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⛺ | Captain Stag's skillet "Multi Mini Bread" makes authentic takoyaki!Active in camping and home


Making authentic takoyaki with Captain Stag's skillet "Multi Mini Bread"!Active in camping and home

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This time, we introduced Captain Stag's "Multi Mini Pan," a skillet that makes it easy to make authentic snacks.

"Skillet" is a cooking utensil that is very useful for camping rice.Most of them are frying pans, but takoyaki and aheage ... → Continue reading


It is an outdoor information transmission media "Hapican".It is also linked with the program "Ogiyahagi no Hapikan" which is being broadcast every Wednesday at 0:15 on Me-Tele (Nagoya Broadcasting Network)!The program is also distributed free of charge on GYAO !. YouTube "Hapican Channel" too!

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Multi mini bread

Pearl metal

Pearl Metal Co., Ltd.What is (Pearl Metal)?NiigataSanjo CityHeadquartered inJapanIs a company.mainlyA frying pan,Pressure cookerMade of metal such askitchenManufactures supplies.Especially as a brand of kitchen and living products, Pearl Life (PEARL LIFE), And alsoOutdoorCaptain Stag that manufactures and sells supplies (CAPTAIN STAG) Is also known as a brand.


The origin of the brand name of "CAPTAIN STAG"Stag (STAG) Reader (CAPTAIN)

Starting with the sale of outdoor barbecue stoves and tablewaretentAnd sleeping bagssleeping bag) And so on.CurrentlyCyclingSupplies andCanoeIt is an all-round outdoor brand that covers even supplies.

Incidentally,Sanjo Municipal Stadium OfFacility naming rightsEarned2014May 4から2017May 3UntilSanjo Pearl Metal Stadium(Sanjo Pearl Kinzoku Stadium)[1].


  •  19675 --Established with capital of 300 million yen.
  •  19724 --Moved the company building to the current Gomyo area in Sanjo city.
  •  1976 --Started the Captain Stag brand as an outdoor division.
  •  19953-Opened "WEST Niigata store", an outdoor specialty shop.
  •  199512- Internet service providerStart a business.
  •  19986--Opened "WEST Sanjo store", an outdoor specialty shop.
  •  June 2011-Opened the outdoor specialty shop "WEST Joetsu".
  •  2012May-Established Captain Stag Co., Ltd.
  •  April 2019-Opened the outdoor specialty shop "WEST Nagaoka".


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