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👍 | Farewell / Higashibukuro SNS suddenly closed In April, trouble with female pregnancy was found

Photo Farewell to Youth Light, East Bukuro

Farewell / Higashibukuro SNS Sudden closure Trouble with female pregnancy revealed in April

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An office official admitted to the Daily Sports report that "currently, we have a lawyer and we are talking about taking full responsibility for Higashibukuro."

Farewell to Seishun no Hikari, East Bukuro's Twitter and Instagram have been closed. It can be viewed even after the beginning of May ... → Continue reading

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Farewell youth light (comedy combination)

Farewell youth light(Farewell Seishun no Hikari)Japan OfComedy combination..Affiliation office is a corporation that serves as president and vice president in combinationThe Morito(Za Mori Higashi).BothOsakaI'm from2008Formed a combination in August.


Tetsuya Morita

Tetsuya Morita(Morita Tetsuya 1981May 8 -) isComedian,Businessman,モルック選手,An actor,作家,Writer,YouTuber.OsakaSakai CityI'm fromTokyoShinagawaGotandaResident[2].Osaka Prefectural Higashi Mozu High School卒(一留)。身長163cm。血液型B型。株式会社ザ・森東 Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board.MölkkyRepresentation from Japan[3].


  • 2006From October2008Until June, he was active in a comic dialogue called "Casablanca", and had stories such as "a man whose abdominal muscles were stolen".The partner at that time was then localShizuokaBack toTax accountantIs aiming for[4].
  • From 2019, the Finnish sport ``MölkkyStarted (#episode).
  • On January 2019, 1, the first book "Mental Virgin Rock and Roll" (KADOKAWA) was released.
  • June 2019, 4, ``IPPON Grand Prix』(Fuji TV) for the first time.
  • June 2020, 4, ``London HeartsWhen you appeared inHiroyuki AriyoshiNamed the "drainage outlet" because of its unique mouth.
  • June 2021, 1, ``Crushing quiz!Malicious arrow』Appeared and won the championship.Received a prize of 100 million yen.


  • 1日に2箱以上タバコを吸うヘビースモーカーでMobius LightLove smoke[5]..LargegossipLike.CustomsLike.It's a sticky tooth and it's stoic, which is also a favorite part of East Bukuro.[6].CatI like and have a cat at home[7] In addition, it was Morita who proposed to keep a cat in the office (The MoritoSee also).He is good at all-round comedians, tales, flats, planning ability, business talent of office management, etc., and is selected by fellow entertainers of "London Hearts" (TV Asahi, broadcast on January 2021, 1). He is highly regarded for his comedy skills, such as becoming the number one entertainer.[8]..In a predicament that can be said to be "dried" once, a high vitality such as setting up and operating a private office, steadily repeating live performances, and advancing to the finals of both "King of Conte" and "M-1 Grand Prix" He has a tee and has excellent memory, such as reuniting with a comedy writer who had interviewed for about 30 minutes before and remembering the name of the other party a few months later. Show a tactical side such as making videos and radio material[9].
  • Fashion isAmerican casualPrefer.
  • What's your favorite movie"Kishiwada Boy FellowshipAnd 'Pacchigi!Such asIzutsu movie,Hot love to boil hot water"[10]..My favorite music is "THE BLUE HEARTS"Or"The Cro-Magnons", My favorite is"THE HIGH-LOWS'[11].
  • My parents' house is a soba restaurant named "Karahenki".We recommend the unchilled soba noodles.Signs of many entertainers, including downtown Masatoshi Hamada, are posted in the store, but only the sign of the comedian in the jungle pocket is displayed on the second floor, which was originally Tetsuya's room, because the characters are dirty. is there.
  • In privateBike kawasaki bike [12] And Nao Hashimoto (Silver rice)[13] In addition to being on good terms with, Teruaki Ishii (Commandante), Shintaro Moriyama (Floor plan) And junior mansion Hiromasa (ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク)[14]I met in the award raceSizzle,Kammenaru, Takashi (Trendy angel) And have a friendship[10]..Shizuru is also the first benefactor to call me live when I had no work at all after my free transition.[15]..Former partner of East BukuroKazu LaserIs called "President" because the relationship between seniors and juniors is ambiguous and they are honorific with each other.[10].HikorohiI lent 50 yen for the Youtube project.


tv set

Current regular program

Past regular programs

  • Dobu Koi 2020 on Oyafuko Street (September 9, 23-October 10, 14,TV West Japan)-Navigator
Web tv

Current regular program

  • そそるクンTV(2020å¹´11月6日 - 、TSUTAYA TV)
  • Ticking TV(November 2020, 12 -,FANZA)
Internet radio
  • New Radio in New York(2019å¹´5月1日・2020å¹´4月23日・5月7日、YouTube)
original video
  • After school (August 2016, 8,Albatross) --As Toda
  • Smoke is all you need ... I'll make a fire! (February 2015, 2 --December 15, 2017, WebDa Vinci)[18]
  • The first independent memories written by a comedian Vol.10 (October 2020, 10,Comedy Natalie)[19]


  • Mental Virgin Rock and Roll (January 2019, 1,KADOKAWA) --Published under the name of Tetsuya Morita
  • Erotic book (2020)[20](March 2020, 3, Tokyo Kirara) --Morita,Honey JiroCo-authored with


