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😀 | Two members of the second year of working life who find mistakes in the other party and compete for mounts "Both are both sloppy!"


Two second-year members of society who find mistakes in the other party and compete for mounts "Both are both sloppy!"

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It was a case where I reconsidered that it is important to take a low-level mount, recognize each other's weaknesses and strengths, and cooperate with each other, rather than immersing yourself in a sense of superiority.

Any human can make mistakes.However, in the world, I put myself on the shelf and saw the mistakes of the other party ... → Continue reading

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Sense of superiority

Sense of superiority(Superiority complex,British: a sense of superiority,a superiority complex) Means the recognition that you are superior to others, and the self-affirmation that arises from this.感情Is.In many casesSelf-esteemIt is an emotion located at one end of.Superiority complexAlso called (Yutokan).The antonym is "inferiority complex" or "Inferiority. "


Superiority is understood to be the sum of these positive feelings towards oneself, in which one feels superior to others and thus prefers oneself.I have already acquired a sense of superiorityattributeIt ’s a feeling that I have forWork hardWhen you feel that the "ability you have acquired as a result of doing" is superior to others,ExperienceHas an aspect of encouraging self-help activities such as efforts.

On the other hand, in relation to the attributes acquired without any effort, there are cases where you find a part that is superior to you and inferior to you, and you have a sense of superiority there.This is self-defense against inferiority complex (Defense systemHowever, in this case, it is merely self-satisfaction and does not generate any substantial profit.However, it seems that oneself is hurt by feelings of self-denial from inferiority complex.stressIt can be understood as an effective means in the sense that it avoids a decisive situation by performing such a "venting" escape rather than continuing to receive it and mentally coming. ..

Toshihiko HayamizuHas a habitual sense of competence that accompanies the tendency to critically evaluate and disregard the abilities of others, regardless of their inner self-esteem or sense of competence.Virtual competenceNamed[1]Explained a kind of youth image that has both contradictory sides of an inflated outer surface and an atrophied inner surface.Virtual competence is highly self-assessed and selfishSelf-loveSimilar to, but different in that it is due to the way others evaluate[1].

To give a concrete example of the above, the "superiority complex based on effort" was generated from the state of practicing running and gaining an advantage in running, while the other was quick to run. You can imagine a case where the house is poorer than your own.The quick run is a credit to the person and a result of his hard work, but whether the house is rich or poor has nothing to do with his ability.But as a practical matter, this sense of superiority is often found in many places in both cases.

The superiority and inferiority of thingsValuesThere are various viewpoints depending on the situation.To further mention the above example, even though it is quick and fastCompetitionIn the case of sprinting, the meaning of "fast" is quite different between sprinting and endurance running. You can't win, and vice versa, and even if you simply run fast, the results will vary depending on the situation.Also, even if the house is wealthy or poor, condominiums are not wealthy in terms of real estate value in terms of high-rise condominiums and homes in downtown, while homes in downtown are not wealthy in terms of modernized housing. It is not possible to make a simple comparison because the equipment is old and inconvenient.For this reason, there are still cases where the sense of superiority is merely recognized as superior to attributes that have little meaning if the values ​​are substantially different.

The superiority complex of these values ​​is, for example.Gender differenceThe sense of superiority due to (gender difference) is remarkable, and in places where men are respected, the male side will have a sense of superiority, but in places where women are respected, the female side can have a sense of superiority. It's just that.In the real world, these values ​​are often reversed, and there are cases where the sense of superiority is easily overturned.

Antonym OfInferiorityBut,SubjectivityA strong element, but if you have a sense of superiority, you feel it.IndividualBelongs toGroup OfValuesHowever, it is often the standard.Therefore, the sense of superiority usually does not apply to individuals in different groups.If the sense of superiority does not work, for the personSelf-esteemMay be hurt.

Academic abilityTovaluePutchildrenOften in groups ofDeviation valueIs the basis for a sense of superiority.High deviation valuehigh schoolThose who pass the test can have a sense of superiority only to those who value their academic ability.

In a group of children who value strength,quarrelStrong against is the basis of superiority complex.However, this sense of superiority does not apply to those who dislike strength.

Not childish in a group of children who value precociouslyclothingBeing ahead of time can be the basis for a sense of superiority.trunksThose who adopted trunks early during the period of widespread use stillBusiness BagHas adoptedPeerAgainst this感情It is also said that he embraced.But this is alsoYouthIt doesn't work for those who don't feel attractive.


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