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📷 | Thorough coverage!Cameras at the base ... Behind the scenes of Blue Impulse Tonami Tulip Fair


Thorough coverage!Cameras at the base ... Behind the scenes of Blue Impulse Tonami Tulip Fair

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On the morning of the day, we conducted our own interviews, including behind the scenes, such as the situation before leaving Komatsu base in Ishikawa prefecture.

Along with the opening of the Tonami Tulip Fair on the 22nd of this month, a voyage that flew over the venue and impressed many people with the exhibition flight ... → Continue reading

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Komatsu Airfield

Komatsu Airfield(Komatsu Hikojo) isIshikawa小松 市It is inMilitary-civilian shared airfield.Ministry of DefenseIs managed byAir traffic controlIs done by the Air Self-Defense Force[1].Japan Air Self-Defense ForceKomatsu base (British: JASDF Komatsu Airbase)WhenCivil aviation(Private aviation)RunwayShared and private facilitiesPopular nameAsKomatsu Airport(Komatsu-Airport,British: Komatsu Airport)It is called[2].KanazawaSouthwest of 30 kmLocated in.


Komatsu CityKanazawa-Fukui CityIncluding the southern part of Ishikawa Prefecture (KagaLocal) andFukuiNorthern (ReihokuIt is an access base to local areas).2001, The trend of reviewing public works projects has spread and Fukui Prefecture has saidHokuriku Shinkansen・ By changing the policy to "focus on Komatsu Airport"Fukui AirportJet conversion became virtually blank, and at the request of Fukui Prefecture, the airline companyTimetableEtc. are written as "Komatsu (Kanazawa / Fukui)"[3].

On both sides of the runwayTaxiwayThe Air Self-Defense Force uses the mountain side, and the civil aviation terminal uses the sea side.In the past as a regular civil aviation flightBoeing 747There was a class takeoff and landing, and ANA had been in service since 1980 with the 747SR-100 and from January 1993 with the 1-747 until the end of March 400.The number of passengers is the largest at the airport on the Sea of ​​Japan side of Honshu.Instrument approach deviceTHE SBecause of the installation, there are relatively few cancellations even in bad weather in winter.

Mainly assuming freight flightsWesternFrom 2005 to 2006, construction work was carried out to raise the pavement of this runway (increase the thickness of the roadbed by 10 cm) in order to enable direct flights to and from December 2006, 12. Has started.The weight limit for this runway is 21 before constructiontThe structure has increased from 396 tons to XNUMX tons, and has a structure that can withstand the weight of large equipment such as regular international cargo flights that are full of fuel.Aerial refueling machineKC 767It is supposed to be able to withstand the weight of.Along with this construction, a temporary runway was constructed in parallel with the main runway, and was in service from March 2005, 3 to December 17, 2006.Since the temporary runway is only 12m away from the main runway due to land security, it is not possible to use two runways at the same time.The temporary runway will not be dismantled and will be used again as a runway in the event of long-term construction work on the main runway in the future, so it is regularly inspected and managed.On the temporary runway, "x" marks (prohibition signs) are marked in 20 places to prevent accidental entry, and horizontal writing is done in the center and vertical writing is done in 97.5 places near the "KOMATSU" landing point. It is written as "Komatsu".


Number of users

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The annual number of passengers is 1,581,054 for domestic flights and 243,874 for international flights (FY2018).[4][5].

Number of passengers

The number of passengers by year is shown below.[6]..International flights include charter flights[6].Mouse pointerWhen is matched with each element of the bar graph, the numerical value of the relevant year pops up.

  •   Domestic flights
  •   International flights


For matters related to Komatsu Airport, see ""JASDF Komatsu BaseSee history.

