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👩‍🎤 | Yuta Jinguji challenges "pulling a tablecloth with your butt" in a figure that does not look like an idol


Yuta Jinguji challenges "pulling a tablecloth with her ass" to look like an idol

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In addition, Oideyasu Oda, Tomonori Jinnai, Izumi Mori and others will introduce their own recommended videos and face the challenge planning.

Yuta Jinguji of the idol group King & Prince will be broadcasting TV Asahi roses on the 28th today ... → Continue reading

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Jinnai Tomonori

Tomonori Jinnai(Jinnai Tomonori,1974(49)May 2[2] -) isJapan Ofcomedian(Pin entertainer),chairperson..Real name ∶Tomonori Jinnai[1].HyogoKakogawaBackground[3].Yoshimoto KogyoTokyo head office affiliation[3].. WifeFuji Television Network, IncAnnouncerMio Matsumura[8].

Kakogawa City Beppu Elementary School[9],Befu Junior High School[10],Hyogo Prefectural Takasago Minami High School[4]graduate.NSCOsaka school 11th gen[3].. "Jin-kun" (with exceptions) for women over the same period, "Jin-kun" for othersJin-chanIs called. "Tomo Naru!』(Yomiuri TelevisionProduction)Takashi Miura(Yomiuri TVannouncer) Was also called "Jin-sama"[Note 1].

In my private life, I got acquainted with co-starring in a dramaNorika FujiwaraAnd married in February 2007[1]..Gorgeous in May of the same yeara wedding ceremonyGathered a lot of attention, but divorced in March 2, two years and one month later.[1].


From NSC admission to the "Limited" era (1992-1995)

  • With Kei Nishiguchi, a high school classmateNSCEntered the 11th grade of Osaka school and formed a comedy combination "Limited" with Nishiguchi.This combination name is "Limit" which means "Limit" in the team.limit) ”Was mistakenly named.In fact, "Limited (limited) ”Is a word meaning“ restricted ”and“ slight ”, but he did not notice this misunderstanding until he was pointed out.My first job as Limited was at that timeW Koji MBS RadioIt was an amateur participation type corner of the radio program that was being broadcast on.In addition, when he was a high school student, he appeared under the combination name "Pete Rose" and earned prize money.
  • Won the Grand Prix held in the fall of the "NSC Amateur Awards".This is the only award won during the Limited era[Note 2].
  • Jinnai with classmates at the same time as entering NSCSushi Shop・ Small sardine sushi sushi man[Note 3]Full-time employee[Note 4]The classmate quit immediately because it was a tough job among the craftsmen, but Jinnai had been washing dishes and preparing dishes from early morning for one year until graduation.
  • After graduating from NSCShinsaibashisuji 2-chome TheaterStarted activities centered on.However, Limited at that time was not well received, and in the "2-chome boom", Limited was ridiculed as "the most unpleasant combination in 2-chome" and "it makes me unhappy when I see it."As a result, the combination was dissolved in September 3, three years after its formation.As his partner Nishiguchi retired from the entertainment world at the same time as the dissolution, Jinnai himself was forced to switch to a pin entertainer.
  • Limited has a bad reputation, and there was criticism that it was a combination that would make you unhappy when you saw it.[11]..In fact, at that time, typhoon information was displayed on the screen as soon as it appeared in the news program for only one minute, and as soon as the name of Limited appeared as an additional member of the general participation type ferry tour, it was a typhoon. The tour was canceled, and the ferry was by far the best.Because of this, Jinnai himself has also shrunk, and even if a junior who preached a live performance said, "I'm sorry for those who came today. What a limited edition will come out now !!" Couldn't return[12]..After that, because the schedule of the junior entertainer did not match, he decided to appear on a TV program as a substitute, but the turn was humiliating, just wearing a costume and passing through the stage.Jinnai was regrettable about that, but his partner Nishiguchi showed an unmotivated attitude, so it became a fighting fight on the spot, and during that time Jinnai decided to disband.[13].

