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👩‍🎤 | SKE48 [Jurina Matsui Graduation Performance Report] Graduation performance that has stepped into the future "I love SKE48 ...

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SKE48 [Jurina Matsui Graduation Performance Report] Graduation performance that has stepped into the future "Ki to like SKE48 ...

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* This is a different design from the set of 2 raw photos (Jurina Matsui, Akane Takayanagi), which is a bonus for purchasers of national CD / EC sites.

Jurina Matsui, the last active member of SKE48, will be at the SKE1 Theater on Thursday, April 4th. → Continue reading


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Jurina Matsui

Jurina Matsui(Matsui Jurina,1997Heisei9 years>May 3 -) isJapan Ofactress,talentAnd a female idol groupSKE48Team S and derivative unitsLove CrescendoIs a former member of.AKB48Former dual-time member of.AichiKasugai CityI'm fromIrvingAffiliation[3].



  • September 7, "SKE48 opening member audition』Passed (total number of applications 2,670, final passers 22). October 10, "SKE48 Team S 1st Stage "PARTY is about to begin"] Debuted as one of the 16 selected members at the performance.
  • October 10th, AKB8's crown program "AKBINGO!Was the first member of AKB48's sister group to appear.In the program telop, it was introduced as "a big newcomer with expectations". October 10ndrecordingAt that time, he was not an official member of SKE48 before the performance debut, but AKB48's 10th single title song "Loud DiamondSelected at 11 years old and 228 days[4]Then,Manami Oku(Former AKB48, Team B) set the youngest record for single selection members (11 years old, 237 days). This was the first time that a member of a sister group was selected for AKB48's song.Also,PVPlayed the leading role in the movie, and was in the center position when appearing on a music program.[Note 2]Besides, aloneJacketsThe photos were also displayed and became a big topic.





  • Announced that they passed the high school entrance examination on February 2th[8].
  • March 3, AKB24 and sister group concert "Business contact.It was announced that AKB48 Team K will also serve for a limited time at "I beg you, Director Katayama! In Saitama Super Arena".[9]..In the past, there were cases where multiple performances were held due to the timing of the formation of the new team (new team was established), but to be assigned to multiple teams in the group, NMB48, which was decided to concurrently serve as AKB48 Team B at the same time.Watanabe MiyukiIt will be the first time in history.
  • I was absent from the SKE4 handshake event held in Osaka on April 1 due to poor physical condition.[10]..After that, on the 4th of the same month, he announced that he would be hospitalized for several days due to "dizziness and overwork caused by anemia".[11]..On the 6th of the same month, general producerAkimoto YasushiAnnounces that it will be rested without deciding when to return[12].. 14st of the same month,Nippon Gaishi HallReturned for the first time in 48 days at the concert "SKE2012 Spring Con 14" Can the SKE theater be completed by autumn? "" Held at.Singing Rena Matsui's solo song "Dead Leaf Station" in the first song of the concert[13].
  • June 6st at AKB1 TheaterTeam K 6th Stage "RESET"First appearance in a performance. Started full-scale activities as AKB48 Team K[14].
  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 27th Single General Election』, Played the selection in 9th place[15].
  • AKB10's 31th single "AKB48" released on October 28stUZA""Oshima YukoAnd served as a double center[16].



  • January, with SKE1GALAXYA new unit, GALAXY of DREAMS, was formed and was elected as a member.[20].
  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 37th Single General ElectionIn 4th place, I was selected[21].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Tokyo Dome City HallAt the "4th AKB48 Red and White Opposition Song Battle" held at, it was announced that 48 people from AKB7 members would participate in the new unit "NyaKB with Tsuchinoko Panda".[22].


  • On April 4th, the participating unit "Nya KB with Tsuchinoko Panda" was released as an anime "Yokai watch』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Ending theme "Idol is about UnyanyaDebuted as a single CD[23].
  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 41st Single Selection General Election』In 5th place, elected as a selected member[24][25].
  • September 9th, first photo book "Jurina" (Shueisha) Is released[26].
  • On October 10th, at the special performance commemorating the 5th anniversary of the theater debut, the unit "SKE7"Love CrescendoIs selected as a member of[27].
  • Announced that AKB10 Team K will be released from the concurrent post and will be dedicated to SKE22 in "AKB21's All Night Nippon" broadcast on October 48 (midnight on the 48st).[28]..The final activity date as an AKB48 member will be decided on December 12th.[28].
  • On December 12th, the activity as AKB Team K ended (concurrent post release)[29].





