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👍 | Cocomi "I took a sip of champagne. It tastes like an adult ..."

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Cocomi "I took a sip of champagne. It tastes like an adult ..."

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My mother, Shizuka Kudo (midnight on the 1st) also wrote a long message on her Instagram.

"I'm 20 years old!" The eldest daughter of actor Takuya Kimura and singer Shizuka Kudo, and model Cocomi on the 1st ... → Continue reading

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Shizuka Kudo

Shizuka Kudo(How about1970May 4 -) isJapan Ofsinger,actress,talent,Jewelry designer,画家.Second meetingA member of the painting club.

My husbandAn actor, Singer, talentKimura Takuya. The eldest daughterfluteplayer,モデル OfCocomi[1], The second daughter作曲家, Of the modelchef,[2]. TokyoBackground[3]..My real name isShizuka Kimura.

AiriThe song name is also written with the pen name of (Aeri).


Tokyo Metropolitan Itabashi High SchoolJapanese Music High School・Transfer/drop out.Blood TypeIs type B[3].. Nickname is "Shi-chan","Shizu-chan","Shihan(ShiihanThere is shaking of notation)." Height is 161 cm[3].

OriconEntered TOP12 for 10 consecutive years, and currently has 11 singles in Oricon and 1st in 4 albums (according to Oricon).


Miss Seventeen-Onyanko Club era

AomoriFromItamaeWith my fatherHairdresserAomori's childhood, andTokyoHamuraSpend in. When I was in elementary schoolTokaiI belonged to.

1984, When I was in the second grade of junior high school,Miss Seventeen Contest(The maximum number of entries was 18) Participants in the contest will later be in the same groupSayuri Kokusei,Marina WatanabeIn addition,Misato Watanabe,Noriko Matsumoto,Naoko Amihama,Asakura Akira,Kiyohara AkiAnd so on.

From the same year, the same contestKimura Aki(AfterKiyohara Aki), Kuniko Shibata (laterShoko Morioka)When"Seventeen Club"The next day1985In 1 monthCBS SonyRecord debut from. However, he announced two singles and disbanded[4].

After going to high school1986Appeared in May, recommended by the officeFuji Television Network, Incsystem"Sunset] Audition cornerThe Scout Find an idol!And passedOnyanko ClubWill be member number 38. It was known that he was already a singer, but he didn't show any prominent professionalism, and showed "quick character" in quizzes, etc. (He said, "I'm so stupid..." Also) and "Yankee characters" (proclaimed to love motorcycles, etc.) Kyodo confessed that Kyoko did not go to school very seriously, although Onyanko Club had a high priority on academic studies. October 1986,Marina Watanabe'S solo debut song "Take a deep breath"soAkiko raw riceIn addition, he was in charge of the back chorus as "with Onyanko Club" and gradually became prominent.

1987From May,Akiko raw rice-Makiko SaitoBoth derived units"Back Hair HikaretaiThe activity of "Nyanko's single released immediately after"Snail samba”, was selected as a front vocal, and it will be popular and popular among the Onyanko clubs that were heading to the end.

He sometimes talks about the activities and episodes of the Seventeen Club and Onyanko Club in TV program talks. Sometimes he sang his own part of "Member Number Song" at a concert.NHK"Two big shows(Co-star was good at Kudo imitationHiroko Moriguchi)so"Don't take off your sailor suitI also performed a section of "" with a choreography. There was a nickname "kunyan" during the Onyanko club, but he said, "I don't want you to call me kunyan."Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Radio showTsutomu Sekine's TOKYO best hitHas professed in.

According to a survey by a separate volume, Takarajima, the total sales of singles in the 1980s were 50 million, even among the best 254.6 in the year. The number of songs ranked in the top 4 within the year is 50 and the number 10 among female idols at that time[5].. Also in the 1980s, the female idol of the time had the highest place in the single-oricon chart of the middle year, once (1).[5].

After solo debut

The single "" which was released on the final airing of "Yuyayanyanyan" on August 1987, 8Forbidden TelepathyDebuted as a solo[6]And, the Oricon 1st place was recorded. After that,1980 eraFrom the second half1990 eraIn the second half, hit songs were repeated. The four female idols who were most active in the late 1980s (Shizuka Kudo,Miho Nakayama,Yoko Minamino,Asaka Yui) Was called the female idol Shitenno[7][8].