Re-starting as a pin entertainer (1995-1999)

  • After the dissolution of Limited, Jinnai, who has not been able to appear on "Wachacha Live", surpassed the live activities of the TV program "Sunge! Best10" and the unit "Such People" formed on the same program, and young people in December 1996. Neta program "All Thats Manzai』(Every day broadcasting,Kansai local) Appeared.There was a scene in which Jinnai was suddenly called by the staff and showed off the story alone because there was a vacancy in the tournament match of a young comedian (due to Kishimoto R's sudden non-participation).I stood alone in front of the center microphone and just talked about one shot by myself, but this was a big hit and I advanced to the third round.
  • In 1997, when it was difficult to recover from the shock of dissolution, senior entertainers and Yoshimoto said, "Don't come out with entertainers who can't make material." "At the next eventSlipperyGet the ultimatum saying, "Please quit the comedian."I couldn't make any material because of the pressure, but when I put in a tsukkomi without thinking that the announcement of the conductor of the train I got on by chance just before the event was strange, I noticed that laughter occurred from the surroundings, and it is the current material. The story of a new method, which is the prototype of "the story of putting a train in the prepared audio and video", came to light.A few minutes before the start of the performance, the new material was finally completed, and when I played it, it was well received, so the evaluation of Yoshimoto's team changed and the number of jobs increased.[11].
  • Broadcast started in October 1999Information program"Chichin Puipui』(Mainichi Broadcasting System) was selected as a regular Monday, and on the same day's popular project" Quiz Shitetsu Ensen "KansaiThe name recognition to middle-aged people will gradually increase.
  • From October 1999LOL on air battle(NHK) Participated.Recorded the highest KB at that time, 537KB, in the first challenge.After that, he will continue to score high points and become a regular winner of the program.

base Yoshimoto era (1999-2003)

  • In 1999base YoshimotoOpened,FUJIWARA,Shampoo hatTogether with them, I decided to buy a role to organize the juniors.Also, from around this time, in programs and events, etc.ModeratorJinnai is said to be "MBS's young lion" and "MBS" because he became famous for Mainichi Broadcasting System during the period when he was overwhelmingly involved in Mainichi Broadcasting System. For example, Tomonori Jinnai.From Kendo Kobayashi, "(I was an announcer at that time.Junichi Sumi(With a chill that I might be flirting withTomonori KakuI even said, "Rename it to."

After graduating from base (2003-2005)

Encounter / Marriage / Divorce with Norika Fujiwara (2005-2009)

  • About an hour late from the start of the program on "Narutomo!" Broadcast on January 2006, 1. "Tomonori Jinnai's one-man chief』(TBS RadioProduction) After the live broadcast, sleep soundly on the Shinkansen train heading from Tokyo to Osaka and get off.Shin-Osaka StationThe direct cause is that I overcame[Note 6]..This matter is the Osaka versionSports paperIt was also reported.
  • April 2006, Nippon TelevisionDRAMA COMPLEX"59th proposal』Meet Norika Fujiwara at the time of recording.On the final day of his recording, Jinnai handed a letter to Norika, and after an all-crank-up about a week later, Norika sent an email to Jinnai, and the relationship as a friend began.According to Norika, he hardly talked at the shooting site, and he made a wall by himself and entered his own world.
  • Rumors of a marriage to Norika Fujiwara were reported for the first time at the end of November 2006.At that time, he had no idea of ​​getting married yet,Media Proposal triggered by the attention of.On December 12th of the same yearKobe CityChuo-ku OfIkuta ShrineでConclusionAt the same shrine on February 2007, 2weddingWas done.For weddings, synchronous Kendo Kobayashi,Kenji TamuraAnd co-star in "Narutomo!"Narumi,Yasuyo Kaihara and Tomoko, Shampoo Hat Koidemizu and others attended.The wedding ceremony was broadcast by Yomiuri TV from 16:20 to 16:55 on the same day, and it was as high as 18.2% in Kansai.Audience ratingWas recorded.Appearing in "Narutomo!" When datingEntertainment reporterIsChikako KomaiI was consulting with.
  • In "Lumine the Yoshimoto," which appeared the day after the wedding, there were no restrictions like Ikuta Shrine (however, photography during the appearance of the contest was prohibited), and there were places where the contest was done by itself.
  • After getting married, he moved to Norika and his new house in Tokyo, and every Monday to Thursday there is a live broadcast and recording of "Narutomo!" For 3 hours each way.Shinkansen commutingWas going on.
  • On April 2007, 4, they both submitted a marriage registration at the Kakogawa City Hall and officially became a married couple. May 10, 2007,a wedding ceremonyIs on the Nippon Television networkPrime timeBroadcast onVideo researchThe average audience rating surveyed by the company isKantoIt was 24.7% in Kansai and 40.0% in Kansai.The highest audience rating at the moment was 32.7% in Kanto and 49.2% in Kansai.In addition, the team will be at a receptionKobukuroof"together forever"ofNarrationShowed off.
  • On September 2008, 9, he dropped "Narutomo!", Which he had been hosting for about four and a half years.
  • The divorce report was submitted on March 2009, 3, and was officially accepted on March 20, 3.[14].