East Bukuro

East Bukuro(ひがしぶくろ 1985May 10 - )は、お笑い芸人、実業家、俳優。OsakaIbaraki CityI'm fromOsaka Prefectural Kasugaoka High School,Doshisha UniversityDepartment of literature卒。身長166cm。血液型O型。本名:Yoshitaka Higashiguchi(ひがしぐち よしたか)株式会社ザ・森東 副社長。


  • I belonged to the comedy study group, which is a university-approved comedy circle, and at that time I was a year senior.Kazu Laser(CurrentMaple Chogokin) Was active as a combination "Full House".Farewell, before the formation of youth light2007Until September, he was active in a combination called "9", and from June to July 119, "Yanbaru Kina". From the time of the dissolution of 2008 to the formation of the Okinawa rail, he was active as a comedian "Chirashizushi half-serving".
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayAbemaTVThe online program "10 things Fujimon wants to do before it gets dried from the entertainment world], And selected "East Bukuro" from the candidates such as "Yoshifumi Higashiguchi", "Yoshiya Higashiguchi", and "Brother East Exit", and officially changed the stage name to Higashibukuro.


  • 側から見ればミステリアスだが、ただの人見知りな性格[11]..Special skillkarateIs the first stageBlack belt..According to him, he did not lose in the game for 4 years from the 3th grade of elementary school to the 6rd grade of junior high school.[7]..I liked radio and was broadcasting on Rakuten.FM.The title of the regular program, "Farewell Youth Light" In earnest production "" was named by himself.She loves women and is made into a story on the radio to reach out to fans[22].. HobbyGolf[11].Lucky Strike Expert Cut 6Love smoke,Ploom S 2.0I love it.crustaceanAllergies..I'm not good at insects.The golden Lexus was my favorite car, but I changed to the white Jeep.If both the motorcycle and the car are painted in gold, the police will often call out to you.[23]
  • I have a habit of talking.The restaurants I go to in Gotanda are Ramen Kairikiya, Oniyanma, and New Tan Tanmen.
  • I basically do not participate in the planning meeting of the Youtube channel, and I am in a position to be purely set up.I always doubt Morita's humanity against many surprises.[24]In terms of frustration, it is Bukudeli (* a plan to deliver the ordered meal to the home of the person who actually ordered it).The shooting itself is good, but by doing that, I got about 10 DMs a day like "I live in Sapporo. Please deliver 〇〇".Every time I think "what a hell", he said it was the toughest. Since I started the project on YouTube, many people have been licking it.[25]
  • Fashion isHysteric GlamorHowever, when he refused to provide costumes, he began to wear CE.
  • What's your favorite movie"Crayon Shin-chan series』.My favorite music is "KinKi Kids'[11],Yuzu. "
  • In my private life, I was taken care of at the most difficult time[15]Tokui Yoshimi(チ ュ ー ト リ ア ル) AndKazutaka Ozawa(Speed ​​wagon) And have a friendship[10].
  • Watanabe EntertainmentComedy combination belonging toFire thunderNokotetsu (Takayuki Fujita) is the son of Higashibukuro's mother's sister and her maternal cousin.[26][27]..My mother is a freelance listener. Broadcast on December 2020, 12Wednesday downtownAt, the theory that Higashibukuro, the bride of a senior entertainer, did not get on even if he tried to color it, was verified, and he showed a figure of persuading the other party with the bottom story fully open, but in the end it is not possible to make a move. Did not[28]..But his own crown radioFarewell, the light of youth is Ta da, Ba ka, Sa wagiIt turns out that many female fans who send DM are saffle, and it is exposed that it has reached the point multiple times[29][30]..In his own Youtube project, he was appointed as an ambassador to about 20 organizations.[31]Was featured in Yahoo News[32].


tv set

Current regular program

Web tv

Current regular program

Internet radio
  • 新道竜巳のごみらじお(2020å¹´2月26日・28日、YouTube)
original video


Encounter with comedy

Morita has been a comedian since he first remembered, "Kato-chan Ken-chan] OrKen ShimuraAfter the boom of[39]When I was in elementary school,A TV that gives you the energy of a genius Takeshi!"ofJunji TakadaI was addicted to it, and at the presentation of the class visit, I wrote a contest and showed it.[12]..It is Junji Takada who instilled the value of "I want to enjoy and earn" that continues to this day. [40]..In adolescenceDowntownI was particularly influenced by[41]..After repeating a year and graduating from high school at the age of 19, he lived a depressed and self-deprecating life for five years until he made a debt of 200 million yen and paid it back.Wild Fox ZenInspired by certain lyrics, I started aiming to be a comedian as a way for myself to earn XNUMX million without learning or having a talent for business[12][42].. Since I entered the Shochiku Geino training center in April 2006, I've been making new material to show the material once a week, and I've been behind the others, and I've been able to go live in August and September. Ta[39]..The reason I chose Shochiku is that Yoshimoto and Shochiku are the comedy entertainment agencies in Osaka, and I thought that Shochiku would sell better than Yoshimoto, who is a big family with the longing Hitoshi Matsumoto, overtaking seniors at once. But the reality was not so sweet[39].

