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😀 | Is "busy messing around" different from bullying?The memories of my high school days are still traumatic ... "Plastic Surgery VS Psycho ...


Is "busy messing around" different from bullying?The memories of my high school days are still traumatic ... "Plastic Surgery VS Psycho ...

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After that, he reunited with his first love partner, Takami, but gradually learned about Takami's psychopathic side, which he didn't know when he was ugly ...!? I loved you ~ ”, the first episode will be released specially.

Sumire Okumura, who admits both herself and others.One day, my childhood friend, Tamago Takumi, asked me for a "plastic surgery monitor" ... → Continue reading

 Saizo Woman

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"Supremacy』(Gakenshijoshugi,Morning: 외모 지상 주의,British: Lookism) South KoreaMen ofmanga artist OfT.JunBy (박태준 Park Tae-joon)web comics. KoreanSearch site-NAVER OfWebtoonAt2014 OctoberIt is serialized from.JapanThen.OnlineOf the manga siteXoyで翻 訳It was posted, but nowLINE mangaIt is posted after shifting to. Official service started as a game application for Android / iOS from September 2019, 9.Basic play is free, and there is an item charge.


The original author, T. Jun, wrote "Lookism" in writing "Lookism".From today I am!!"When"Dark Gold Ushijima』I said that I referred to the two works[1]..The original language version is set in South Korea,CharacterAre all Korean, but in the Japanese version, the stage is set to Japan, and the characters have been changed to Japanese names.[2]..The character Koji that appears in the middle of the story is an exception because it is set by Japanese from the original language version.Anyway, the impression of a person is "one second, one life".In a short time of only one second in life, he decides his attitude toward the other person based on his appearance and personality, and always demands that the other person change.It depicts the self-degrading, dark and devilish hunger and weakness, which can be said to be the essence of human beings that cannot be done with beautiful things and sermons.


The main character of a high school student who was bullied at school because of his appearancePark Hyun Suk(In the Japanese version,Hasegawa Keisuke) Decides to leave her mother alone and transfer to a famous art high school, Talent High School, to start living alone and reset her life.One day, during the daytime, Keisuke, who became a "transcendent handsome man", goes to school in a handsome figure in the daytime and starts a double life working part-time with a ugly body at night.


The name is Japanese / original language version.

Voice-is the voice actor of the smartphone app "Lookism"

