually in the terminal as a very small chipSurface mountThe electrical interface is the same as a conventional card-type SIM. Also called MFF2 in the sense of form factor for M2M (machine to machine) equipment.[5]. However,GSMA In RSP version 2, not only the chip shape but also the card type is defined, and there may be implementations that deviate from the original meaning of Embedded in the standard.[6][7].

As a remote download type SIM2014Toア ッ プ ルWas realized in advance as a unique service called Apple SIM[8]Early Apple SIMs had to insert a traditional SIM card into the device. The first device officially compatible with the eSIM standard appeared in 2016SamsungIt became Gear S2 of.After that, Apple also2017From around that time, Apple SIM became an embedded type,2018It also supports the eSIM standard from the released terminals[9].


For UICC (SIM card, etc.)NFCBy incorporating a (Near Field Communication) application and interfacing CLF and UICC (SIM card, etc.) in a mobile device (mobile phone terminal) with SWP or HCI.Contactless paymentFunctions can be added to UICC (SIM card, etc.).

3GPPIn Release 7, non-contact typePrepaid CardAn extension to UICC that supports features has been decided.This is a standardized interface between UICC (SIM card, etc.) and CLF (Contactless Front End), a contactless wireless chip that performs wireless communication with NFC.This interface is called SWP (Single Wire Protocol). The CLF is usually mounted on the printed circuit board of the mobile device, but at the same time, the CLF is connected to the antenna for NFC mounted in the mobile device to communicate with an external reader / writer.

SWP is defined by ETSI-SCP (ETSI TS 102.613) and carries out serial transmission between UICC and CLF. SWP provides the physical layer and data link layer (MAC layer and LLC layer) between UICC and CLF. SWP communicates with two wires, C6 pin and ground C1 pin of UICC, but by using high and low two values ​​of voltage and current respectively, all double communication is performed.That is, the CLF side uses the two values ​​of high and low voltage, and the UICC side uses the two values ​​of high and low current for communication.However, the current value from the UICC side is valid only when the voltage value from the CLF side is high.By this method, the same transmission speed can be achieved for both uplink and downlink. SWP achieves a maximum speed of about 2 Mbps[10]Has been reported.

HCI (Host Controller Interface), which manages communication between UICC and CLF in the upper layer of SWP, is also standardized by ETSI-SCP (ETSI TS 102.622). The main purpose of HCI is to communicate between UICC and CLF, but it has a star topology configuration with CLF as the master, and routing between nodes is supported.


ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card ID)
The maximum is 19 digits, the 1st and 2nd digits are industry identification (89 for telecommunications), the 3rd and 4th digits are country codes (81 for Japan), and in the case of Japan, the 5th and 6th digits are business numbers and 7 --The 18th digit is the card number, the 19th digit is the card numberCheck digitIs[11].
business personBusiness number
OldY Mobile[12]
(OldE access←E-Mobile)
Hanshin Cable Engineering02
Rakuten Mobile09
NTT DoCoMo10
Softbank (mainly SoftBank brand)
(OldVodafone→ SoftBank Mobile)
KDDI-Okinawa Cellular PhoneUnion (au)30
UQ Communications31
Wireless City Planning71
IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Indentity)
It has a maximum of 15 digits and consists of 3 MCC digits, 2 MNC3 digits, and a maximum of 10 MSIN digits.

Japanese SIM card

Post pay

in Japan,2rd generation (2G) mobile phonesWas the representative of the 2G system that uses a SIM card during the mainstream period.GSMWas not used because it was not serviced.

However,NTT DoCoMo OfCar phoneSome models of the machine used an IC card called "DoCoMo application card", which is the same size as a credit card.In addition, some of NTT DoCoMo's embedded packet communication platforms (such as taxi credit card payment devices) use the "DoPa chip".This is unique to JapanPDC (MOVA) Method.

W-CDMA was adopted in 3GNTT DoCoMo OfFOMA,Softbank mobile OfSoftBank 3GBy service inUIM cardCame to be used.

In addition,au(KDDI-Okinawa Cellular PhoneUnion) Also internationalroamingStrengthening (Global Passport GSM)CDMA 1X WINso,R-UIM card(au IC card) Has been introduced, and all Japanese 3G mobile phones will use IC cards equivalent to UIM cards.

In addition, with Japanese 3G mobile phones, IMSI and IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity, Phone's unique number) is often protected, and if a UIM card different from the one used for download is inserted, it may be possible to make calls and communications, but not use the downloaded content. .. The same possibility occurs when the UIM card is reissued due to loss, damage, malfunction, theft, etc.

