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📷 | Leica releases the latest version of "SL2-S" firmware.Improvement of movie shooting function, etc.


Leica releases the latest version of "SL2-S" firmware.Improvement of movie shooting function, etc.

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The color bar display function also outputs a test tone that facilitates voice adjustment.

Leica Camera has released the firmware of the latest model of the Leica SL system, the Leica SL2-S. ... → Continue reading


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Test tone

Test tone(English: test tone) IsLow-frequencyOscillatorCaused byAudible bandSingle withinfrequency OfSine waveIt is a signal.Used exclusively for testing and measuring audio equipment and transmission lines.

Recording equipment

Recorder analogIn those days, mixing consoles often had a built-in sine wave oscillator for test tones, and were used exclusively for level adjustment of analog recorders.In generalMaster tapeWith a signal of 1kHz0VU as a reference level forAzimuthas well as the EqualizerIt was common to record 10kHz for adjustment and 100Hz for low-frequency equalizer adjustment.For example, according to the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters' "Radio CM Material Handling Guidelines (2005 revised edition)", when a CM is brought into a radio station with 6 mm open reel tape, the angle adjustment signal 10 kHz and the level adjustment signal 1 kHz are used for 10 seconds. It is supposed to be recorded one by one.The frequency of the azimuth adjustment signal may be even lower depending on the times.

The recorderデ ジ タ ルAt the beginning of the conversion, the maximum amplitude signal due to the number of quantization bits was often adjusted to 0 dB (0 dBFS) and -20 dB to 0 VU.However, in POPS-type works, the limiter was used to raise the audible sound pressure to raise the average audible level, and in music recording, the peak margin is generally different depending on the genre. Became the target. In POPS series works, -16dB or more is often used as a reference.


broadcastIn the video as a level regulation signal in the station buildingColor barUse the signal sound of 1kHz0VU as the reference level, and adjust the input / output level of the device.A test tone of the specified length is recorded at the beginning of the tape on which the program is recorded according to the program exchange standard.

When you pass it through the speaker, you will hear a "po" or "pee" sound.On frequency or audibleEqual temperamentThen.Russiasound of(C majorShi) is the closest.

In the industry, it is called "1KHz sine wave" or simply "1K".Also, this soundSelf-regulating soundBecause it is used for a while, it is also commonly called "beep".

When the test tone is finished, the color barBGMThere is also a broadcasting station that broadcasts.

Also used in radio broadcastsTime signal("Pawn") is also basically 1KHz ("Pawn")NHKAs for the radio time report, the time report sound of 57 to 59 seconds is a 440 Hz sine wave, and the time report sound of 00 seconds is an 880 Hz sine wave).

Communication field such as telephone


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