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👩‍🎤 | Nogizaka46 Mizuki Yamashita, in the quiz result, "I made an MV full of love for the 3rd generation, but when it comes to such a result ...

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Nogizaka46 Mizuki Yamashita, in the quiz result, "I made an MV full of love for the 3rd generation, but when it comes to such a result ...

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What song did Mizuki Yamashita make an MV for in the "Nogizaka Telescope" corner?

Nogizaka46 will start a special program "Nogizaka5 Seasonal Live Pre-Special Program" 7 Questions for 22rd Generation "" from 46:3 on May 12th (Friday). → Continue reading


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Mizuki Yamashita

Mizuki Yamashita(Mizuki Yamashita,1999〈Heisei11 years>May 7 -) isJapan OfIdol,actress,Fashion ModelAnd a female idol groupNogizaka46Members of[1][3],CanCam] Is an exclusive model of[4].TokyoBackground[5].. Height 160 cm[1].. Blood typeO[1].. Nickname isZukki[5],Mizuki[4].


1999(11)May 7Born in Tokyo[5].. The name comes from "because the moon was born on a very beautiful night"[6], The godfather is grandfather[6].. In high school, he belonged to the tea ceremony club and was the deputy director.[7].

Passed the Nogizaka2016 28rd gen member audition on September 9, 4[8].. After announcing the resultLINE LIVE"Nogizaka46 3rd gen member decision special" was delivered live, and the activity at Nogizaka46 started at the same time as the announcement of the result.[9].. In the publisher collaboration special project award, "Zipper"(Shodensha),"LARME(Tokuma Shoten), "LOVE berry(Tokuma Shoten), "Weekly Young Magazine(Kodansha), "Weekly Big Comic Spirits』(Shogakukan) received a special prize[8].. May 12, same year,Nippon BudokanIt was unveiled to fans for the first time at "Nogizaka46 3rd generation" Omitaikai "" held atGirls rulesStanded in the center position[10]..On December 12th of the same year, the Nogizaka19 46rd generation blog was opened.[11].. It is a relay format with one person per day, and Yamashita writes a blog every 1 days from December 1th.[7].

It will be the first performance of the 2017rd gen member, which was held from February 29, 2 (Heisei 2) for 15 performances.3 principals』[12], Conquered 3 roles[13]..In addition, he will appear in "Nogizaka5 Third Generation Solo Live", which will be the first solo live of the 9rd generation, which was held for 6 days from May 8th of the same year.[14].. In June of the same yearYumi Wakatsuki,Umezawa Minami, Formed "Wakasama Army" with Tamami Sakaguchi[15][16]..Nogizaka8's 9th single "" released on August 46th of the same yearEscape waterIn the 3rd generation song "Mirai no Kotae" recorded in "", the first center position (Kubo ShioriAnd W Center)[17].

On February 2018, 30, Yamashita's personal blog was opened on the Nogizaka2 official website.[18][19].. Broadcast on March 3, the same year, "Nogizaka under constructionNogizaka46's 20th single "SynchronicityIt was announced that he was selected as a front member for the first time as the first Fukujin.[20]..The movie released on October 10th of the same yearGood day』, Played the role of Hitomi, a junior in the tea ceremony class of the main character, and this work became the first appearance in the movie[21].. Also, the fashion magazine "CanCamWas selected as an exclusive model for the magazine, and appeared in the magazine from the October issue released on August 8, the same year.[4][22].

It was appointed as the cover for the first time in the March issue of "CanCam" released on January 2019, 31 (Heisei 1).[23].. May 3, same year,Slope AKBIncludes the coupling song "Hatsukoi Door" that served as the center as the third installment ofAKB48The 55th single "Jiwaru DAYSWas released[24]..From April 4th (midnight on the 12th) of the same yearTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.The TV drama "Video Girl Ai -VIDEO GIRL MAI 2019-"so,Toshihisa HagiwaraAnd double-starring[25][Note 2].. Also, on April 4, it was difficult to balance with the shooting of the drama, so Nogizaka13's 46rd single "Sing Out!Announced on his blog that he would not participate in activities related to[26].

2020 years(Reiwa2nd year) January 1st, 21st photo book "Unforgettable People" (Shogakukan) released[27].Slope seriesPublished 1 copies of the first edition, the largest number in history as a solo 14st photo book of[28]..With sales of 10 copies a week, it ranked first in the Oricon weekly BOOK ranking on February 6000, the first week sales of the solo 2st photobook, and the first female solo photobook.Erika Ikuta"Women's solo photobook first week sales record" second only to "Intermission"[29].. May 11, same year,NTV series"Hillnandez!』Wednesday season regular (December 2020, January 12) decided[30].

The 2021th single "3" released on January 1, 27 (Reiwa 26)I like meServes as the center of his first title song[31][32]..Instagram opened on March 3, the same year[33].. October of the same yearTBS系火曜ドラマ"There is a reason for the love to dress up』, First appearance in a terrestrial prime band drama series[34]..Prior to this appearance, TBS TV "All-Star Thanksgiving』に出演して総合優勝を飾り、賞金100万円を獲得[35].


Nickname is Zukki[5], Mizuki[4].Asuka Saito"Yamaki"[36],AKB48 OfRin OkabeIs called "Zuki-chan"[37].. Only child[38].

Experience in golf, tennis, volleyball and dance[39].. Before becoming an idolClinical psychologistWas a dream to become[40].

My favorite food is roasted sushi porch[41][42],Miso Soup, Honey plum, rice ball, sashimi[7].. My favorite cake isMont Blanc[43].. Foods I don't likeMatcha,Yogurt[43].

My hobby is watching flamingos[7].

Since I belonged to the tea ceremony club in high school, I was able to learn many things such as wearing a yukata, manners in a Japanese-style room, and the types of flowers from the tea ceremony.[44].

Broadcasted on May 2018, 8Sakamichi AKB All Night Nippon』In AKB48Mion MukaiとKeyakizaka46 OfNagahamaWith 3 peoplePersonalityWhen he served, he was on good terms with Mukaichi even before Yamashita joined Nogizaka46.Oshima YukoBy guessAKB48 TheaterToTeam K "Rise Up" PerformanceRevealed that he was going to see[45][46]. "Slope AKBRin Okabe of AKB48 who co-starred in[47],Hinatazaka46 OfKato FumihoI'm on good terms with[48].

At Nogizaka46, a member of the Young Army Corps (in charge of spoons)[15][16]..The psyllium color is "blue x yellow", which is the image of the moon floating in the night sky.[44].

The longed-for seniorNanase Nishino[49],Yuka Sakurai[50].. The reason I chose Sakurai is because "the captain speaks with his back without saying anything".[50].




Slope AKB




Video work


TV drama

Delivery drama




Online delivery

  • "We are looking for a place" Mizuki Yamashita (February 2021, 2-,Hulu)[67]



Photo album

Magazine serialization

  • CanCam (March 2018, 8 -, Shogakukan)-Exclusive model[4].


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注 釈

  1. ^ Shoes size is 2019 cm as of 23.5[2].
  2. ^ Nanase NishinoとNomura ShoheiStarred in "Film Girl -VIDEO GIRL AI 2018-Is the second work in the series[25].
  3. ^ FODHas been online since December 2019, 1[56].
  4. ^ Originally scheduled for release on May 5th,Spread of new coronavirus infectionIt was postponed due to[63].
  5. ^ January 1st is the release date.ImprintThe issue date listed in is January 1th.


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