Chronological Table

  • 1941(Showa16) December- Old Navy Ministry of AgricultureAround the west side of Imaegata, based on an air base development plan centered on about 140ha of forestry propertyPrivate landAcquired about 241㎡[7].
  • 1943(18)
    • May 4 --Opened Komatsu Airport Construction Office, former NavyMaizuru Guardian OfficeConstruction started as an airfield[8]..At that time, it was a sand dune area called "Mujinagahama".Pacific WarIn response to the air raids on the base on the Pacific side, it was started as an evacuation base on the Sea of ​​Japan side.[9].
  • 1944(19)
    • May 9 --Komatsu Navy Air Corps is Shibayama (currentlyKaga City) Will be opened[10].
    • May 9 --Become an evacuation airfield for the Toyohashi Navy Air Service[10].
    • May 11 --Two runways completed, 1500m x 100m east-west and 1700m x 100m north-south[8]Then, deploy two companies of Navy attack corps.
  • 1945(20)
  • 1952
    • 1 --Mayor Komatsu, Chairman of the Komatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ishikawa,Toyama, Hokuriku Air Transportation approved the establishment in November of the same year after a petition was submitted to both Houses of Representatives for the conversion of Komatsu Airport to the private sector under the joint name of the governors of each prefecture in Fukui.May 12Was issued a business license[12].
    • May 7 - US-Japan Administrative AgreementBecomes an auxiliary radar station for the U.S. military based on[12].
  • 1953(28)
    • May 4 --Opened Komatsu Airport.
  • 1955(30)
    • May 7 --Japan helicopter transportation (currentlyAll Nippon Airways) And Hokuriku Air Transport Alliance Komatsu- OsakaOpened a regular line three times a week, one round trip a day[12].
  • 1956(Showa 31) --The Defense Agency expressed its intention to request the takeoff and landing of jet aircraft to the local community.Since then, there have been pros and cons in the local area.
  • 1957(32)
    • May 5 --Closed US military base at Komatsu Airport[13].
  • 1958(33)
    • May 2 --U.S. military requisition cancellation[13].
    • Komatsu Mayor Denshiro Wada announces his position as a combined airfield for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and the private sector.
  • 1959(34)
    • May 3 --According to the report of the Hokuriku Regional Council, the Hokuriku Finance Bureau permits the Defense Agency to use Komatsu Airport on condition that it is used in combination with a private airport.
  • 1960(35)
    • May 4 --The first expansion work started.The east-west runway was extended to 1m x 2400m to serve as the main runway, and the north-south runway was used as the sub-runway to maintain a size of 45m x 1200m.At the site of purchase at that timePioneeringThe project was underway, but the scale was 261Town walkReduced from 129 town walks[14].
  • 1960(35)
    • May 11 --The "Agreement on Komatsu Airfield" was signed by the Vice-Ministers of Defense and Transport, and an operational agreement with civil aviation was concluded, and it was converted into a combined airfield by the notification of the Minister of Transport in December.
  • 1961(36)
  • 1962(37)
    • May 4 --Komatsu by All Nippon Airways --Osaka Line opened.
    • May 9 --Along with Suehiro Sports Park, it will be the venue for the "Growing Japanese Industry and Defense Expo" (-November 11)[Note 1].
  • 1964(39)
    • September-Start of second expansion work.F-104JThe runway was extended to 2700m for introduction, and the secondary runway was abolished.As a result, the remaining development business will be cancelled.[14].
  • 1972(47)
  • 1973(48)
  • 1979(54)
  • 1981(56)
    • May 9 --Domestic flight / new passenger terminal completed (steel frame 2 stories, partly 3 stories, exteriorKanazawa CastleImage of Ishikawa Gate)[20].
  • 1984(59)
    • May 4 --Completion of new international passenger terminal.
  • 1986(61)
    • May 10 ――Japan Airlines opens Komatsu ――Tokyo line and becomes a double truck.
  • 1991(Heisei3 years)
  • 1992(4)
    • May 3 --The Defense Agency has decided to relax restrictions on the entry of foreign aircraft.Since then, many charter flights have been operated by foreign airlines.
  • 1993(5)
  • 1994(Heisei6 years)
    • January-Cargolux relocation to Komatsu is decided by agreement between Japanese and Luxembourg aviation authorities.
    • March-As an import joint shed company by Ishikawa Prefecture, Komatsu City, airport terminal company, and transportation-related industryThird sectorEstablished HIACT.
    • June-Completion of HIACT's provisional cargo shed.Ready to accept international air cargo.
    • May 7 --Komatsu - Luxembourg間 にCargolux AirlinesInternational freight scheduled flight service by.
    • December-Komatsu Airport areaImport promotion areaDesignated as (Foreign Access Zone, FAZ)[Note 2].
  • 1996(8)
    • May 3 --Completion of expansion and renovation of the international passenger terminal[21].
  • 2002(14)
    • May 6 --Completion of HIACT's new terminal.
  • 2004(16)
  • 2005(17)
    • May 3 --Temporary runway operation started (current runway closed).
  • 2006(18)
    • May 3 --Komatsu of Japan Airlines - SeoulLine operationKorean AirTransferred to.From the same dayCode share flightsStarted operation.
    • May 12 --Completion of runway raising work.The apron expansion work has also been completed, and the parking spot will change from 5 berths for large aircraft to 4 berths for large aircraft and 2 berths for medium-sized aircraft.Cargolux has increased its fuel load and canceled the technical landing of flights departing from Komatsu at Chitose.
  • 2009(21)
  • 2011(Heisei 23)
    • May 3 --Komatsu of Fuji Dream Airlines --Shizuoka Line is suspended on this day[24][25].
  • 2012(24)
    • May 12 - EVA AirKomatsu- TaipeiThe number of flights will be increased to 7 per week, and the first daily flight will be started as an international flight.
  • 2014(26)
    • May 1 - Silk Way West Airlines ByHeydar Aliyev International Airport-Komatsu flights in service (2 flights a week)
    • May 3 - Ibex airlines, Reduced Narita flights.Along with this, all Nippon Airways' Fukuoka flight round trip started with code share.All Nippon Airways, Fukuoka flight 1 round trip reduced (All Nippon Airways 1 round trips, Ibex Airlines 3 round trip).As of the winter schedule of 1, ANA 2020 round trips and ORC 2 round trips.
  • 2015(27)
  • 2016(28)
    • May 3 --All Nippon Airways and Haneda flights reduced from 1 round trips to 6 round trips a day[28][29] .
    • May 3 --All Nippon Airways ends the handling of the multi-airport system at 3 Hokuriku airports (Komatsu, Toyama, Noto)[30] .
  • 2018(30)
  • 2019(31ReiwaFirst year)
  • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa)
    • May 3 --The operation end time of Komatsu Airport has been extended by 1 hour and changed by 22:30.[44].
    • May 10 --On this day, Narita, Fukuoka, and Sendai flights operated by Ibex Airlines will be suspended, and the company will withdraw.[45][46]..All Nippon Airways took over the operation of Fukuoka flights operated by the company.[45][46].
  • Passenger and freight facilities

