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💪 | [Directly from the trainer] Break your “hunger” in 1 minutes a day!3 "abdominal muscle training" that are too efficient for busy people


[Directly from the trainer] Break your "hunger" in 1 minutes a day!3 "abdominal muscle training" that are too efficient for busy people

If you write the contents roughly
After extending it to the limit, return the abroller to its original position.

Although I have been training my abdominal muscles longing for six packs, I think the part that is quite formidable is the "lower abdomen" ... → Continue reading


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AbrollerIt is,STRENGTH & CONDITIONING Used inSports equipment.


Rectus abdominal muscles,External oblique muscle,Internal oblique muscle such asAbsIt is an instrument that effectively trains.Abs rollerAlso called.Besides the abdominal musclesErector spinae muscle,Latissimus dorsi,Triceps,Deltoid muscleIt is also effective for improving muscle strength such as[1].

roller(Wheel,YagenOn both sides of a car-like shape)gripIs attached, hold the grip with both hands,bedPlace it on the floor and slide the roller to use it.

how to use

  1. Go to the floor and hold the grip with both hands.
  2. kneePush the roller forward while keeping it on the floor.This time,shoulderUnleash the power ofspineThe point is to put effort into your abdominal muscles so that you can roll them up like a cat.Also, be careful not to fall completely.
  3. When you reach the limit, roll the roller toward you.After that, repeat steps 1 to 3.

By rolling the rollers without kneeling,BackStronger thanloadCan be applied[2].


tatami,FlooringWhen using it on the floor, it may damage the floor.マ ッ トIt is desirable to lay it down and use it.

waistSince it puts a burden on the shoulders and shoulders, if it is used incorrectly, it may hurt those parts.


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