Was an insanely dark kid[43] Higashibukuro is familiar with comedy such as local patterns, comics and new comedies, especially when he was in junior high school.Ninety Nine All Night NipponWas influenced by[12][41].Nine TineThe high school from which he was born is the hometown of East Bukuro, and the episodes played on the radio gave an impression different from that on television.Also, on TV, "Mecha x 2 cool!And 'Dog laughingI often watched the series[40]..When I was in the third year of junior high school, my father started to become a comedian.Namba Grand HanatsukiHe said he was revenge because he broke his promise to go to.In high school, I sometimes perform comics with my friends, and in college I joined a comedy circle.[12]..One grade older seniorKazu Laser(Maple Chogokin) And a comedy combination "Full House".They have always won the university comics competition,Yoshimoto,Nabe ProI auditioned for, but it didn't go well, and the combination disappeared naturally.[44]..According to former partner KazurezaWatanabe Comedy SchoolWhen I participated in the sponsored contest, I was a high school studentHaraichiWon the Grand Prix and was exempted from the tuition fee of 2 yen as a scholarship student for the second term, and Full House was shown a difference in ability with only 48 yen exemption, so he abandoned admission to Watanabe Comedy School. It is said that it was disbanded after graduating from Kazureza university[45].

Combi formation-Osaka era

In 2006Shochiku entertainmentMeet as a senior and junior at a talent training center (Morita is a half-year senior). After the dissolution of Morita's "Casablanca" and East Bukuro's "Yanbaru Kina" in 2008, "King of conteFormed with the aim of participating in.The dissolution of Casablanca was only three days after the formation of the Okinawa rail, and Higashibukuro, who had long wanted to work with Morita, also dissolved the Okinawa rail as if to match it.I told Morita in a long e-mail that I wanted to do it together, but Morita was distrustful of Higashibukuro, who was trying to switch immediately despite having teamed up with his seniors, and he was unwilling to invite him.[39], It is said that it was formed to try to appear in the King of Conte, which was founded around the same time.[7]..At that time, Morita was invited by a senior named Nishiguchi, and as a result, he chose the East Exit (East Bukuro).[46]..The godfather of the combination name is the originalBell peppers standardSatoshi Minamikawa (currently Minamikawa).The origin is the British movie "Farewell youth lightI went to Minamikawa to greet him to report the formation of the duo, and he said, "Then I'll put it on. There are two movies I watched yesterday, so choose one."I have revengeBecause it wasElimination methodI said I did it here[47]..Take the first stage in the first round of King of Conte[48] I didn't pass, but after that I got the first place in the office live[39], Continue the combination as I was able to go to the final selection of the 2009 "NHK Kou Mansai Contest"[12].

In the third round of "King of Conte 2009", Morita declined to participate due to influenza, and apologized to Higashibukuro by e-mail saying "I'm really sorry. I'll make a story for the final of the next ABC laughing rookie grand prix."[48]..In fact, Farewell, Seishun no Hikari will advance to the final of the "2010st ABC Owarai Rookie Grand Prix" in 31.[48].

In 2011, he held his first solo live "~ Tokyo Landing Operation ~".I went to Tokyo every month from Osaka, participated in the battle live and had good grades, so it was a reward from the office.[49]..They were unknown in Tokyo, and even though they were worried about the number of customers, the audience seats were almost full on the day of the performance.Various entertainers announced it on SNS, and I had no acquaintance at that time.Go shogi,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIt is said that this is because Yoshimoto entertainers such as Hiromasa Yashiki were visiting.[49] ..Their surprise, which appeared from the audience at the opening, was quiet and there was no cheer of a worker.The same is true in Osaka, and Morita recalled, "There is no waiting, just a stoic customer who asks me to show the story."[49] .

At that time, MoritaStringIn a life similar to that, Higashibukuro spent a poor Osaka era living in his parents' house, where he received about 10 yen a month for pocket money.Even so, I didn't feel gloomy when I made a story and got caught in a prize race.[12]..Also, because I didn't have a job in Osaka, I took a night bus on my own and went to a live show in Tokyo.[50]..Although he was not Yoshimoto, he appeared on the stage sponsored by Yoshimoto, digged into the award race, deepened his friendship with Yoshimoto entertainers, and became known as an indie live.[12][39].

In "King of Conte 2012", he won the second place in the final advance.The victory isBy KingSo, Morita thought, "Is it possible to (win)?" Until the beginning of Viking's second story "Homecoming".Eiji Kotoge"What a day!", A laugh like the sound of the earth happened and gave up the victory.[48].."I haven't seen a scene where the story is more exciting than that time," Higashibukuro said at the 2018 King of Conte recollection live.[48].

Since then, he has advanced to the finals for the fourth consecutive year until 2015 and for the second consecutive year from 4.

Leave Shochiku and advance to Tokyo

In the second year of its formation, it advanced to the semi-finals of the "M-2 Grand Prix", and while it was successful with many waiting customers in the same period, it became a factor to get on track.[51]..Raising dissatisfaction with the office, imitating a kind of family art that Yoshimoto entertainer says bad things about Yoshimoto, the two people say bad things about the office live, Morita has no salary to pay to them, but the training center I was angry that there was money to install a surveillance camera in, and I was reflected naked and danced with my middle finger, and Higashibukuro took problematic actions such as trying to upload pay slips on Twitter[51].. The two, who thought that "other offices would appreciate it," were detained by the manager at the time when they were talking about the office transfer, but they did not listen.[52]..Actually, one year before leaving the company, I have been informing the upper management of the office of that intention, and the upper management said, "I will eat you. Please bear with me for a year." The two decided to leave the company because they did not change[53].