  • "SKE4 version" to be performed from April 18Hamlet””HamletFirst appearance on stage as a role[43].
  • September 9, announced that he will be resting due to poor physical condition[44][45].
  • Announced resumption of activities on October 10st[46][47].
  • Reported return to work on November 11[48][49].


  • On February 2, graduation from SKE7 was announced at the performance of "Team S 48th Stage" Overlapping Footprints "" held at SKE6 Theater.[50].
  • September 9st, 1th and 26th of the same monthNippon Gaishi HallThe graduation concert that was scheduled to be held at[50]New coronavirusIt was announced that it would be difficult to secure enough seats to hold the event in accordance with the guidelines for preventing the spread of infection.[51][52].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,the UAF YouTube-channelOpened official channel.In the live stream, the channel name will be decided as "Jurina HOUSE".


  • 1月9日〜、2月1日〜、3月1日〜の3期に分け、3月31日までの期間限定で、SKE48卒業を記念した特設WEBサイト「珠理奈's SHARE ROOM」(仮想プライベートルーム)を開設する[53].
  • February 2, YouTube Live andSHOWROOMIt was announced that the graduation concert will be held on April 4th in the program delivered in[54][55].
  • On April 4th, the graduation concert daytime performance "Graduation! All-Member Assembly! ~ Let's Sing! ~" And the night performance "Matsui Jurina Graduation Concert @ Japan Gaishi Hall ~ Something will happen when you graduate from Jurina !? ~" Held at Japan Gaishi Hall[56][57].
  • Graduation performance at SKE4 Theater on April 29th[58], Graduated from SKE30 in 48 days[56][59].
  • Official fan club "JURINA Family" opened on May 5th[60].


  • One child[61].
  • Nickname is Jurina[62].. Sometimes called "Juritan"[63].. I joined SKE11 as a first-year student at the age of 48, so I joined SKE1 later than myself.Yuria KizakiSawako Hata(Currently graduated from SKE)Akane TakayanagiIt is sometimes called "Jurina-san" by older juniors. In the SKE48 official blog, the title of the article he wrote is "☆ Juritan" until September 2015, and "☆ Juribo" after October 9.
  • Tagline"1, 2, 3, 4, together, 6, 7, 8, 9, Jurina ~!"[2]..AKB48 Team K, who used to serve concurrently, uses "Athletic club, Team K, the only JK, Jurina Matsui!"[64].
  • My favorite food is made by my mothermeat sauce-spaghettiHas been adopted in the menu of AKB48 Cafe & Shop[65].
  • I started hip-hop dance in the third grade of elementary school[66].
  • My favorite word is "Juriboha Juribo"[62]..I used to mention "open all year round" as my favorite word[67]..The motto is "Full pitching"[68].. In response to the question "What did you do your best in your life?", He answered, "I'm always doing my best! I'll do my best today than yesterday!"[63].
  • dog,chickenAnd so onImitationI am good at doing it, and I often show it on TV programs[69][70].
  • Because of his calm appearance and demeanor, he is often surprised by his co-stars when he says his age.[69].
  • I like exercising, especially running, and I wanted to be an athlete if I wasn't an idol[63]..I belonged to the Dodgeball club when I was in elementary school[68].
  • Special skill is tablecloth pulling[62].
  • My hobbies are cooking and making sweets[62]..I often give homemade cookies to members and staff[71].
  • Drama"Tofu wrestling』Because of the appearance on January 2017, 1wrestlingI watched games, became fond of professional wrestling, and often went to watch games.Through dramas and watching games新 日本 プ ロ レ スThe friendship with the player of is also born.In the speech of the 9th general electionHiroshi TanahashiI quoted the decisive line "I love you".
  • In World Idol Pro Wrestling (WIP), he currently holds a single belt under the ring name of Hollywood JURINA, and when he becomes a fighter, his whole body turns silver.
  • In addition, he was appointed as a special ambassador for "WRESTLE KINGDOM 12 in Tokyo Dome" (January 2018, 1) of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.[72].
  • "belly buttonIs cute "[73].
  • My first love was when I was a kindergarten student.During the nap time in kindergarten, he said that he was sleeping hand in hand with his favorite boy.Weekly playboy』I was exposed to my mother and was shocked[74].
  • I'm not good at all spicy foods, screaming machines, haunted houses[63].
  • "Slope AKBFormer co-starring inNogizaka46 OfMiona HoriIsshaved iceA date[75]OrHamburgerI'm on good terms, such as going out to eat[76][77].


