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👩‍🎤 | NGT48, 6th single center is XNUMXnd gen member Haruka Kogoshi "The future will be an ace"

Photo Haruka Kogoshi (C) Flora

The center of NGT48, 6th single is XNUMXnd gen member Haruka Kogoshi "The future will be an ace"

If you write the contents roughly
◆ Title song (6th single selection member) Yuka Ogino, Tomomi Oguma, Rika Nakai, Ayaka Nakamura, Miharu Nara, Marina Nishigata, Nanako Nishimura, Hinata Homma, Chikana Ando, ​​Kairi Sato, Yunako Sakuma , Fujisaki Mimu, Otsuka Nanami, Kogoshi Haruka, Kawagoe Sasai, Mashita Kaho ◆ Coupling (3) Kaku Yuria, Kusakabe Aina, Seiji Reina, Yamada Noe, Omiyama Saku, Sogabe Yume, Terada Hina, Yumeyu Tominaga, Ai Furusawa, Aoi Kodate, Himeno Mimura, Himemu Morohashi * Details of the singing members of Couplings (1) and (2), the titles of each song, and the contents of each song will be announced again.

NGT48 performed "NGT48 XNUMXth single selection announcement SHOWROOM special live delivery" on the XNUMXth, XNUMX ... → Continue reading


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Marina Nishigata

Marina Nishigata(Mina Nishigata,1995〈Heisei7 years>May 10 -) isJapan OfIdolAnd a female idol groupNGT48Is a member of.TokyoI'm from. Belongs to Flora. "Hey""Mari-chanThere is a nickname of ".


When I was in the second year of junior high school,10 years cherry blossomListen toAKB48Interested in[2], In July 3, when I was in the third year of junior high school, AKB2010's "11th Research Student Audition』Apply and advance to the final examination, but decline due to various circumstances[2].

After that, I graduated from high school and went on to university[2][3]Even afterAKB48 GroupI couldn't give up my dream of entering, and in 2014,Byte AKB48 project』Apply for the audition.On September 9, the same year, 20 people passed the final examination[Note 1]Selected as one of the members, and started activities as a part-time job AKB.Live video launch event[5],Nakano SangurazaProduct sales work at performances[Note 2]After doing the above, on February 2015, 2AKB48 TheaterWith "Thank you for the wonderful memories of the part-time job AKB performance-Last serious part-time job, please see at the theater !!-", the activity as part-time job AKB ended with the expiration of the employment contract period.[7].

next day,"2nd AKB48 Group Draft Conference Candidate Audition』Passed the third examination, May 3, the same year,Ariake ColiseumNominated in the first round from NGT2 at the "48nd AKB48 Group Draft Conference" held in[3]..On May 5, the same draft was nominated at the "NGT24 Theater Overview Presentation".Yuka OginoIntroduced as a member of NGT48 (1st gen member)[8].

On January 2016, 1, the NGT10 Theater opened its grand opening, and "PARTY begins』Started the performance.Form Team NIII with 15 others[9].. Announced on June 2017, 6, "AKB48 49th Single General Election』Was ranked 40th and was selected as the Next Girls[10]..The following day, announced on June 2018, 6,AKB48 53rd Single World Election General Election』Was ranked 24th and was elected to the Under Girls[11].

In January 2019, I was a member of NGT1Maho YamaguchiWhen the assault was discovered, Nishigata, who was suspected of being involved, joined Ayaka Tano.Niigata Police StationInterrogated[12]..NGT8 theater performance "I can't let my dream dieNishigata, who appeared in

All the members suffered because the fact that it wasn't true became widespread,
If what is said in the world is true, I will never stand on this stage.

Again denied involvement in the case[13]..Perhaps because of this influence, Nishigata's 5th single "Sherbet pinkI didn't update my official Twitter account for a year and a half until July 2020, 7, the day after the release.[14].


  • Onyanko ClubI dreamed of becoming an idol under the influence of my mother who longed for[2]..Through the work of part-time job AKB, I was thinking of declining the draft meeting because I thought that it was not suitable for me (idol), but as a result of being inspired by my mother's words "I can only do it now, try it" Became a member of NGT48[2].
  • I have two brothers[15].
  • My favorite word is "It's never too late to be the one I wanted to be."
  • Yuka Ogino has been working with Yuka Ogino as a first-year student of NGT through a draft meeting since the AKB era, and the combination of the two is called "Nishi Ogino".[16]..By the way, 2018AKB48 Group 2nd Unit Janken TournamentThen to these two peopleKashiwagi YukiI entered as "Nishi Ogi Kashiwa", but I lost in the first qualifying round of the preliminary round.[17].
  • To the target memberHaruna Kojima,Rena MatsuiAre listed[1].
  • JR Joetsu ShinkansenTsubamesanjo StationThen, the signage advertisement that Nishigata called "Welcome to Tsubamesanjo Station!" Was aired from March 2017, 3 (currently finished).[18].

Participating songs in NGT48 / AKB48

Single selection music


Theater performance unit song


TV program

  • Part-time job at AKB(Fuji Television Network, Inc・2014)
    • 16th (November 2014, 11) "Adhering to the first job of part-time job AKB!"
    • 17th and 18th (November 2014-11, 12) "Interviewer studio recording panelists for AKB19 members"
    • 20th and 21st (December 2014-12, 3) "Live Radio Personality"
    • The 23rd (December 2014, 12) "Deliver Xmas gifts from member to member"



注 釈

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