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🚁 | GW is also fun online at home! Let's play with Einstein and drone hide-and-seek!


GW is also fun online at home! Let's play with Einstein and drone hide-and-seek!

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We will continue to hold online classes with comedians every day, so please join us!

Nice to meet you!I'm a dad entertainer. I'm Hopeman's Morikawa.I usually do comics in the theater ... → Continue reading

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Online classroom

Online classroom(Online today)Computer networkな どcommunicationPerformed remotely throughEducationIs in the form of, but so-calledBroadcast educationNoDistance learningUnlike, it was installed there in real time, in both directions, or with a certain number of people gathered in one place.Video equipment,Audio equipmentIt is a form performed through.


They are,onlineAs the word indicates, it has been a form of education while continuing communication since ancient times.UniversityComputer network between classrooms in remote areas (Wide Area Network: Wide area computer network), one of them講義The state ofrelayOrCram school(Education and learning support business) Etc.Satellite communicationLectures are relayed using, and lectures are given to students gathered at the cram school via the audiovisual equipment provided in each classroom (Toshin Satellite Preparatory SchoolEtc.) exists. In this form,学会Commemorative lectures by prominent people atconferenceThere are also activities such as relaying the presentations at the university to special classrooms set up at universities around the world.

In the 2000s, as a universal communication platformインターネットIs the use ofBroadband internet connectionThe spread and use of high-speed environments with low communication costs such as these are progressing, and this was used as the communication infrastructure.Internet phone,SkypeSuch asvoice,Image OfTwo-way communicationYou can see a course system that you can take from home through free software. With the spread of services that make it easy to use high-speed communication lines even in ordinary households, these are commonIndividualCan be taken at homeEnglish classな どCram schoolService is also provided.

The advantages of these forms are that they save you the time of going to remote classrooms with influential educators to get a higher quality education, are cheaper, and you like them. You can find features such as being able to take classes at any time. Some services for individuals are similar in form to distance learning, but because they are real-time, they can receive detailed guidance immediately, depending on the service.Individualized instructionThere are also some that sang a small group instruction.

In real-time two-way communication, the instructor's voice and movements are transmitted to the students by video and audio, while the instructor's voice can be confirmed by the instructor, which is compatible with language education.言语There are many educational service industries that aim to learn. In theseEnglish-Chinese-KoreanIt is popular with such people. There are also music classes in fields other than language learning.

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