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👍 | "Just 165 days ago ..." The entertainer who continues to report unprecedented "new development" is also afraid of seniors "Stop it"


"Just 165 days ago ..." The entertainer "new development" who continues to report unprecedentedly is also afraid of seniors "Stop it"

If you write the contents roughly
Black Mayonnaise Kosugi said in a post on Wednesday, 14th, "Stop it!

April 4th (Tuesday), Navy's Afro Minagawa updated Twitter. Newcomer award at "13th Kami Mansai Award" ... → Continue reading

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Black mayonnaise

Black mayonnaiseBy Ryuichi Kosugi and Takashi YoshidaJapan OfComedy combination.Yoshimoto Kogyo Tokyo HeadquartersBelongs.1998Formed.2005M-1 Grand PrixKing.Abbreviation isBramayo..bothKyotoKyoto CityI'm from


Ryuichi Kosugi(Ryuichi Kosugi 1973May 7 -) (47 years old) In charge of Tsukkomi
The standing position is on the left.
Takashi Yoshida(Takashi Yoshida 1973May 6 -) (47 years old) In charge of blurring
The standing position is on the right.


1994,OsakaNSCMeet as a synchronization of the 13th generation.While still in school, Kosugi had formed separate combinations called "Kansai King" and Yoshida had "Twintail", but Kosugi's former partner retired after marriage.In 1998, Yoshida formed a combination in the form of inviting Kosugi.

After Kosugi disbanded the duo, Kosugi's mother made an opportunity to "team with you, Yoshida."After that remark, Kosugi gave OK to the proposal to form a combination of Yoshida.In 2009, Kosugi said, "Overdoing cozyAccording to the statement, Yoshihiro Wada, who had formed a combination with Yoshida at that time, thought that Kosugi was hesitant to form a combination with Yoshida because he was concerned about himself, so he decided to combine Yoshida with Yoshida himself. It is said that he came to persuade him to join.Yoshida didn't know that at all until Kosugi told the story on the show.Yoshihiro Wada is a broadcast writer as of 2015 and supports Black Mayonnaise behind the scenes.[1].

The combination name is Japanese rock band "Mr. ChildrenA combination of words with opposite and unbalanced meanings.mayonnaiseBy entering the name of something familiar to us, we also hope that "every time we see mayonnaise, we will remember ourselves."However, initially this nameYoshimoto KogyoWhen I applied for, "Black" was temporarily put on hold because the image was not good, but at the same timeBlack BiscuitsIt is revealed that the image was wiped out and the story went through because there was a hit of[2].

At the 2005th M-12 Grand Prix on December 25, 5, he won the championship with 1 contestants.However, since he already had a job in Kansai at that time, there were fewer media appearances on the nationwide network after the victory compared to other M-3378 championship combinations. From around 1, characters began to permeate, and TV appearances in the national district gradually increased, causing a "time difference break" that is rare for M-2007 champions.[3]..However, the two were a little negative to this view, saying, "I just worked in Kansai." "We were sprinting, but from the surroundings we could only see that we were walking. Maybe "[4]..Full-scale entry into Tokyo, such as renting a house in Tokyo, was not until 2008.


M-1 Grand Prix

2001から2004Until then, they all ended up losing the semifinals,2005First advance to the final at the M-1 Grand Prix.

In 2005, he changed the style and method of making the material, and at the suggestion of Yoshida that "I want to make the material while talking with two people like a radio", two people made the script that Yoshida had done alone until then. I started to do it from 2.

The two stories that were shown in the finals were completed around February, more than half a year ago, but they were sealed to keep the stories fresh.I couldn't stand it because of the special program for Manzai in early spring, and although I showed it only once to test my skills, I continued to seal the story after that, and it was a full-fledged announcement in the final match of M-2.

In the first round of the final, the tutorial that was the last turn was praised by Hitoshi Matsumoto for the story of "barbecue", and Yoshida said that he was "envious to death".Kosugi hates listening to people's stories on the stage sleeves, so he was watching in the waiting room.Black Mayonnaise appeared in 5th place, "BowlingShow off the story "How to handle the ball".Although it is a royal road, the strength of the orthodox manzai and the perfection of the material are highly evaluated and passed the first round in 1st placeMakoto Otake"I don't really like orthodox, but I was surprised at how great orthodox was. I realized again that it's fun enough without doing anything new."Shimada ShinsukeHe said, "How to use 4 minutes is outstanding. I was impressed by how to use 4 minutes. I heard rumors, but it was really amazing. I used to see it because he had come to the prelude to my program. I'm really growing up and I'm good at using it for 4 minutes. "In the final decisive battle, he chose 3rd place and showed the story "Let's aim for a man with strong fights". He won the championship with 7 out of 4 votes (3 votes are waraimeshi).Since their appearance, how to use 4 minutes well is said to have become an important point for winning in M-1.[5].

