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👍 | Powerful than Kokkuri-san !? The ultimate necromancy “Hitokakurenbo” is a hot topic on SNS ...

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More powerful than Kokkuri-san !? The ultimate necromancy "Hitokakurenbo" is a hot topic on SNS ...

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In "I don't know if it's a lie or a real overkill city legend The Drama" (TV Tokyo series) broadcasted in April this year, I made a live-action horror of Kakurenbo alone.

Do you know the necromancy "Hitokakurenbo" that has become a hot topic on the internet?Among occult enthusiasts, "Kokku ... → Continue reading


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Kakurenbo alone

Kakurenbo aloneIsJapanModernGhost storyOne of the so-calledurban legendIs[1]..Also called tag,[2]dangerousNecromancy(Ormagic)Kokkuri-sanIs considered more dangerous than[Source required].


originallyKansai region,Shikoku regionでKokkuri-sanIt is said that it was a well-known play with[1],is thereUniversity OfCircleThere is also a theory that he intentionally disseminated such stories to the world in order to study how urban legends spread.[3]..Like Mr. Kokkuri, a kind ofNecromancyTo be[4][5]There is also a theory that it curses itself[6].

20064Around the time, largeElectronic bulletin board"channel 2"ofOccult Paranormal Phenomenon BoardThe detailed method was introduced in, and there are various things that can be done by doing this.Unnatural phenomenonIt became widely known to the general public when the story of the experience of encountering was written, and the readers who saw it tried to verify it one after another and introduced the result on the net.[4].

What to prepare

How to proceed

As a preparation, give the stuffed animal a name, take out all the stuffing, put rice and the above-mentioned spell in place, and sew it together.[4][7]..Wrap the excess thread around the stuffed animal to some extent and tie it.[5][7]..The rice inside is a stuffed animal内 臓, The red threadBlood vesselAlso known as representing[1]..Decide on a hiding place and prepare salt water there[1][7].

At 3:XNUMX am, act in the following order[7][9](Hereafter, my name: ○○, the name of the stuffed animal: △△).

  1. For the stuffed animal, "Because the first demon is ○○[1][7]"Three times,bathroomAnd filled with waterbath tubPut a stuffed animal in[6][7].
  2. Turn off all the lights in the housetv setOnly on (Sandstorm screen, but impossible due to analog wave stoppage[1][6]), Close your eyes and count for 10 seconds[1][9].
  3. Take the knife and go to the bathroom and say "I found △△" and stab it.[7][9].
  4. "Next, because △△ is a demon[7]Or "Next, △△ is a demon[1]I hide in a hiding place with salt water[1][7].
  • 別説
    • Plush toys are not bath tubs,BathtubPut in[9][10]. OrWash basinBut it's also possible[5].
    • Instead of preparing salt water in the hiding place in advance, find the stuffed animal and say "Next is △△ is a demon", then go to the hiding place with salt water[9][10].
    • Immediately after stabbing the stuffed animal, instead of saying "Next", run away immediately and hide in a place where salt water is prepared.[6].

How to exit

Put some salt water in your mouth, then go out, look for the stuffed animal, pour the remaining salt water in the cup, then the salt water in your mouth, and declare "my win" three times to finish.[7][11]..Be sure to follow this procedure for 1-2 hours[1], Or must be completed within 2 hours[6][10]..In addition, it is said that the stuffed animals used for the stuffed animals alone need to be treated by the method of finally burning.


As mentioned above, there are various theories about the procedure depending on the rumor, but the following are also major differences.

  1. At 3:10 am, XNUMX bottles around a bath vat filled with salt waterろ う そ くTurn on the fire and turn off all the lights in the room.[12].
  2. A stuffed toy without cotton, rice,Chicken Of心 臓And tie it with a string[12].
  3. Put the stuffed animal in the bath tub, say "I am the first demon", and stick the knife into the stuffed animal.[12].
  4. Say "Then you are a demon this time" and hide in a closet etc.[12].
  5. To end hide-and-seek, you have to take your heart out of the stuffed animal and declare "I win."[12].


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