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😀 | You can leave your clothes on!If you are suffering, run away! We asked people who have used "DV shelter"

The private shelter I entered was far from a scary place, and it was a quiet place where my injured mind and body could rest slowly.

You can leave your clothes on!If you are suffering, run away! We asked people who have used "DV shelter"

If you write the contents roughly
The shelter is also explained on the homepage of "Houterasu (Japan Legal Support Center)".

DV from spouse is increasing with the spread of the new coronavirus infection.According to a survey by the Cabinet Office, FY2020 ... → Continue reading

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Japan Judicial Support Center

Japan Judicial Support Center(History of Japan Center,English: Japan Legal Support Center) IsComprehensive legal support lawBased onIndependent administrative agencyEstablished by the Government of Japan in accordance with the framework ofMinistry of JusticeJurisdictionCorporationThe purpose is to carry out the business related to comprehensive legal support promptly and appropriately.2006It was established on April 18, 4, and started operations on October 10, 10.

Nickname isHo terraceso,"LawThe idea is to "illuminate society brightly" and "make it a place where everyone can feel at ease like a sunny terrace."

In addition to making the use of the court system easierLawyerRegarding the implementation of comprehensive support and the establishment of a system to make the services ofCivil,DetectiveRegardless of the situation, we aim to realize a society in which information and services necessary for resolving disputes by law can be provided throughout the country, and we are striving to manage the business promptly, appropriately and effectively.


Traditionally, in Japan, when faced with legal troubles of private human beings,市町村Government office etc.Administrative agency,PolicemenI often consult with裁判 所Such asJudiciary,Lawyer,Judicial scrivenerI rarely consulted with legal professionals such as.

Causes include poor access to judicial means, complicated procedures, slow processing, and unclear cost-reward burden.特にIn particularDepopulated areaIn many cases, there were no legal professions nearby, and many people fell asleep at the unfair handling of legal troubles.

NowRule of lawBe fair and widespreadRight to trialGuaranteeThe Constitution of JapanIt is a situation contrary to the ideal of. In addition, reduce administrative expenses and "Small governmentIn order to realize "", transparent and fair "alternative dispute resolution" is more widely used as a post-control function (Administrative guidancebyCentral government(Comparison with the pre-control function of) is required to be enhanced.

Therefore, in order to eliminate such obstacles to the use of the judicial system and promote comprehensive support (comprehensive legal support) to make services provided by legal professionals more accessible.Judicial system reformAs part ofComprehensive legal support lawWas enacted, and with the aim of conducting business related to this "comprehensive legal support" promptly and appropriately, the Comprehensive Legal Support Law2006(Heisei18 years)May 4Houterasu was established in Japan.初代理事長には元Former as the first deputy directorDeputy Governor of Tokyo OfTeruko KanehiraBut the firstSecretariatTo the chiefMori / Awata Matsumoto Law OfficePartner lawyerGotaro IchikiWas appointed[2].

Ministry of JusticeNot only the government,Supreme CourtJudiciary, includingJapan Federation of Bar Associations,Japan Federation of Bar AssociationsOf legal profession such asProfessional organizationAlso involved in management. The main office isTokyoPlaced inCapitalAnd operating costsJapanese GovernmentIs wholly owned by.

Officers and employeesDeemed civil servantWill be. nationwidePrefectural office locationとHakodate-Asahikawa-KushiroThere are a total of 50 regional offices, 11 regional office branches, 11 branch offices, 1 regional office branch branch office, and 35 regional offices. ..

There is also a full-time lawyer,Judge-ProsecutorIt is said that the same treatment as is guaranteed.

It is an institution that introduces lawyers, reimburses expenses, and provides information on legal troubles, and Houterasu itself does not provide consultation on legal issues.

2006About 4 years have passed since the inauguration in April.2009Although the name recognition in March was 3%[3][4],afterwards2014It rose to 1% in January.


  1. Information provision business-Provides information on legal systems that help resolve legal problems.In addition, citizens can consult with specialists at support centers about legal problems at offices all over the country.The staff who received the consultation is the most suitable institution or organization according to the content of the consultation (Bar association, Judiciary Scrivener Association, local public organizations, etc.).インターネットInformation provision andTelWe also accept consultations by. However, it is different from legal counseling such as specific advice and coping methods for individual cases.
  2. Civil legal aidBusiness --Reimbursement of court agency costs and document preparation costs paid to lawyers and judicial scriveners for poorly funded people (proxy assistance contract. Requested lawyers, etc. In addition to the actual expenses, no nominal money may be received from the delegator who is the recipient).
  3. National defense system, National selection attendant, National selection victim participation lawyer related- investigationAt the stageSuspectFromProsecutionAfterDefendantEstablish a consistent criminal defense system throughout each stage of the criminal procedure, up to defense.Juvenile protection proceduresNational election inVictim participation systemIt also handles the procedure for appointing a lawyer who participates in the national election in Japan.
  4. crimeVictim support services-Introduce and provide information on lawyers and specialized agencies who are familiar with victim support.
  5. Measures against judicial depopulation-Provide legal services in judicial depopulated areas (areas with few legal professions).