In the story of the first "bowling", Kosugi said "from the back of his throat.Tonsil stones"(Commonly known as a stinking ball) popped out, and I almost jumped out of my mouth. "If the ball comes out of the mouth, the customer will be distracted." "If the ball is crushed, it will make a fuss." It is said that I got nothing by putting it on the back of[6][7].

In an interview I received after the victory, Yoshida's comment, "I'm glad I asked for the result," mistakenly said, "I'm glad I asked for the result."News (Chinese)It has been listed in.

2006He has declined to participate in the M-1 Grand Prix since then because "in the current environment, we cannot show off our convincing manzai."


DowntownHitoshi Matsumoto of the radio program "Broadcast room』, Watching the story program of Fuji TV where they were appearing," They enjoy it. Of course, they need skill and talent, but it is big whether they will enjoy it or not. I'm sorry to praise only Bramayo. But it's still interesting. "" There's nothing I can do with that manzai style. I'm sure it naturally took on that shape. I was riding it. "He also praises the fact that he came unaffected by downtown, as many of the duos were influenced by downtown (however, Kosugi's Tsukkomi was influenced by Masatoshi Hamada in downtown).For itMitsutaka TakasuAlso praised as "a manzai who can laugh no matter how many times he sees it"[8] Also, in the broadcast after winning the M-1, he said that the appearance of the members at the time of M-1 (he said, "dirty, no flower") is very similar to downtown in his youth.Matsumoto, on the other hand, grinned, "It's not that bad."

Beat takeshiNamed Bramayo as his favorite comedian[9],In particularHinadan entertainerHe praised their talents as "I'm rude, but I think it's clever to have a main and beside you to support."[10]..In addition, at the "Beat Takeshi Entertainment Award", which he chairs, he praised Black Mayonnaise, who won the Japan Performing Arts Award, saying, "It's" insurance "in variety. You can see it with confidence if you have these two people."[11].

ABC Asahi Broadcasting DirectorKatsuyuki YazawaEvaluated before Bramayo became a national district, and produced his first "Bebop! High heelsThey were appointed as regulars and became the M-1 champion that year.Later, in an interview with a television magazine, Yazawa praised them, saying, "Early after entering this industry, I felt the same shock from them when I witnessed the fun of downtown."The following year, he also won the tutorial, which was also a regular member.

チ ュ ー ト リ ア ル OfTokui YoshimiRegarding the fact that Black Mayonnaise of the same period became the M-1 champion first, "The fun of Bramayo has spread all over the country than the fact that M-1 was caught first. Once it erupts, it goes forever. I thought it would be. "[12].

Of the same generationHiroyuki AriyoshiIt is,Bula Mayo and his happy friends!When I appeared in "Bramayo, I don't think it's going to disappear because it's not popular or it's not interesting. It's a big bird of our generation. "[13].

Jinnai TomonoriAlso noticed Bramayo's talent from early on, and selected Bramayo as a regular at the event where he is the MC, and made a selling kick.The two of Bramayo are also grateful for this, saying, "Without Mr. Jinnai, there would be no Black Mayonnaise today."Also, before the 2 M-2005 final, Jinnai asked Bramayo what material he was going to use, and he was convinced that he would definitely win that material. The team was moving during the time of the M-1 final, and although I didn't know the result, I sent an email to Yoshida saying "Congratulations on the victory".However, it seems that he feels lonely that his beloved junior has broken, and Bramayo appears because "I hate to feel that my Bramayo has gone far away". I don't watch TV[14].

In the December 7 issue of Yuko Okita, who served as the editor-in-chief of Yoshimoto Kogyo's magazine "Monthly Yoshimoto" for seven and a half years, graduated from the editor-in-chief. Don't you love them? "In this projectTerry Ito"People who have become accustomed to tame laughter, why don't you watch Black Mayonnaise !?"

I made a leap forward by changing the style and method of making the material,Football hourThe two said they were so surprised to see that Bramayo's manzai suddenly became interesting on the M-2.