    Both facilities are operated by Hokuriku Air Terminal Building Co., Ltd.

    On the 1st floor of the passenger terminal building, shared by each companyCar rentalThere is a reception.

    Passenger facility
    Freight facility
    • HIACT (Hokuriku International Air Cargo Terminal)
      • First International Workingmen's Association Freight Shed
      • Second International Cargo Shed
    • Domestic cargo shed

    Government agencies / companies with facilities at the airport

    Regular service routes

    If there are two or more airline names, operate with the aircraft / crew of the first airline.Codeshare flights.

    Domestic flights

    Japan Airlines (JAL) Tokyo International Airport(Haneda)
    Japan Transocean Air (JTA) Naha Airport
    All Nippon Airways (ANA) New Chitose Airport, Tokyo International Airport,Fukuoka Airport[Note 3]
    Oriental air bridge(ORC)
    ・ All Nippon Airways (ANA)
    Fukuoka Airport[47]
    (From Komatsu Airport) Number of passengers / ranking by route in 2019[48]
    destinationNumber of passengersDomestic rank
    Tokyo International AirportAbout 104 million peopleTop 26

    International connecting flights

    Some flights at Tokyo International Airport and Fukuoka Airport are given the flight numbers of overseas airlines as code-share flights.Use with an overseas airline flight number is limited to international connecting passengers, and use only with domestic flights is a domestic airline flight number.