As a usage other than SIM card calling and communication, there is a service called First Pass of NTT DoCoMo.利用者がThe userElectronic certificateIs issued and stored in the FOMA card,SSLClient authentication andElectronic signatureIt is used for.なお、このサービスはIn addition, this service is2012(24)May 8Ends with[13].


Japan's prepaid SIM card is SoftBank Mobile's "Pre-mobile"and"(iPad(Exclusive) Prepaid Plan ", EMOBILE's" EM Charge ",So-net"Prepaid LTE SIM by So-net",Japan Communications"3GB flat rate",IIJmio"Japan Travel SIM powered by IIJmio" etc.[14][15].. Prepaid LTE SIM by So-netは日本初の自動販売機で販売されるプリペイドSIMカードであるPrepaid LTE SIM by So-net is Japan's first prepaid SIM card sold at vending machines.[16].

At the beginning of the serviceKIXVending machine was installed in, and thenNarita International Airport,New Chitose AirportWe are expanding the sales area to such places. EM Charge, Prepaid LTE SIM by So-net and 3GB Flat-rate are services specialized for data communication, soVoice callUsed forPhone NumberCannot be obtained.音声通話を行うには、代替手段としてAs an alternative to making voice callsLINE,SkypeSuch asInternet phoneMust be used.

Of au (KDDI / Okinawa Cellular Telephone)PrepaidBut,au IC cardThere are some that use, but in fact, it is similar to the method of writing a telephone number on a terminal.

Also, as of 2017MVNOPrepaid SIMs are sold by operators and major telecommunications carriers at airports and home appliance mass retailers.これらは主にThese are mainlyForeign tourists visiting JapanAlthough it is a product for short-term returnees, it can be purchased / used by Japanese people without any problems.

SIMs provided by the prepaid method in Japan are often stated on introduction sites that voice calls are not possible because they are for data communication only, but this is incorrect and prepaid for voice calls. SIM also exists[17].

Mobile phone illegal use prevention lawIf you want to get a voice call compatible SIM according toIdentificationIs required.SIMs that only use data communication are not required because they are not subject to legal restrictions, but they differ depending on the service contract plans and policies of each company, and it is necessary to confirm with each operator whether or not information is registered.


As a SIM card for PHS2005The PIM card was standardized in (17) and has been adopted for PHS services (Koreitsu) in China.However, in Japan2009(21)12Currently, there is no PHS carrier that issues PIM cards.

2008 year (Heisei 20 year)2Willcom is the first terminal in Japan to use a PIM card.WX130S(SIIMade) has been released.This is to use the PHS service in China, which supports PIM cards, and in order to use the PHS service in Japan, it is essential to write the phone number to the terminal as before.The offer from WILLCOM has ended.

Also, WILLCOM used to go,Taiwan-Kingdom of Thailand-Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euSince PHS international roaming at such places uses a method of writing the local phone number directly to the terminal, PIM cards and SIM cards are not used.


Incidentally,WILLCOMOn some terminalsW-SIMIt uses a unique module called (WILLCOM Sim).This has built-in not only contract information but also wireless communication function including antenna and phone book function. By disconnecting the wireless function from the terminal, the development period of the terminal can be shortened and the manufacturer who does not have wireless technology It also facilitates entry.For exampleBandaiReleased by "Kids mobile papipo!Uses W-SIM[18]In addition,handy terminal[19][20],Telemetering[21][22][23]It is also used for embedded devices and industrial applications such as.

W-SIM with built-in GSM communication function, (IACMade)[1]Is also on sale.This product installs a GSM SIM card in a W-SIM compatible terminal equipped with a GSM SIM card slot.使用可能機種はAvailable models are2010(22)May 10Currently, HYBRID W-ZERO3 (WS027SH) Only, it cannot be used with other W-SIM compatible terminals.


Wireless City Planning(PreviouslyWILLCOMProvided by)XGP (WILLCOM CORE XGPThe data communication service by) uses an IC card called. The XGP Card standard itselfUIM cardAlthough compatible, Wireless City Planning's WILLCOM CORE XGP service currently only uses data communication and does not support voice calls, so no phone number information is written on the card.It is only for user authentication.

Therefore, even if the XGP Card is inserted into a UIM card compatible telephone terminal, it is impossible to use the voice call service or the like.ただし、当時のウィルコムとしては、将来的にXGP Cardを利用し、音声通話をサポートする可能性を否定してはいなかったHowever, WILLCOM at that time did not deny the possibility of using XGP Card in the future to support voice calls.[24].

vending machine

2014April 4, the first vending machine in JapanKIXSold at[25].

eSIM (Japan)

So far, the three existing companies of NTT DoCoMo, au, and Softbank have not been aggressive about eSIM, and have only provided it for Apple Watch.

