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"Friends with celebrities are absolutely lie!" When I talked with good looks, I was ridiculed and frustrated! "If SNS looks good ...

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The writings of the viewers who don't like it are just a tool for her to satisfy her desire for approval.

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Desire for approval

Desire for approval(Shoninyokyu) is a desire to be recognized by others and to recognize oneself as a valuable being, and is also called a "desire of respect and self-esteem."

Concepts and classification

[Source required] Humans make othersrecognition"I want to be recognized by someone" while acquiring the ability to do it and living a social life感情In many cases, you will come to embrace.The generic name for this emotionDesire for approvalCalled.The desire for approval is a motivation for efforts, but if it is too strong, it will not be possible to be happy by chasing only money and status.It can also be said that fraudsters and pimps are abusing the other party's desire for approval.Especially when growing up with a lack of love, the desire for approval tends to increase. * On the contrary, you may give up and not ask for approval at all.

I have been studying the desire for approval from the perspective of social science for many years.Hajime OtaAccording to the report, the desire for approval motivates people in a real organization or society with a stronger force than the desire for self-actualization.[1]..On the other hand, the way the desire for approval appears depends on the culture and climate.Japanese people tend to fall into the urgency of "must be recognized by others" and "do not disappoint", which is a radical video posting.Power harassment,Bullying,School refusal,Death from overwork, May cause social problems such as corporate scandals[2].

Approval of others and self-approval

[Source required] Approval needs are roughly divided into two types depending on the subject to be approved.One is the desire to be recognized by others, and the other is to judge oneself based on whether one's existence overlaps with the ideal self-image or, more simply, one is satisfied with oneself. Is.The formerApproval of othersCall the latterSelf-approvalCall.

It is a well-known fact that people with a strong sense of inferiority and emotionally unstable people have difficulty in self-approval and, on the contrary, tend to overestimate themselves.In addition, some people who have strong beliefs or who are trapped in paranoia create illusionary others, so even if they think that it is a problem of approval of others, they actually approve themselves. The mistake that it is a problem often occurs.

Higher approval / equal approval / lower approval

[Source required] Approval needs are roughly divided into three types according to the difference in "how you want to be recognized".

Higher approval

The desire to be recognized in a relationship that is superior to others.Humans with these desiresnarcissistHave a strong tendency to be suspicious of othersPersecutory delusionThere are many cases of having.In other words, if you do not want to behave as a person who controls it because you do not trust others, or if you do not take it for granted that you are superior to others as a result of overestimating yourself, you should be recognized as a superior person. It is thought that it is a psychology that does not think.

Equal approval

The desire to have an equal relationship with others.It is said that this is a desire to be recognized as "human beings" due to inferiority complex.


With the desire to be despised by others,Atrocious propensityTo some people, people who do not want to take on social and moral responsibilities, and othersDependenceWant to,protectionIt is said that people who want to be done tend to hug.

Approval needs can be categorized as described above, but a person who has a strong desire for higher-level approval deliberately takes a humble attitude toward the other party.Sense of superiorityCompassion and joy from others by exaggerating the case of trying to control the emotions of the other person, being sick or injured, or being placed in an unhappy environment. Since there are cases in which "approval" is satisfied by using the above, it is not possible to simply judge a real human being by the above classification alone.

Desire for approval in psychology

Abraham MaslowFrom the lowest to the lowest, the basic human needs are physiological need, safety need, social need / love and belonging, esteem, self. It was classified into 5 stages of self-actualization.For this reason, it is also called the "hierarchical theory."[3].

In addition, the desires motivated by the four layers from "physiological needs" to "approval needs" are defined as "deficiency needs".With the exception of physiological needs, one feels anxiety and tension when these needs are not met.

The desire motivated by the "desire for self-actualization" is called the "desire for growth."

Above all, the desire for approval is the desire to be recognized and respected by the group as a valuable existence.

There are two levels of respect.A low level of respect can be met by gaining respect from others, a thirst for status, fame, interests, attention, and so on.Maslow says it is dangerous to stay at this low level of respect.A high level of respect is satisfied by gaining a sense of self-respect, acquisition of skills and abilities, self-reliance, independence, etc., and the evaluation of oneself is more important than the evaluation of others.When this desire is disturbed, emotions such as inferiority complex and helplessness occur.

It is said that the desire for approval is stronger and more multifaceted than it appears on the surface, because it is a means to satisfy other desires and achieve various motives.[4].


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