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📱 | Photo report of the new color "Purple" of iPhone 12.Light purple like lavender


Photo report of the new color "Purple" of iPhone 12.Light purple like lavender

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If you pair it with an iPhone with iOS 14.5 or higher and search from the "Search" app, it will notify you of the location with a beep.

At the new product launch "Spring Festival" held by Apple at midnight on April 4, Japan time, iPhone 21 / iPho ... → Continue reading


It is a site "PHILE WEB" (file web) that delivers daily news, reviews, bargain information, etc. on AV / audio / gadgets. First published in 1999.

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iOS 14

iOS 14It is,ア ッ プ ルMobile operating system developed byiOSThis is the 14th major release of. Released on September 2020, 9.

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Beep(Beep on,British: beep sound) IsElectronicsIs the sound that is emitted for notification.oscillationsound(Hasshinon) is sometimes used as a translation.Somewhat expensiveBuzzer soundOften


Beep consists of a single waveformsoundAnd this is simpleElectronic circuitBecause it can be synthesized with, it is used by incorporating it into various devices.Equipment that emits a beep is at homeWashing machine,microwave, In the storebarcodeReadableCash register, In the officeCopierThere are many.Also earlyElectronic gamesAnd even today in the 21st century, digital腕 時 計In such cases, it is used because it is easy to design and incorporate a mechanism to produce the sound.

These sounds are used to notify the user of the operation of the machine by voice, and are emitted when some operation is completed or when the operation cannot be continued due to an abnormality.Even if the sound is single, it is also made to have a predetermined meaning by changing the pitch or repeating turning on and off at a fixed timing. For example, if it is "sound once short", it ends normally.ErrorIn that case, you can also see a style such as "ringing three times for a long time".Some products are given meaning depending on the pitch, and low continuous sounds are used as errors, short high-pitched sounds are used to confirm operations, and long high-pitched sounds are repeated three times at the end of operation.

Decline of beep sound

Beep sounds have been used in various places since the advent of electronic devices, but with the sophistication of devices, they may be replaced with predetermined melodies or recorded human voices.This tendency has made ringing tones a social problem.Mobile phoneIs remarkable.thingSpeech synthesis LSIFor advanced audio output such asIntegrated circuitFor local products that are available at low prices,Household appliancesBy notifying the operation by voice insideDifferentiation from other companies' productsThere are also things that try to.


English beepOnomatopoeiaIs.In Japanese, it is expressed as "pee" or "pi".A typical example isAnswering machineIn the corresponding message, the message recorded at the time of shipment is expressed as "beep".

It ’s a reminder,microwaveIn the old days, the end of cooking was notified by ringing the bell, so cooking in the microwave is also called "chinning", but in the 21st centuryCheap editionIn microwave ovens, products that use beep sounds are the mainstream.For this reason, it is not uncommon to see expressions such as "pip" when referring to microwave cooking.

Computer beep

The terminal isBell character(ASCIIWhen 0x07) is received, a beep sounds.

ComputerPositioned as the most primitive audio output in, usually single noteSquare waveIs.It is used when the power is turned on or when an error occurs during operation.This sound isBIOSBecause it is issued by computer hardware, etc.OSControls the main function ofkernelIt can be sounded even if it malfunctions, and it can be sounded even in the case of a fatal error in operation.However, programmatically, it is possible to work directly on the system to make it sound, and the beep does not necessarily mean a fatal error.

There are various implementations, some of which directly indicate High and Low I / O states, some of which emit a certain frequency, and some of which can output an arbitrary frequency.PC 9801 For VM or later "SorcerianThere is also game software that plays BGM with a beep sound.AlsoComputer virusPlayed byYankee DoodleEtc. are also well known.In the early days, there was software that utters chords by time-dividing frequencies and repeating them.

The center of the current personal computer marketPC/AT compatibleThen, variousExpansion cardThe feature is that you can freely combine the above, and because of error codes such as failures at startup, many models have a buzzer or a pin header for speaker output, and the motherboard alone does not always produce sound.Before the circuit for output was built into the chipsetMotherboardSome of the audio outputs that can be used with the motherboard alone are only beep sounds, and in order to output audio with such a model, it was necessary to add a separate sound card.

Beep in Microsoft Windows

Microsoft WindowsEven inWindows 3.1,9xInPC cardIn addition to the beep sound used as the insertion and removal sound ofHidden functionButMinesweeperでSound effectIt was also used to ring.However, in Windows basicallyPCM sound sourceThere is a tendency to assume, and these sounds will gradually increase as the version of Windows increases.PCMIt was switched to.In addition, in an environment where a PCM sound source cannot be used, a beep sound may be used as a substitute for a warning sound. Normally, volume control and mute do not work for the beep sound,Windows 2000After that, there will be a beepWindows serviceIt is provided as a kind of, and the beep sound can be muted by stopping the service.[1]..On the other hand, depending on the environment, the beep sound may be called "PC speaker".Sound mixerIn some cases, the beep volume is disabled by default because it is assumed to be a PCM sound source on Windows, and the beep sound does not sound at all after the GUI is started.


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