2013May 1Morita apologized for reporting the cancellation of the solo performance scheduled on his Twitter account.[54]..Affiliation office (Shochiku entertainment) Was whispered, but26 DayMorita denied, "I still belong to Shochiku Geino, and I'm happy. It's not a transfer."[55]..Also, on the 27th, the president of the office at that time took me to a high-class yakiniku restaurant in Kita-Senju, and when I told him my intention to leave the company, I was supported.[53].. However,28 DayShochiku Geino of the affiliated office is "It is impossible to support their entertainment activities any moreWe announced that we would cancel the exclusive contract on the end of March.[56][57]..About this, the two people announced on Twitter that they will move to Tokyo from April after leaving Shochiku Geino and will be active as a freelancer.[58].

Later, the two said, "At that time, we misunderstood that we were in the national district." Looking back, at that time, I only told the manager of the site about my intention to leave the company, I had not met the upper management of Shochiku Geino, and the disappointed Shochiku Geino side did not say anything, so I myself Reveals that he had misunderstood that he was leaving the company.[59].

Regarding leaving the company, Morita recalled, "It's better not to quit" in the December 2019 broadcast "Is it okay to follow my house? (Dawn)" (TV Tokyo).[60]..Also, on October 2020, 4, "London Hearts』(TV Asahi), MoritaTKOIn reference to Kinoshita's exit turmoil, he said, "It's just a dismissal to say that I'm leaving. It's the same with us." Divide the work galaga into three equal parts, including the manager ... ", he said of the rigor after independence.[61].

To a free comedian

Good reputation from fellow entertainersMaseki entertainment companyI aimed to transfer to, but eventually I could not belong to the office[62].. Established a private office "The Morihigashi" in October of the same year as a project for the crown program "Farewell Seishun no Hikari Fainaru" that started in May 2013.[63]..In June of the same year, Higashibukuro of another officeSenior entertainerIt was reported in the weekly magazine that he had an affair with his wife[64]Due to the turmoil with the previous office, I was completely out of work and couldn't even go live.[60]..I was in a difficult situation, but I continued without breaking up the combination[65]..Morita, who learned of the female scandal of East Bukuro, thought, "It's amazing." "It's an entertainer."[66]..By the way, Higashibukuro doesn't have much memory at that time because of the fear of affair coverage.[67]..Even so, my senior at the office, TKO, continued to get along with me,ShofuiteiSaid to Morita, "Never let go of East Bukuro."[68]..Immediately after the turmoilTHE MANZAII met for the first time in the qualifyingSpeed ​​wagon OfKazutaka OzawaInvited Higashibukuro to a meal at a pace of about 5 times a week and took care of the entertainer in Tokyo.[68]..Shizuru was the first to call me live when I had no work at all after my freelance career.[15]..Despite the support of those around him, Morita put a lot of weight on new material and repeated live performances, and in the same year's "King of Conte", he returned to the final while being free.

Immediately after the runner-up of "King of Conte 2012", the monthly income was 8000 yen, which was a poor Osaka era, but Morita will end up borrowing 100 million yen to a friend even after entering Tokyo.[69]..A number of unpaid guarantees occurred, "In my first job after freelance, I took 6 shots of a slightly sexy program to play with my sisters in swimsuits, and the guarantee I got to work from morning till night was 5000 yen."[70]"I heard that it was a guarantee of 20 yen and I could not contact the person in charge because the guarantee of the location of the super popular variety show for 2 days from the early morning was unpaid."[71] Because he was free, he sometimes felt bitter.[69].

June 2016, 9, ``Squeeze teacher, don't be like me!!』(TV Asahi) (recorded at the end of 2015).He talked about the withdrawal turmoil of the office and the affair riot[10][72].

In "M-1 Grand Prix 2016", he advanced to the final while being a control teacher. He showed "a story like Noh" and finished in 4th place.

From May 2017, we also started "Morihigashi Advertising Hall", which produces web commercials by itself.[73].

After that, the number of TV appearances gradually increased, mobilizing 2017 people in the 600 solo live "Kaishin no Ichigeki", 2018 people in the 2700 "Tsune", and more than 2019 people in the 4500 "Daisangen". Continued to steadily increase the number of mobilization, such as[63][74]..The annual sales of The Morihigashi, which was 500 million yen at the time of its establishment, reached 2019 million yen in 4400, and the monthly income per person was 102 million yen.[75].

After forming the combination, he continued to challenge King of Conte, but he aimed to win the championship with "King of Conte 2018" as the last year, but no mark.Young OfHanakoWent to the final stage by one point and won the championship, finishing in 1th place.And he declared his graduation at the King of Conte Recollection Live held on October 4, 2018.[48]..Morita later said that this decision became a turning point, and he increased his work and became more focused on solo live performances.[76].

July 2018, 10, ownthe UAF YouTube-channelOpened a channel.Video of a long Tale that is not broadcast on TV on the same channel[77] , Mölkky, and distribution videos are posted.The concept started with a little money as a way to market ourselves to the TV industry with "YouTube to TV".[78].. The main audience for the channel in April 2020 is adolescent males (4% males / about 93% 18-24 years old, about 33% 25-34 years old).[79].. As of August 2020, if you regenerate 8 times a month, you can pay 40 yen for rent.[78].