Keisuke Hasegawa / 박형석 (Hyunsuk Park)
Voice- Matsuoka Teijo
Of this workhero..An obese first-year high school student with glasses.The house lives with my mother.Because of appearanceClassmateAlthough he was bullied unreasonably, he transferred to Saigen High School to reset his life.DepartmentFashion Design Department..He left his mother and started living alone, but one day when he woke up from sleep, he was transformed into a handsome body.When I sleep, my body changes, so I go to school with a handsome body and at night with my original bodyConvenience storeI have a part-time job.Fatigue and illness are not shared, so if one body gets tired, you can switch to the other and work.
Although he had a humble personality because he was bullied, his handsome body allowed him to build friendships and relationships of trust with many people, and he also grew up as a person.Usually, he is a common sense person and is a principle, but when he gets drunk, he gets excited.About the handsome body, it is deceived by the surrounding people as "a room share partner with the same surname and the same name".In the middle of the story, a certain incident triggers the handsome body to become a coma.As a result, only the original body can be used temporarily.After that, he learns that there is a family register in another body and heads to the place of the family register to know the truth.After that, Akari's father realized that he knew the secret of his body, but Akari's father told him to teach if he exceeded DG, and he was desperate because of various things, and was beaten by Imanishi. That was the decisive factor, saying goodbye only to Mirei, and fleeing from the city to escape reality.After fleeing, he becomes homeless, but when he meets an old homeless person and is scolded by Akari, he realizes what is really important and challenges Imanishi to keep him away from Mirei.Although the result was defeated, Imanishi succeeded in pulling him away from Mirei, and his original body regained consciousness.
The person who became the model for this characterモデル박형석 (Park Hyun Suk)[3].
Kitahara Ryusei / 이진성 (Lee Jin Sung)
Voice- Urata Wataru
First year student in the fashion design department.Black hairall backYouth.In junior high schoolboxingHas experience and is good at high-speed punching.The first person I met in the city when Keisuke transferred to another school.He was short-tempered, bloody, and had a lot of fights, but he was converted at the beginning of the story.When you get drunk, your personality changes and you get entangled.Mizuki is crazy about it, but Mizuki inadvertently fell in love with the handsome body of Firefly, so she has a slight rivalry with him.He was bullying Morinaga, but after he was converted, he felt guilty about him and began to take the initiative in stopping the bullying.
He used to be on good terms with his childhood friend, Johan, but one event caused him to become estranged, and losing to Johan in a match before becoming estranged also contributed to his departure from boxing.
Koki Shinomiya / 홍재열 (Hong Jae-yul)
First year student in the fashion design department.BlondeWith mashed hair, both eyes are hidden by bangs, so a clear real face cannot be confirmed.He is silent and does not speak any words, but for some reason he can communicate with the handsome body of Firefly.
He is always concerned about fireflies, and he always presents a large amount of tailor-made brand clothes and shoes that have been coordinated for fireflies that are rumored to be poor.He supported him behind the scenes by sanctioning the person who was trying to harm him, but now that he has become friends, he becomes a shield and protects himself when he is in a pinch.
My father, who is the chairman of the chaebol clan, is involved in various businesses such as department stores, hotels, and amusement parks.He lives alone in a luxury condominium because he doesn't have a good relationship with his parents and brother, but he is on good terms with his sister Akane.
dogI was not very good at it, but I overcame it and became fond of it by taking up and raising four puppies for the foster parent of the puppy.He is the best in the class and is smart, so he often teaches Keisuke to study for exams.The fight is also strong,SystemaUse the martial arts.Although he was a smoker, he has been quitting smoking for a long time because he wants to get along with Keisuke.When Keisuke was hospitalized, he was reluctant to take care of him while he was eating, which led him to become a doctor.I cherish the photo taken with the firefly in my wallet and the photo booth on my smartphone like a treasure.There is actually a pistol in the school bag with a key.
Mirei Kagawa / 박하늘 (Park Hanul)
Voice- Saki Miyahara
First year student in the fashion design department.Black-haired semi-long girl.FlirtsHe had a temperament and had no eyes on good-looking guys, so he first noticed after the good-looking guy's body, Firefly, transferred to school.Paprika TVThe real conditionusevideo siteSince being helped by the firefly of the original body when he was about to be attacked by the thug, he began to show his favor by calling the firefly of the original body "Boo-chan".Because he is caring and smart, he teaches mathematics to Keisuke, who was studying during the night shift.At first, it was judged only by the appearance of the other party, but when he met the firefly of his original body, he began to emphasize the contents.He has mixed feelings for Akari, partly because he has a liking for his original body, Firefly.I am vaguely feeling that I have a liking for Akari's original body, Firefly, and I have mixed feelings.After the other body, Firefly, was hospitalized, she acted as Imanishi's girlfriend to protect her original body, but she was released when her original body, Firefly, rejected Imanishi.
Mizuki Sakane / 김미진 (Kim Mijin)
First year student in the fashion design department.Brown hairGirl with long hair.classマ ド ン ナHe is a childhood friend of a meteor.I hate fights and violence, but I like meteors.
Normally, he is not afraid of meteors, but he is aware of the clumsy kindness of meteors, and he becomes sensitive to interacting with other girls such as Yui, so he is also aware of meteors. There is a section that is.Originally he was on good terms with the meteor, but he quit boxing after the incident with Johan and became bad, which is also the reason why he hates violence.
Masaki Morinaga / 박지호 (Park Jiho)