Combi friend

  • The combination is good, and Yoshida's mobile memory No. 0 is Kosugi, Kosugi'sMobile phone OfmemoryNo. 1 is Yoshida.Yoshida is registered as No. 0 in the sense that there is no substitute for Kosugi, and Kosugi is registered as No. 1 because it is the easiest to contact in the event of an emergency.Kosugi sometimes goes to visit Yoshida's new house in Tokyo.Paying attention to Yoshida who writes mainly about the story, Kosugi does a solo live in Osaka once a month so that Yoshida can rest, and when he wins the M-1, he asks Yoshida "Is it possible to split the prize money?" I'm looking at the kindness.In addition, he admits that it is a rare combination that makes conversations better even if he is alone in the dressing room.Ask each other about romance.
  • For Yoshida, he says that the priority to help when his family and Kosugi are drowning at the same time is "younger brother> Kosugi> parents".
  • When Yoshida went to Kosugi to apply for a combination, Yoshida rented his mother's mini car and went to Kosugi's house, but a luxury car was parked at Kosugi's house. Yoshida, who was worried, tried to get Kosugi to write a pledge that he would pay 3,000 million yen if he cut out the dissolution of the combination.[15].
  • When Kosugi's hair began to thin, Kosugi wasn't completely satisfied, and he had repeatedly thought about quitting as a comedian every time he was told by senior comedians in the dressing room.However, Yoshida never touched Kosugi's hair not only as a dressing room story but also in private until Kosugi said, "You can make a story and take a laugh."Kosugi is very grateful to Yoshida for this concern.
  • When the project was planned to write what I wanted to say on the board in "Bee Bop! High Heel", Yoshida said, "Thank you to Kosugi. Thanks to you," while other performers wrote safe content. I am now. Thank you very much, "he wrote a thank-you message to Kosugi.
  • During the Osaka era, I lived in another room in the same apartment.When I decided to move in, there was one vacant room on the 4th and 5th floors, but the apartment did not have an elevator, so "Yoshida always thinks about the material, so at least 1 I want to make it easier just to go up and down the floors, "said Kosugi, who voluntarily chose the fifth floor.Yoshida is grateful for that[16].
    • At that time, it was already a big nameDowntown,TunnelsThere was a tendency among young entertainers to take the remarks "I don't know the phone number of my partner" and "The relationship between my partner and a business partner" as cool, but the two Bramayo said, "Downdown. When I was young, I should have spent a lot of time together, and that's why I have now. It's different to listen to what you say after selling and imitate only the upper side. " I decided to live in the same apartment as I did.
  • 2008As of July, when taking a taxi in combination for work, etc., instead of both sitting in the back seats, they are sitting in the passenger seat and the back seat separately.Kosugi, who was accused of having put his foot on the "muffled" part of the back seat, now sits in the passenger seat.However, even in that state, the conversation is normal.It is said that Yoshida, who is sitting in the back seat, often looks into the contents of the email on Kosugi's cell phone, which is sitting in the passenger seat.
    • Yoshida says that even if Kosugi goes to the passenger seat, he does not use "Konmori".In addition, he always sits behind the passenger seat in the back seat, and the reason is "Because it is said that the back of the driver's seat is safe, it is not possible to let Kosugi go in front and sit there alone. "Because there is no such thing," he said, making Kosugi amazed.
  • Kosugi pays the taxi fare (which will be provided later by the TV station) every time, but Yoshida gets off the taxi first, waits for Kosugi to finish the payment, and says, "Thank you (for paying)." And then start walking.I heard this episodeFootball hourGoto is surprised, "I can't do that easily."[17].
  • As of September 2011, Yoshida has never thought of breaking up the duo.During the practice for his first solo live as Black Mayonnaise, Kosugi was disgusted by the detailed instructions from Yoshida and the fact that they changed from day to day, and thought "I wonder if I should disband after this live".However, he said he was discouraged because he received the live performance as instructed.[18].
  • The encounter with Mrs. Kosugi, who got married in 2010, was introduced by Yoshida.When Yoshida swallowed with his wife, he learned that he was a fan of Kosugi and called Kosugi over the phone to introduce him.Mrs. Kosugi calls her "Dragon Nyan", and Kosugi calls her Mrs. "Pokonyan".
  • JuniorNON STYLE・ Inoue says, "If you have an older sister relationship, (the two Bramayo) will become unusually close friends."