On November 2019, 11, she appeared in the "Farewell Youth Light x Hisako Manda Talk Show" at the 30th anniversary event of Hankyu Sanbangai.Morita is a particularly memorable job (as of June 50)[42].

In February 2020, started planning a drama of Morita's book "Mental Virgin Rock and Roll"[80][81].

On July 2020, 07, I opened an official account on bilibili and posted a video of the story.The video is delivered with Chinese subtitles[82].

Same yearCoronaThen, sales and live work have disappeared, and recording has increased in remote appearances.[42]..Only the radio is normal[42].

Art style

Although he was a conte, he advanced to the final of "M-1 Grand Prix 2016" (result was 4th) and advanced to the final of "King of Conte" for XNUMX consecutive years.[Annotation 1], It is a combination that holds the most records of 6 times to advance to the final[22].

  • The material is mainlyControl..The role of Tsukkomi feels a slight sense of incongruity in the trivial actions and responses of the role of blur, and the conversation between the two gradually becomes impossible ((English edition)), Show the development that makes a common premise of "delicate and fragile daily life"[83]..East Bukuro has many psychopathic casts[84], The role played by Morita is tragically and absurdly involved.There are few cases where the bokeh and tsukkomi are clearly separated.
  • ComicManzai may be performed for the award race.Unusual as an entertainer who performs both Tale and ManzaiComic ManzainotTalking manzai.THE MANZAISo, he has been selected as a certified manzai teacher three times in the past.Also, the 3thM-1 Grand PrixThen, I made it to the final.In Manzai, Higashibukuro is often in charge of blurring.
  • Farewell, the biggest feature of youth light material (both control and comics) is the setting "DisassembledIt is mentioned that the pretending to "" is taken longer than general control and comics.[85]In many cases, the amount of laughter that occurs in the first "disassembly" affects the amount of subsequent development.This feature is that if you can take a big laugh with the setting "disassemble", you can improve the accuracy of the subsequent blur, but if you slip with "disassemble", it will continue to slide after that. It contains a "double-edged sword" element.In fact, in "King of Conte 2015", Morita, who was supposed to be an artist, slipped a lot in the setting that he had never drawn a picture, and was ranked at the bottom.At this time, the judge, Hitoshi Matsumoto, gave a comment with a blur that "it was more interesting to look at the floor."[86] Also, the long front pretension often works disadvantageously in highly competitive award races where there is a limit of about 4 minutes.[86], Has left a result.
  • The story is inspired by what Morita felt in everyday life.[84]..Morita has his own theory that "Tale is JAZZ", and he does not make a script, but lists only the blurs in bullet points and takes the style of adjusting the details while performing.[87]..Morita basically makes the material, butWarattame HeavenThe material to be shown at is made by Higashibukuro[88].
  • In free talk on the radio and live, Morita, who loves gossip, has a strong rumors about the woman-loving East Bukuro.[83]..It's a comedy that hurt someone (East Bukuro)[89].