In addition, he has been active as an actress, such as appearing in a drama series for 10 cool (5 year and 1 months) consecutively since October, and as a painterNika ExhibitionHas one selection and 1 selections.Professional boxer-Puma WatakujiWas an ardent fan of[Source required].Entertainment showsBut "Let's live with a tunnel of raw!], such as semi-regular appearance. Especially the 1988 TBS drama series "It's time often』Since co-starringTunnelsThere are many co-stars with.Takaaki IshibashiIt is called "princess" from.

1988In September and OctoberTBSsystem"The Best Ten"so"MUGO...n...It won the first place in the ranking, and came in 1th place in the annual ranking of the same year. A song related to Onyanko or a song from Onyanko, the only one who won the first place on the show was Kudo (Kudo was also the only player in the NHK Red and White Singing Competition in 6). In addition, the mini album “Sold in the same year”Karelia], "AiriWrite lyrics in the name. Also use this name when writing lyrics. "AiriIs the name my parents thought of as the first choice when naming[Source required].

1989,Love overnight""Arashi's real face""Blown by yellow sand,” and the big hits of more than 50 were repeated, and all three songs were included in the top 10 songs of the year's single ranking. In particular, "Blown by the yellow sand" has the record of No. 3 in the Oricon for 6 consecutive weeks. In addition, this song was the number one spot in the final episode of "The Best Ten", but there was a happening that made a mistake in the lyrics.

In 1993, the first performance outside Japan (Taiwan Taipei,Hong Kong Singapore) Held a concert "RISE ME TOUR".Tickets for the Hong Kong performance were sold out within 5 minutes of their release.

1994March 3th, using a long vacationYOSHIKI OfHollywoodKudo, who was staying at the mansion in Japan, joined with the staff of YOSHIKI.Japanese cuisineAfter drinking a considerable amount of alcohol at the restaurant and getting hot enough to be noticed by the store, YOSHIKI, who is also drunk, drives after 1:XNUMX am at midnightFerrariBoarded[9].. Two people in Los AngelesSunset BoulevardWhile driving, YOSHIKIDrunk drivingSpeedingThe current criminal was arrested in Japan, and the two of them declared a relationship because the case was transmitted to Japan.[9].

The single "released on March 1994, 3"Blue Rose", provided all the songs (excluding the composition by himself) from the solo debutTsutoshi GotoSeparated from him, develop self-produced. Most of the lyrics are in charge of himself,Takashi Shimi, Toshiaki Matsumoto and other composers participated.

1995, Established a private office "Purple.INC" independent of the agency.

1997,Takaaki IshibashiAnd the unit "Little Kiss" were formed and the single "ASAPWas released. There was a performance of actually kissing while singing on a music program.

1998In the name of AiriMichiyo HeikeProvided lyrics by.

2000から2002Until,YOSHIKIPresided overRecord company"Ecstasy recordBelong to


December 2000, 12, thenSMAPWas active as a member ofKimura TakuyaMarry[10].. In May 2001, the eldest daughter, Shinbi (Kokomi,Cocomi), In February 2003, my second daughter, Mitsuki (Mitsuki,chef,) Giving birth[2].

2004,Las VegasIntroduces the jewelry brand "TREASURE IIII" designed and produced by[11].. The announcement was made overseas, not in Japan, in order to avoid that the name "Shizuka Kudo" was noticed and the design was not properly evaluated.

2005I was away from music activities with an emphasis on childbirth and childcare,May 2The first single in 3 yearsLotus ~ Born Flower ~Was released. With this, record company "Pony canyonReturned to.

