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🥾 | Gunma / Tanigawadake Climbing Police Department Police Officer 1 dead 1 missing


Gunma / Tanigawadake Climbing Metropolitan Police Department police officer 1 dead 1 missing

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Mr. Konagai is believed to have come to climb Mt. Tanigawa.

A woman is missing from the 2nd According to the Gunma Prefectural Police, a man's body was found at Mt. Tanigawa in Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture on the morning of the 4th ... → Continue reading

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Tanigawadake(Tanigawa only)Gunma-NiigataOn the prefectural border ofMikuni Mountains Of(I.e..Nihon Hyaku Meizan(Japan's hundred famous mountains)One of.SurroundingTen thousand Mt. Tarousan-Mt. Sennokurayama-Mt. MokuraEtc. as a wholeTanigawa mountain rangeThat.


The top of Mt. Tanigawa is divided into two peaks, each of whichTomanomimi(Altitude 1,963m),Oki's ears(Altitude 1,977m)[1]Is called.Originally this mountain is of Toma OkiTwo earsThe name of Mt. Tanigawa was given to the neighboring Manai Tagura.But,Geographical Survey Institute5 / 1 ofMapDue to a clerical error, Toma Oki's two ears have come to be called Tanigawadake.Toma's earsMt. Yakushidake, To Oki's earsTanigawa FujiThere is another name for.In a broad senseIchinokuraIt is also called "Tanigawadake" including the surrounding mountain areas.

Mt. Tanigawa has a variety of mountaineering courses from beginners to advanced players.[2],Doi StationBecause it is easily accessible from and the time required for installation is not so long and multiple routes have been cultivated.[1], Over 4 climbers visit annually[2]..It is also known as a mountain with many victims due to the large number of dangerous places and rapid climate change.[2].

The rocky area of ​​Mt. Tanigawa is due to its steepness.Mt. Tsurugidake-Hotakatakeと と も にJapan's Three Great RocksCounted as one ofrock climbingIt is a sacred place of.At the foot of the mountainSkiIt is also a sanctuary ofTanigawadake Tenjindaira Ski ResortIs also famous in KantoSki resort.

Tanigawadake RopewayConnects from the eastern foot to the vicinity of the mountain ridge (Tenjin Ridge), and in winter, skiers and climbers often aim for Tenjindaira with the same gondola.There is a rest house near Tenjindaira Station on the mountain ridge, and simple meals are also served.


weatherDue to the harshness ofForest limitFrom above, Sasahara spreads out and the field of view opens.Therefore, even at relatively low altitudes (especially near the ridgeline)Alpine plantCan be observed.Capital AreaMany because it is close toClimbingIs visiting.

Most of the distress accidents occur around Ichinokurazawa, which is far from the general mountain trail, but even the Tenjin Ridge route, which is said to be the easiest to climb, is sudden.weatherIt is desirable to prepare the equipment before taking on the challenge, as it will be a full-scale mountain climbing, as there are changes in the area, there are places where steep slopes continue, and it is above the forest limit.

Route (normal mountain climbing)

  • Tenjin Ridge Route-At the foot of the Tanigawadake RopewayDoaiguchi StationFrom the summitTenjindaira StationThe starting point is when you reach (elevation 1319m).There is also a route from Tenjindaira Station that takes the Tenjin Pass Pair Lift and heads from the Tenjin Pass Observatory (elevation 1502m).If you do not use the ropeway or after business hours, walk the Tajiri ridge below.
  • Nishikuro Ridge Route-Meet with Iwago Shindo at "Camel Col" on the way.Since the difficulty of descending the mountain is high and it is not suitable for beginners, a sign that calls attention is built.
  • Iwago Shindo Route-The trailhead is further than the ropeway Doaiguchi StationNational Route 291It is near Machigazawa, the point where you went up.
  • Tanigawa mountain range vertical runway (Mt. Tairapyo --Mt. Sennokurayama --XNUMX Mt. Tarousan --Mt. Tanigawa)
  • Horseshoe-shaped vertical runway (Mt. Tanigawa --Mt. Ichinokura --Mt. Shigekura --Mt. Nanatsugo --Mt. Asahidake --Mt. Kasagatake --Shiragemon)