Restart (as of 2009 to 2020)

  • In October 2009, he performed the solo national tour live "NETAJIN Live Tour 10-Crawl up when it crashes-" for the first time in about 3 years.The subtitle "Crawl up if you fall" was recorded when the media and the bashing from the world did not subside due to divorce.Good trip/dream feelingIt was taken from the words written on the paintings I found and purchased at the location.
  • December 2009, 12S-1 battleSelected as the December monthly champion.The title of the work is "Bowling" (Bowling).
  • Served for 2003 consecutive years since 7All Thats Manzai"(Every day broadcasting) Retired from the moderator in 2009.
  • Debuted as Yoshimoto Shinkigeki Chairman at Lumine the Yoshimoto on April 2010, 4 (Yoshimoto Shinkigeki Strengthening Project Chairman for a limited time).
  • On June 2011, 6, his first overseas performance "Tomonori Jinnai World Live Tour 12st In Korea NETAJIN My Best-I'm seriously aiming for global expansion-" South Korea-SeoulHeld in[15].. Japan alsoEvery day broadcastingThen, on July 2011, 7 (midnight on the 18th), the special program "Let's laugh in Hangul! ~ Adhesion! Tomonori Jinnai Live in Korea ~" was broadcasted.In May of the same year, the TV station of the country, which also served as an announcement of the performance.KBSGuest appearance on the popular variety show "Gag Star Season 2"[16]..There is a story to put a tsukkomi in the video that I was involved in the productionthe UAF YouTube-channelHe visited Korea after receiving a reputation in Asian countries through the video distribution, and before departure, a junior female comedian, Hyun (NSCFor about a month against the 14th generation in Tokyo)KoreanStudy hard.As a result, in the above performances and programs, some of the material they have is shown in Korean.[17][18].
  • In April 2012, a series of stage works commemorating the 4th anniversary of Yoshimoto Kogyo's foundingYoshimoto Centennial StoryIn the first "General and Goryo-san, Two Dreams", the founderYoshimoto Yoshibei In a roleRyoko Kuninaka(wife·Yoshimoto He starred with the role).
  • August 2013, 1,34th ABC Owarai Grand PrixServed as a judge.This is the first time to serve as a judge for a comedy contest. In 2018 and 2019R-1 Grand PrixAlso served as a judge.
  • On February 2020, 2, he opened his own YouTube channel "Tomonori Jinnai's Netajin".[19]..The videos of the stories and past stories that have been made so far are distributed every Wednesday and Saturday at 18:2021. An English channel was also opened on January 1, 29.
  • August 2020, 11,bilibiliOpen an official account at, post the video posted on YouTube here,ChugokuMade a video distribution debut in[20]..Also, the videoChinese字幕It is delivered with.



  • Blood type from birthA typeWas taught by my father,Complete medical checkupReported that it was found to be O type when inspected in[21].
  • Because the last name is in the team, the actorTakanori JinnaiHe was mistaken for his relatives, and his older brother's name was "Takanori", but he had the same surname and same name.Therefore, Jinnai's grandmother answered "my grandson" to the neighbor's question "What kind of relationship does Jinnai Takanori have?"[22], When co-starring with Takanori, there is a "promise" that always appeals to "change the stage name!"[23].
  • Part-time job experience at a sushi restaurant[Note 7]There,サ バ,Red snapperIt is a special skill to fillet fish such as[24].
  • Computer board game "Momotaro Electric Railway Series』Producer / game directorAkira SakuraAccording to the report, I rented a room from a TV station in Osaka to let entertainers freely play the new prototype and listen to their opinions, and set it as an open test play room. Because it was out, "Momotaro Dentetsu USA』It is said that it was appointed to the CM after[25].
  • In June 2007, it was reported that Jinnai was commended as one of the "celebrities who quit smoking" by the Tobacco Problem Metropolitan Council.Norika, who was his wife at the time, was awarded the "Smoke Assist Award" for cooperating with smoking cessation in the team.[26].