  • From the theory that there are many female fans who can not profess Bramayo fans, the clear file of the official goods has the faces of the two printed on the inside, and the surface is in the black so that they can support secretly.logoAt first glance, it's hard to tell what their goods are.In recent years, the radio program "Black Mayonnaise Zubori Rajio"At the inner2003Created inMARS16Collaboration T-shirts with (Osaka fashion brand) have become a hot topic, and they are sold at high prices at auctions, etc. because of their rare value.
  • Entertainment shows"Nep League』(Fuji TV) often appears as a guest performer, and although he often appears in the Neptune team, he sometimes appears in the guest team (entertainer team, etc.).In the program, Yoshida fell in love with the woman who appeared on the other team, and Kosugi andJun NaguraWe promise that they will rush in. At the year-end SP on December 2008, 12, he participated as a guest (Yoshimoto entertainer) team and won the championship.In addition, the truck has also won 29 million yen at a time.
  • As of April 2009, 4Banana Man's Banana MoonIn his podcast, he said that he had been working for eight months in Osaka before winning the M-1, but there were two months when his monthly salary was about 8.
  • In the Osaka era, all the combinations are the sameTelekuraI'm working part-time at[19]..Yoshida is a senior.
  • GACKTAre big fans of them.The reason was that GACKT, who was mentally driven by the overcrowding of the schedule due to the overseas location of the movie, said "Please take a look at this" from the staff of the office, and I saw the M-1 Grand Prix. He was a black mayonnaise manzai.Later, it seems that GACKT was saved to the point that "Bramayo is a lifesaver."
    • GACKT invited two people to the concert, and they showed off their stories.After the story was over, GACKT called out to his fans, "Let's use our power to create the downtown of the next era!"
  • SMAP OfKimura Takuya"I like it as much as GACKT," and "If Bramayo is on TV, I won't change the channel."[20].
  • Neither of them was interested in idols, but both of them took the opportunity of co-starring "Star Princess Search Taro".SKE48I'm a fan of.
  • Yoshida has a strong friendship with fellow entertainers, and has argued on Twitter to defend the issue of Junichi Kawamoto's mother's benefit fraud in the United States against those who criticize Kawamoto.However, the words became fierce during the heated debate, and the statement "the person at the bottom of the food chain" was perceived as looking down on the person who died of starvation without receiving livelihood protection, so it was a large scale on the Internet. Was criticized[21][22].
  • During the Osaka era, it was a long underlay, and many pairs of juniors sold before Bramayo.New wave 8Although he auditioned for, he failed, and the junior who appeared in the same programキ ン グ コ ン グ,イ ン パ ル スIn response, he was poisoned, saying, "They were chosen only by their faces."However, Yoshida is an impulseAtsushi TsushimaWhen I first met him, I couldn't say anything to the person who had been swearing at me until then, saying, "(I'm a junior) someone on TV."Yoshida, who changed his mind about this matter, told Kosugi, "We'll always be saying bad things about our juniors. First of all, we can't do anything that appears on TV." became[23].
  • Kosugi had been thinking about moving since the time when his work in Tokyo began to increase, but based on Yoshida's idea of ​​"Madaya," he continued to stay at hotels in Tokyo for consecutive nights.At that time, Yoshimoto entertainer from Osaka was stayingHotel Ibis RoppongiSays he stayed over 100 nights[24]..After all, it wasn't until 2 that they rented a house in Tokyo.
  • Both want to buy a house in Osaka and return their base to Osaka in the future.However, the timing has not been decided, and he says he wants to continue the current state as long as it is needed for TV in Tokyo.Yoshida cites reasons such as "I like the comic culture of Osaka" and "I want a house with a garden, but the land price in Tokyo is too strange".[25].



See Ryuichi Kosugi and Takashi Yoshida for personal activities.

tv set

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Special program (MC or main cast)