  • Even though it is another office, it corresponds to the same periodFloor planWe have a close relationship with (Yoshimoto affiliation), such as performing a live performance with the unit name "Farewell Youth Sketch" (Moriyama and Morita are in the same town).[90].
  • Both Morita and Higashibukuro were judges for the ABC Owarai Grand Prix and the Comte Rookie Awards.Masayuki WatanabeI hate[46].
  • He advanced to the third round at King of Conte 2009, but Morita missed the day due to influenza.
  • In 2, when the two won second place,ABC Comedy Grand PrixApple was a judge inHeels), And I was given a suit even though my agency was different.
  • Morita said in the story that was shown in the final of "King of Conte 2012"Itaton(= Abbreviation for "painful, painful fly") "And(Downtown) Has become a buzzword in the program, such as imitating it, and the arrival voice of Itaton is delivered immediately after the program ends.
  • In the 2013 East Bukuro affair, the cuckold side Wada (Onigashima) speculates that the president of the ex-wife's office may have instigated the ex-wife to part with the Wada couple at the time. There is.At first, Higashibukuro was told that it was a variety show, and he met his ex-wife at the hotel, but he said that his sexual desire could not be suppressed.[91].
  • 2016,M-1 Grand Prix』First advance to the final.The catchphrase is "Unpredictable"(is thisLaughterThe same catchphrase as the 2004 tournament).He showed a story "Noh-like story" that is different from the qualifying.A high score was given by the judges, and "448 points”, But immediately after that, the repechage frameWagyu beefThe final ranking was 4th.Morita commented on this, saying, "(Based on the rule that either the 1st round of the final or the final final will be the material for the semi-final), the material for the semi-final would not have been good in the final. Was good. "Also, the material for the semi-final was made a few days before the actual performance, and it was hardly shown.
  • As of 2018, he has set a single record for the number of times he has advanced to the finals in "King of Conte" (6 times). In 2018's King of Conte, we abandoned the idea that there will be next year, declared the last year by ourselves, and prepared two rich stories because the rule was changed to `` story time: 5 minutes'' Then I went to the final.But this year wonHanako1th place with 4 point difference[Annotation 2] Also, from this year, the final stage advancement was narrowed down to the top three groups, so it was decided to lose as it is.The recording date was the same day as the wedding ceremony of Higashibukuro's younger brother, and since the finalists were not announced until the broadcast date, it was revealed in the comment after the 3st round that the reason for absence could not be explained. Was there.In addition, this year is the last time he has participated in the "M-1 Grand Prix" (the result is a semi-final defeat), and he has not participated in both tournaments since 1 as declared in the previous year.
    • As of October 2018, the story "Hero" that was intended to be shown when advancing to the final stage has been released as a live full-scale version on their official channel on YouTube.[92].
  • Morita has always been concerned that he has no taste, saying, "Please! Ranking"of"Neta sand(Broadcast on March 2019, 2)[93] At the time of appearanceSandwich manWhen I consulted withVaguely-nu TVBecause it was interesting to experience in[94] so,TomizawaFrom Finnish sports "MölkkyWas recommended.After that, I contacted the "Japan Mölkky Association" and my fellow entertainersMinamikawaとTyke KanaiTogether with him, he formed a team "King of Moruk" and participated in a practice session in Tokyo.Only one hour after that, he participated in the Tokyo tournament and showed the talent to win the position of Japan national team despite his first challenge in a short practice time.[95][96]..The cost of participating in the World Championships in France this yearCloud FundingThe amount of money that exceeded the target was collected[97].
8月17・18日に行われた世界大会では、世界14カ国から175チーム(約1,000人)が集まる中、チーム戦では1次予選を通過。2次予選は地元フランスの2チームと最強国のフィンランドが同じグループとなる過酷な状況にもかかわらず2位タイまでもつれ込む健闘を見せたが、「モルックアウト対決」(プレーオフ)で破れ敗退した。国別対抗戦には金井が代表3名に選ばれ、ベスト8入り[98][99][100][101], Minamikawa and Morita participated in the individual competition, and each of them lost in the quarterfinals and finished in the best 27 (out of 280 people), which is the highest in Japan.[102].
  • Broadcasted on May 2020, 8Wednesday downtown]UnjashAt the contest "King of Passing Tale" held under the theme of "Passing Tale", which is the art style of "King of Tale", he won the championship by showing off the Tale including the element of "Rose".[85][103].
  • "Hanamaru Daikichi & Chidori's Teppan!』Nakamura ShizukaWhen,Hinatazaka46 OfKyoko SaitoHowever, Morita was mentioned as the opponent who was involuntarily excited.
  • Morita won the championship with a malicious arrow on January 2021, 1 and donated all the 18 million yen he got to the viewers on his Youtube channel.[104]..The reason is that the guarantee is divided into three equal parts, but no prize money arrangements have been made.There is no archive left[105].

Award race history

  • 2008
  • 2009
    • 39 timesNHK Kamani Manzai Contest Advance to the final
    • King of Conte 2009 Advances to Round 3 (Morita abstains from influenza at this time)
    • M-1 Grand Prix 2009 Semifinal Advance
  • 2010
  • 2011
    • 32nd ABC Owarai Rookie Grand Prix Outstanding Rookie Award
    • 41st NHK Upper Manga Contest Runner-up
    • King of Cont 2011 advance to the semifinals
    • 26th NHK Newcomer Performing Arts Award Finalists
    • THE MANZAI 2011 Certified Manzai Master Finalist Circuit Advancement
      • Although he missed the final tournament, he advanced to the wild card final in 50st place, where 16th to 25th out of 21 certified comic masters can participate.
  • 2012
    • 33 timesABC Comedy Grand Prix second place
    • King of Conte 2012 runner-up
    • 27th NHK Newcomer Performing Arts Award Finalists
    • THE MANZAI 2012 Certified Manzai Master Finalist Circuit Advancement
  • 2013
    • 2013th in King of Conte 4 Final
    • THE MANZAI 2013 advance to the second round
  • 2014
    • Japan Comedy AssociationOrganizer 1st Tale Rookie Award Winner[106]
    • King of Conte 2014 final first stage defeat
    • THE MANZAI 2014 Certified Manzai Master Finalist Circuit Advancement
  • 2015
    • King of Conte 2015 Final 10th (Lowest)
    • M-1 Grand Prix 2015 semi-final advance (9th place in qualifying, 7th place in repechage)
  • 2016
    • Advance to the 37th ABC Owarai Grand Prix Final
    • King of Conte 2016 2nd round advance
    • M-1 Grand Prix 2016 Final 4th
  • 2017
    • R-1 Grand Prix2017 Quarterfinals (Morita)
    • R-1 Grand Prix 2017 Advance to Round 3 (East Exit)
    • 2017th in King of Conte 3 Final
    • M-1 Grand Prix 2017 semi-final advance (14th place in qualifying, 9th place in repechage)
  • 2018
    • R-1 Grand Prix 2018 quarter-final advance (declined due to work reasons, Morita)
    • 2018th in King of Conte 4 Final
    • M-1 Grand Prix 2018 semi-final advance (16th place in qualifying, 7th place in repechage)
  • 2019
    • R-1 Grand Prix 2019 Advance to Round 2 (East Bukuro)


tv set

Current regular program

  • Raikore TV (October 2019, 10-,TOKYO MX)- MC
  • Meeting to be held from today(November 2020, 1 -,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)[107]
  • My Neighbor Star (July 2020, 7-,Shizuoka Asahi TV)
  • Farewell to Youth Light Moruk Stadium! (April 2021, 4-, TOKYO MX)
  • Ariyoshi's wall(2015å¹´12月28日・2016å¹´3月28日・7月3日・12月24日・2017å¹´4月16日・6月24日・12月29日・2018å¹´9月23日・2019å¹´1月2日・10月2日・2020å¹´1月5日、2020å¹´4月15日 - 、日本テレビ) - 準レギュラー