  • When I decided to join SKE48, AKB48 said, "Red and White Singing ContestAt the same timeHaruna KojimaBecause I was watching the drama in which[74]..At that time, I was in the sixth grade of elementary school and thought I couldn't go to Tokyo, where AKB6 is based, but I learned that SKE48 could be made locally and auditioned for SKE48.[63].
  • Together with Rena Matsui, a first-year student of SKE48, she is considered to be the ace of SKE1, and since she has the same surname (no blood relationship or relatives), the two of them are "W (double) Matsui".[78]","Jurina ""RTaking the acronym of "ena", "JR (combi)"[79]And "Jurirena"[80]It is also called.
  • The selected members of SKE48 and the team S to which they belong are entrusted with the center position in the first grade, although they are young.[63]..In particular, the team reorganization called "Kumikaku" in April 2013[Note 8]Since the number of members of the same generation and younger people has increased in the current team S after the above, he said that he should not give in to the older members and that he wants to make the team that the members of the same generation can have a presence without hesitation. ing[81].
  • By concurrently serving, he says, "A fan base different from other members will be created."At handshake events, women of the same age and older are often said to "respect"[74].
  • Member number 48 of SKE7 "two-dimensional club".The genre is "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha), specifically "Naruto''BLEACH''ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル"Such[82]..Currently treated as a ghost member with Shiori Iguchi[83][84].

AKB48 related

Participating songs on SKE48 and AKB48

Single selection music

SKE48 name

  • Strong man
  • Blue sky
  • I'm sorry, SUMMER
  • 1!2!3!4!
    • let me be with you
    • Memory of Cosmos-the name of "white group"
    • TWO ROSES-in the name of "Kinect"
  • Banzai Venus
    • Forgotten things at the graduation ceremony-in the name of "white group"
  • Pareo is an emerald
    • Building time
    • Tokimeki's Footsteps-``Shirogumi''
    • Fireworks never end-in the name of "Selection 8"
  • Pounding
    • First love crossing
    • Bazooka firing!
    • Let's sing, our school song-in the name of "Selection 8"
  • Unrequited love
    • Up to now, future
    • Hanikami Lollipop-"Shirogumi"
    • Silent Moon-In the name of "Selection 8"
  • I Citable!
  • Even kisses are left-handed
    • Realm of the gods
  • Chocolate slave
    • Darkness-Under the name of "Seven Dancers"
  • Beautiful lightning
    • JYURI-JYURI BABY --In the name of "Team S"
  • I'm so cute!
    • Why does the road continue?-- Under the name of "Aichi Toyota Selection"
    • Far future today-in the name of "Selection 18"
  • What is the future?
    • As if the cat's tail stands out ... feat. Bose (Scha Dara Parr)-Under the name of "Team S"
  • Clumsy sun
    • After-school race-under the name of "Team S"
    • Keep your friends-in the name of "Selection 10"
  • Kangaroo in December
    • Indelible Flame-Under the name of "Team S"
    • I love AICHI-"Aichi Toyota Selection"
  • Coquettish congestion
    • DIRTY-Under the name of "Team S"
    • I Know-"DOCUMENTARY of SKE48"
  • Front squirrel
    • Nice guilt-in the name of "Team S"
  • Chicken LINE
    • I have a girlfriend-in the name of "Team S"
    • Astronomical Observatory without a telescope-Under the name of "Passion For You Selection"
    • On the way of the trip-"Sae Miyazawa and his friends"
  • Love of gold, love of silver
    • Happy Ranking-Named "Rank in Girls 2016"
    • Shake it tonight!-In the name of "Love Crescendo"
  • Surprisingly mango
    • I don't want to go to a party-under the name of "Team S"
    • Miracle meteor shower-``Passion For You Selection''
  • Unconscious color
    • Reflexive Thru-in the name of "Love Crescendo"
    • We're Growing Up-"Aichi Toyota Selection"
    • Coyote at dawn-the name of "Sagami Chain Selection"
  • Sudden punch line
    • Parting shot-under the name of "Team S"
    • Flower scent symphony-in the name of "Passion For You Selection"
  • Stand by you
    • Before it freezes-in the name of "Team S"
    • Locals-in the name of "Aichi Toyota Selection"
    • God does not abandon
  • "Is there a So You Toko?Recorded in
    • Who are you?-In the name of "Jurina Matsui"
  • Love fall flag
    • Memories ~ Until we meet someday ~ --- "Matsui Jurina"
    • Change Your World-Under the name of "Black Pearl"

