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👩‍🎤 | Nao Kosaka (Hinatazaka46) challenges the difficult sound game! 5/4 broadcast "Otraction" appearance

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Nao Kosaka (Hinatazaka46) challenges a difficult music game! 5/4 broadcast "Otraction" appearance

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Ryuji Akiyama (Robert), Ahn Mika, Meru Nukumi, and Roy gathered in the "Otraction" team to meet such a strong enemy.

Nao Kosaka and Tao Tsuchiya of Hinatazaka46 will appear on TBS "Otraction" broadcast on May 5th (Tuesday / holiday).same… → Continue reading


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Meru Nukumi

ロ バ

ロ バ(ass, Kazuma)BreastfeedingOdd-toedEquineHorse genusDonkey subgenus (Asinus), Or one of them Equus asinus..In the following mainly Equus asinus Will be described.

aliasRabbit horse(donkey)[1].Chinese languageThen.(Ro).From ancient times家畜Used as.It is the smallest of the modern equine family, but it has strong power.MemoryPower is also good.scientific name Equus asinus(Ekus Asinus)LatinIt means "horse / donkey".

Donkey subgenus

Ecology / characteristics

Resistant to dry environments and rough terrain such as mountain roads.Relatively few as livestockfeedCan be maintained at.lifeIs long and can live for more than 30 years depending on the breeding environment.

Donkeys and horses are said to have different temperaments.Horses are said to be curious, social and delicate, while donkeys hate new things, are abruptly poor at bargaining, and are said to have a fat personality.[2]..In fact, donkey communication is pale compared to horses, and it is difficult to pull a multi-headed carriage or to breathe with the rider like equestrian.[2].

Wild horses have a well-ordered order(English editionConsists of societyFlockDonkeys, which live mainly in food-poor areas, do not form permanent herds, and malesTerritoryWalk around and live alone[3]..The donkey's temperament is thought to have been cultivated by such an environment.[2]..However, in the United StatesGeorgiaIt is inOsabo IslandReWildIn areas with abundant food, such as donkeys, they may constitute a harem society.[3].

Use as a beast


It is said that the first domestic animals were raised about 5000 years ago when they raised the wild species African wild ass.Since ancient times, it has been heavily used for riding, carrying luggage, etc., but it has the property of being less obedient than horses, and its small size is inferior as livestock.On the contrary, what was superior to horses was that they were very strong, tolerated rough diets, and easy to manage.

The extant wild species is Somali wild assault (Equus africanus somaliensis) OnlyEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euEgypt Of国境Seen in the zone,Somali Civil WarMost of them are now due to the sharp decrease due to the influence ofイ ス ラ エ ルIt is bred in a wildlife sanctuary.on the other hand,Island of HawaiiThere are many donkeys that have become wild from livestock.

Innumerable donkeys abandoned by their owners have become wild and have recently caused trouble in various parts of northeastern Brazil.[4].

Relationship with Jews

Wandering in desolate steppe, desert, or mountainous areasJewIs one of the old peoples who know donkeys, so there are quite a few things related to donkeys in their folklore and precepts.

Ancient times,JewThere was a day when we forbade riding a donkey.イ エ ス キ リ ス ト(JewishRiding a donkey as (King of)PassoverOn the day ofJerusalemThere is a description in the Bible that goes into.

Pre-modernIslamIn society, it depends on the administrator of the timeJudaismFolksキ リ ス ト 教Persecution of the people was carried out, and at that time, riding on other than donkeys was sometimes prohibited.

Instead of an escort dog

In European countries such as Switzerland and Germany[5]In some areas, donkeys are used instead of escort dogs.Donkeys are extremely aggressive against wolves and dogs[6].