2007May 5,In the rainy night moonWas released. It's been a long time since "Lotus ~ Born Flower", and it became a single song written by herself (Fuji Television Network, IncDrama seriesBeautiful demon] Also became the theme song).May 8Has celebrated the 20th anniversary of their solo debut. To commemorate that, the best album "Shizuka Kudo 20th Anniversary the Best, 10-disc DVDShizuka Kudo THE LIVE DVD COMPLETE BOX] (1988-1999 live video compilation) was released, held live in Tokyo and Osaka. I like itKasuko Nishio OfImpersonationIn addition, the scene of the performance of "Snail Samba" in response to the request of the audience was reported on TV. The Tokyo live digest is a singleCoupling songA collection of works "20th Anniversary B-side collection] (March 2008, 3) is included in the DVD that comes with the first limited edition.

2010May 9Received a special prize for his painting "Oku no Okoku", which he drew at the 95th "Nika Exhibition" Painting Department. Ryo Hara has been studying for many years as a teacher of painting, and her talent for painting has been selected for 1990 consecutive years since 10, and has been selected for 2006 consecutive years from 2010 to 5 with a childcare period. First time to receive "Special Choice"[12]. When you enter "specialty"Second meeting(Executive organization) You can get a recommendation from "Aiyu".

25th anniversary of solo debut2012IsMay 4からMay 5UntilAomori Prefectural Folk MuseumA painting solo exhibition "Shizuoka Kudo Exhibition" was held. In Aomori, Kudo's father was the former Kanita town (currentlySotogahama Town) There is a relationship that I am from. In October of the same year, it will be the first new song in 10 years ``thing you gave meIs released[13]. The song is from a singer-songwriterAyakaIs the work that was first provided to other singers. At the same time, a total of 3 original albums released by Pony Canyon, including three out-of-print works ("Mysterious", "Shizuka", "JOY"), were released as a CD BOX set "SHIZUKA KUDO ORIGINAL ALBUM COLLECTION". In November of the same year, the 15th anniversary live was held in Tokyo and Osaka, and the Tokyo performance was held in January of the following year.WOWOWWas broadcast on[14].

In 2013, online mail order "Mes petites choses" dealing with accessories and organic foods.[1]Open.

In 2016, two works of "heart pattern A" (F101) and "heart pattern B" (F80) were selected at the 80st Nika Exhibition. This is the 2th time to win the election and is the first entertainer to be selected as a member of the association.[15].

In 2017, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our solo debut. To commemorate those, the original album ``It's been about 8 and a half years since ``Tsukikage'' was released in 31 on the 2005st debut day of the national tour, which is the first time in several years since autumn. It was also decided to release Rin.

Relationship with Nakajima Miyuki

The single released in 1988, "FU-JI-TSUStarting withMiyuki NakajimaWith more lyrics provided, many hits are born from them.Nakajima has provided 40 songs and lyrics to more than 104 singers so far, but 2 works (the latest work is the album released in February 23), which is more than 2015% of the works provided to Kudo.My Treasure Best -Miyuki Nakajima x Tsutoshi Goto Collection-』It occupies the collection of" simple, pure, love vs. true lies "), and is the largest (next to this)Ken Naoko15 works toYoshie Kashiwara4 works to.In terms of the number of lyrics and songs provided, 15 works for Ken Naoko are the most).

I was in charge of Miyuki Nakajima at the time of my solo debutYuzo Watanabedirector(Pony canyonBelongs. Nakajima was also a member of the canyon at the time), and Kudo said from Watanabe before the debut that "Kidou MiyukiYumi MatsutoyaTakeuchi MariyaI asked, "Which one do you like best?" and answered that Miyuki Nakajima is said to have created a connection (it is said that Nakajima's songs were more influential than before).[16]. Kudo himself said, "No one admire me as much as Miyuki Nakajima." Kudo first met Nakajima at the age of about 20, when the interview was published in a music magazine. Kudo describes his impression at that time as "a very delicate person" and "something floating from the ground."

Most of the musicians who were Kudo's back band from their debut were Miyuki Nakajima's back band, and Goto Tsutoshi who made most of Kudo's songs at the time was not only a back band with Nakajima. , Was also one of the musicians I was working on as an arranger and producer.

1996The single released on November 11thPassionFrom that, Nakajima, who previously provided only lyrics, now offers not only lyrics, but also songs.Izuzo SeoIs in charge.

2008In the end of the 20th anniversary of the solo debut, the album "Nakajima's songs covered in August"MY PRECIOUS -Shizuka sings songs of Miyuki-] And a new song single "November"NIGHT WING"announced.

