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👩‍🎤 | Mikako Komatsu is coming out of “Business 〇〇”!


Mikako Komatsu is coming out of "Business 〇〇"!

If you write the contents roughly
Starting from "Bi" in "Voice Actor and Night Play", "What is" Business "?

On the 28th, the new future TV "ABEMA" will be on the anime LIVE channel "Voice Actor and Night Play Water ... → Continue reading

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Voice actor and night play

"Voice actor and night play(Seiyuu and Yoasobi English title:SAY YOU TO YOASOBI) IsInternet tvBureauAbemaTVOn the Anime LIVE channel2018May 4Talk delivered fromEntertainment shows[1][2].


A regular live broadcast program that started with the opening of the AbemaTV Anime LIVE channel.It will be delivered in obi from Monday to Friday, and the voice actor will act as MC on a daily basis for each day of the week.

The studio has the same set for all days of the week, but there are differences depending on the day of the week, such as the presence or absence of chairs and the type of chair.

1st season (July 2018-March 4)

The first week, April 4nd, will be Special Week and will be delivered live for 2 minutes. In ABEMA video, in addition to the entire main video (cut for CM), "highlights" divided by corner are also distributed.[3].. From the week of July 2018, 7, the bonus video after the end of the main story was added as "Voice actor and night play overtime" for about 16 minutes and started to be distributed only for ABEMA video.

2018May 8On Thursday, a voice actor and summer festival festival was held in "TV Asahi Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STASION".[4].

On August 8th (Tuesday) and 14th (Wednesday), MC shuffle was performed live on Tuesday by Shiori Mikami and Yuka Otsubo, and on Wednesday by Yuki Ono and Hiromi Igarashi.

The current staff and cast will finish the delivery by the end of March 2019[5], The studio set will be significantly renewed.

Live broadcasting will be suspended from March 3th to April 25th.

2nd season (April 2019-March 4)

From January to March 2019Namikawa DaisukeOnly the pair becomes a monthly MC that changes every month[6].. 2019 minutes live delivery only on April 4th, 8[7]..Also, the archive display in the ABEMA video will be "Voice actor and night play 2nd season".[8]..In addition, overseas distribution started from the same month.[9].. From April 4th, it was broadcast live on NicoNico on Monday-Friday, one week later than 15:20.It does not support time shift.

On December 12th (Friday), the program's first public live recording event "Night Play Hero Show" was held.

Rebroadcast from February 2020 at 2:23 after the live broadcast[Note 1].

In March 2020, as with last year, on March 3th, the distribution of the current cast was completed and the new cast was welcomed."Voice actor and night play 2020"The production of was announced.Also, it will be broadcast after the program ends from the new season."Voice actor and night play connection (connect)"The production of was also announced.[10]

In addition, the distribution of night play from March 3th to April 30th was suspended, and the past distribution was broadcast based on the votes of the viewers during the suspension period.

2020 (September 2020-February 4)

Live broadcasting was scheduled to start on April 2020, 4, but it was postponed to April 13 due to the influence of the new coronavirus. In the week of April 4th, the new MC team performed a live Twitter broadcast of the past broadcast.

From the week of April 4th to the week of June 20st, it was broadcast live on each day of the week as a special edition.The remote location is different for each day of the week.Also, on the week of April 6th, it will be broadcast on May 1nd (Sat) and 4rd (Sun) as "Live broadcast for 27 consecutive days! Stay Home Week with voice actors!" On the 12nd, Hiroki Yasumoto, Hiro Shimono, Daisuke Namikawa, Tomokazu Seki, Shotaro Morikubo, and on the 5rd, Tomoko Kaneda and Subaru Kimura performed a 2-minute live broadcast.

A new set will be released with Tomokazu Seki, Tomoko Kaneda, and Subaru Kimura on the emergency live broadcast on Saturday, June 6th, and the new set will start broadcasting from the 6th while taking a social distance.The guest had been performing remotely for a while, but from the week of August 8th, a partition was introduced, so it became possible to welcome them to the studio.At that time, the MC will sterilize the seat with alcohol and then move to the seat on the right side of the screen to welcome the guest.[Note 2].

"Voice Actor and Night Play Overtime", which could be watched for free until the 2nd season, changed its name to "Voice Actor and Night Play Premium" from 2020, and became content exclusively for premium members.

On Saturday, December 12th, "Voice Actor and Night Play 26 Great Year-End Party SP" was broadcast, and MCs of Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and connection gathered.

On Sunday, February 2021, 2, "Voice Actor and Night Play THE WEEKEND Urgent! Figure SP" will be broadcast.Hiroki Yasumoto and Sumire Uesaka performed a 7-minute live broadcast.

On March 3th (Thursday), "Voice Actor and Night Play Joint Location SP" will be broadcast.Thursday MC Daisuke Namikawa, Kaito Ishikawa and Monday MC Hiroki Yasumoto and Shugo Nakamura performed a 18-minute live broadcast.

On March 3th (Friday), the decision to continue "Voice Actor and Night Play" was announced.In addition, it was announced that a special program for the detailed announcement of the new season will be held on Saturday, April 19 in the week of March 3.In the special program, in addition to the announcement of the new cast, the start of "Voice Actor and Night Play Weekend", which is broadcast once a month, was also announced.

2021 (December 2021-)

Live broadcasting will start on April 2021, 4.On Wednesday, it will be the first three-person system with voice actors and night play (the third person changes every four months).

The week of April 4 will also be broadcast on May 26st (Sat) and 12nd (Sun) as "5 consecutive days live broadcast! Voice actor and night play Golden SP Week!" 1 minutes live broadcast by WEEKEND on the 2st and 1nd.Tomoko Kaneda will appear as guests on the 2st, and Tomoaki Maeno, Sora Tokui, and Tasuku Hatanaka will appear on the 90nd.