    DestinationMajor airlinesCodeshare airlines
    Tokyo International AirportJapanese flag Japan Airlines (JL) Hong Kong flag Cathay Pasific Airlines (CX)
    Japanese flag All Nippon Airways (NH) Republic of China flag EVA Air (BR) , Singapore flag Singapore Airlines (SQ)
    Fukuoka AirportJapanese flag All Nippon Airways (NH) Kingdom of Thailand flag Thai Airways (TG)

    International flights

    Passenger flight

    Korean Air (KE)
    - Japan Airlines (JL)
    -Delta Airlines (DL)
    Republic of Korea flag South Korea-Incheon International Airport(Soul)
    EVA Air (BR)
    - All Nippon Airways (NH)
    Taiwan flagTaiwan-Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport(Taipei)
    Tiger Air Taiwan (IT) Taiwan flagTaiwan・ Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (Taipei)
    China Eastern Airlines (MU)
    ・ Japan Airlines (JL)
    Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaChugoku-Pudong International Airport(Shanghai)
    Cathay Pasific Airlines (CX)
    Hong Kong flagHong Kong-Hong Kong International Airport(Hong Kong)

    * Komatsu-Hong Kong flights are seasonal regular flights


    Two companies are operating as regular international cargo flights.

    Regular flights of Cargolux Airlines in Luxembourg are now available in New ChitoseHong Kong・ Taipei ・ Incheon ・Fairbanks-Dubai-Abu DhabiRound trip to Luxembourg viaBoeing 747-400FOr Boeing747-8F type) is operated.Depending on the flight, there are northbound and southbound flights, and not all flights go through all of these airports.

    Regular flights by Silk Way Airlines in Azerbaijan2018May 1The service started from.It has been used as a regular charter flight so far, and the aircraft is of the same company.Boeing 747-400FOr use the Boeing 747-8F,BakuThere are two weekly flights from to Seoul on Sunday and Thursday afternoons.

    Closed line

    The routes that were in service at Komatsu Airport are as follows[49][50].

    Jay Air (JLJ) Niigata Airport,Izumo Airport,Hiroshima West Airfield
    All Nippon Airways (ANA) Osaka International Airport,Nagoya Airport(Before the opening of Chubu Centrair International Airport),Niigata Airport(Transit point,SapporoDeparture / arrival routes),Fukui Airport(Transit points, routes to / from Tokyo / Nagoya)
    Air Nippon (ANK) Kagoshima Airport
    Japan Air System (JAS) Tokyo International Airport(Haneda)
    Japan Air Commuter (JAC) Okayama Airport,Takamatsu Airport,Matsuyama Airport
    Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) Shizuoka Airport
    AIRDO (ADO) New Chitose Airport
    Ibex airlines (IBX) Sendai Airport,Narita International Airport, Fukuoka Airport

    Former Japanese helicopter transportation andCentral Japan AirlinesIncluding the time when was in service.Air Nippon and J-Air are routes before operating on ANA and JAL flights, respectively.

    JASDF Komatsu Base

    Komatsu Base(Komatsu Airbase, JASDF Komatsu Airbase)19612Opened inJapan Air Self-Defense Force OfbaseIs.versusAirspace invasionResponsible for the task of measures, for aircraft of unknown nationalityscrambleStarting off[51].Base command The6th WingThe commander also serves.To the north of the baseSea of ​​JapanThere is a vast training airspace (G airspace) in the sky.Therefore, Air Defense CommandCombat competitionIt is also a base where many events are held.