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外部 リンク

Home Page

Home Page (home page, home page) Is originallyWeb browserIs displayed when you startWeb pageSuch asscreen(ページ). Also, each derived from itWebsiteIs used to mean the top page of.WebsiteIt is sometimes misused to mean the whole thing. "Top page" is Japanese English.


The usage of the homepage is still shaking, but it can be roughly classified as follows.

  1. In web browser terms, a web page that is set to display at startup[1].
  2. In web browser terms, a web page that is set to display when you press the home button.[2].
  3. インターネットIs the main page that is the cover of the website.[3][4][5].
  4. Web pageMeaning of[1][3].. The web page address is sometimes called the home page address.
  5. WebsiteMeaning of[3][4].Company-GroupThe official website operated byOfficial websiteThere are also cases.Homepage builderAlso used as a software name.
  6. WebsiteAmong theIndividualWhen referring only to sites operated by[6].. It is also used as a "home page or blog" without including blogs.

Omit it,HP[3],HompeSometimes expressed as. The abbreviation Hompe may only refer to personally operated mobile phone sites.[7].. The abbreviation HP is also used in English-speaking countries[8]However, the same notation is used in the US computer product company "HPCompany name ofhorsepower(horsepower) Symbol[9]It is used for a variety of purposes such as "HP", so it may not be recognized as a "home page".

Misuse of the word homepage

The word homepage is originally the aboveUsage 1likeWeb browserDisplayed when you startWeb pageWas pointing to[1][3].. Any other usage is misused[10]In some cases, however, it is now widely used as another meaning as described above.[4].

Typical web browserInternet Explorer,Google Chrome[11],Mozilla Firefox[12]However, the page when the web browser is started, which is originally intended, is expressed as "startup" or "startup page".Usage 1Is no longer used in. In these browsersUsage 2The page when the user presses the home button is called the home page.

Also, in countries such as Japan and GermanyUsage 4,Usage 5The recognition that "home page = website, web page" is widely accepted. The word "home page address" is also used in laws and regulations to mean the address of a web page.[13].. Government office[14]And companies[15]But it is used in the sense of a website. Even if we recognize that it is misused, we sometimes use the term homepage because it is easier to understand.[16]

Other usages listed in the dictionary in addition to the original usage[1]Or, it should be the original usageUsage 1May not be listed[17].

As mentioned above, the homepage is not Japanese-made English, but is also used overseas as a term to refer to a web page.webConsidering that there is technical independence = abstraction that does not depend on the technologyUsage 1It cannot be said that the "homepage" used in other than is misused.[18].. By the way, the "top page" is also Japanese-made English, and it does not work in English-speaking countries.

Notation in English-speaking countries

In English speaking countries,Usage 1-3The word "Homepage" is used for.Web standardsPromoteW3CThe main page is also called a home page on our websiteUsage 3Used in[19].

Even in English-speaking dictionaries, it is the same as in JapaneseUsage 1Other usages listed in addition to[20]AndUsage 1Not listed[21]There is also.Usage 5Description of "Homepage"[22]There is also.

Web browser home page

Web browserA screen such as a web page that is set to be displayed when is activated or when the "Home" button is pressed is called a home page.Start page[23],Top PageSometimes called.

The browser developer,sponsorCompanies, etc.Portal siteAlso has the role of inducing access toInternet ExplorerThen.msnな どMicrosoftThe portal site of is the default home page. AlsocomputerManufacturers have their own websitesPre-installedIt may be set as the home page of the browser when it ships.[24].

In addition to web pages, many browsers can set a blank page (about:blank) or a page that displays bookmarks and history provided by the browser itself or extensions as the home page.

2000 eraUntil the middle of the day, there were many ways to set a portal site on the home page of the browser.[25]But since the late 2000sMicrosoft Edge"Start page",Google Chrome"New Tab",OperaThe mainstream function is to set a page that is customized to your personal use, such as "speed dial," on the home page, or to redisplay the website that was open when you last closed. Also, the home button is hidden by default in many browsers, and the chances of using it are decreasing.

When setting the browser homepage to the portal site provided by or affiliated with the software manufacturer when installing the software[26]There is also. In many cases, you can refuse it with an option during installation,Adware(Advertising display software)Malware,Computer virusSome of them change the home page of the browser without confirmation. If you see a site you didn't remember set up when you started your browser, it's a good idea to check for suspicious software.

Homepage as an Internet term

Main page of website

The word homepage is also used to refer only to the main page that is the cover of the website.Top Page[27], Index page,Front pageAlso called.

The main page often contains entrances to other content and site descriptions. In Wikipedia Japanese version,メ イ ン ペ ー ジIs this.

Many websites have a button for returning to the home page on each web page. In addition to the texts such as "Go to XX's home page", "Go to top", and "Home", the link is often the logo displayed at the top of the web page, such as Wikipedia.

In addition,Social MediaEtcLoginEach displayed byuserA dedicated page may also be called a home page. Information customized for each user, such as a message to the user and registered profile data, is displayed.


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