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🧑🏻‍💻 TechAcademy | How to use Python library Networkx [For beginners]

How to use the Python library Networkx [For beginners]

Explains how to use the Python library Networkx.

If you're not familiar with Python in the first place, read an article that explains what Python is and get a better understanding.


This article is based on the contents of the TechAcademy online boot camp Python course.



What is Networkx, a library for graphs and network analysis?

Networkx is a library that supports the creation, processing, and structural analysis of various networks.

It is used in fields such as mathematics, physics, and biology.

How to install

Install the networkx library using the pip command.


pip install networkx


Import the networkx library in the Python interpreter as follows:
If there are no errors, the installation is successful.


import ...

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