    • 1958(Showa33 years)May 2 --At the same time that most of the airfield was requisitioned by the US military, the Air Self-Defense Force Komatsu Detachment was deployed.This year, Komatsu Mayor Denshiro Wada announced his position as a combined airfield against the movement against the Self-Defense Forces base by the left wing, which became active from time to time.[Note 4].
    • 1959(34)May 6 --Established by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force Komatsu Branch Base.
      • May 12 --Concluded 33 treaties regarding Komatsu base.
    • 1960(35)May 4 --Start of maintenance work as Komatsu base.
    • 1961(36)May 2 --Opening of the Air Self-Defense Force Komatsu Base.Temporary Komatsu Detachment formation.
    • 1962(37)May 5 --Started alert standby operation.
      • May 7 --Completed the formation of the 6th Air Wing.
    • 1963(38)May 1 - Heavy snowfallToDisaster dispatch.
    • 1964(39)May 4 --Concluded an agreement with the request from Komatsu City due to the expansion of Komatsu base.
    • 1965(40)May 3 - 205th SquadronNew edition (F-104JDeployment, 20 aircraft formation).Acquired 42.3ha of land for base expansion.The pioneer team in the area was dissolved.
    • 1969(44)May 2 --The F-104J, which was hit by a lightning strike in the city of Kanazawa, crashed, killing four people.
    • 1974(49) August-A new model at that timeF-4EJRequested the deployment of.
    • 1975(50) June-Dissolution of the 6th Squadron.
      • May 10 --Regarding F-4EJ deploymentDefense Facility AgencyAnd the local government conclude a "Basic Agreement on Noise Countermeasures Around Komatsu Base" (so-called "10 Agreement")[Note 5]
    • 1976(51)May 10 - 303th SquadronNew edition (F-4EJ deployment, 18 aircraft formation).
    • 1981(56)May 6 --Dissolution of the 205th Squadron.
    • 1982(57) November --It was decided to provide it to the U.S. Forces in Japan, and joint use (training) with the Self-Defense Forces will be implemented thereafter.[53].. November 11 First joint training was held.
    • 1986(61)May 11 -The 303th SquadronF-15JReorganized into (18 aircraft formation).
    • 1988(63)May 3 --New edition of the 301st Base Air Defense Corps.
    • 1995(Heisei7 years)May 11 - Noto PeninsulaAn accident occurred in which the F-15J training offshore accidentally shot down a wingman (F-15 consort plane shooting down accident).
    • 1997(Heisei09) March --The 3th Squadron was reorganized into the F-306J.
    • 2001(13)May 12 --Komatsu Air Control Service achieved 1,234,567 control times[54].
    • 2002(14)May 4 --Because the deployment model was updated to F-15J and overcrowding progressed due to the increase in air flights, the Defense Agency decided on "Takeoff and landing restrictions during lunch break" and "East formation takeoff restrictions" based on the "10" agreement. Requested mitigation to both Komatsu and Kaga cities.At the same time, notify Ishikawa Prefecture.
      • May 12 --Concluded an "Agreement to partially revise the agreement" with Komatsu City and Kaga City, and relaxed some of the voluntary noise regulations.
    • 2006(18) July --Around Komatsu City, Kaga City, Kawakita Town, etc.MunicipalitiesHas announced that it will accept training for US military aircraft.
    • 2011(23)May 10 --F-15 fuel tank fall accident occurred.same yearMay 12Resumed flight.The aviation festival of this year was not held due to the search for dropped parts and the suspension of flight training.[55].
    • 2016(28) April 6- Tactical Fighter Training Nittawara BaseMove from.