2015In February, we will be working with Tsutoshi Goto and Nakajima for the first time in 2 years.My Treasure Best -Miyuki Nakajima x Tsutoshi Goto Collection-"announced.

2021In March, Nakajima's song cover album "MY PRECIOUS" was released.Blue flame"announced.



Release date
Highest rank
C/W song
1Forbidden Telepathy1987.08.311 bitThe night when love hurtsSolo debut song
2Again1987.12.023 bitIfReleased on maxi single CD
3I wish I could hold you1988.03.023 bitSeen off at dawn
4FU-JI-TSU1988.06.011 bitMiracle that summer gaveWith lyrics written by Miyuki Nakajima
5MUGO...n...1988.08.241 bit群衆Kanebo cosmetics '88 Autumn Campaign Song
6Love overnight1988.12.281 bitNon-StopHakone Open Air Museum Image song
7Arashi's real face1989.05.031 bitEternal breakwater
8Blown by yellow sand1989.09.061 bitAkikoTaiyo Yuden CM song
OriconWon first place for 6 consecutive weeks
9Aphrodisiac from lips1990.01.101 bitSerenade
10Senryu no Shizuku1990.05.091 bitBeautiful WordTaiyo Yuden CM song
11about me1990.09.211 bitTEL ... MELyrics by Miyuki Nakajima
12Can't blur1991.01.232 bitThat slope
13Please1991.05.151 bitMidsummer Mirage10th Oricon No. 1
14Metamorphose1991.10.232 bitRi ・ a ・ ruCXSystemWhat is it] Theme song
I want to cry
1992.01.294 bitmeteor
16Urara1992.05.215 bit20 year old scenario
17Let me hear your voice1992.08.215 bitSouth wind! Before blowing...NTVSystemTeacher summer vacation story] Theme song
18shrieking1993.02.031 bitcallCX Series Month 9 "I want to go to that day] Theme song
19I'm a knife1993.06.026 bitEnd
20You're the only one1993.10.065 bitA little GUILTYAll the composition so farTsutoshi Goto
21Blue Rose1994.03.188 bitBy organizingDanceable number written by the author
22Jaguar Line1994.07.218 bitnaked love
23Ice Rain1994.11.188 bitPartyKaraoke popular ballad
24Moon Water1995.05.1914 bitStill WaterM-1 and 2 are the same song with different words and arrangements
2571995.11.2015 bitAugust...NTV systemTV Oja Mammoth ED song
261996.03.2115 bitMelodyTakano Yuri Beauty Clinic CM song
27Good1996.06.0526 bitLuna-The Moon Goddess-M-1 movieWives of the pole Dangerous Bet” theme song
M-2 movie "Bakuso! Moon Angel-To the North" theme song
28Passion1996.11.0710 bitLong hairCX drama "Unwavering night] Theme song
This is the first song written by Miyuki Nakajima
29Blue Velvet1997.05.288 bitbreakAnime "Dragon ball gt] ED song
30Kama Sutra Legend1997.11.1929 bitRainbow
31Snow/moon/flower1998.02.1823 bitWishCX seriesFriday Entertainment』Theme song
32Kirara1998.07.176 bitin the skyCX seriesGod, a little more] Insert Song (M-1・2)
33Moment1998.11.0629 bitpiece of a starEXSystemYaji wide" Insert song
34Blue Zone1999.04.0728 bitZIGUZAGUToyo tires CM song
35Crimson flower2000.11.0833 bitThe sun, pray that decorates your feetNTV systemTuesday Suspense Theater』Theme song
36maple2002.04.2435 bitJewelry boxEX drama "See you in Kowloon" Insert song
37Lotus -born flower-2005.02.1640 bitSimpleDaihatsu Tanto CM song
38The power of the heart2005.04.2760 bitMoisturized heartmovies "Movie Futari wa Precure Max Heart] ED song
CX seriesF2』Theme song
39Clāvis -key-2006.09.0667 bitPowder snowNTV systemDRAMA COMPLEX" Insert song
Miyuki Nakajima for the first time in 8 yearsCollaboration
40In the rainy night moon2007.05.2344 bitexistCX drama "Beautiful demon] Theme song
41NIGHT WING2008.11.0575 bitNTV type "Music Warrior MUSIC FIGHTER", ending theme in November 2008
42thing you gave me2012.10.1750 bitGlass flower
Baroque pearl
Anime"FAIRY TAIL』ED song

