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👍 | Kintetsu Department Store, the important part has disappeared ...


Kintetsu Department Store, the important part has disappeared ... The "two letters" that are too annoying are echoing one after another

If you write the contents roughly
Looking at the neon signs that color the night, I feel like I'm uplifting but calming down ... Isn't it a mysterious feeling?

A neon sign that the poster saw at "Kintetsu Department Store".Because the lights of some words have gone out, it's crazy ... → Continue reading


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Neon sign

Neon signWhat is (neon sign)Neon tubeUsedSignboard,AdsAnd so on, justネ オ ンAlso called.

Mainly around large-scale stations with heavy traffic and traffic in urban areasHighwayAlongbuildingIt will be installed on the rooftop or outside wall.


Neon light bulbFranceChemistGeorges ClaudeWas invented while exploring the use of neon generated as waste when constructing an industrial system that liquefies air.[1]..Claude is not only neonArgon,mercurySuch asNoble gasDiscovered that when electricity is passed through it, it is more than five times brighter than an incandescent light bulb and emits light in various colors, and obtained a patent.1915Established Illuminations franchise company "Claude Neon"[1][2]). 1912ToParis World Exposition[Avoid ambiguity]First published in (There is a theory that it was just a barber shop[2]).Claude uses a display device to expose the effects of neon light bulbsGrand PalaisInstalled in front of Europe and got a lot of demandAmericaExpanded business to[1][2].

1920 eraAmericanUtahWas running a signboard business inThomas YoungCame up with writing letters on a glass tube filled with rare gas, and with the permission of Claude Neon, a neon tube venture company, Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) Was established[1].. YESCO was nothing more than an unknown country town at the timeLas VegasDesigned most of the neon signs and influenced cityscapes around the world[1].

JapanThe first installation in Japan is the Tanizawa Bag Store (TokyoChuo-kuGinza/Current Tanizawa Building "Ginza Tanizawa" Main Store・1918?),ShirokiyaOsakaBranch (OsakaChuo-kuBingo Town/ PresentDaini Nomura Building-1925?),Hibiya Park(TokyoChiyoda Ward-1926?) and various theories. In recent yearsLED lightingNew light sources have also appeared and are rapidly spreading, but neon signs are still alive due to the advantages of vivid colors and freedom of shape.


The lamp used for the neon sign is a glass tube with a diameter of 8-15 mm and a length of about 1.5 m, which is almost manually performed according to the advertiser's order.CraftsmanIt is bent and made into various shapes by the technique. The tubes used for neon signs are transparent to give the color of the gas itself and inorganic to give various colors.PhosphorWas applied to the inner surfaceFluorescent tubeThere is.

There are various colors of neon, but since the colors that can be produced only with neon gas are limited, argon gas and the like are actually used together.In the argon tube, some mercury is added in addition to the argon gas.

A neon gas transparent tube emits red light, and a neon gas fluorescent tube emits pink and orange. In the case of argon gas, a transparent tube can emit blue, and a fluorescent tube can emit blue, green, purple, white, or the like.

Light is emitted by the high voltage of 6000-15000V applied to the electrodes on both ends.

Fluorescent lightBy using the characteristic that there is no flicker at the start of lighting, the effect may be made by blinking characters and patterns.


I used a neon signSignboard,Ads TheCompany OfIndustryWidely seen, especially at nightRed light district,pachinkoOften used in stores.

In particular,Red light districtAs a synonym forNeon townThere is the word.

In addition to outdoor signs and advertisements, small items are indoors.InteriorUsed as.

Image of neon sign

Cities/districts with many neon signs


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