    Deployment unit

    Chubu Air CorpsSubordinate
    Air Tactical Guidance GroupSubordinate
    Aviation corpsSubordinate
    Air support groupSubordinate
    Minister of DefenseDirect control

    Komatsu Air Base Festival

    At the aviation festival held in the fall of every year, exhibition flights of fighters and rescue aircraft belonging to Komatsu base are held.Acrobatic flight11th Squadron to do (Blue Impulse) Exhibition flight will be carried out[56].1990 eraUntil the middle, every year6Was held, butrainy seasonSince it was raining a lot and the exhibition flight was often canceled, it was held in September when the weather was good in Hokuriku.From the latter half of the 9s2000Until then, it was held for two days on the last Saturday and Sunday of August, which is rare for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.2001Since then, it will be held only on the 9st of September.However, in 19/11 terrorismDue to this, it was actually canceled and not held. 2009 was held in November. In 11, it was canceled due to the F-2011's external fuel tank fall accident.[55].

    Peripheral measures

    Peripheral countermeasures related to this airfield are similar to other SDF/US military facilities in Japan.Law on maintenance of living environment around defense facilitiesAs the base law (hereinafter referred to as the same law in this section)Defense Facility AgencyThe following has been implemented under the initiative of[57].

    In general, peripheral measures projects are classified as follows, and other budgetary measures may be taken under other names.

    • Subsidy for obstacle prevention work
    • Subsidy for housing soundproofing
    • Purchase of land by relocation measures
    • Subsidy for stable public facilities
    • Delivery of adjustment grant

    The Komatsu Base Civil Defense Federation, the Komatsu Base Northern Civil Defense Association, the Komatsu Civil Defense Construction Association, etc. have been organized to support such peripheral measures projects from the residents' side.

    On the south side of the airfield, the Katayamazuma golf course completed in 1968 continues for more than 3 km, and the west bank has a forest as Ataka Beach, and there are few houses mainly in industrial parks.[Note 6]..The flight route on the north side is close to the center of Komatsu City, and soundproofing measures will be implemented exclusively in this area.

    Obstacle prevention construction

    Regarding the prevention of general obstacles in the obstacle prevention measures project (based on Article 3 of the same law), the land has become bare and devastated due to the expansion of this airfield, etc.洪水Damage occurred[Note 7] For,DrainageThere was a subsidy for renovation work, and the subsidy was implemented from 1977 to 1985, and a partial renewal project of the drainage channel was implemented in 2003 due to changes in the situation over time and the business location.[Note 8].

    In addition, due to the frequent flights of aircraft taking off and landing at the airfield, TV in the surrounding areaFlutterAs a preventive measure, the joint reception facility was subsidized from 1976 to 1994.

    In addition, for noise from 1965 to 1977TelephoneSubsidized the installation project.

    The subsidy record for these obstacle prevention works was about 2003 million yen by FY9.

    Noise prevention work

    As a noise prevention measure project for public facilities such as schools, Ishikawa Prefecture started by implementing soundproofing work at Komatsu City Hisue Elementary School, which is adjacent to the airfield, in 1960 as a measure to prevent and reduce aircraft noise. , Komatsu City, Kaga City, and 2003 facilities such as corporate-related educational facilities and medical facilities, a total of about 158 million yen was subsidized.A cooler is installed in the school building in the neighboring school.

    House soundproofing construction

    For residential soundproofing work, first-class areas (4) designated based on Article 75 of the same law, such as Komatsu City and Kaga City.WECPNLAbove[58]) Has been implemented since 1975, and from 1996, specific housing soundproofing work (donut phenomenon)[Note 9], Reconstruction soundproofing work from 1999, exterior soundproofing work from 2002, 2003Solar powerSystem installation work (monitoring) is being carried out. As of 2003, 29000 billion yen has been invested in about 635 households.In addition, the functional restoration work of the air conditioning equipment installed by the construction (equipment renewal due to aging deterioration, etc.) will be carried out from 1989, and the fitting restoration work will be carried out from 1999, and by 2003, a total of 1 households, about 30 billion yen. Was subsidized.

    Such soundproofing work is called private soundproofing work, or civil defense work for short, but local companies are also marketing for this work.[59].

    In 2010Business sortingIt is reported that local contractors are confused because construction orders for the first quarter (April to July) have disappeared due to the influence of[60].

