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🥾 | Mountain accident in Nishikawa Town, Yamagata Prefecture Male rescue is also cardiopulmonary arrest Is it a mountaineer from outside the prefecture?


Mountain distress in Nishikawa Town, Yamagata Prefecture Male rescue is also cardiopulmonary arrest Is it a mountaineer from outside the prefecture?

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According to police, the man does not have anything to identify him, and he has not been notified of entry or missing.

A man found lying down on a mountain trail in Nishikawa Town was rescued by a helicopter of the Yamagata Prefectural Police on the morning of the 4th.Men are cardiopulmonary ... → Continue reading

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Mountain climbing plan

Mountain climbing planWhat is (Tozan Keikakusho)?ClimbingDocuments to be submitted at the time of. "Mountain climbing report""Climber card(Mountaineering card)" "Iriyama NotificationAlso called.


Mountain climbing planPolicemenSubmit to and notify your family. Basically, submission is voluntary, but depending on the local governmentMountaineering regulationsMandatory submission of a mountain climbing plan when climbing a specific mountain, orDuty of effortMay have become[1].. April 2017,Japan Northern Alps OfMt. Nishi HotakadakeFor two men who entered the mountain without reporting the mountaineering and had a slip accident,GifuIs applying the penalties based on the ordinance (fine of 5 yen) for the first time[2].

By submitting a mountain climbing plan,DistressIt will be easier to carry out initial search when there is a missing person, and it will be easier to rescue.

Depending on the mountain range, "Shimoyama notificationIn some cases, you may be required to submit a report by Shimoyama.

2014 Mt. Ontake eruptionIt is pointed out that many people entered the mountain without giving a mountain climbing report, making it difficult to grasp the number of missing people.[3].

Notification to family

Even if you submit a mountain climbing plan or a descent report, the police are not aware of whether or not the individual who submitted the descent has successfully descended. Detection of victims who have not descended on the scheduled descent date is made by the family (or workplace) not by the police.

Therefore, it is important to hand the mountain climbing plan to the family as well as the police.

Even if you submit a mountain climbing plan to the police, if you go to the mountain without telling your family where to go, in the unlikely event of a disaster, it is said that neither the family nor the police know which mountain you climbed. There is a risk that they will not be able to search and will not be rescued.

Submission to the police

Jurisdiction over the mountainPolice stationIt is basically submitted to Or prefecturePolice headquartersIt may be addressed to the regional section. By mailFAXBesides, recentlyインターネットSome local governments are accepting orders at[4].

We also accept submissions at the following places.

  • Near the trailheadOffice(Because I am not full-time, I will post it in the mailbox at midnight and early morning)
  • Submission box at the main entrance (not necessarily)
  • At the foot of the mountainRailway stationSubmission box (not necessarily)

Format of mountain climbing plan

It is basically free style. Templates created by police etc. are released on the Internet[5][6]Because it has been done. You can also use it.

At a minimum, you should fill in the following items:

  • For each climber, name, sex, age, address, mobile phone number, emergency contact (family) phone number
  • Mountaineering route (climbing mouth, target mountain, passing mountain, descending mountain mouth)
  • Climbing days, planned entry date and time, planned descending date and time
  • What to do in case of emergency
  • Which in an emergencyMountain hutWhether to stay at or what route to descend the mountain.
  • The term "emergency" used here means that the scheduled time has been greatly exceeded, sudden stormy weather/injuries, or more snow than expected.
  • Emergency descent route when changing plans
  • Quantity of food


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