In Europe and the United States, escort donkeys are called "guard donkeys" and are used in relatively small ranches and vegetable garden-level rangelands.(English editionIt is recommended to introduce it as an alternative to.Female donkeys and castrated male donkeys are used when first introduced, but male donkeys born and raised in a herd of livestock and gaining territorial consciousness with surrounding livestock are the best candidates for escort donkeys. It is said that.Compared to escort dogs, escort donkeys are "wild dogs attacking in groupsオ オ カ ミ,ピ ュ ー マ,bearI can't compete with predators who are bigger than meraccoonThe disadvantage is that it does not actively notify the farmer of damage to crops caused by small animals such as birds and birds, but it does not cause noise damage to the neighborhood by barking all night long, and it is large. It is physically safe for visitors who are not accustomed to escort dogs. "It does not have the habit of patrol around livestock like escort dogs, and eats grass with livestock until the predator invades, but when it senses the invasion of the predator with a sharp hearing, it says that its territory was invaded. It has the property of judging and heading straight toward the intruder.Donkey instinctivelyCanisIt is aggressive against the animals of the horse, and it tries to invade the pasture alone without escaping only by themselves like horses.CoyoteAnd stray dogs,Fox,hyenaIt is said that it has the ability to confront such things.When confronting the genus Dog, donkeys are characterized by repeating violent attacks such as biting and swinging around their necks and trampling with their front legs while biting. Ordinary domestic dogs that are not escort dogs may inadvertently approach and trample, so when raising escort donkeys, the farmer needs to have correct knowledge of the donkey's ecology and instinct.[7]..In addition, South American countries andWestern United StatesThen females and castrated males for almost the same purposes as escort donkeysLlama (English editionIs cultivated as.


Donkeys have become one of the most common ingredients in China, especially in North China.In many cases, foods that are old and difficult to carry, such as transportation, are eaten.For this reason, it is difficult to eat with a dish that is simply stir-fried, so is it a stewed dish?Gyoza,肉 ま んThe ingredientsMeat ballsIt is often made into minced meat dishes such as.It has a certain odor as it is, but it is said to be "Kami-Yu Ryu Meat, Shimo-Yu Meat" in China (there is dragon meat in the heavens and donkey meat on the ground) by making good preparations. Can be finished to the extent that it is delicious[8].

Donkey meat (La Ryurou) là lǘròu
People's Republic of ChinaShanxi ProvinceChangzhiSmoked donkey meat pickled in salted donkey meat.
Donkey burger lǘrò u huǒ shāo
People's Republic of ChinaHebei ProvinceBaoding CityDonkey meat is used in this special dishHamburgerWind light meal. "BurnCalled "BreadBreak the belly and eat the donkey meat stewed inside.In recent yearsShaanxiof"ShirayoshiThere is also a variety called "Baizymo" that uses bread that is baked like crushed white.
Side dish (Yaoryurou) yáolǘròu
People's Republic of ChinaShandongGuangrao CountyStew donkey meat in a specialty dish such asgelatinChill and harden with quality, slice and eat,aspic(Boiled rice)likeAppetizerCooking.

Donkey milk

Donkey milk is high in protein and is recognized by the United Nations as an excellent milk substitute for people with milk allergies.[9].


Roba'sRemove hair from, boil and removeglue(Gelatin) isChinese medicineso"Gel"(Akyo), the main component iscollagenIt is thought to have the effect of producing blood and stopping bleeding.For this reason, symptoms accompanied by bleeding andanemia, Postpartum nutrition, tonic,皮膚It is taken and compounded for the purpose of improving.Agel is soft with this added in addition to medicinalcandy(Agel candy) etc. are also made.


With the increasing demand for donkey skin, which is the raw material for gel, the number of donkeys is declining all over the world.In China, the number of donkeys, which had exceeded 1992 million in 1100, decreased by 2017% to 76.3 million in 260.In Brazil, South America, the number of donkeys decreased by about 2007% between 2017 and 28. In the six years from 2011 to 2017, donkey numbers have declined by about 6% in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia and 53% in Botswana in southern Africa. [10].

Representation of donkey in culture



In Japan, it is rarely bred regardless of the times.There is a theory that there are currently 200 donkeys in Japan, and there are probably hundreds at most.Donkeys, which are convenient livestock that adapt to the environment from extremely hot to cold regions and can withstand rough diets, have long been known in Japan.Unlike horses and cattle, it did not spread as livestock in Japan at all.

The earliest record of donkeys being introduced into Japan is in the Nihon Shoki.599,Baekjeからcamel,sheep,pheasantIt is supposed to have been given together with.At this time, it is said that one "rabbit horse" was given, which is thought to refer to the donkey.Also,Heian periodEven after entering, there are some records that he entered Japan.The times are downEdo PeriodAlso in China NetherlandsThere is a record imported from.Another name is "Bachima".