    Relocation measures

    Compensation for relocation from the Type 5 area (WECPNL90 or higher) based on Article 1964 of the law has been implemented since 1996, and the total amount up to 444 is 70 buildings, about 133ha of land, and 7900 million yen. ing[61].. Looking at the results up to 2003, we can see that 537 buildings, about 80ha of land purchases, and a total of about 196 billion yen have been compensated and purchased, and over 7 units have been added in more than 100 years.The public facility development project at the relocation site has been implemented since 1969, and by 2003, five projects, about 5 billion yen, have been subsidized.The Hazabi, Shikagoya, and Atakashin districts in Komatsu City have undergone group relocation.

    The land purchased through the relocation measures in the Type 2003 area was managed by the Defense Facilities Agency as "peripheral property".The area is about 77ha as of 54, and the area where planting was carried out is 2.8ha.In addition, there is originally 5.8ha of natural forest around Komatsu Airport.In addition, it is said that XNUMXha of the surrounding property is allowed to be used as a plaza and parking lot in Komatsu City.

    Subsidy for stable public facilities

    The subsidy for public welfare facilities is based on Article 8 of the same law. Outdoor as a general subsidy projectAthletic field,gymnasium, Wired radio broadcasting facilities, community facilities, agricultural facilities, etc. started subsidies in 1967, and as of 2003, the total amount was about 48 billion yen.

    As a soundproofing subsidy project, learning facilities,Public hall, Insurance consultation center, government building, etc. started subsidy from 1966, and as of 2003, the total amount is 163 billion yen for 71 facilities in Komatsu City, Kaga City, etc.

    道路The renovation project started in 1961, and by 2003, more than 50 projects, about 55 billion yen, have been subsidized for improvement, pavement, snow-melting equipment, repairs, etc.[Note 10].

    Subsidies for maintenance and adjustment around specific defense facilities

    Furthermore, based on Article 9 of the same law, a grant for adjustment of the area around the specified defense facility is issued to both Komatsu and Kaga, which are designated as municipalities related to the specified defense facility.It is mainly used for transportation facilities such as roads, and in the 2000s it reflected the introduction of IT in society.computerIt is used for the maintenance of public facilities such as the maintenance of public facilities.From the start of 1974 to 2003, the total amount is about 85 billion yen.

    Subsidy for town development planning business

    In order to harmonize with the surrounding area, Komatsu City was subsidized about 2002 million yen in 1400 as a project to formulate a comprehensive plan for town development based on the premise of an airfield.This willKomatsu City Sky and Children's Picture Main Building(Museum and experience hall) was constructed.

    Construction of soundproof embankment

    Soundproof embankment at the time of the "10/4" agreement[Note 11] Was requested by Komatsu City and included in the 1976 budget.[62]..At that time, it was predicted that the sounds generated by aircraft on the ground would be 6-9.Hong[Note 12] The effect of mitigation was expected.On August 1976, 8, when it was judged that other noise prevention measures had begun to be effective, the Defense Agency requested the deployment of F-13EJ to Komatsu City and other local governments.[63].

    After that, on the access road that crosses in front of the airportPrefectural roadA part of the soundproof embankment was removed in December 4 due to the four lanes of the airport Karumi line.[64][Note 9].

    Equipment update

    This is not a peripheral measure, but a source measure[Note 9]..Commercial aircraft departing and arriving are expensiveBypass ratioAs it was gradually converted to the model of, the individual takeoff and landing sounds became quieter like other airports (there is an effect of the increase in the number of flights).

    As for the SDF aircraft, which are the "main source of noise," it is difficult for fighter aircraft to be replaced with low-noise equipment with a high bypass ratio, so noise was reduced by operating methods through agreements and self-regulation.In the past, the largest source of noise was the F-4 series, which triggered the agreement.However, it has been pointed out in "Noise Control" magazine that the effect of partial equipment improvement has been observed because the two squadrons deployed were gradually updated to F-2.Specifically, the measurement at the runway edge has a large effect of takeoff sound, so there is no difference from the F-15 era, but the effect of landing sound is large at a point 4 km from the runway edge. , Both fleets observed a decrease of about 12 dB in WECPNL in the measurement after conversion to F-2.[65].