Planning single

Release date
Singer's name
1ASAP1997.02.14Little Kiss
(Takaaki Ishibashi & Shizuka Kudo)
Camelia diamond CM song
2I have to ask the Akashiya pacific saury-san1999.03.17Akashi family & Tokoro George
Guest: Shizuka Kudo
CX seriespacific saury no Manma』ED song
3The power of the heart~ MOVIE EDIT ~2005.05.25Shizuka Kudo
(Movie Futari wa Precure Max HeartTheme song)
Instead of "moisturized heart" for couplingMayumi GojoIncludes singing "Kears of tears-Tears for tomorrow"

Original album

Release date
Highest rank
1mysterious1988.01.213 bit
2Shizuka1988.07.211 bit
3JOY1989.03.151 bit
4Karelia1989.10.042 bit
5rosette1990.04.041 bit
6mind Universe1991.03.061 bit
7Trinity1992.03.183 bit
8Rise me1993.04.013 bit
9Expose1994.09.075 bit
10Purple1995.08.027 bit
11doing1996.05.1716 bit
12DRESS syndrome1997.03.1918 bit
13I'm not1998.04.2919 bit
14Full of Love1999.06.0238 bit
15Jewelry Box2002.07.0360 bit
16Moonlight2005.06.0186 bit
172017.08.3021 bit

Cover album

Release date
Highest rank
1Showa Stairs Vol.12002.10.3066 bitFrom popular songs and folk to songs right after the end of the war
-Shizuka sings songs of Miyuki-
2008.08.2020 bitCarefully selected from the huge Miyuki Nakajima Library
32019.06.1238 bitFirst Western cover album
4Blue flame2021.03.1023 bitCarefully selected from the huge Miyuki Nakajima Library

Tribute album

Release date
12017.12.20Solo debut 30th anniversary special project. His first tribute mini album.
Seven male voice actors participated.

Best album

  • "Millennium Best] Is the officialDiscographyHowever, it is not counted because the intention of Kudo himself was not reflected in the original.
Release date
Highest rank
1gradation1988.11.302 bit1st-5th singleSide A/B+ New song
2HARVEST1989.12.062 bit6th-8th single A/B side + album song + new song
3unlimited1990.11.142 bit1st ~ 11th single A side (new recording available) + new song
4親密な1991.12.114 bit6th-14th single A side + new song
5Best of Ballade "Empathy"1992.11.206 bitFirst ballad collection including 6 new songs
6Super Best1993.11.196 bitReleased single 20 songs + new song, 2 disc set
7She Best of Best1996.12.168 bitOriginally selected album song + single + new song
8Best of Ballade Current1998.11.189 bitThe second ballad collection including English lyrics
9Millennium Best2000.03.1525 bitAlready released single 34 songs + related songs, 3 disc set
10Shizuka Kudo 20th Anniversary the Best2007.08.2925 bitSolo 20th high quality single collection + new recording, 2 disc set
The first edition isPVAnd recorded liveDVD
1120th Anniversary B-side collection2008.03.0594 bitHigh-quality 2-disc B-side collection
The first edition comes with a 20th anniversary live DVD
12My Treasure Best -Miyuki Nakajima x Tsutoshi Goto Collection-2015.02.1822 bitLyrics:Miyuki Nakajima, Composition:Tsutoshi GotoIncludes 17 previously released songs and a completely new song "Single, Pure, Love vs True Lie", 2 disc set
132016.03.0938 bitGoro MatsuiA total of 26 songs, including 28 previously-written songs, unreleased song “Without Your Love” (lyrics: Goro Matsui, composition: Tsutoshi Goto) and a completely new song “Yuragi no Tsuki” (lyrics: Goro Matsui, composition: Toshiaki Matsumoto). Contains songs.

