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🧑🏻‍💻 TechAcademy | What is Ruby's base64 encoding? [For beginners]

What is Ruby's base64 encoding? [For beginners]

I will explain about Ruby's base64 encoding.

If you're not familiar with Ruby in the first place, you can read the article that explains what Ruby is for a deeper understanding.

This article is based on the contents of the Ruby course of TechAcademy's online boot camp.



What is base64 encoding?

This is an encoding method for expressing arbitrary data using only printable characters (*).
(*) Use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, + (plus), / (slash), and pad the end with = (equal).

Originally an e-mail system designed to use only 7-bit ASCII characters, it is one of the methods devised to send non-ASCII character data.

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