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🎣 | Fukuoka Coast Guard searched for a XNUMX-year-old man who went fishing


Fukuoka Coast Guard searches for a XNUMX-year-old man who went fishing

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Currently, in addition to the patrol boat "Murakumo" of the Japan Coast Guard, a helicopter with a mobile rescuer is dispatched from the Kitakyushu Air Base of the XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, and along with police and fire departments, the sea near Konominato Fishing Port in Munakata City. I'm looking for a man in.

On the night of the XNUMXth, a man's family reported to the Fukuoka Coast Guard Station that his father, who went fishing, would not come back.Sea… → Continue reading

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Near Konominato Fishing Port, Munakata City


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