  • (Asahi broadcast on August 2006, 7)MC
  • MR. Red Zone(Fuji TV, August 2007, 1)
  • ブラックマヨネーズの学生ボウリング甲子園(2008å¹´9月26日・2009å¹´9月15日・2010å¹´9月7日・2011å¹´8月14日)MC
  • Bramayoeru Bar-A shop where new products of life are gathered- (October 2009, 10, Chukyo TV)MC
  • Chu Next Division Bra Bomb Yoshimoto NEXT4 (January 2010, 1, August 6, 8, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Unprecedented big experiment TV decision show that I wanted to try once (September 2010, 9, TBS)
  • Fight! Extreme Battle SP ~ 100 million yen if you win him ~ (October 2010, 10, TV Asahi)
  • Tutorial x Black Mayonnaise World Trade-in Declaration(September 2011, 1, December 2, 2012, Kansai Television)MC
  • Declaration of purchase of ideas! Golden royalties of Bramayo (January 2011, 1, Kansai TV)MC
  • Narumi Bramayo's Screaming Show! ~ I don't know this! I'm doing something wrong! ~ (January 2011, 1, Asahi Broadcasting)MC
  • Bramayo Secret Meeting-Akko and Naniwa are doing something wrong SP- (March 2011, 3, Yomiuri TV)
  • What happened to that incident? Solved! Mayonnaise !! (April 2011, 4, NTV)MC
  • Taka and Toshi ☆ I want to be a friend of Bramayo!(February 2011, 4, TBS)
  • (November 2011, 6, NTV)Deputy Chief of Safe
  • The Pursuit Scoop Theater(2011å¹´8月5日・11月11日・2012å¹´2月3日・2月17日・9月25日、日本テレビ)MC
  • (2011å¹´12月27日・2012å¹´12月27日・2013å¹´2月11日・8月31日・9月16日・12月27日・2014å¹´2月11日・日本テレビ)MC
  • (Asahi broadcast on August 2012, 1)
  • Man and woman and sin and punishment !! The next case file that really happened (June 2012, 6, TV TOKYO)MC
  • Black sports(February 2012, 7, TBS)MC
  • Rumored mayo brim story! Simultaneous search SP(February 2012, 10, TBS)MC
  • Black Mayonnaise Nehorin! Hahorin! (2012-2013, Yomiuri TV)
  • A new generation of laughable counterattacks Well-made material! Ten(February 2013, 4, TBS)MC
  • Someone wants to apologize(2013å¹´4月8日・8月21日・12月27日・2014å¹´6月19日)MC
  • (February 2013, 11, TV Tokyo)MC
  • Bananaman and black mayonnaise(February 2014, 12, TBS)MC
  • Bramayo's Ultra V-People who failed- (January 2015, 1, Asahi Broadcasting)
  • Momoko Bramayo's Strongest Niwa Okan Teacher (August 2015, 8,Every day broadcasting)MC
  • (Daily broadcast)
  • (December 2016, 3,BS SKY)MC
  • Fujin Raijin (June 2016, 6, Yomiuri TV)MC
  • Black Mayonnaise Entertainment World Unsolved Case (July 2016, 7, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Angry child monster question "demon question"(November 2016, 9, NTV)MC
  • Bramayo's New Year's Eve Sports Festival! I'm doing something wrong. 3rd game & story only here SP (December 2016, 12, Kansai TV)
  • Bramayo's chest Kyun! Love Confession Committee(November 2017, 4, NTV)MC
  • (2017å¹´6月20日・2018å¹´3月20日・2019å¹´1月29日・2020å¹´1月14日・2021å¹´1月12日、関西テレビ)MC
  • Black Mayonnaise 20th Anniversary Special Program Counterattack 3 Army! ~ The guy who did 1 army in youth (September 2017, 9, Kansai TV)
  • Bramayo Professional Baseball All-you-can-eat Summit 2017 (December 2017, 12, Kansai TV)
  • Bramayo's Aim! Sports ☆ Pegas-Athlete vs Yoshimoto Entertainer This Battle- (March 2018, 3, Kansai TV)
  • Last-minute old story(January 2018, 6, June 30, Fuji Television)MC
  • Anno confessed to lift the ban! "I saw hell" ~ The story of reversal survival from the bottom ~ (July 2018, 7, Kansai TV)MC
  • THEICE Bramayo Figure All-Star Summer Festival (August 2018, 8, Kansai TV)
  • (September 2018, 9, December 2, 2019, Kansai Television)MC
  • Delivered to 44 students! Only one manzai at M-1 champion's mother school (November 2018, 11, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Detective King (December 2018, 12, March 1, 2019, Fuji TV)MC
  • This year's most exciting story award (December 2018, 12, December 23, 2019, Kansai TV)MC
  • 10 steps (December 2019, 12, Mainichi Broadcasting System)monitoring
  • A big problem in the small world (January 2020, 1, Kansai TV)MC
  • TV that Bramayo is a little worried about-I searched for the seeds of the hit project- (February 2020, 2, Kansai TV)
  • Discovery! Inspiration Money There was such a job (March 2020, 3, Kansai TV)get on
  • (June 2020, 8, November 22, 12, May 8, 2021, TV TOKYO)MC
  • Buzz! ~ "Like" may change your life ... (October 2020, 10, Kansai TV)MC
  • M-1 ranking looking back on super treasure video! Gorgeous !! BEST3 revealed by successive champions & judges (December 2020, 12, Asahi Broadcasting)MC
  • The story festival 2020 that I want to do the most now (December 2020, 12, Kansai TV)MC

