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🥾 | At the same time ... Near the top of the mountain and the XNUMXth station Two men slipped down on Mt. Fuji 


At the same time ... Two men slipped down on Mt. Fuji near the top of the mountain and the XNUMXth station 

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Around the same time, there was an accident in which a man in his 8s slipped down the mountain near the 50th station, and he called himself 110 and was rescued by a disaster prevention helicopter.

On the afternoon of the XNUMXth, there was an accident in which two men climbing Mt. Fuji each slipped down.One of them is still rescued ... → Continue reading

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110(Hyaku to Oban)[1]ByJapanese policeTo the institutionTelecommunications number specified for emergency calls(Phone Number).


PolicemenFor reportingTelFor emergency calls to police agencies, also known asPhone NumberIt is,1948ToGHQBy request fromNational local police(CurrentNational Police Agency)WhenMinistry of Communications(CurrentMinistry of Internal Affairs and Communications) Discussed, the same yearMay 10Started from[2][3].

at firstTokyo Ward-Osaka-Kyoto City-横 浜 市-Kawasaki City[4]-Nagoya city-Kobe City-Fukuoka City[4]It started in only 8 cities.Tokyo was 110, but Osaka / Kyoto / Kobe was 1110, and Nagoya was 118, which is not unified nationwide.1954(Showa29 years)May 7NewPolice lawIt was unified to 110 with enforcement[2][3][5].

1954, self-replaceableSubscriber phone[6]It is said that the reason why the telephone number for making a call to the police agency was unified to 110 is the result of consideration based on the following three items.

  • Make the number easy for the people to remember
  • Make the number 3 digits so that there are few false alarms
  • Black phoneIncrease the number of "1" s that have a short distance to the stopper (119There is also a theory that the longest dial is set to "0" to prevent false alarms.[7])

In modern times, Article 11 of the Telecommunications Number Regulations stipulates that "emergency calls" to police agencies should be dialed 110.

Telecommunications Number Regulations (November 9, 11, Ordinance of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications No. 17)
(Emergency call)
Article XNUMX  Telecommunications number for emergency callsIs as follows.
一 Report to the police agency shall be XNUMX.
(Ii) Report to the Japan Coast Guard shall be XNUMX.
(Iii) Report to the fire department shall be XNUMX.

Named after 110May 1Is "110th dayIt is said.By the way, there are times when you have to wait, such as when reports are concentrated, but if you call back because you can not wait, the turn will be the last and it will be late after all, so it is better to wait until the turn (it will be connected as soon as the reception table becomes available) ).Outside of JapanGermany,People's Republic of ChinaIn addition to the same 110 number being usedThe United States of AmericaIs number 911,The United KingdomThen it is the same number 999 as the fire department.

In addition, 110 is a telephone dedicated to emergency calls, and for inquiries and consultations that do not require an emergency, the "Police General Counseling Center"#9110(Sharp Kyuichi Ichimaru) and general telephones at each police station, etc.[8].

Flow from report to arrival of police officer

If you call 110, as a general rule,Landline MA areaOrMobile phoneHas jurisdiction over the base station ofPolice headquartersCommunication command room (the department in charge isRegional DepartmentConnect to (Communication Command Division) (TokyoIfSakuradamon OfMetropolitan Police Department"Communication Command Center" at the headquarters or Tama General Government Building,HokkaidoIfHokkaido police OfPolice headquartersOrAsahikawa-Kitami-Kushiro-HakodateCommunication command room of each area headquarters).Such areas are called "110th centralized containment area", but some islands are directly connected to the police station under their jurisdiction.

In addition, when making a report using a mobile phone from the prefectural border, the base station that received the radio wave may connect to the police headquarters in the neighboring prefecture, but since it is linked with the police headquarters in the neighborhood, there is no need to call back, and the police side Transfer the call[9]..警察本部には1か所もしくは管内遠隔地等に複数の通信指令室が設置され、110番受理台で担当のThe police headquarters has multiple communication command rooms set up in one place or in remote areas within the jurisdiction, and is in charge at the XNUMXth reception desk.Police officerResponds.