    Proceedings, etc.

    The "Komatsu Base Fighter Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Injunction Claims" seeking an injunction against takeoff and landing by some local residents have been filed twice in Oita.SuingIt had been.December 1 for the first and second proceedings, April 2 for the third and fourth proceedingsNagoya High Court Kanazawa BranchWas rejected, but ordered to pay damages.Both sidesappealThe decision was finalized because I did not[66].

    However, in both cases, residents residing in areas above WECPNL75 were told by the country that they exceeded the tolerance limit.Restitution for DamagesRecognize the obligation of[67][Note 9].


    At around 2011:10 on October 7, 8, just before the F-45J belonging to Komatsu Airport landed at Komatsu Airport, the left wing side external fuel tank and some parts fell from the aircraft.[68]..Due to this accident, the 2011 Air Festival was canceled.

    Advance the training flight start time

    I have been living around the base since the fall of 2015NHK OfContinuous tv novelIn consideration of the viewers of (commonly known as Asadora), the training flight start time of the F15 fighter has been advanced by about 8 minutes from the customary 0:10.[69][70].


    For details on the number of trains, required time, fares, etc., refer to the relevant items and the official website.

    Transit Bus

    As of 2020Kanazawa Station West Exit,Komatsu Station[Note 13],Fukui StationThere are 4 routes to and from the east exit and Kaga.

    Free bus

    From 2015Awara CityKanazawa / Awara free bus "KANAZAWARA" operated byAwara sightseeing), But in the cityAwara Onsen Station,Awara Yunomachi StationOperates once a day on the route to[71]..Only Komatsu Airport ⇔ Kanazawa Station West Exit cannot be used. Operates only on weekdays from April 2018[72] It was, but 2019May 3Was finally abolished.


    TaxiThere is a boarding area and a waiting area, and as a general rule, taxis are waiting.It takes about 10 minutes by taxi from Komatsu Station.

    "Kaga Echizen Tourist Guide Taxi" has been in operation since November 2011, 23.[73].


    Parking Lot

    Airport Environment Improvement AssociationOperated byParking LotHowever, there are 1st to 3rd. Available 24 hours a dayOrdinary carOnly free of charge up to 60 minutes from admission.

    Aviation PlazaThe temporary parking lot will be the international parking lot at Komatsu Airport from December 2011, 23, for international passengers departing from and arriving at Komatsu and passengers connecting to international flights at Haneda / Narita Airport using the Komatsu-Haneda / Narita flight. It is open to the public for free for a limited time.It is possible to park for more than 12 hours, but the time zone when vehicles can enter and leave is limited.



    The maintenance offices of Komatsu VOR and Komatsu ILS / DME have been changed to the Chubu Airport Office from April 2016, 4 due to the consolidation of control engineers.[Source required]Komatsu TACAN is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense.


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    • Noto Airport-Toyama Airport --ANAMulti airportHowever, it was discontinued at the end of March 2016.
    • Shigeki Mori --Mayor Negami, one of the surrounding local governments. One of the parties to the conclusion of the "10" agreement.
    • Mori --The eldest son of Shigeki, the 85th Prime Minister.He has been instrumental in attracting both Cargolux and Ever flights, and has also visited the Air Festival.In addition, to reduce new public works projects implemented during the Mori Cabinet eraFukui AirportThe cancellation of jetting was included, and it became a stepping stone to centralize Komatsu Airport.
    • JASDF Base List
    • Komatsu Navy Air Corps
    • Rescue worker
    • Rejuvenating Sky -RESCUE WINGS-
    • Girly Air Force --In addition to the appearance of Komatsu Base as the stage under construction, we have obtained the cooperation of the base when making it into a TV animation.

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