From June 6st to June 1th, Monday MC Hiroki Yasumoto will appear as an SP guest on each day of the week.

It will be broadcast 6 times on June 14th.



Voice actor and night play 2021[11]

(MC) mainly runs the program.The person who progresses every day of the week is decided.



From 2021, it will be broadcast with a three-person system that destroys the personality frame as Wednesday of destruction and the third personality is replaced once every four months.Tokui participated from the second time due to the schedule.



A 20-minute program that will be recorded and broadcast from another studio after the live broadcast.Hashtags are #Kanada Kimura and night play.
A two-hour live broadcast once a month on some Saturday and Sunday.It may be broadcast irregularly and in a hurry.The hashtag is #Morikubo Nakamura.


1st season
2nd season
  • Takuya Eguchi(Monday, April 2019, 4-March 8, 2020)
  • Kisho Taniyama(木曜日、2018å¹´4月5日 - 2019å¹´3月21日・2019å¹´10月3日 - 2020å¹´3月26日)
  • Genki Okawa(Friday, April 2019, 4-March 12, 2020)
Thursday Monthly MC (2nd season)

Transition of MC

periodMonday chargeTuesday chargeWednesday chargeThursday chargeFriday charge
Voice actor and night play2018.04.022018.09.28Emi Ogata
Uchida Aya
Tomoki Ono
Yuka Otsubo
Hiromi Igarashi
Mikami Shiori
Namikawa Daisuke
Kisho Taniyama
Tomokazu Seki
Takuya Sato
2018.10.012019.03.22Tomokazu Seki
Kimura Subaru
Voice actor and night play 2nd season2019.04.082019.09.27Hiroki Yasumoto
Takuya Eguchi
Tomoko Kaneda
Kimura Subaru
Hiro Shimono
Maaya Uchida
Namikawa Daisuke
Monthly MC
Tomokazu Seki
Genki Okawa
2019.09.302020.03.27Namikawa Daisuke
Kisho Taniyama
Voice actor and night play 20202020.04.202021.03.26Hiroki Yasumoto
Sogo Nakamura
Hiro Shimono
Maaya Uchida
Mikako Komatsu
Sumire Uesaka
Namikawa Daisuke
Ishikawa Kaijin
Tomokazu Seki
Shotaro Morikubo
Voice actor and night play 20212021.04.12Hiroki Yasumoto
Tomoaki Maeno
Mikako Komatsu
Sumire Uesaka
4 months personality
Tomokazu Seki
Yu Hatanaka
Voice actor and night play connection (connect)2020.04.20Tomoko Kaneda
Kimura Subaru
Voice actor and night play WEEKEND2021.04.17Shotaro Morikubo
Sogo Nakamura

Main corner

Common to all days

Against the day of the week!Night play championship
A corner where MCs challenge the same competition on a weekly basis from Monday to Friday.3 people by lottery from the cheering tweets on the winning day[Note 11]In addition, a mini colored paper with the signature of the winning MC (guests may enter additionally) will be presented.[12]..However, if there is no record on all days (disqualification or record 0), there will be no gift.[Note 12].
In addition to mini-shikishi, there are also cases where Abema-kun dolls and special panels with the program logo with the autographs of all MCs are presented as gifts.
If you couldn't do it during the main story, or if there was something wrong with the settings[Note 13]Will be held in overtime (premium after 2020) (in the case of competitions using the questionnaire function, it will be carried over to the next week). After 2020, overtime can only be viewed by premium members, so only the challenge part may be OA the next day for general members.
You may be abstained if you cannot do it due to the location.[Note 14].
Anime announcement
Announcing recommended anime delivered on ABEMA before the championship.

Corner for each day of the week

Monday (Hiroki Yasumoto, Tomoaki Maeno)

Hashtags are #Yasumoto Maeno and night play.

Night play attack 9
Two people answer the questions for each panel from 1 to 9 at the same time, and if the answers match, the panel opens, and if you hit the kanji hidden in the panel, you will be given a canned item worth 2 yen as a reward.Some of the questions use ABEMA's questionnaire function as a "questionnaire attack" to predict the option that the viewer is most likely to choose from the four options, and if they hit it, they will be given a "can" badge. , If you collect 1 of them, you will be given the finest can opener.
Ajifuka Word Fair
A new work of the "Ajifuka Ward" series that has been held since the 2nd season.Yasumoto and Maeno choose today's gold medal from the tasty words sent by the viewers.
Only me? Dictionary
Yasumoto and Maeno will act as selection committee members and decide whether to hire or not, soliciting from viewers "Is this just me?"
Bukkomi! Dialect conversation drama
A play in which the dialect drawn by Yasumoto and Maeno is put into the conversation of the situation.
If I was a voice actor ...
A play that compares the job title of the company and the position of sports to a voice actor.
Become a man who can tell the difference!
A project to explain the difference between two similar and non-similar words such as "cafe au lait" and "cafe latte".

Tuesday (Hiro Shimono, Maaya Uchida)

Known as "Healing Tuesday"

Hashtags are #Shimono Uchida and night play.

Healing to Dami
It will continue to appear from 2020.A corner where Shimotsuke and Uchida whisper to Damihe, who are said to be a healing combination on Tuesdays and healing days.Say the lines posted in advance according to the theme.Sound effects have been added from this time.
The author is you!Night play reading session
Short dramas are solicited from viewers, and the adopted ones are read aloud by Shimono Uchida.
Delusion! ○○ Produce Talk
A project to talk about what would happen if Shimono Uchida produced something

Wednesday (Mikako Komatsu, Sumire Uesaka, 4-month personality)

Known as "Wednesday of Destruction"

Hashtags are #Komatsu Uesaka Tokui and night play (April-July).