  • What is Norika Fujiwara, my ex-wife?Berry Berry Saturday!』(Kansai TV production) was the first real encounter, but Norika does not remember this, and said" Nice to meet you "when meeting at the time of the above-mentioned drama recording.
  • As mentioned above, at the receptionKobukuroof"together foreverWas sung by playing the piano, and on July 2007, 7, "Lincoln』(TBS system) corner" Friendly Downtown "Hitoshi MatsumotoI tried to play it again to dedicate it to, but after a few takes, I eventually gave up.Hiromi GoDidn't you know this "together forever"?Lyrics-CompositionJinnai misunderstood that he had done this, and the day after the reception, he received a phone call saying, "Jinnai-kun is amazing! You wrote a good song!"
  • In the house where we lived together, what we brought in wasRaccoon figurine(Wild bombI got it from Rossy)liquid crystal televisionTwo of.Jinnai said that the raccoon dog figurine was outside the front door.This house is smaller than the house where Fujiwara lived before he married Jinnai.[27][28]..When I got divorced and left home, I took out only the LCD TV.[29].
  • First with FujiwaraA dateRegarding the story, at the batting center, Jinnai was extremely nervous and could not hit at all, and received advice on the contrary, "I can hit if the timing is right", and Jinnai saw Fujiwara's hitting method at that time and said, "ZuletaYeah! I thought.And after getting married, when I went to the batting cage again, I was able to hit more than the first date, but Fujiwara was even more powerful, and Jinnai said,CabreraYeah! ".In addition, Fujiwara himself said, "At this point, I was not conscious of dating yet."[30].
  • It was Kendo Kobayashi who recommended Fujiwara to go on a date for the first time.When he went to dinner with Jinnai, he talked about co-starring in a drama, and Kendo confessed when he was consulted by Jinnai, "I like it and email it, but I can't call or invite him to a date." In order to make fun of the shaken team later, he said, "Call me now and invite me to a date!" And let him make a call.And Jinnai makes an appointment for the first date with Fujiwara on the spot.It was a playful statement, but on the contrary, the recommendation was a great success.[31]..Kendo tells the story, "I have changed the history of Japan."
  • Since 2007, the term "gap marriage" has been used to refer to the marriage between Fujiwara and Jinnai, and has become widespread since the reception.


  • On March 2009, 3, three sports newspapers reported that he was already separated from his wife Norika Fujiwara and that it was a divorce countdown.[1]..On March 3, the same year, Fujiwara's relatives submitted a divorce report.[14].. On March 2009, 3, he held a press conference in Tokyo and talked about divorce.
  • At the press conference, "I, Tomonori Jinnai, was officially divorced from Norika Fujiwara. It's all because of my immaturity and weakness ... it's all because of me," and it has been reported in various media. He admitted that he had an affair with women, and explained, "My affair was discovered around last summer, and at that time I talked about trying again, but she couldn't forgive me."
  • After leaving the room where I lived with Norika,Unicorn-Yu TamuraI was living in my house[29].
  • Since then, "Give back" from other talents[32]It is said to be "unlucky".Jinnai has commented in various places that he is sorry that Kobukuro and the song "Towanitomoni eternally" had a negative image due to the divorce. Broadcast on June 2014, 6, "Wednesday downtown], "Towanitomoni forever" was not used after the divorce in the team, and the verification result was that only one out of 5,000 groups used the song at the wedding ceremony.
  • afterwards,"Legal counseling service』" We are doing our best, but for some reason there is no CM appearance SP ", the talk was high and it was" procession "Tiger thermosAppeared in a collaboration commercial of. There was a line saying, "She's feeling cold, but my feelings and rice are still warm."
  • The CM of "Momotaro Dentetsu Series", which has been appointed since 2004 because of the deterioration of the image due to divorce, was dropped.However, according to Akira Sakuma, the creator and game director of the series, "If the image can be restored, there is a possibility of a return."Sakuma once said that he wanted him to return to the commercial.[33]..After that, in December 2016, "Momotaro Dentetsu 2017 Tachiagare Japan !!』Appeared in the commercial, and returned to the commercial for the first time in about eight years.
  • In 2017Mio MatsumuraHowever, he continues to mess around with his ex-wife and his own affair (as of 2021).



