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👍 | Ryo Fukawa, "Barairo Dandy" has a theory on SNS "mixi was the most fun"


Ryo Fukawa, "Barairo Dandy" has a theory on SNS "mixi was the most fun"

If you write the contents roughly
Yukari Oshima also agreed, "Surely mixi was putting the most effort into it."

"Barairo Dandy" discussing SNS.Which SNS did Ryo Fukawa say is the most "fun"? Broadcast on the 4th ... → Continue reading


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Yukari Oshima

Yukari Oshima(Yukari Oshima,1984May 1 -) is JapaneseFree announcer.Stardust promotionBelongs. ExFuji Television Network, Incannouncer.



Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen Elementary School,Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen Junior and Senior High SchoolGraduated from.Seijo UniversityFaculty of EconomicsGo on to2006Graduated from the same university in March.

In junior high school and high school (Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen era)volleyballBelongs to the club.From July 2005 to February 7 while attending universityBS Fuji NEWS(It will appear on the same program for one year as an employee from April 2010. Explained below).job huntingThen, when I was in my third year of college, I applied for Fuji TV and failed in the first interview, but when I was in my fourth year of college, I applied for Fuji TV again.Unofficial offer.

Job career

Joined Fuji TV in April 2007.[3][t 1][t 2]

October 2007, 7FNS 27-hour TV』, Serves as a top batter in the reading provided by the Grand Finale.

In August 2007, on the 8th,Fujiana Studio Marusei 2007].[t 3]..From the 20th to the 24th of the same monthFujipodIn charge of the navigator for "Today's Today!"Also in August of the same yearFuji TV On DemandIn charge of monthly navigator with Yoko Ikuno who joined the company at the same time.Also, from August of the same year, the social contribution announcer group "Eco-Ana"[Note 1]Be a member.

On September 9, the same year, the drama "First kiss』Appeared as a grand hostess in episode 9.

From May 2007, ``Monopoly! Confession on FridayIn charge of the assistant of "(-March 2008, 3), the late-night program"Future Professor SawamuraIn charge of the assistant role of "(-March 2008), late-night program"Anna ☆ LogIn charge of MC of "(-August 2008, 8), late-night program"Super VIPIn charge of personality (-March 2008, 3).[t 4] From the 17th of the same month, along with Yoko Ikuno, the blog "Yukari Aru ☆ Blog" on Fuji TV's Anamaga will start.[5](The blog was updated on April 2011, 4.[6]).

From July 2008, 7, "Sakiyomi" (→Sakiyomi LIVE) (~ September 2009, 9).

2010 Year of 2 MonthVancouver OlympicsParticipated in the Fuji TV broadcasting team, and was in charge of sports broadcasting for the first time since joining the company.[7].

From April 2010, "BS Fuji NEWS』In charge of the newscaster.

From May 2010, ``BS Fuji NEWS(~ March 2011, 3), "From rainbow』(~ March 2011, 3) in charge of news reading.

From April 2012, 10, "News JAPAN] In charge of the main caster.[t 5][t 6].

On March 2015, 3, the new program "News JAPAN" following the previous program "News JAPAN"Tomorrow's news』Continued in charge of the main caster (~ April 2016, 4).

From July 2016, 4, "New press 2001In charge of casters[8].

In addition to the above, many single-shot and irregular appearances on Fuji TV →#Appearance

Announcement of first child pregnancy on November 2016, 11[9]From April 2017maternity leaveHe said that he plans to take a job (at that stage) and will continue to work after raising children.[10], April 2017, 4, gave birth to the first baby girl[11].

2017May 12With the addition, he retired from Fuji TV, which had been enrolled for 11 years.[12].. "From now onNagoya cityIn the future, while devoting myself to raising children as a base for livingFree announcerWe are also considering resuming activities as[12].

Active as a freelancer while raising children, on April 2018, 4Nippon TVof"Boiling word 10Appeared as a panelist[t 7], Appeared in the "Legendary Housekeeper" section of the program on May 5, and premiered his eldest daughter and home.[13].

Belonging to Stardust Promotion from December 2018, 12[14].

From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTOKYO MXof"Rose color dandy』Appeared as an assistant from Monday to Thursday.

Personal data


Current appearance program

Past appearance programs (Fuji TV announcer era)

  • Fujiana Studio Marusei 2009 (August 8, December 15)
  • Sakiyomi → Sakiyomi LIVE(July 2008, 7 --September 6, 2009) --Initially, I was in charge of the corner, but the general moderatorMona YamamotoHas been appearing as a general moderator since the broadcast on July 1, 2008, in response to the fact that he was dismissed once in the form of taking responsibility for the scandal. From April 7, 13Rio HiraiI changed to and returned to the corner charge.
  • FNN News (December 12, morning and noon)
  • FNN News (December 1, morning and noon)
  • FNN SPEAK (February 2, February 9, February 2) Vancouver Olympic Media Center Studio
  • Fujiana Studio Marusei 2010 (October 10) --Performed with Okudera.
  • Fujiana Studio Marusei 2010 (December 12th) --- Yoko Ikuno and Mitsuhiro Nakamura of the same period participated in the program halfway because they acted as MCs.
  • FNN News (December 12th, December 30st evening)
In charge of sub-caster (Keiko TsubakiharaIn charge every other week March 2011, 3-September 28, 2012)
Monday-Wednesday fieldcaster (October 2007, 10-September 9, 2012)
  • FNN News (Evening December 12)
  • FNN News (January 1, noon and evening)
  • News JAPAN(October 2012, 10-March 1, 2015, Caster)
  • FNN News (Evening December 12)
  • FNN News (Evening December 1)
  • FNN News (January 1, noon and evening)
  • Hello news(October 2015, 3-March 30, 2016, Caster)
  • Tomorrow's news(October 2015, 3-March 30, 2016, Caster)


  • Announcer Sock Puppet ~ Love Scene Gaiden ~ (Pony canyon, December 2008, 4)

Print medium

  • Monthly gravure "The televisionFebruary 2008 issue, monthly "BLTWas published in the April 2008 issue of ”with Yoko Ikuno, who joined the company at the same time. "BLT" will be serialized from the May 4 issue.
  • Monologue (February 2021, 2)Kodansha)ISBN-978 4065229934..First photo book[23].



  • Membership magazine "Anamaga + plus Premium" (Fuji TV pay site)
    • From Odaiba! Take it out! (April 2008, 4)
    • Announcer's work (August 2007, 8, March 10, 2008)
    • Relay Talk Can you talk seriously !? (September 2007, 9 ×Kurata TaiseiAnnouncer, September 9 ×Fujimura SaoriAnna, March 2008, 3 ×Tomoya MorishitaAnnouncer, September 4 ×Fukui KenjiAna)
    • Fujiana Studio Marusei 2008! Shortened version (Fuji TV 739Broadcast, digest version every Saturday from 13:00 to 15:00, broadcast on Saturday, July 2008, 7)


Trivia, trivia, etc.
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