Past regular programs

  • Good morning morning sun(March 2012, 6-March 18, 2012, Asahi Broadcasting)
  • Farewell to Youth Light Fainaru (May 2013, 5-September 9, 2014, TOKYO MX)
  • Faito Seishun no Hikari (December 2014, 12-March 5, 2015, TOKYO MX)
  • Buzzle (February 2015, 2-April,J: COM channel)
  • Chinami Suzuki's Life-Changing Human Resources Story (April 2016, 4-March 8, 2017,BS Japan) --Appeared in the office worker control corner.
  • Buzz Tavern (October 2019, 10-November 29, TOKYO MX)-MC
  • Movie heaven(October 2018, 4-March 2, 2019, NTV)
  • Where to go to Nogizaka(April 2019, 10-August 22, 2020, NTV)-MC[108]
  • Well then!(October 2018, 10 --September 13, 2020, Fuji TV) --Voice appearance
  • Nogizaka Skits(January 2020, 6-March 16, Nippon Television)-MC
  • Music HEAVEN(October 2020, 10-March 5, 2021,Saitama)
  • Farewell, Moruk of the Light of Youth 10 yen if you win (October 2020, 10-April 6, 2021, TOKYO MX)
  • Nogizaka Skitz ACT2 (October 2020, 11-March 10, 2021,Nippon TV)- MC
  • Morita and the dog (April 2021-4, 26, Shizuoka Asahi TV)




  • Ahare! Masterpiece(June 2016, 6, November 3, 2018, NHK E-Tele) -Kanetaro (Morita) Gyoji, Willapon Bunchame (East Bukuro)
  • UMA Gakuen (September 2016-)-Tom (Morita),Nessie Role (East Bukuro), nationwideTOHO CinemasIntermission animation screened at [111]


tv set

  • Dragon Egg (April 2019) --In Godtan's Program
  • menu (September 2019, 9-, here and there Audrey ~ Kasuga's shop is open? ~ Appearance date) --In the same program


  • Lady Holy Water Sour
  • Rifle Homes

Web tv

Current regular program

  • Farewell to cooking! Superb addictive rice (July 2019, 7-,cookpad LIVE)-Once a month
  • Trend Super Forecast (January 2020, 1-May 17, August 5, 25-,GnosticOfficial YouTube channel)

Past regular programs


Current regular program

Past regular programs

  • Farewell to youth light "In earnest production" (July 2016 --November, Rakuten.FM) --Every Tuesday 7:11 --25:00

One shot

  • Farewell to youth light GO! GUY! (July 2018, 7, July 8, 2019, TBS Radio)
  • Noctiluca (December 2018th and 12th, 6,TOKYO FM)
  • Farewell to Youth Light Naniwa Gold Rush (November 2019, 11, MBS Radio)
  • Love to laugh (April 2020, 4, MBS Radio)- Kaminari,HanakoBroadcast with 7 people.

Internet radio

Past regular programs


  • Good morning show(December 2016, 10,Toho)
  • Birth of Manga (November 2019, 11, Earthgate / contrail) --Yajiro Nakamura (Morita) Maruyama (Higashibukuro)