The reception desk that received the 110 number immediately listens to the situation, but if necessary, it is possible to listen to the call at the same time at the command stand, and it is patrolling around the site.Police carToPolice radioThen, "From (police headquarters name) to (police car identification signal). (Case content) occurs at (site location). Meet the whistleblower at the site and grasp the event. The number can be commanded as "XXX"[9]..Once on a police car, an automatic location reporting device (GPSOf applicationCar locator system) Was not equipped, the place where the incident occurred was announced and called "Near station (moving radio station ≒ police car) please!", But now the car locator system andRegional Police Digital Radio System (PSW and PSD)In addition, the police triple eye keeps track of the locations of all stations (limited to police stations) and mobile stations (limited to vehicles equipped with car locations) other than public security vehicles in real time.

If there is no police car nearby, the current locationPolice stationWhat"Police box, OrRegional section,Transportation sectionLet the police officer go to the scene "(JR OfRailway facilityIn the case of an incident or accident that occurred withinRailway policeWhat,highwayAbove(service area,Parking areaIn the case of an accident or incident that occurred (including facilities attached to the internal expressway)Highway traffic police forceIssue a command to).If it is judged to be highly incidental or urgent (a traffic accident, a robbery case, a sound of shooting, a report that a person is bleeding and falling down, etc.), "Immediately rush to the site while paying attention to prevent injury accidents!The police vehicleサ イ レ ンBlowRevolving lightFlickerEmergency drivingTo do.

The national average "response time", which is the time from receiving the 110th call to the arrival of the police officer at the scene, is 7 minutes and 25 seconds (the first year of Reiwa).Police white paperThan).

The telephone line used for 110 is different from the general public line, and even if the caller unilaterally disconnects the call, the connection status is maintained unless the line is opened on the 110 reception stand side, and the 110th reception stand side. You can call back from, and even if you add the non-notification setting 184 to the beginning of the phone number,Reverse detectionIs being carried out.This is to enable listening to necessary information even if the call is interrupted during the report.

Function of the 110th receiving table

It has the functions illustrated below by matching (map matching) the map information incorporated in the receiving table system with various databases such as telephone number information.

  • Display unannounced or payphone numbers.
  • Identify the calling location from the landline phone number.
  • Identify the caller's calling position from the GPS of the mobile phone or base station information[9].
  • Even if the caller does not recognize the addressing system, the location of the call is specified by the nearby road sign or telephone pole number.
    • In the case of a public telephone, the calling position is specified by the box or stand number.
  • Even if the caller hangs up, the connection is maintained and the call can be called back unless the receiving stand opens the line.[9].
  • Link with information from the Inquiry Center (123) to identify victims of domestic violence and child abuse.
  • If you have made a report with the same phone number before, the contents of the past report are also displayed on the screen of the command room.

Emergency call to 110 reception desk in other areas

For mobile phones, you can call the 110 reception desk in other areas directly with 110-each area number.[10][11]



Overall, once every 3.5 seconds,PeopleThis is the rate at which 14 in 1 reports.Mobile phoneReported from 71.5%, a record high.In addition, the annual number of cases handled by the top police stations in Japan exceeds the annual number of cases received by small-scale prefectural police.

AnnualNumber of cases accepted
2007(19)8,980,981 of
2008(20)8,923,369 of
2009(21)9,043,401 of
2010(22)9,309,415 of
2011(23)9,372,379 of
2012(24)9,354,015 of
2013(25)9,414,827 of
2014(26)9,350,926 of
2015(27)9,228,841 of
2016(28)9,092,710 of


Hyaku and Oban

The reading of 110 is "Hyaku to Oban".この読み方が世間に広まったきっかけは、日本で最初のIt was the first time in Japan that this reading became widespread.Criminal dramaThe serial drama "Dial 110』\ Opening police officer's line[13].

False rumor

Around August 2015, "iPhoneBy pressing "1" twice and "2" once and then pressing the call button, the communication restriction will be lifted. "False rumor インターネットThere were a series of false reports to 110 by people who believed it and were disseminated above.[14][15].Hiroshima OfTwitterThe official account calls attention[16].


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外部 リンク

Firefighting disaster prevention helicopter

Firefighting disaster prevention helicopterWhat is (Shobobosai Helicopter)?FireWith prefectures to support activities and emergency activitiesTokyo Fire Department,Government-designated city OfFire department,Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire AgencyMedium / large size owned byhelicopterRefers to.
mainlyMountain rescue,Water rescue-Forest fire,WildfireFire extinguishing activities inAir ambulanceEtc. are used.