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  • Kojima All-in-one price cut (2006)
  • Osaka Osaka City Ordinance on Prevention of Street Smoking (2007)
  • Kura Sushi(2008) Appeared only in voice
  • am / pm(2010) Appeared only in voice
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    • "Hirakata Park Celebration 100th Anniversary" Edition (only Kosugi appeared, 2012)
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  • ROBRO TV (2010)
  • Kyoraku Sangyo CR Surprise Pachinko Exhilarating Mito Komon 2 (2010)
  • Calbee"Uma Spicy Potato Hi-Ha !!" (December 2010, 12-May 6, 2012, dismissed due to the above-mentioned uproar)
  • Yoshimoto Centennial Story August performance (8)
  • Tales weaver(2013)
  • Shionogi Pharmaceutical"Acne goes to dermatology" (October 2013-)
  • Japanese food (2015)
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  • 2001
    • May 5- "Black Mayonnaise barking and noisy" (base Yoshimoto / Osaka) * First solo
    • October 10- "White Ketchup of Black Mayonnaise" (base Yoshimoto / Osaka)
    • December 12-"Black Mayonnaise Black Mayonnaise" (base Yoshimoto / Osaka)
  • 2002
    • February 2-"Black Mayonnaise Champion Beach" (base Yoshimoto / Osaka)
    • April 4-"Black Mayonnaise Spring Yoshimoto-Spring Kossu" (base Yoshimoto / Osaka)
    • June 6-"Black Mayonnaise is aggressive and persistent" (base Yoshimoto / Osaka)
    • September 9-"Black Mayonnaise Summer Yoshimoto Summer Kossu" (base Yoshimoto / Osaka)
    • November 11-"Black Mayonnaise was sharp and cried!" (Base Yoshimoto / Osaka)
    • December 12-"Black Mayonnaise Barking Barking Nagoya" (Yoshimoto Sakae 8-chome Theater / Aichi)
  • 2003
    • January 1-"Black Mayonnaise Snow Yoshimoto Mochi Kossu" (base Yoshimoto / Osaka)
    • March 3-"Black Mayonnaise blooms and is full of bees" (Namba Grand Kagetsu / Osaka)
  • 2004
    • January 1- "Black Mayonnaise Eyes to Scales" (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • February 2- "Black Mayonnaise Plesure 29" (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • March 3-Black Mayonnaise "Blast" (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
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    • July 7- "Summer Fighting Spirit of Black Mayonnaise" (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • November 11- "Black Mayonnaise Hey Hey Live" (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
  • 2005
    • January 1-"Thank you for this year's Black Mayonnaise" (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • February 2- "Someday Merry February of Black Mayonnaise" (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • March 3- "Black Mayonnaise Pina Festival" (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
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    • February 2 Tomonori Jinnai & Bramayo Yoshida Uda Uda Talk (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka) Yoshida only
    • February 3 Tomonori Jinnai & Bramayo Yoshida Uda Uda Talk (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka) Yoshida only
    • February 4 Tomonori Jinnai & Bramayo Yoshida Uda Uda Talk (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka) Yoshida only
    • May 5 "Black Mayonnaise Sololo Event" (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • June 6, "Black Mayonnaise Solo Iveton" (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • February 6 Tomonori Jinnai & Bramayo Yoshida Uda Uda Talk (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka) Yoshida only
    • July 7 "Black Mayonnaise's The Solo Event" (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • February 7 Tomonori Jinnai & Bramayo Yoshida Uda Uda Talk (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka) Yoshida only
    • August 8 "Black Mayonnaise Sololo Event 19" (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • February 10 Tomonori Jinnai & Bramayo Yoshida Uda Uda Talk (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka) Yoshida only
    • February 11 Tomonori Jinnai & Bramayo Yoshida Uda Uda Talk (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka) Yoshida only
  • 2007
    • September 9 Kosugi Live-I can't fight with Yoshida- (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • September 9 Tomonori Jinnai & Bramayo Yoshida Uda Uda Talk (Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
  • 2009
    • April 4 "Black Mayonnaise Tokyo Moving Celebration 30 Months" (Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)


  • Moderator of Daiwa House Special Professional Baseball All-Star Sports Festival (sponsored by Japan Professional Baseball Players Association, Yomiuri Telecasting, held on December 2012, 12, January 6, 2013, Nippon Television series broadcast)


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