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🥾 | 3 Attention to avoid densely ... Natural parks, campsites, and prefectures introduce booklets

Photo booklet introducing natural parks and campsites in the prefecture

3 Attention to avoiding densely ... Natural parks, campsites, and prefectures produce introductory booklets

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We picked up ▽ Oga Quasi-National Park (Oga City) ▽ Mt. Moriyoshizan Prefectural Natural Park (Kitaakita City) ▽ Hottaienchi Camping Ground (Yuri Honjo City) ▽ Tazawako Dakiga Prefectural Natural Park (Semboku City).

Akita Prefecture is scattered throughout the prefecture while attention is focused on outdoor activities that can avoid "three crowds" due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. → Continue reading

 Akita Kaishin Shimpo

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Lake Tazawa Kagiri Prefectural Nature Park

Lake Tazawa Kagiri Prefectural Nature Park(Tazawa Kodakigaeri Kenritsu Zenkouen) isAkitaLocated in the eastPrefectural nature park.


The deepest lake in JapanLake TazawaAll of Tazawakokata includingTamagawaCreated by the flow ofDakigaeri ValleyIs the area.Semboku CityIt extends to the central and southeastern regions.

The southern part of the parkShiraiwadakeIn the vicinityMaki Midday Prefectural Nature ParkAdjacent to.


Lake TazawaAkita folk songAs you can see in No. 1, it is the 423.4th largest lake in the world with a maximum depth of 17m and the deepest lake in Japan.On the other hand, the Dakigaeri ValleyTamagawaIt is a steep valley created by.Unlike the calm Lake Tazawa, the steep stream of water from Tamagawa flows through the valley.There are retrospective waterfalls and Hyakuhiro waterfalls, andMidday mountainsNorthernWaga massifA number of streams that have their water sources in the mountains of Japan join Tamagawa.In addition, the surrounding area is surrounded by native nature such as beech mixed forest.

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  • Akita Sakigake Shinposha "Akita Prefecture Latest Information Map" 1986, pp. 102-103, end of the book.

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