20st centurySpeaking of donkeys in Japan,Donkey bakeryWas known in the widest area.In the 10s of the Showa periodSapporoBegins withSecond World WarSpread across the street at the end of the 20'sShowa 30'sHas reached its peak.However, from the end of the Showa 30's to the beginning of the 40's, it was rapid.motorizationThe scale of sales has shrunk sharply as it has been replaced by automobile sales due to the penetration of

It wasn't the donkey that was used by the Vitamin Bread Chain Store Headquarters, which sold while playing the most famous song, "Donkey-san, a bread seller."Kiso horseSmall horses centered onPony)Met.Despite this, the "donkey bread" was used as a signboard for large-scale sales, and it is undeniable that people at that time misunderstood the image of donkeys.


In China, it appears in the story as familiar livestock and vehicles.Taoism Ofthe Eight ImmortalsOne ofZhang Guolao,Chen Tuan,Sangokushi performance"ofHuang Chengyan,Uighur OfTonchi story OfNasredin Ependi(Abondai) and others appear on a donkey, giving the impression of a non-worldly and elegant atmosphere.

idiomThen, there is "donkey skill" or "donkey skill" which means incompetence or tinsel.This is a donkeyGuizhouI saw the donkey) for the first timeDoraHowever, he was afraid of its size at first, but when he got used to it, he realized that he had no skill to attack and ate it.


In the West, donkeys are often used as a symbol of stupidity.Christianized since the Middle AgesEuropeBut that tendency remains unchanged.Even now, the words equivalent to "donkey" in each language are "stupid" and "fool".MetaphorUsed as.What made donkeys stupid in the West is that donkeys are stubborn and inflexible, depending on their mood.knightThe reason is that he rides on a horse, the wealthy farmer raises cows and horses, and the donkey was raised by a poor farmer (he was familiar to the poor farmer).

Ancient times

Ancient timesGreek mythologyThe most well-known anecdote about donkeys inPhrygia OfMidasIt's about the king.This anecdote is nowadays "The king's ears are donkey earsIt is popular as.

中 世

The appearance of a donkey as a fool is also found in, and a good example is "" in the 12th century satire collection "".BrunelsThere is a story of.In some countries, the name of the book is "The Story of Brunels".For exampleJeffrey Chaucerof"Canterbury storyIn 』, this satire collection is called" Sir Fool Brunel "(Brunell is the English form of Brunels).


The United States of America OfDemocratic PartyMakes the donkey a symbol of the party.This was originallyRepublican PartyDemocratic presidential candidate ridiculed by the side as "jackass" (meaning male donkey or "stupid")Andrew JacksonIt has its origins in the misuse of ridicule by (later the 7th President of the United States).

2004 Year of 11 MonthPresidential electionAt the Democratic National Convention in August of the same year, a donkey "" rushed to support Kelly.Terrorist attacksThere was a rare event that it was not possible to get up on the staff-only stage in the strict alert situation afterwards.

Made in AmericawrestlingThere was a game format of "The loser rides a donkey".[1]


The works with donkey as the theme are as follows.





  • "Go it! Katchin』――The main character Katchin's friend is a donkey's stain.


  • "Perrine story』- Calpis Masterpiece Theater..The donkey "Parikar" greatly contributed to the journey of the main character Perine and her mother.
  • "Ask my mother』――When the main character Marco visited his mother in Argentina, when he broke up from the cow car corps, he got a donkey" grandmother "as a foot, but on the way the donkey" grandmother "died due to his life.
  • "Family Robinson Drifting Record Flone on the Mysterious Island』――A donkey taken out of a ship in distress appears.It greatly contributed to the escape of the main characters Flone and his family.However, no particular name was given.
  • "La Seine no Hoshi』――It is the donkey's tantan that supports the life of Simone, the main character who loves a flower shop.
  • "Shrek series』--The hero's best friend is a donkey

Related literature

  • Kanematsu Mitsuzo "Donkey and Donkey" Yokendo, 1943. ――The only academic book written about donkeys and donkeys in Japan.



  • Rikako Kimura, "Communication in Horse Society: Was the Female Hidden in Harem or Called by a Nawahari?" Kanagawa Shimbun <Umahaku Booklet>, 2002.ISBN 978-4876453238 .

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