Exchange Senbero snacks!
It will continue to appear from 2020.A conscientious corner that is valuable for Wednesday of destruction, where you can exchange snacks you bought within a budget of 1000 yen.
It's Tokui Sora!game
Play that will change to the 2020 "Koma-Tsumikako Game".Play that paraphrases the opening "Tokui Sora de!" Into various five-letter words according to the rhythm.If you make a mistake, you have to drink broad bean juice.
Please scold me ... S Mipe-sama ~
Renewal of "Troubleshooting ⁉︎S Call me Mipe-sama!" In 2020. A plan in which S Mipe listens to the episode that the viewer, commonly known as the pig guy, wants to be scolded and scolds.
Manmakoto is like a sole!To Quotations Dami
A play that tells Dami the obvious things sent by the viewer as if it were a saying. From May 5th, it will be judged in 12 stages: 1 bell, 2 bells, and pass.
One phrase for all three!Gatchanko Senryu
Play to make senryu that suits the theme by taking charge of the upper five, middle seven, and lower five respectively.

Thursday (Daisuke Namikawa, Kaito Ishikawa)

Hashtags are #Namikawa Ishikawa and night play.

Currently, we are focusing on pre-collaboration planning for when we welcome people from different industries.

Friday (Tomokazu Seki, Tasuku Hatanaka)

Hashtags are #Sekihatanaka and night play.

For the first time, Hatanaka made a surprise saying, "Seki leaked at the previous site and was late."

Past corner

1st season

Monday (Megumi Ogata, Aya Uchida)

Positioned as an information variety only on Mondays, in addition to talks with guests, surveys and news related to anime were distributed.

Everyone's Event Information Bureau
We are looking for this week's recommended events and event impression tweets from a certain anime and voice actor related events
Tonight's companion ... Latest CD ranking
Weekly anime CD rankings announced by album and single.Cooperation is Oricon.
Cheers with guests!
A corner where you can approach the real face of the guest while drinking alcohol (including soft drinks) with the guest.
I'm sorry at night Akiba rice
A corner where you can enjoy recommended dishes in the studio by introducing the shops in Akihabara.
Monday Twitter News
A corner to pick up news about anime and voice actors that became a hot topic on Twitter.
Tuesday (Yuki Ono, Yuka Otsubo)
Enjoy the best sweets!Today's sweets
A corner where you can challenge the narration and food repo by naming the first sweet as "sweet" under some conditions.However, if the quiz cannot be answered, the program AD will make a food report.
Introducing popular sweets!Narration please!
A corner renewed from "Today's Sweets".Introducing sweets Compete for how well you can narrate VTR.Only the person who can narrate the best of Ono and Otsubo (and the guest) can eat the sweets after being judged by the viewer questionnaire.
It was also held when Otsubo came on Wednesday in the 2nd season.
Wednesday (Hiromi Igarashi, Shiori Mikami)
Weekly highlights
A corner that looks back on a week of personality.
Decided tonight! My BEST
A corner where individual rankings based on themes are announced.
Zubari Diagnosis! Women's Heart Clinic
A corner to answer questions about the viewer's woman's heart.Respondents wear lab coats and stethoscopes.
You win !? Delusion time
A corner that recruits lines that you want to say in the specified situation and blows them into the binaural microphone.
I want you to choose ♡ Tokimeki simulation
In each situation of Igarashi and Mikami, the viewer selects from 2 choices in the manner of a romance simulation game.If you answer correctly, you will be able to hear the reward lines and the degree of friendship will increase by 4, but if you miss it, you will be cursed.If you accumulate 1 degrees of friendship, you will be rewarded even more.
Ota rice terrorism
A corner where you can experiment with various meals.
Terrorism over the world
Known as "Sekaota".A corner to eat world food.
Drawing party with the lines of Mikashi painter
Mikami's drawing power discovered by shuffling with Tuesday.A corner where you can draw various famous lines to improve your skills.
Thursday (Daisuke Namikawa, Kisho Taniyama)

He called it "a meeting with a standing talk" and proceeded with the talk with almost no setup.

Daisuke Namikawa's ruby-free news
Daisuke Namikawa, who has weak kanji, challenges to read the news.A corner where the queen is whipping with ignorance that she is weak in kanji and does not know much about kanji.If you make a mistake, Namikawa and personalities will be jointly and severally liable.[Note 15]As a whip by the Queen of SM.
The world unknown to voice actors
A corner where guests are invited from a lesser-known industry in the world to dig deeper with talk.
Friday (Tomokazu Seki, Takuya Sato (first half), Subaru Kimura (second half))
Bondage world
A corner where Tomokazu Seki, who loves bondage, masters bondage such as turtle shell binding.From the second time onwards, professional bondage mastersHajime KinokoIs a guest teacher.As one of Seki's hobbies, what I did in the first session has become a de facto corner.[13].
Improvisation Ateleco
A corner where you can ad-lib your voice to a video without voice.

2nd season

Monday (Hiroki Yasumoto, Takuya Eguchi)
Urgent recruitment on Twitter! Whisper on ikebo! → Ajifuka Word
A corner where you can solicit lines and words you want to say on Twitter and read them using a dummy head microphone.In rare cases, a crazy word may be included ...
Read the viewer's heart!Night play derby
A four-choice questionnaire is given to the viewer. Ask the MC to predict the ranking and bet coins.Start with 4 coins you have at first.If you hit the mark, you will get twice as many coins as you bet, but if you miss it, the coins you bet will be forfeited.If you run out of coins, you can borrow money, but the grade of your next lunch will be lowered instead.
In the early days, 1st place with 2 points was doubled with either Atari, 2st place was 1 times with 1 point, and 4st to 4th place were all 20 times with Atari.
World Proverbs None Quiz
Guess the proverbs of four of the twelve proverbs.Initially, the staff was thinking about false sayings, but in the middle they switched to viewer posting.
Takuya Eguchi upbringing plan
Takuya Eguchi became familiar with it without knowing anything, so we plan to test it.The answer is scary.
And become a mother
A plan to use Sachiko to learn about the difficulties of a mother and become a mother.
Tuesday (Tomoko Kaneda, Subaru Kimura)

* The opening food and Subaru Festival have been revived on May 2020, 5 with a 3-minute extended live broadcast.