CD box

Release date
12012.10.3025th anniversary of solo debut. 15-disc CD box.
Pony Canyon's previously published original albums 1-14 are recorded on remastering.
(Only 15 of the original albums are excluded for release by companies other than Pony Canyon)
22018.6.2030th anniversary of solo debut. 10-disc CD box.
I wrote my own pen nameAiriA compilation of 108 songs under the name

Unofficial work

  • The following is not certified by Kudo side[17].
Release date
1EURO Shizuka Kudo2000.09.20Arrange hit songs into Eurobeat
2MY This! Kion Shizuka Kudo BEST2001.12.05Pony Canyon original low-priced board best
3My Favorite Songs -Original Best- 2002.10.30Record companies select songs centered on songs often sung live
"Life" is a song recorded only in this box,mail orderLimited cd box
4My Kore! Lite Shizuka Kudo2010.05.19Pony Canyon original low-priced board best
4Shizuka Kudo Best Hit 152014.03.27Pony Canyon original low-priced board best

Live video work

Release date
1Shizuka Kudo Shizuka The first step1988.11.02Shibuya Public HallRecorded in
2Shizuka's Concert '89 Autumn Special1990.02.21Tokyo Welfare Pension HallRecorded in
3Shizuka's Concert '90 Spring1990.10.21NHK HallRecorded in
4Shizuka's Concert '911991.09.21Recorded at NHK Hall
5Shizuka's Concert '92 "Listen to the Voice"1992.09.18Recorded at NHK Hall
6Shizuka's Concert '93 Rise me1993.10.21Tokyo Bay NK HallRecorded in
7Kudo Shizuka '94 Expose Concert tour 19941995.03.17Yoyogi National Stadium First GymnasiumRecorded in
8Kudo Shizuka 1997 DRESS CONCERT TOUR1997.07.18Recorded at NHK Hall
9Kudo Shizuka I'm not Concert Tour 19981998.10.07Recorded at NHK Hall
10Kudo Shizuka Full of Love Concert Tour 19991999.09.17Recorded at NHK Hall
11Shizuka Kudo THE LIVE DVD COMPLETE BOX2007.09.19The above 10 live imagesDVDCollection of works
12SHIBUYA-AX (07.8.31) LIVE DIGEST2008.03.05album20th Anniversary B-side collectionFirst edition limited edition supplement DVD. Digest of the live "Shizuka Kudo 2007th Anniversary the Best" at SHIBUYA-AX, Tokyo on August 8, 31

Video clips

Release date
1female1992.02.05"Metamorphose" "Again" "I can't blur" "Please" "I want to cry like a mess" "Senryu no Shizuku"
2female II1993.07.21"Urara" "Let me hear your voice" "Mourning" "I am a knife"
3female III1994.11.18"There's only you" "Blue Rose" "Jaguar Line" "naked love" "dream"
4female IV1996.01.05"Ice Rain" "Moon Water" "Ragweed" "7"
5female V1997.06.18"Butterfly" "Yu" "Gekijo" "Blue Velvet" "Poison Kiss"
6female VI1999.02.17"Legend of Kama Sutra" "Snow/Moon/Flowers" "Kirara" "Instantaneous" "in the sky"
7female I & II2003.07.16Convert female series to DVD
8female III & IV2003.07.16
9female V & VI2003.08.20

Major singers who covered the songs by Kudo Shizuka


Kumi Kouda,Suzuki Ami,Eriko ImaiHave sung Kudo Shizuka as an audition song.


NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

 Year/Broadcast timesProgramOpponent
11988 (Showa 63) /39 timesMUGO...n...Male fighting group
21989/40 timesLove overnightBoy corps
31990 (Heisei 2) /41 timesAphrodisiac from lipsCheckers
41991 (Heisei 3) /42 timesMetamorphoseSMAP
51992 (Heisei 4) /43 timesI want to cryCheckers
61993 (Heisei 5) /44 timesshriekingFumiya Fujii
71994 (Heisei 6) /45 timesBlue RoseX JAPAN
81998 (Heisei 10) /49 timesKiraraKiyoshi Maekawa


TV drama


Music program

  • Miyuki Nakajima continues to shine (March 2021, 3)BS Fuji[19]



ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン



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