First year student in the fashion design department.A weak young man with glasses.I was bullied by the same classmate.He looks a little overconfident and is particular about fashion and branded goods, and he cares about the eyes of people.troublemakerEvery time, he is saved by the firefighters, but he causes trouble without any sexual discipline.It has also been pointed out by Meteor that he only recognizes his friends as being convenient for him.In the middle of the story, he resents the handsome firefly from a certain event and pushes him down from the second floor of the building to inflict a dying body.After that, he was sentenced to two years in prison in a trial and became violent after experiencing unreasonable violence at the juvenile training school and stress caused by a harsh environment.Since then, it has been recognized by Oda, and at the Juvenile Training School, it will grow as a charisma of fear that controls others with fear.
Koji Baba / 이은태 (Lee Unte)
Voice- Takeuchi
Architectural courseFirst grader."Burn Knuckle" where students of the Department of Architecture are enrolledBancho.. Commonly known as "Strange powerBasco ".The nickname Basco was a childhood admirationHeroIs derived from the name.On the whole bodyTattoosStrong appearance with.It is loved by all the members of Burn Knuckle including Shoru, but the roots are pure, such as being jealous of handsome men and shedding tears.Also, there are places where you believe in anything because it is so pure.He had an absolute sense of justice that he would not forgive evil, and once misunderstood the firefly of the handsome body, but later reconciled.From the middle of the story, you will be able to practice physical training with the original body of fireflies.
Received severe bullying from a senior group in junior high school.At that time, you can put an irreparable branding ironFear of needlesHowever, I overcame it after carving Shoru and tattoos to erase the scratches.
Modeled on a real rapper with the same surname and same name[4].
Shoru Okamoto (Kake Okamoto) / 박범재 (Park Bombje)
Deputy Chief of Burn Knuckle.I'm always stuck to Basco.
The model is predominantly the theory of singer Park Jae Bum[5].
Satoshi Isono / 장현 (Chan Hyun)
First year student in the Department of Cosmetology.He is the only male student in the first year of the cosmetology department, so he is sickened by girls in the same department.HoweverHairdresserI'm not good at it, and I can't even cut my bangs properly.Hair color changes frequently.Although hidden around him, he has a young daughter who is raised by a single man.Actually, the fight is quite strong.
Takahito Saitama / 진호빈 (Jin Hobin)
Voice- Kento Ito
First year student in the vocal dance department.A rapper singer wearing sunglasses, she has great confidence in her ability and looks.He looked down on Toshito, but gradually began to recognize Toshito's talent.The face under the sunglasses is unknown, and he stubbornly refuses to see his true face.The ability of fighting is decent.
Toshito Ima / 편덕화 (Pyon Dokfa)
First year student in the vocal dance department.I live with my grandmother who runs a food stall.A talented and hard worker, he was bullied by Saitama because of his ugly appearance.However, as a result of standing up many times without giving in, he was promoted to a B-class trainee of PTJ, and his ability was recognized by the people around him.It is also good to take care of him by teaching him to sing and study.He is one of the good friends of Keisuke.Keisuke respects his personality and influences him without his knowledge.
The person who became the model has a session with the person who also became the model of Keisuke as in the work.[6].
Nerima Akari / 최수정 (Choi Soo Jong)
First year fashion department.Transferred to Saigen High School in the middle of the story.It looks ugly but has a strong core.
Like the firefly, it has two bodies.The other body is full of beauty and is watching over the firefly at the command of his father.I hate guys who are only interested in appearance.Therefore, he dislikes the firefly of the handsome body and likes the firefly of the original body.However, Akari, who is full of beauty, is proud of her vigilant fighting ability from her original body, Firefly.
The beautiful body is called "Ali" by the fireflies.It seems that he is not accustomed to general work, probably because he was raised in a greenhouse.It boasts a high fighting ability common to both bodies.
A man with black hair and an overcoat.Akari's guard man.We are collecting money from bad people in various places.It is strong enough to overwhelm Basco.
A blond-haired man in an overcoat.If you form a combination with Yuzuru, you will be proud of your unrivaled strength, but you will not get along well and you will not be able to cooperate.Zhang himself who taught Basco the secret of strength.
Morinaga'sgamblingA junior high school student who appeared in the uproar.Cheeky and clinging to money is a clear mind.hackingHe is a genius and has received the support of the relationship from Akari's father.Since the original language version is set to Japanese, the person whose name has not been changed even in the Japanese version. From the second grade, enroll in the computer department of Saigen High School.
Kenta Imanishi / 이태성 (Lee Tae Sung)
A high school classmate before Keisuke transferred.Zhang himself who was bullying the firefly.An event in the past made me angry and became a believer in violence.Its power is tremendous, and it even treats meteors and Shinomiya lightly. Transferred to Saigen High School in the second grade.For Keisuke, obedience is an object of fear that turns into a conditioned reflex.Suddenly, I started to like Mirei.However, she is hated by Mirei because she used violence against women.
When you lose weight, it becomes an eye-catching beauty.However, if you lose weight, you will not be able to use the techniques that make use of your proud weight, and the fight will be very weak.
Akane Shinomiya / 홍재혜 (Hong Jae-hee)
Shinomiya Beniki's younger sister.It is favorable to the firefly of the handsome body.His personality is also mild-mannered and compassionate like his brother.On the other hand, like Mirei, she has a Miha temperament.

the term

Talent High School (Toshimoto Kotougakko / Jewon)
The high school where Keisuke was transferred.There are departments such as fashion design, vocal dance, bakery, sports, architecture, manga studies, and musicians.Due to the loose dress code, many students have flashy appearances such as tattoos and hair dyeing, and although it is seen as a bad hangout in the neighborhood, it is also a famous school that often produces celebrities.Also, the vocal dance department and the musician department are in disagreement.
PTJ Entertainment
Famous entertainment agency.Currently DG is the representative of the office.

Book information


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