Route (rock climbing)

  • East ridge
  • Ichinokurazawa / Ichinosawa left ridge
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Ichinozawa
  • Ichinokurazawa / Ichi, Ninosawa middle ridge
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Ninosawa
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Takizawa Ridge
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Takizawa Honya
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Takizawa Minor Slab
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Takizawa Daiichi Slab
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Takizawa Second Slab
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Takizawa Third Slab
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Takizawa Runze-like slab
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Takizawa A Runze
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Takizawa B Runze
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Takizawa Dome
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Matterhorn-shaped rock wall
  • Ichino Kurasawa ・ 2 Runze
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Central back wall
  • Ichino Kurasawa ・ 3 Runze
  • Ichino Kurasawa ・ 4 Runze
  • Ichino Kurasawa / South Ridge
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Karasuhatsawa back wall
  • Ichino Kurasawa / Chuo Ridge
  • Ichinokurazawa / Tsuitateiwa front wall
  • Ichino Kurasawa, cup-shaped rock wall
  • Ichinokura Ridge
  • Yunosawa central wall
  • Yunosawa Umata Rinne
  • Yunosawa V-shaped rock wall
  • Yunosawa Samatata Chuo Runze
  • Ishikusu flower ridge
  • Hard coal rock
  • South curtain rock

Surrounding mountain huts

  • Shoulder hut
  • Yomogi Hutte
  • Kumaanazawa shelter
  • Ichino Kuradake shelter
  • Mokuradake shelter
  • Shimizu Pass Bothy
  • Ojika refuge hut
  • Daishoji shelter shelter

View point

  • Joetsu Line-Doi StationShiragemon, which goes further north, is one of the shooting points of Mt. Tanigawa.
  • Route 291 continues to Ichinokurazawa, the pavement is interrupted,Shimizu PassDotted national roadbecome.Surroundings, Machigazawa ――Ichinokurazawa ――Yunosawa ――ShibakurazawaAutumn leavesFamous place.It is known for the beauty of the valley, which is a combination of steep rocks and trees.


The altitude of Mt. Tanigawa is less than 2,000m, but in addition to the steep rock walls and complex terrain,Central divideの た め にthe weatherThe change is also drasticDistressThe number of people is by far the largest.Most of the victims are due to climbing from rock walls such as Ichinokurazawa, and the general route (Tenjin Ridge) has almost no dangerous places and there are few victims.

Guinness World Records for Deaths

1931(Showa6 years)[3]According to the Tanigawadake distress accident record whose statistics were started from2012(HeiseiBy 24 years)805 peopleIs dead[4][5][6]..All over the world8000 meters peakEven if the death toll of 14 seats is totaled637 peopleAnd this outstanding number is not only in Japan but also as "the worst record of mountains in the world"Guinness World RecordsIt is described in[7][1].

From such a place, "Devil's Mountain[7][1]It is also called "Human Eating Mountain" or "Death Mountain".To prevent distressGunma Prefecture Tanigawadake Distress Prevention OrdinanceHas been established.

Case study

1943(18)May 9Two climbers died in distress on a rocky cliff in Ichinokurazawa.However, the location of the distress was unknown and was treated as missing, leaving the body on the rocks. 2 years later1973(48)May 5In the meantime, a climber who happened to arrive at this place found a skeletonized corpse.From the 10 coins left in his pocket and past records, he was identified as a 1943 victim. On May 5, a mountain club and local police descended the mountain for the first time in 25 years and returned to their relatives.

1960In (35), the rescue team was dispatched to a disaster because the rescue team could not approach the body suspended in the air due to a distress accident on a rock wall.Japan Ground Self-Defense ForceSniper troops fired all at onceZileWas cut and the body was contained (Tanigawadake suspended corpse containment[1].

Stone monument, etc.

Many memorial monuments have been erected on the rocky area at Tanigawadake Ichinokurazawa Deai.[1].

Doaiguchi StationA "mountain town statue" is erected at the nearby Tanigawadake Cemetery[1].

Reference image

Railroads and roads that penetrate

Works set in Mt. Tanigawa

Neighboring mountains


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