  • In 2003Professional baseball-Hanshin TigersSupport program "Weekly Tora Tigers』(Yomiuri TV, Kansai local) was selected as the moderator.Jinnai himselfHanshin fanProclaiming that, in private lifeNorihiro Akahoshi,Ryo AsaiAnd the Hanshin Tigers had exchanges with young players at that time.Former Kansai TV announcerAtsushi UmedaAccording to the story, when Umeda informed Norihiro Akahoshi on the day when the marriage story in the team became a rumor, Akahoshi replied, "I knew it for a long time."Also,Kentaro SekimotoWith junior entertainersTable tennisI'm playing table tennis at a bar.
  • He has been a Hanshin Tigers fan since he was a boy, and he was wearing a Hanshin Tigers baseball cap when a slide photo was shown on his wedding reception broadcast on May 2007, 5. Was projected.
  • The entertainer belongs toGrass baseballAs the captain of the team, the match is mainly at midnightOsaka DomeIs chartered.Participating membersShampoo hat,Monster engineObayashi,Smileetc.

Other hobbies



Former wife Fujiwara's remarriage partnerAinosuke KataokaThrough the relationship ofNagatanienFounder familyUrasenke, OldYasuda Zaibatsu,Imperial familyIt has become a relative.


Main material


tv set

Programs currently appearing

Regular / semi-regular appearance
Irregular appearance

Programs that appeared in the past

Special program (MC or main cast)

  • M-1 Returns(Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)- Moderator
  • All Thats Manzai(Mainichi Broadcasting System, 2003-2009)- Moderator
  • Peach camp!(Mainichi Broadcasting System, 2003-2008)- Moderator * Broadcast once or twice a year
  • Ahto no Jin! BACA-JA (Kansai TV production, 2004 --2018) - Moderator * Broadcast once a year around November
  • The Jinnouchi Family (Kansai Telecasting Corporation, February 2004, 2)
  • Tomonori Jinnai's Handsome 5(Asahi Broadcasting Production, 2006-2011)-* Broadcast once or twice a year
  • Yoshimoto Laughter Sugi LIVE (produced by TV Osaka, 2007-2009)- Moderator * Broadcast once a year around November
  • The 58th NHK Red and White Singing Battle(NHK General TV, December 2007, 12) --Appeared as a judge with his wife Norika Fujiwara at the time
  • Genji Monogatari Quiz School-Japanese, Arithmetic, Science ... Love-(NHK General, Kansai Local, May 2008, 5)- Moderator
  • Celebrity Test 2008 Star Truth Understanding SP(NTV, June 2008, 6)- Masami HisamotoAnd moderator
  • Celebrity Test 2008 (NTV, October 2008, 10)- Masami Hisamoto and MC
  • Running stage from Osaka WEST WIND(NHK BS2, May 2007, 5, September 27)
  • Jinnai's big chew 2008 This is coming! Best 50(Mainichi Broadcasting System, January 2008, 1)- General Chairperson
  • The Dream Team-Baseball enthusiasts-(Kansai TV production, November 2008, 11)- Moderator
  • Laughing supernova2008 FINAL! (Yomiuri Television, June 2008, 12)- Moderator
  • New Year Comedy Award 2009 (Fuji TV, January 2009, 1)- LOL problem, Takashi Fujii and MC
  • Forget the year! Yoshimoto Comedy Orchestra(Asahi Broadcasting)- Moderator
  • New Year Nippon Super Wide First Dashi Performing Arts Scoop !!(TV Asahi, February 2009, 1)- Moderator
  • Learn from the mysteries of twins! -From aging prevention to child-rearing (NHK General TV, February 2009, 2)- Moderator
  • Jin Spo! (August 2009, 8, March 22, 2010, Kansai TV)- MC
  • 40th NHK Upper Manga Contest(March 2010, 3, NHK Osaka)- Moderator
  • Kendo Kobayashi, Jinnai, and Tamura Kenji are so awesome! Traveling to Korea Eat-buy-become beautiful-100 barrage (March 2012, 3, Kansai TV)
  • Make all humanity laugh LOL! Lock-on(September 2013, 7, TBS)- MC
  • Kendo Kobayashi x Jinnai x Tamura Synchronized Sakura PRESENTS Important Women's Hospitality Tour in Seoul (January 2014, 1, Kansai TV)
  • Crown Jiroku(Shizuoka Daiichi Television)
  • People who bought tiger rugs also bought ○○. (May 2014, 5, Kansai TV)- MC
  • (May 2014, 5, May 6, 5, Kansai TV)- MC
  • Machami & Jinnai Tour with Japanese Reasons (July 2014, 7, November 9, 2016, March 11, 13, Yomiuri TV)
  • Jinnai Kenkoba Nakagawake! Go to Alafor Synchronous Singapore (December 2014, 12)
  • M-1 Grand Prix(2015-, Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation)- Moderator of the Repechage
  • Entertainer documentary(2015-2017, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Jinnai / Kenkoba trip to Okinawa Teppan (April 2015, 4, TV Asahi)
  • That person's big survey! Jinnai & Nakagawake's WHOARE YOU? (February 2016, 2, Mainichi Broadcasting System)- Moderator
  • Jinnai ・KanedaOkinawa Teppan Trip (May 2016, 5, TV Asahi)
  • 6 Seconds ~ Entertainer Vine Video Grand Prix ~ (June 2016, 6, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • VS Real Gachi Dangerous Organism(TBS)
  • 35th Anniversary of the opening of the station, TV Osaka Yaro.Spring Festival (Yoru) (March 2017, 3,TV Osaka)- Moderator
  • Imada and Jinnai's Dragon Question (March 2017, 3, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • Jinnai ・KawamotoOkinawa Teppan Trip (May 2017, 5, TV Asahi)
  • Shine! Nagoya Variety Academy (July 2017, 7,Central Japan Broadcasting Company)- MC
  • Toilet sightseeing (October 2017, 10, TV TOKYO)- MC
  • Akira Ikegami and "Women's Association" (October 2017, 10, April 4, 2018, April 4, TBS)- Progress assistant
  • Leave it to the sightseeing taxi! Autumn Kyoto walk trip (October 2017, 10, Kansai TV) - MC
  • Sparta is no good !! Handling Precautions Nuruyu-kun (January 2018, 1, Asahi Broadcasting)- MC
  • Entertainer Triathlon (February 2018, 2, Kansai TV)- Executive Committee Chair
  • From ○○ to Tokyo (April 2018, 4, May 15, 2019, Kansai TV production, Fuji TV series)- MC
  • Tomonori Jinnai visits directly! Show by absolutely wanting (May 2018, 5, TBS)- MC
  • Overcoming Tour in Osaka (May 2018, 5, December 12, 12, March 8, 2019, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation) - MC
  • ~ Kansai Homecoming Variety ~ Local Donai Nante Tour (June 2018, 6, Asahi Broadcasting) - MC
  • "Unusual life"(August 2018, 7, Nippon Television)- MC
  • Comedy Giant Killing ~ Shibari Manzai King Decision Battle ~ (September 2018, 9, Mainichi Broadcasting System)- MC
  • Kantere 60th Anniversary Special Program Hachinenmade-Young people thought from the seeds of the project- (September 2018, 9, Kansai TV)- MC
  • Jinnai / Enraku Rakugo Lovers (February 2019, 2, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • Kansai City Ranking 2019 (March 2019, 3, TV Osaka)- MC
  • New Generation SNS Star Award NEXT-Would you like to play an active part on TV?-(March 2019, 3, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)- MC
  • Big Play (March 2019, 3, December 28, 12, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • The 19th My Heart Osaka Melody(August 2019, 10, NHK General)- MC
  • DRONE x demon(August 2019, 11, Nippon Television)- MC
  • (May 2020, 3, October 28, 8, NTV)- MC
  • Chihara Junior& Tomonori Jinnai's sightseeing in Nagoya Yabaimon (August 2020, 8,TV Aichi)
  • Finally R-1 Grand Prix! Thorough research on the real life of new generation entertainers! (March 2021, 3, Fuji TV / Kansai TV series)- MC