AKB48 name

Album selection songs

SKE48 name

  • "Don't forget the chime of this dayRecorded in
    • GO! GO! GO!-In the name of "Team S"
    • Beginner-In the name of "Team S"
    • It's raining ... --- "Selection 8"
  • "Revolution HillRecorded in
    • Hurry up, summer!
    • Rifle Girl-In the name of "Love Crescendo"
    • Zero base
    • Horizon-"Aichi Toyota Selection"
    • Flower fortune-telling-solo song.In charge of lyrics[34].

AKB48 name

  • "Being hereRecorded in
    • Selfish collection
    • Being here
  • "1830mRecorded in
    • One day I saw the bottom of the sea-the name of "Up-and-coming girls"
    • Aozora, are you lonely?
  • "Next footprintRecorded in
    • After rain
    • I reef
    • Punktsu Blues
    • Accomplice-Team K
  • "This is Rhodes, jump here!Recorded in
    • The existence of love
    • Conveyor-Under the name of "Yokoyama Team K"
    • Red stiletto heels and professor-solo song
  • "Between 0 and 1Recorded in
    • Toy Poodle and your story
    • Emissary of love-in the name of "Team K"
  • "thumbnailRecorded in
    • Bucket
  • "We know the dawn of that dayRecorded in
    • How to tie shoelaces
    • Mystery Line

Other participating songs

Unsourced songs

AKB48 name

  • Love baitle (Dip"Baitle" CM song)[92]

Pachisuro AKB48 Goddess of Victory

  • There is no substitute for you
  • Your news
  • Heavy Rotation
  • AKB Festival

Theater performance unit song

SKE48 name

Team S 1st Stage "PARTY is about to begin"

  • Skirt, Hirari (1st UNIT)
  • Star temperature (1st UNIT)
  • Classmate (2nd UNIT)

Team S 2nd Stage "While holding hands"

  • Glory days (1st UNIT)
  • Take me to Wimbledon (2nd UNIT)

Team S 3rd Stage "School Uniform"

  • More than memories (1st UNIT)
  • Wolf and Pride (2nd UNIT)

Team S 4th Stage "RESET"

  • Miracle is not in time

Team S 5th Stage "School Uniform"

  • Girl's sixth sense

Team S 6th Stage "Overlapping Footprints"

AKB48 name

Team K 6th Stage "RESET"

Oshima Team K Waiting Performance

Oshima Team K "Last Bell Rings" Performance

  • Return match

Yokoyama Team K “RESET” Performance

  • Reversal Prince

Minegishi Team K "Final Bell Rings" Performance

  • Sorry Jewel


Distribution limited single

#Release datetitleContentsLabel
12021th of February 5Orange bus
  1. Orange bus
  2. Orange bus (instrumental)
orange bus


#Release datetitleLabelSales formPart numberRemarks
12019th of February 10PrivacySHOWROOM RECORDSCD[Note 9]


TV drama



Online delivery



CM / Campaign



Get off


Photo album

Magazine serialization


  • Jurina Matsui 2012 Calendar (November 2011, 11, Hagoromo)
  • Desktop Jurina Matsui 2013 Calendar (December 2012, 12, Hagoromo)
  • Desktop Jurina Matsui 2014 Calendar (December 2013, 12, Hagoromo)
  • Desktop with clear file Jurina Matsui 2015 Calendar (December 2014, 12, Hagoromo)


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