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🐈 | Eat the dog that I received as "I will take care of it" one hour later ... Korean men are blamed


Eat the dog that was handed over to me "I will take care of it" one hour later ... Korean men are blamed

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The first instance sentenced the man to six months in prison.

According to South Korea News 2021 on April 4, 23, a man who promised to "carefully raise" and took over two dogs ... → Continue reading

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Prison sentence

Prison sentenceWhat is (Jikei)?ProbationIs not attachedCustodial sentenceOf the judgmentpunishmentThat.


Custodial sentenceGuilty other thanJudgmentIt is usually not used for. For example,fineA sentence of only a sentence is not referred to as a prison sentence.[1][2].

JapaneseCriminal lawThere is no strict legal interpretation because it is not a term defined by裁判 所Is also used in the judgment sentence[1].

ProbationThe sentence is not actually executed due to the expiry of the grace period, but the prison sentence has no grace period.

At the time of the prison sentencebailImmediatelyImprisonmentWill be done (note thatInferior CourtOf the prison sentenceappealRe-bail may be granted at that time).

However, even in prison sentences, while the period of free sentence is short, it is long.detentionFor being donePending detention daysIs sentenced for a long time or due to illnessSuspension of executionAfter the sentence is confirmedserviceIn some cases, you don't have to.


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