Other than TV

  • NEC"VALUESTAR SROver-the-counter PR video
  • au --As an evangelist in pamphlets, etc.
  • Toyota --Residual value setting plan Web CM



  • NETA JIN (released August 2004, 8) YOSHIMOTO WORKS/R & C Japan)
  • NETA JIN 2 (released February 2007, 2)
  • NETA JIN 3 (released February 2010, 3)
  • ☆ Momo no Jin! ~ Momotaro Dentetsu 20th Anniversary DVD ~ (Released on April 2008, 4)[1]
  • Jaker Maxon~ 1st Jaikel Photo Demy Award ~ (Released on July 2007, 7)
  • Jaikel Maxon Jaikel Talk (109) Festival THE BEST (released July 2008, 7)
  • Yoshimoto gag 100 barrage 4 Go to Yokocho ~ KochoHen (released on March 2006, 3)
  • Yoshimoto Gag 100 Barrage 5 To Yokocho ~ Kocho! Hen (released on March 2006, 3)
  • Hitoshi Matsumoto's non-slip storyThe Golden (released September 2008, 9)
  • Junior Chihara's non-slip story (released January 2008, 1)
  • Kobayashi Kendo's non-slip story (released March 2009, 3)
  • Movie version Kamen Rider Den-O I was born!(Released on November 2008, 1)
  • Cinnamon the MOVIE(Released on November 2008, 7)
  • Weekly Tora TigersSpecial Issue 2004 VOL.2 2004 Hanshin Tigers Footprints of Fierce Fighting! ~ Fierce Fighting! Kanemoto Fierce Running! Akahoshi Thank You Yagi ~ (Released on November 2004, 11)
  • Men B(Released on November 2005, 2)
  • Mansai Fashion Show Mansai (released March 2005, 3)
  • Umeda Kagetsu2nd Anniversary DVD Permanent Preservation Version (Released on December 2005, 12)
  • Tomo Naru!Messenger Kuroda・ Tomonori Jinnai's slightly naughty (secret) creature encyclopedia (released on August 2007, 8)
  • Niketsu!!2 (Released on September 2009, 9)