Opening hood
Various foods appear every week and free talk is held while eating.
Help card
A card that helps listeners and Kimura.Types include Popo-chan (Wataru Mori) telephone, Kaneda Heaven, break, pin microphone off, and lollipop.Popo-chan's telephone was used frequently, although it was rarely used, probably because there was no need for help.[Note 16].
Subaru Festival at 22:38 "6" minutes "XNUMX" seconds!
A corner where programs are trended on Twitter. Two MCs hold hands and shout "Subaru".By the way, 2 = su, 3 = ba, 8 = le.From the 6th broadcast, we have introduced information about "9" and "Subaru" under the title of "Subaru Petit Information".
Sensual novel reading session
A corner to read erotic novels toward Damihe.
Match with switching!Looking at the camera
A corner that has been promoted to play from Kimura's special skill.The seven cameras in the studio switch randomly.Therefore, the challenger looks at the monitor and looks at the camera.
Wednesday (Hiro Shimono, Maaya Uchida)
Aim for a beautiful body! Shimosap
A corner where Maaya Uchida, the number one muscle trainer in the voice actor world, trains Maaya Uchida into a nice body by the end of the year.The training content is the content that Shimono himself is doing in his own way.
Well exciting ♥ Petit stunning
A small corner that is held every week at some point in the live broadcast.It is a loose project in which Uchida makes a surprise to Shimono and finally makes a story with a sign that says "Tettere".The quality of the stunning camera deteriorated with each round, and after Uchida took a rest due to poor physical condition in the 12th round, it has not been held since then.
Healing voice with Damihe, whispering / Healing answer with Damihe
A corner where Shimono and Uchida whisper to Damihe, which is said to be a healing combination on Wednesday and the healing day.Healing Voice whispers the lines posted in advance, and Healing Answer whispers the lines according to the situation posted during the live broadcast. (Even on Tuesday 2020, it will be broadcast after being brushed up as Damihe Healing.)
Sampler reading session
A corner where you can read aloud according to the BGM. BGM is switched at the staff's free timing.
tell me!Life ○○ best 3!
A corner to announce the best 3 of various themes.
Enrich your talent profile
In the official profile posted on the office homepage, Shimono's "qualification" column and Uchida's "special skill" column are blank, so the goal is to fill this section.In fact, Shimono passed the Japanese Ramen Test (Beginner) at this corner and became a "ramenist".
Thursday (Daisuke Namikawa / Monthly MC (first half), Kisho Taniyama (second half))

In the first half, we were planning for the monthly MC.

Daisuke Namikawa / Monthly MC

My! Pie chart
A corner where you can dig into the elements that make up "I am now" by expressing them in a pie chart.At the guest appearance times, we will ask the guests to write and talk.
SNS patrol (April)
A project to check the voice actor's remarks on SNS and crack down on disturbed posts.The actual posted content is displayed on the screen for judgment.
Snack Tsubasa → Philippine Pub TSUBASA → Kappo Yonaga → Host Club Wing (May)
A corner where Yonaga answers viewers' worries from a female perspective.
Raise the wing man! (in May)
A corner that raises the masculinity of Yonaga.
Luxury Food Challenge (May)
A corner aiming to enter the Twitter trend of the program.If you enter the trend, you can eat high-class ingredients.
I'll tell you the tastes of adults! (June)
A corner where Iwata teaches Namikawa the tastes of adults.
Compatibility diagnosis!Episode ☆ Bingo (July)
A corner where Namikawa and Yoshino agree on the answers to complete the bingo.Later, it was held in the Taniyama return round and the final round of the 2nd season.
You choose!Night play theater! (August / September)
A corner where MC plays various situations toward Damihe.Along the way, a three-choice questionnaire with dialogue is given to the viewer. The MC predicts the 3st place, and if the prediction is correct, the MC can read the line, but if it is not correct, the program AD will read it.
It was held once in 2020.
Because it's night ... I feel good ~ Let's do it ♡ (September)
A corner that recruits pleasant moments from viewers.In the latter half of the corner, we will introduce comfortable goods.

Daisuke Namikawa and Kisho Taniyama

Remember the correct name!
A corner where you can guess what it is from an unfamiliar name.
Can they be arranged correctly?
A corner that sorts things correctly.
Friday (Tomokazu Seki, Genki Okawa)
Night play hero show planning meeting
A planning meeting corner to realize a show of original heroes for night play.As a result of making full use of the connections of the main people to create full-scale things such as scripts and costumes, and proceeding with the schedule to be performed at G-Rosso in December, the production was performed in the form of public live recording on December 12. , MC on other days also appeared.