New entry in 2020Rakuten MobileProvides eSIM for voice calls and also sells eSIM dedicated terminals[26].. From March 2021, Softbank willLINE MobileA new online-only rate plan that will be newly launched by absorbing and mergingLINEMOAnd existing sub-brandsY! MobileHas started handling eSIM[27], The main brand Softbank will also consider introducing eSIM in the future[28].. NTT DoCoMo is a tablet terminal as of 2017dtabHas been introduced as an eSIM dedicated terminal, and in an interview with the president, Motoyuki Ii, which was held in January 2021, the new rate plan "ahamoHas stated that it intends to provide eSIM that supports voice calls, including[29].. KDDI (au) also has a new rate plan "povoSupports eSIM[30].

In the MVNO operatorInternet initiativeProvides data communication only, KDDI Group provides data communication eSIM for overseas travelers, andNTT CommunicationsOffers for corporations[26].Telecom SquareAlso started the prepaid data communication eSIM service that can be used in Japan and overseas from December 2020.[31], KDDI also launched an online-specialized MVNO operator, and plans to start the eSIM service from 2021.[32].

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has held the "Switching Facilitation Task Force" several times since November 2020, which summarizes measures to facilitate switching between carriers, and mentions the promotion of eSIM.Issues to consider include security concerns such as the possibility of leaking profiles for setting and the problem of unauthorized use such as creating a clone SIM, the cost issue when a major carrier releases the eSIM function to the MVNO, and the user side. The degree of understanding of, SIM lock availability, etc. are listed.[33][34].

Laws and regulations

Communication terminals that can make voice calls and SIM cards that support voice calls are available.Mobile phone illegal use prevention lawIt is subject to the regulation of the contractor, and the identity confirmation of the contractor is obligatory, and the illegal transfer is prohibited.Communication terminals and SIM cards dedicated to data communication are not subject to the regulation of the law, and terminals without a SIM card are also not subject to the regulation.

Some MVNO / MVNE operators omit the transfer of identity verification documents for communication terminals and SIM cards dedicated to data communication.

SIM card outside Japan

Generally, the ratio of prepaid users is higher than in Japan. Many carriers outside of Japan, such as Vodafone's "Pay as you talk" and "Pay monthly," sell both postpaid and prepaid SIM cards.さらに、ロンドンのIn addition, in LondonHeathrow AirportIn some cases, SIM card vending machines are installed for immigrants.

Telecom Square・ ・Deutsche TelekomThere are also companies that import and sell SIM cards of mobile phone communication companies outside Japan, such as Japanese corporations.

As a usage other than calling and communication,フィンランドPut the'Citizen Certificate', like, electronicIdentificationMovement to use as[35]There is also.

Use of SIM cards that are common in the world

You can purchase a prepaid SIM card from another country's carrier at some stores in Japan, such as airports, telephone companies, and convenience stores, and put it in your SIM-unlocked terminal.Usually, an ID card such as a passport is required for purchase.The terminal will be the phone number of that country.

  • If you use the SIM of the local carrier, the call will be made via the local carrier.
    • When calling Mr. B in Country A while staying in Country A: Terminal → Mr. B's domestic call
    • When calling Mr. C in Japan while staying in Country A: Terminal → Japan → Mr. C's international call

For carriers outside Japan

  • When using the international roaming SIM sold in Japan, all calls are made via Japan.
    • When calling Mr. B in Country A while staying in Country A: Terminal → Japan → Country A → Return international call from Mr. B
    • When calling Mr. C in Japan while staying in Country A: Terminal → Japan → Mr. C's international call

For roaming (or roaming out)

  • If you bring the SIM card of country A to Japan, the call will be made via country A.

For roaming in

  • Depending on the carrier, it is possible to bring the SIM card of country A to Japan and make and receive calls using the phone number of country A.Roaming-in is used to distinguish it from the former case.However, even if you bring in a terminal that supports only GSM, you cannot use it, and you need to bring in or rent a terminal that supports W-CDMA.
  • For domestic calls in country A, it is cheaper to select the SIM card of the carrier in that country.However, the international call charge is a comparison between the international call charge of the carrier in that country and the roaming international call charge of the domestic carrier, which is cheaper.
  • In the case of international roaming, the called party is often charged even if the call is received from Japan in Country A.Even if it looks like a domestic call from the Japanese side, there is actually an international call charge and it is necessary to charge it.


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