Voice appearance



Performance dateLive namePerformerPerformance place
July 1998-Twice a month until AugustSummer teamWach upper
July 1998-Twice a month until AugustAutumn teamlicense,Randysな ど
July 1998-Twice a month until AugustWinter campChihara Juniorな ど
1999th of February 3Jin Jin JinShinsaibashisuji 2-chome Theater
1999th of February 6Savannah,Wild bomb,Mitsuru,Deputy manager,Shampoo hat, License, Randy'sWach upper
1999th of February 9Jin Jin Jin
1999th of February 11NETAJIN αKimura Yuichibase Yoshimoto
2000th of February 1Jin Jin Jin
Year ending March 2000Jin Jin Jin
2000th of February 3Tomonori Jinnai's JIN JIN JINBlack mayonnaise,Vickies, Deputy Director, Wild Bomb,Yasushi Ishidabase Yoshimoto
2000th of February 6Tomonori Jinnai VSHarigane RockHarigane Rock
2000th of February 6Harigane Rock VS Tomonori Jinnai
2000th of February 7NETAJIN OSAKANakagawa family
2000th of February 10JinJin NightBlack mayonnaise,チ ュ ー ト リ ア ル,鉄 拳
2000th of February 12JinJin DXBlack Mayonnaise, Deputy Director, Wild Bomb,Football hour,regular
2001th of February 2JinJin World ~ Lots of stories ~Watanabe bell
2001th of February 3Spring team
2001th of February 4JinJin4Black Mayonnaise, Tutorial,Kamon Tatsuo
2001th of February 5JinJin5
2001th of February 6JinJin6Black Mayonnaise, Tutorial,Hideyuki Yurioka Q,Yoshie Tanoue
2001th of February 9JinJin9Black Mayonnaise, Tutorials, Vickies
2001th of February 7Harigane Rock and Tomonori JinnaiHarigane Rock
2001th of February 7Tomonori Jinnai and Harigane Rock
2001th of February 10Akijin
2001th of February 11JINGIBlack Mayonnaise, Tutorials, Vickies, Football Hour
2002JinJin LiveBlack Mayonnaise, Tutorial
2002JinJin Live02
2002th of February 1JinJin World
2002th of February 2JinnaismBlack Mayonnaise, Tutorial,Eggplant
2002th of February 3JinJin MAXBlack Mayonnaise, Vickies,Cozy TomitaNamba Grand Hanatsuki
2002th of February 7JinJin NightUnjashbase Yoshimoto
2002th of February 9Shaka
2002th of February 11Harigane Rock
2003th of February 1Black mayonnaise
2003th of February 3Black Mayonnaise, Tutorial,Maggie Judge
2003th of February 6JinJin WorldBlack Mayonnaise, Tutorial, Yuichi KimuraLUMINE the Yoshimoto
2003th of February 6JinJin SPECIALBlack Mayonnaise, Tutorials, Vickiesbase Yoshimoto
2004th of February 6NETAJINAloneLUMINE the Yoshimoto
February 2005-Once a month until December 2Umeda Premier Tomonori Jinnai & Bramayo Yoshida Uda Uda TalkBlack mayonnaiseYoshida KeiUmeda Kagetsu
2006th of February 11NETAJIN2AloneLUMINE the Yoshimoto
October 2009, 10, October 17, October 10, 24, November 10NETAJIN Live Tour 2009-Crawl up if you crash-Telepier hall Kyobashi Kagetsu LUMINE the Yoshimoto IMShole
September 2010-4, 6Yoshimoto New Comedy Tomonori Jinnai Performance "Cute Our Fuss!"Mt. Ooyama Hero,COWCOW, Wild bomb,Yoshitaka Yamamoto,Honda Mizuho,Rika Hoshino,SakaiistLUMINE the Yoshimoto
2010th of February 5Tomonori Jinnai presents JIN-X2700,Sizzle,Silver rice,Unjash
Performance dateLive namePerformerPerformance place
(unknown)Chihara Junior presents entertainer set mealFixed members (Chihara Junia, Kendo Kobayashi, Savannah, Wild Bomb)LUMINE the Yoshimoto