All days
Connect with everyone!Atele Connect
A corner proposed by a voice actor and a night play connection.Make a video in which another voice actor puts a voice on the video that the voice actor lip-synchs. (It is a relay format by MCs and guests, and is carried out every time from the connection on April 2020, 4 to the connection on April 23. (The order is Kaneda → Kimura → Seki → Morikubo → Taku Yashiro (guest) → Nakamura → An Former → Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (MC of Uchida's deputy) → Shimono → Komatsu → Uesaka → Ishikawa → Namikawa → Kaneda))
Halloween Cosplay Viewer Vote!
A project held in the week of October 2020, 10. At the "Voice Actor and Night Play Halloween Week" on October 12th, the cosplay of two MCs will be decided by a viewer vote.Cosplay candidates are selected from discussions between two MCs.An example of cosplay that the staff thought about is displayed on the monitor, but you can think about it yourself.At that time, "Mercury VS Mercury" was added to the example of Wednesday's cosplay due to the bad ride of MC on Monday, but Uesaka refused "Mr. Yasumoto! Tell me on Tuesday!".Result Monday is "Freddy VS Freddy" (YasumotoFreddy Krueger, NakamuraFreddie Mercury), "Witch (Uchida) & Dracula (Shimono)" on Tuesday, "Groom (Komatsu) Bride (Uesaka)" on Wednesday, "Mine Makeup Gothic Lolita" on Thursday (guest'sKoichi YamaderaOn Friday, "Samurai (Seki / Morikubo) & Ochimusha (Ochimusha)Aina Aiba(Guest on October 10th)) ”.
Let's make original goods on the day of the week
A project held in the week of October 2020, 10. Original goods sold in the 26nd season will be created this season as well.Similar to Wednesday's "Wednesday of Destruction T-shirt" that is already on sale, it creates original goods for each day of the week.Goods for each day of the week were decided to be "Bunbun Chopper" on Monday, "Healing Cushion" on Tuesday, "Hat" on Thursday, and "Glasses Case" on Friday.In addition, it was decided to make "Eco Bag" on the week of September 2th, and "Parker" which will be the second original goods on Wednesday, December 9nd.
Night play MC challenges!Dasan quiz
December 12st Weekly night play A obi project held at Christmas Week.Choose from three choices of what Kaneda answered to the question about each day of the week (rather close to Ogiri) that Kimura of the connection MC thought.If the answer is correct, # Kaneda Kimura and the viewers who tweeted with the night play will be given original goods for the night play day, but if the answer is incorrect, there will be no gift.The correct answer will be announced at Tsuna's OA, but since Tsuna was recorded one week before OA, the viewer will know the correct answer while watching the question creation.As a result, the answer was incorrect only on Friday.
Voice actor and night play grand prize 2020
A project held at the year-end party SP of "Voice Actor and Night Play 12" broadcast on December 26th.Looking back on past broadcasts, decide on the most sensible ❝ sloppy MC ❞.After watching the VTR, ask the viewer to vote YES or NO, and have the MC with the highest percentage of YES receive a punishment game (reflection & rubber patching with the monkey).The nominated one was Nakamura's "Smoke Mokumoku with water in oil (a scene where Nakamura poured water into a wok burnt with oil at" Anchu Meshi ")" on Monday, and Shimono Uchida's "Arbitrarily flirting" on Tuesday. (Scene where Yasumoto doll and Kaneda doll worked on "Tonton Voice Sumo") ", Komatsu's" Weird pot addicted to "Voice actor calculation" and "Birthday like" at Uesaka's birthday SP "I tried to sing a song") ", on Thursday at Namikawa's" Gudaguda Flash Mob (" Ishikawa Kaito Birthday SP", I set up a flash mob with a surprise, but Namikawa forgot the lyrics and melody, so Gudaguda (Scene that has become) ”, Seki's“ I can't appear in the advance notice video on Friday (selected from outside the broadcast because there are many staff members) ”, and Kimura's“ I can't shed real tears (“ Tears and connections) Kimura couldn't shed a single drop of tears in the project "Let's do it!"As a result, Namikawa was selected as the grand prize with 2020%. (Monday 6%, Tuesday 96%, Wednesday 58%, Friday 66%, Connection 73%)
Monday (Hiroki Yasumoto, Shugo Nakamura)

Commonly known as "somehow Monday", "ordinary Monday", "experimental Monday".

Hashtag is #Yasumoto Nakamura and night play.

Know me!
In order for Yasumoto & Nakamura to understand each other better, past Twitter posts are filled in with questions.
Night play borderline
Use the ABEMA questionnaire function to ask YES / NO 2 choice questions.The MC predicts whether the percentage of YES is higher or lower than the set value.Initially, 3 point was earned for 8 consecutive correct answers and 3 point was forfeited for 1 consecutive incorrect answers, but since it was difficult to get 10 consecutive correct answers, 11 point was earned for 2 consecutive correct answers and 10 consecutive incorrect answers were forfeited points. It was changed to -3 point from the broadcast on August 18rd. With XNUMX points, he plans to perform the most luxurious location in the history of night play with a voice actor. Achieved XNUMX points on November XNUMXnd, and on March XNUMXth, a reward location was held jointly with the MC on Thursday.
Large public ❤︎ My solo play → Large public ❤ My limo rice
Introducing the companion of the two MCs' nesting life.At the first corner, there were many requests for food from viewers, so from the following week, the corner changed to a corner where we cook and introduce dishes that match the theme.After Yasumoto came to the studio, he cooked food in Nakamura for a while regardless of the corner.
Vocabu library
Think of new opposite words to increase your important vocabulary as a voice actor.
Anchu Meshi → Anchu Bunbun Meshi
A plan for Nakamura to serve dishes that Yasumoto can easily do.The time is set to about 15 minutes, but it greatly exceeds each time.Yasumoto's sake goes a long way because Nakamura's cooking method is quite interesting.Nakamura's skill is improving with each round.According to Yasumoto, because the two MCs did something, they couldn't cook in the studio, but after the original goods Bunbun Chopper was made on Monday, both can easily use Bunbun Chopper. I make dips and rice companions.
Viewer post!Night play Ogiri
The viewer answers the subject given in advance.
Shugo Nakamura's One More!
A play in which Nakamura acquires an original personality.
Re: Tasteful
A project that brushes up the tasteful word that was held in the 2nd season.A play in which Yasumoto and Nakamura confront each other in a tasty word sent from the viewer.
A little shiritori
Play with a little rule added to the shiritori.I often play Shiritori card battles.
Bakutan! NEO3 large ○○
A corner where you can decide the "three major XX" of a certain theme without permission and prejudice.
❝ MDC ❞ Destiny Choice! ~ Monday Destiny Choice ~
Play to predict which of the two choices is more, using the questionnaire function of ABEMA.If you make a mistake, you will receive a strong wind on your face as the wrath of God.
Tuesday (Hiro Shimono, Maaya Uchida)

Known as "Healing Tuesday"

Hashtags are #Shimono Uchida and night play.