Online salon


Live alone

  • 2011
    • May 5-Kakuza Young Opening Series 18nd Night Farewell Youth Light Live~ Tokyo Landing Operation ~(Tokyo·Shinjuku Kakuza)[119]
    • September 9-Farewell Youth Light Osaka's First Solo Live-First Limited Edition- (Osaka)TORII HALL)
  • 2012
    • February 2nd / June 22th- "Weekdays"(Osaka·Dotonbori ZAZA HOUSE / Shinjuku Kakuza, Tokyo)
    • August 8- "Payday"(Osaka, Dotonbori ZAZA HOUSE)
    • August 9- "Payday in Tokyo"(Shinjuku Kakuza, Tokyo)
  • 2013
  • 2014
    • Farewell to youth light national control tour"Outer loop"
      • March 3 (Shizuoka Atelier Mirume)
      • April 4 (Aichi / Nanjare)
      • April 4 (Osaka Independent Theater 6nd)
      • April 4 (Sendai / Quarter Studio Sendai)
      • April 4 (Iwate / Iwate Art Support Center "Kaze no Studio")
      • April 4 (Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Kannabe Cultural Hall (Small Hall))
      • April 4 (Fukuoka / Hakata Riverain Hall)
      • April 4 (Saga / STAGE MARO)
      • April 4 (Hokkaido, small theater dedicated to theater BLOCH)
    • August 5- TBS Radio Ryota Yamasato's barren discussionPresents"Farewell to youth light solo performance with bonus"(Tokyo·Sogetsu Hall)
    • May 5-10 --Farewell Youth Light National Conte Tour Tour Final ~ Return to work ~(Shinjuku Theater Moliere, Tokyo)
    • November 8th-8th- "Stray stray stray"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere, Tokyo)
    • August 12- "A little" too much "live"(Sogetsu Hall, Tokyo)
  • 2015
    • February 2-20- "Stray stray stray stray"(Tokyo / Shinjuku Theater / Miracle)
    • May 5-30- "Nori"(Kinkero Theater, Tokyo)
    • Mynavi career change presents Farewell to youth light solo live"Norinori Tour"
      • November 11 (Kinkero Theater, Tokyo)
      • December 12 (Fukuoka / Resora Hall)
      • December 12 (Hokkaido, Concarino)
      • December 12 (Aichi / Higashi Culture Small Theater)
      • December 12 (ABC Hall, Osaka)
      • December 12 (Sogetsu Hall, Tokyo)
  • 2016
    • August 5-7th- "Norinori Nori"(Kinkero Theater, Tokyo)
  • 2017
    • August 4-26th- "A blow of conscience"(Owlspot, Tokyo)
    • Farewell to youth light business trip solo performance"Stegoro"
      • April 7 (Fukuoka / Hakata Riverain Hall)
      • August 8 (Nagoya / Fushimi JAMMIN)
      • September 9 (Hokkaido, BLOCH)
      • January 2018, 1 (Tottori / Gainax Theater)
  • 2018
    • Farewell to youth light solo LIVE"Two"
  • 2019
    • Farewell to youth light solo LIVE"Daisangen"[120]
  • 2020
    • Farewell to youth light solo LIVE"season by season"(Cancelled performance)
      • April 4-22 (Sogetsu Hall, Tokyo)
      • May 5-20 (ABC Hall, Osaka)
      • May 5th and 30st (Fukuoka IMS Hall)
      • June 6th and 5th (Hokkaido Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru Creative Studio)
      • June 6th and 12th (Aichi / Higashi Culture Small Theater)
    • August 9- "Stegoro Tokyo Collection Edition" (Tokyo·Theater 1010 )
  • 2021
    • Farewell to youth light solo LIVE"season by season"
      • January 1th and 8th (Sogetsu Hall, Tokyo)
      • May 1th and 16st (Fukuoka IMS Hall)
      • March 3th and 11th (Aichi / Nakagawa Culture Small Theater)
      • May 3-26 (ABC Hall, Osaka)
      • March 3-April 31 (Tokyo)Kinokuniya Southern Theater TAKASHIMAYA)
      • April 4-7 (Hokkaido / Sapporo Citizens' Exchange Plaza)

Unit live

  • Maruyama Scramble Eggs (Love letters -Kammenaru Unit)
    • The first performance "Maruyamacho Redevelopment" (June 2015-6, 19, Shibuya / Euro Live)
    • 2016nd performance "Restart Maruyamacho" (March 3-20, 22, Shibuya / Euro Live)


  • Entertainer Exchange Diary-The Story of Yellow Hearts-(2013)
  • next-G project [office COLORS x OZONE presents] Stage "Disguise Virgin" (May 2013-5, 21, Asagaya Theater Shine)-Neighbor role = East exit, Chimpira role = Morita
  • Farewell Youth Light Talk Live ~ Job Questions ~ (August 2013, 8, Saba no Yu @ Kyodo) --Guest: Hiroaki Higashino
  • Farewell Youth Light Talk Live ~ Job Questions ~ (October 2013, 10, Saba no Yu @ Kyodo) --Guest: Takashi Matsuo
  • Farewell to the light of youth during the production Public recording that does not flow anywhere (August 2018, 8, ABC Hall, Osaka)[121]
  • Yes, Tajio ~ What have you been doing in the past? ~ (August 2018, 8, ABC Hall, Osaka)[121]
  • Farewell, let's look back on the King of Conte for 10 years of youth light Talk live (October 2019, 10, Euro Live, Tokyo)[122]
  • Farewell to the light of youth × ~ Video LIVE that can't be done on TV or online, and can only be done in a private office ~ (January 2020, 1-30, ShibuyaEuro live / February 2020, 2, Osaka, Loft PlusOne West)[123]


Live alone

  • Naniwa number (October 2011, 10,Content league)
  • Nora Nora Nora (November 2015, 11,The Morito) --Limited sale of live venues and Tower Records only
  • Return to work (November 2015, 11, The Morihigashi) --Limited sale of live venue / Tower Records only
  • A blow of conscience (September 2017, 9,TBS Radio)
  • Two (September 2018, 9, TBS Radio)
  • Daisangen (September 2019, 9, TBS Radio) --OP "Daisangen's Theme" / Kawane Eon


  • Whole body! ~ My Best Conte ~ (January 2012, 1,Content league) -Includes "Magic" from "Naniwa Number".There is a comment video taken down
  • Usiro City Farewell Youth Light "cafe and coffee shop" (February 2013, 2,Content league)
  • Uresen !! Cheat Sheet "(February 2013, 2, Content League) --Includes" Boss and Subordinates "from" Naniwa Number "
  • King of Conte 2012 (December 2012, 12,Yoshimoto R&C)
  • King of Comte 2013 (February 2013, 12, Yoshimoto R&C)
  • King of Comte 2014 (February 2014, 12, Yoshimoto R&C)
  • M-1 Grand Prix 2016 Legendary Death Fight! ~ The Final Battle of the Soul ~ "(July 2017, 7, Yoshimoto Music Entertainment)


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