Tomonori Jinnai's Netajin

Tomonori Jinnaithe UAF YouTube-channelThe material posted on the channel.

release datetitleImage
2020th of February 2Graduation ceremonyRetake
2020th of February 2Jin walkRetake
2020th of February 3Pet dog JohnDVD "NET A JIN 2"
2020th of February 3Zombie gameRetake
2020th of February 3Oh-chanDVD "NET A JIN"
2020th of February 3Picture book popping outRetake
2020th of February 3Cicada 1 weekDVD "NET A JIN 3"
2020th of February 3Batting centerRetake
2020th of February 3Rank heavenDVD "NET A JIN 3"
2020th of February 3God classRetake
2020th of February 4Trouble consultationDVD "NET A JIN"
2020th of February 4school songRetake
2020th of February 4Exchange Diary
  • Exchange Diary
  • To me 30 years later
  • Graduation album
2020th of February 4airplaneDVD "NET A JIN"
2020th of February 4BowlingRetake
2020th of February 4Adult brain trainingRetake
2020th of February 5Night museumDVD "NET A JIN 3"
2020th of February 5Crystal ballDVD "NET A JIN"
2020th of February 5surveillance cameraDVD "NET A JIN 2"
2020th of February 5Oh-chan XNUMX Pet Ban VolumeDVD "NET A JIN 2"
2020th of February 5Hero showDVD "NET A JIN WORLD TOUR"
2020th of February 6Arcade
  • Flag Flag Revolution
  • Powerful brain game
  • Crane game
2020th of February 6Earth Warrior JindamDVD "NET A JIN 2"
2020th of February 6proposeDVD "NET A JIN 2"
2020th of February 6DealerDVD "NET A JIN WORLD TOUR"
2020th of February 6Her roomRetake
2020th of February 7Tv shoppingRetake
2020th of February 7One sheep ...Retake
2020th of February 7Cooking navigationRetake
2020th of February 7Picture diaryRetake
2020th of February 8Vision testRetake
2020th of February 8English conversationRetake
2020th of February 8Encore-Musicians trying to make money by selling goods-New material
2020th of February 8Drama scriptRetake
2020th of February 8Surveillance cameraRetake
2020th of February 8Nose searchRetake
2020th of February 9TMJRetake
2020th of February 9Sports dayRetake
2020th of February 9Quiz time shockingRetake
2020th of February 9electro-cardiogramDVD "NET A JIN"
2020th of February 9fireworksRetake
2020th of February 10Study abroad in the living roomRetake
2020th of February 10TetrisRetake
2020th of February 10News programRetake
2020th of February 10WiretapRetake
2020th of February 10video letterRetake
2020th of February 11Quiz Million NeaRetake
2020th of February 11Magic bookNew material (improvisational control)
2020th of February 11projection mappingRetake
2020th of February 11Momotaro Dentetsu-Showa Heisei Reiwa is also a staple-New material (some past material[39])
2020th of February 11School broadcastRetake
2020th of February 12ECG (2020 version)Retake
2020th of February 12Movie trailerRetake
2020th of February 12Korean language courseDVD "NET A JIN WORLD TOUR"
2021th of February 1ID photoRetake
2021th of February 1vending machineNew material


Jinnai in 2020bilibiliSubscribe to the channel[40]..The posted material is as follows.

release datetitleImage
2020th of February 11TetrisRetake
2020th of February 11MachineDVD "NET A JIN"
2020th of February 11Zombie gamesRetake
2020th of February 12保龄球Retake
2020th of February 12JiàngDVD "NET A JIN"
2020th of February 12Surveillance camerasDVD "NET A JIN 2"
2020th of February 12TV shoppingRetake
2020th of February 12Baseball fieldRetake


  • Norika Fujiwara "Happy Spirit Norika Tamashii" Gentosha, May 2007, 5.ISBN 978-4344013315.

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