When guest appearances, it often starts with a parody of the OP of a popular program.

Solve your daily worries ⁉︎ Quiz!The correct answer is viewer voting
You will be asked a quiz on how to solve problems that you do not know how to behave in your daily life.
Damihe Healing
A brush-up of "Healing voice whispering with Damihe" that was done in the 2nd season.A corner where Shimono and Uchida whisper to Damihe, who are said to be a healing combination on Tuesdays and healing days.Say the lines posted in advance according to the theme.
It is usually done every time, but it is often not done in guest times.
Let's shed light on the shaded guy!
Signs and characters that you see but don't pay much attention to (signs under construction, please stop rushing in, etc.).A play to infuse such shaded people with the "life of voice" and shed light.However, after making a voice, the production seems to have ascended to heaven for some reason.
It has existed since the beginning of 2020, but it was not held until it could be broadcast in the studio, and the corner itself was shaded, and only 5 copies were submitted by the viewers, but gradually after several times Has increased.
What if subculture talk
A corner to talk about "What if XX?" For anime and games.
Seven changes in voice actors
A brush-up of the 2nd season "Sampler Reading Session".Play to read the lyrics of nursery rhymes and old stories with the voices of various characters.An illustration of the character to be played is displayed on the screen.Character illustrations are recruited from viewers.
Today's jam uncle
A mini corner that introduces delicious bakeries.Performed before the anime announcement.
Wednesday (Mikako Komatsu, Sumire Uesaka)

Known as "Wednesday of Destruction" At the beginning of the new season, it started after destroying something at the beginning.

If there is no production cost, it will be broadcast from the conference room and the telop will be handwritten.

Hashtags are #Komatsu Uesaka and night play.

All together!Transform your mind!
If you choose the same item from the 6 disguise items, you will succeed.However, it will not end until it is complete three times.
I tried to sing a typical theme song.
Sing the karaoke sound source of the fictitious work title with lyrics like that with ad lib. (By the way, the 19thIshihara KaoriIn the guest episode, it was changed to Komatsu, who will celebrate his birthday the following week, and in the 24th episode, it was changed to "I tried to sing a birthday song," which is given to Uesaka. Then Komatsu sang to Uesaka. )
Trouble-solving ⁉︎S Call me Mipe-sama!
Uesaka solves the viewer's worries.
Top-Tsumikako game
A game in which 6-letter words are alternately said according to the rhythm of the opening video "Koma-Tsumikako". In the case of words in the NG genre, you must always say "Koma-Tsumikako".If you make a mistake, you will have to drink "Koma-tsuna Juice" as a punishment game, and you will have to start over from the beginning. On August 8th, a new "Koma-Tsuna Ice Fruit" was released. "Koma-tsunabe" appeared on January 26th, but it turned out to be a delicious hot pot. If you can say it 1 times in a row, you will be successful.If Komatsu's substitute MC is 27 characters, it will be done with the name of that substitute MC (Yoshimi OharaApplicable).At that time, the substitute MC is allowed to fail up to 3 times.
Wednesday down down
Using ABEMA's questionnaire function, ask viewers questions that can be answered with YES or NO regarding the subject, and if the percentage of YES can be reduced three times in a row, it will be successful.Play that you can get a reward (beer ticket).
Apparel Factory M & S
Destruction Wednesday Play to make original goods.We will make a T-shirt through discussions, and we have been wearing the T-shirt since August 8th. Sales began on August 12th. From December 8nd, we will make a second hoodie.
The "answer" is Damihe!Voice actor calculation
A play that derives the answer of two people by multiplying various situations and emotions recruited from viewers on Twitter.
Destroy the ranking!Playback ranking
A play that destroys the already announced ranking and creates a new ranking from the two people's own perspective.
Did you do anything at that time? Age pinpoint talk!
Improvise talk about the number (age) written on the ping-pong ball (Age is also written above the actual age, in which case you will talk in anticipation)
Tonight's salmon ~ Nosakana? Exchange Senbero snacks!
For 1000 yen provided by the program, buy and exchange "snacks that the other party seems to like".In addition, at the Halloween time, sweets were exchanged after Halloween, and the sweets were changed to match alcohol.
quiz!The moment you answer, the answer is great
Question corner held at guest times. Two MCs ask questions about the guest, and the guest answers the question obediently.
Thursday (Daisuke Namikawa, Kaito Ishikawa)

Although it is not a popular name, it is often referred to as "Claim Thursday".

Hashtags are #Namikawa Ishikawa and night play.

At the beginning of 2020, a large number of corners were prepared, but most of them were not done.

In the OP talk, it is standard that either Namikawa or Ishikawa begins to talk about a certain word, and the other party knows it.

Certificate of fulfillment from Kaito → Certificate of fulfillment from staff ❝ Can this be done! ❞
It was a real Gachi confrontation corner where junior Ishikawa challenged senior Namikawa, but from the middle of the course, two people cooperated to challenge the theme from the staff, and if successful, it was changed to a play where you can earn fulfillment points. If you collect 2 points, you can get the right to do anything (so-so). Achieved 100 points on February 2th, and on March 18th, a reward location was held jointly with the MC on Monday.
Generation Gap ⁉︎ Talk
"Voice actor and night play" Ichi's age difference combination Namikawa Ishikawa talks based on the theme and enjoys the gap.
I want to see the seriousness of the voice actor!Can you say this? Challenge!
A challenge in which Namikawa Ishikawa reads out one word with various emotions according to the theme using Damihe. Every time you clear one question, you can get XNUMX fulfillment point.All judgments are made by the staff. (Example) "Word" "Delicious" "Theme" "Delicious" when you say it carefully though it is not really delicious.
Quiz Daisuke Namikawa
"Daisuke Namikawa" may change to "Daisuke Namikawa", "Inusuke Namikawa", "Daisuke Namikawa", etc., and although it was planned every time, it was not held until the end.
Friday (Tomokazu Seki, Shotaro Morikubo)

Known as "Extreme Friday"

Hashtags are #Sekimori Kubo and night play.

Morikubo was supposed to be unable to come in many cases, but due to the influence of the new Corona, he is now able to come.

When a guest appears, he often makes the guest MC.

Naked Morihisa This is today's body!
A play that applies Morikubo's face to the body photo sent by the viewer.
Freshly listened to singer karaoke nowadays!
Kubo Sekimori sings a modern song that young people sing in a state of squirming when they hear the assignment song on the day.
New sensation karaoke!Somehow the song! → Viewer post!Somehow the song!
A play born from "I just listened to the song karaoke nowadays!" A play that somehow sings a song that the two MCs do not know. August 2th was held by choosing from the 8 best karaoke.
Bun throw! 10 minutes talk
A corner where you can talk for 1 minutes on some topics of the week.If you have guests, cover topics related to them.

Guest / substitute MC


VTR appearances and telephone appearances are excluded.TaiziAppeared in a jump.

1st season

  • 5st (April 2018, 5) Izawa Shiori
  • 11st (April 2018, 6) Shuhei Shimada
  • 12st (April 2018, 6) Nijihiko Amon
  • 15st (April 2018, 7) Seitarou Mukai(Tianjin)
  • 17st (April 2018, 7) Miyuri Shimabukuro
  • 20th (August 2018, 8) Shiori Mikami-Ono and Shuffle
  • 24st (April 2018, 9) Hitomi Owada
  • 25st (April 2018, 9) Kaji Yuki
  • 26st (April 2018, 10) Wacky(penalty)
  • 27st (April 2018, 10) Ryota Osaka
  • 29st (April 2018, 10) Yusuke Shirai
  • 30st (April 2018, 10) Razor Ramon RG ――Appeared as "Fist Takashi".
  • 32st (April 2018, 11) Saori Onishi
  • 33rd (November 2018, 11) Tomoko Kaneda
  • 35th (December 2018, 12) Seitaro Mukai (Tianjin)
  • 37th (December 2018, 12) Seitaro Mukai (Tianjin)
  • 38st (April 2019, 1) Nobuhiko Okamoto
  • 40th (January 2019, 1) Ryota Osaka
  • 41st (January 2019, 1) Nijihiko Amon
  • 42rd (November 2019, 2) Tomoko Kaneda
  • 43th (December 2019, 2) Seitaro Mukai (Tianjin)
  • 45st (April 2019, 2) Big tree
  • 46st (April 2019, 3) Shin Furukawa,Suzuki
  • 47th (March 2019, 3) Aoi Koga,Yumori Hanamoru
  • 48th (December 2019, 3) Seitaro Mukai (Tianjin)
  • 5st (April 2018, 5) Natsuki Hanae
  • 9st (April 2018, 5) Shiken
  • 14th (July 2018, 7) Hiro Shimono
  • 17st (April 2018, 7) Shinichiro Kamio
  • 19st (April 2018, 8) Tomoki Ono
  • 20th (August 2018, 8) Shimiken, Shinichiro Kamio
  • 24th (July 2018, 9) Hiro Shimono
  • 30st (April 2018, 11) Takiya Kakihara
  • 32st (April 2018, 11) Jun Fukuyama
  • 33st (April 2018, 11) Aoi Shota
  • 36st (April 2018, 12) Yuuki Iwai(Haraichi)
  • 38th (July 2019, 1) Hiro Shimono
  • 43rd (February 2019, 2) Shotaro Morikubo, Hiroki Yasumoto
  • 46st (April 2019, 3) Terashima Souta
  • 47th (March 2019, 3) Kaito Ishikawa

2nd season



  • 2st (April 2020, 6) Yoshio Yamaya
  • 9th (August 2020, 8) Takuya Eguchi
  • 11th (August 2020, 8) Wataru Hatano
  • 13th (January 2020, 9) Mitsuo Iwata
  • The 14th (September 2020, 9) Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
  • 21st (November 2020, 11) Junta Terashima
  • 22st (April 2020, 11) Takahashi Minami
  • 23rd (December 2020, 12) Makoto Furukawa
  • 24th (December 2020, 12) Azusa Tadokoro
  • 26th (January 2021, 1) Tomokazu Seki, Shotaro Morikubo
  • 29th (February 2021, 2) Natsuki Hanae
  • 32th (August 2021, 3) Wataru Hatano
  • Special Edition 7th (June 2020, 6) Kimura Subaru
  • 1st (June 2020, 6) Junya Enoki
  • 9th (August 2020, 8) Daisuke Ono
  • 12st (April 2020, 9) Saori Hayami
  • 18th (August 2020, 10) Kick
  • 21st (June 2020, 11) Junya Enoki
  • 22th (August 2020, 12) Shigeki Kiyono
  • 26th (August 2021, 1) Daisuke Ono
  • 29th (August 2021, 2) Kick
  • 2nd (June 2020, 6) Kaori Ishihara,Matsumura Sayuri(Nogizaka46) --Matsumura is only at the beginning.
  • 6st (April 2020, 7) Takahashi Li --Appearance from the second half due to schedule reasons.
  • 9st (April 2020, 8) Yuka Iguchi
  • 19th (November 2020, 11) Kaori Ishihara
  • 21th (June 2020, 11) Yuka Otsubo
  • The 26th (January 2021, 1) Reina Kondo
  • 31st (April 2021, 2) Shotaro Morikubo
  • 33rd (March 2021, 3) Suzuko Mimori
  • 34st (April 2021, 3) Mai Kanno,Shina Shuto
  • 1st (June 2020, 6) Ryota Suzuki
  • 2st (April 2020, 6) Kimura Subaru
  • 3rd (June 2020, 6) Tomokazu Sugita
  • 9st (April 2020, 8) Kenshō Ono
  • 10st (April 2020, 8) Ayumi Murase
  • 11st (April 2020, 8) Tokkun
  • 12th (September 2020, 9) Tokkun
  • 14st (April 2020, 9) Hiroshi Kamiya
  • 18th (October 2020, 10) Koichi Yamadera --Secret Guest
  • 21st (April 2020, 11) Taketo Kajiwara
  • 22nd (December 2020, 12) Shotaro Morikubo,Kimura Subaru,Tomoko Kaneda
  • 23st (April 2020, 12) Toyonaga Toshiyuki
  • 24th (December 2020, 12) Ayumu Murase,Hideaki Kabumoto
  • The 26th (January 2021, 1) Tomokazu Sugita,Sakaguchi Daisuke
  • 27th (January 2021, 1) Hiroshi Kamiya
  • 29th (January 2021, 2) Ryota Osaka
  • 31st (April 2021, 2) Shotaro Morikubo
  • 32st (April 2021, 3) Gen Sato
  • 34th (March 2021, 3) Hiroki Yasumoto, Shugo Nakamura
  • 26th and 27th (July 2020th and 7st, 20) YOASOBI
  • 32nd (July 2020, 7) Kensho Ono
  • 33st (April 2020, 7) KEN THE 390
  • 114st (April 2020, 12) Namikawa Daisuke
  • 116th --120th (December 2020-12, 14) Momota Kanako (Momoiro Clover Z)
  • 143rd-145th (February 2021-2, 3) Sunshine Ikezaki
  • The 154th and 155th (February 2021th and 2th, 25) Wataru Mori
  • 160st (April 2021, 3) Shotaro Morikubo


  • 4th (May 2021, 5) Kosuke Toriumi
  • 8st (April 2021, 6) Nobunaga Shimazaki
  • 9th (June 2021, 6) Daisuke Namikawa, Tomokazu Seki
  • 1th (March 2021, 4) Shigeki Kiyono kicks
  • 4th (September 2021, 5) Maria Naganawa
  • 7th (April 2021, 6) Hiroki Yasumoto
  • 9th (August 2021, 6) Shigeki Kiyono
  • 3rd (April 2021, 4) Kaori Ishihara, Reina Kondo
  • 4st (April 2021, 5) Yoko Hikasa
  • 7th (April 2021, 6) Hiroki Yasumoto
  • 4st (April 2021, 5) Kenji Nojima
  • 7th (April 2021, 6) Hiroki Yasumoto
  • 1st (April 2021, 4) Mitsuo Iwata, Taku Yashiro, Hiroki Yasumoto
  • GW special project (May 2021st and 5nd, 1)
    • 1st: Tomoko Kaneda,Namikawa Daisuke,Shintaro Asanuma
    • 2: Tomoaki Maeno, Sora Tokui, Tasuku Hatanaka

Surrogate MC

1st season

Tomoki Ono
  • 向清太朗(天津)- 第9回(2018å¹´5月29日)・第13回(2018å¹´6月26日)・第24回(2018å¹´9月18日)・第32回(2018å¹´11月13日)・第33回(2018å¹´11月20日)
  • Tomohisa Sako --34th (November 2018, 11)
Mikami Shiori
  • Chiaki Takahashi-40th (January 2019, 1)
Kisho Taniyama
  • Shotaro Morikubo, Hiroki Yasumoto --27th (October 2018, 10), 11th (December 35, 2018)
Tomokazu Seki
  • Yuki Ono-18th (August 2018, 8)
Takuya Sato
Kimura Subaru

2nd season

Hiroki Yasumoto
Takuya Eguchi
Maaya Uchida
Genki Okawa
  • Ryotaro Okiayu-47th (March 2020, 3)


Sogo Nakamura
  • Tsuyoshi Koyama -12th (August 2020, 8)
Maaya Uchida
  • Mai Nakahara --Special Edition 1st (April 2020, 4)
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka --Special Edition 2nd (April 2020, 4)
Mikako Komatsu
  • Konomi Kohara-Special Edition 6th (May 2020, 5)

Staff (end credit display)

Comprehensive productionHideki Kasai
ConstitutionKyoko KoyamaSatoshi YoshidaYoshikawa SmithRyuzo MizobataSatoshi YoshidaYoshikawa Smith
DirectorKazuya KojimaChiyomi HanyuKeita UtsuRyuichiro HayashiTomohiro MasudaYuji TakadaRyuichiro Hayashi
Assistant directorSeiji Kuwahara
Yoshimoto tree
Takuro Okada
Shun TsujiiHironobu SatoJunhiro YangOsamu FukuiSaki Takahashi
Assistant producerYuko Takano
Kaori Takayama
voiceHiroyasu FukuchiAkihisa TsunodaHideki TakeuchiHiroyasu Fukuchi 
 Tomoho Amano 
Mami Nasuno
-Hideki TakeuchiTsuyoshi Yamakawa---
SWTakahiro KuwasawaNoriaki KoboriTomoki FuruyaDaisuke MatsunagaKenshiro MotoeTetsutaro Kawakami
Recording-----Fukuchi Hikiyasu-
Sound effectKeita Hosokawa
art directorMishaw Juria Miho Kano
creatorYukari Kamiya Akira Takashima (New Bridge Brothers)
Sound source provided----JOYSOUND
(Karaoke times only)
Opening musicYoshio Isao
Costume cooperation--MILK----
producerKento Yamazaki
Yumi Chen
RinnaMakoto OtsukaNaoki Matsuo-Makoto Otsuka--
PlanningManami Kabashima
Production cooperationWood office[14]
Production workABEMA


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