Fire Service Organization LawNow, the responsibility of the fire department市町村Is supposed to bearGovernment-designated citySome of the fire departments in Japan own and operate fire helicopters for firefighting activities and transporting suddenly ill people (City Fire Fighting Air Corps).In the case of Tokyo, it is outsourced by the municipalities.Tokyo Fire DepartmentOwns and operates.However, helicopter operation and maintenance is a heavy financial burden for small municipalities.Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsIn many areas, prefectures own disaster prevention helicopters on behalf of municipalities and set up prefectural disaster prevention aviation corps to support the operations of municipalities within their jurisdiction.In 8, for the purpose of promoting liaison and coordination of local governments and establishing an aviation firefighting disaster prevention system, each firefighting organization / prefecture operating a firefighting disaster prevention helicopter and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications established the National Aviation Firefighting Disaster Prevention Council[1]Has been established.

In some areas, the Hyogo Prefectural Disaster Prevention Air Corps and the Kobe City Air Corps,Hiroshima City Fire DepartmentAnd Hiroshima Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps,Miyagi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsとSendai City Fire Fighting Air CorpsAs in the case, the disaster prevention aviation corps of prefectures and the fire aviation corps of ordinance-designated cities are set up and make agreements with each other.[2]Codeshare[3]..In this case, even if one helicopter cannot be operated due to maintenance, the other helicopter can always handle it.In the case of the Hyogo Prefectural Disaster Prevention Air Corps and the Kobe City Air Corps, joint operation began in 2004, and the Hyogo Prefecture aircraft will also be outsourced to Kobe City, making it the only prefecture in Japan and an ordinance-designated city to operate completely. ing[4]..In addition, it is often the case that similar agreements are concluded between neighboring prefectures to secure a support system and to complement each other during equipment inspections.

The disaster prevention aviation corps established by the prefecture owns the helicopter, but the firefighting activities have been seconded from the fire department of the municipality.FirefighterIt is carried out by (often with a fixed term of several years), and other operations and maintenance are often outsourced to private airlines.In this case, the pilot and mechanic of the crew will be employees of the contracted airline.Previously when it came to pilots and mechanicsPolice aviationIn many cases, it was outsourced to (Akita Prefecture is currently operating jointly with the police. Hokkaido is also scheduled to operate jointly with the police from 2022.[5]).In the case of voluntary operation, in addition to hiring pilots and mechanics directly in prefectures, there are also cases where they are dispatched by dispatching companies.However, if the training of pilots is outsourced to the private sector, it will cost up to 6000 million yen, so most of the direct hiresSDFRetired people, etc.Commercial pilotRely on someone with qualifications and flight experience[6]..In the case of mid-career hiring, the age group tends to be high, and the period until retirement age is short and unstable, so frequent hiring is required.Due to the shortage of private pilots, the cost of dispatching is also high.

Tokyo is its own fire department (Tokyo Fire Department) Is set up, so unlike other prefectures, a unique firefighter is enrolled.The organization that operates the helicopter also belongs to the fire department (under the equipment department)Tokyo Fire Department Air Corps), And the pilots, including the pilots and mechanics, are also employees of the Tokyo Fire Department, rather than being seconded from the municipalities or dispatched from other organizations.Fire schoolHas graduated from the field and has experience working at a fire stationFirefighterFrom (firefighter)Commercial pilotIs a person who has obtained a driver's license[7]..Even if you are hired as a pilot or mechanic qualified person, for several yearsFire departmentGain on-site experience.Many local governments have tight budgets and cannot take such a system, but in 2014 Nagano Prefecture, which was worried about securing pilots, decided to train pilots from firefighters in the prefecture with reference to the Tokyo Fire Department. , Hired a firefighter from the fire department of the prefecture as a prefecture employee and dispatched it to a specialized training institution to obtain a pilot license.[8].

Regarding the members of the disaster prevention aviation corps, they have been seconded from the fire department of the municipality.Rescue crewIs[9]..In addition, in the case of a firefighting aviation corps in an ordinance-designated city, a rescue team member in the fire department is selected and a dedicated aviation rescue team is assigned, depending on the case.Special Advanced Rescue TeamPre-designated units may board[10]. Also,ParamedicAt least one qualified member is to be on board[11].

Tokyo Fire Department Air CorpsAir rescue crewSpecial rescue teamExperienced captain, air ambulance crew (Paramedic) IsEmergency servicesSelected from those who have experience as captains, all of them have a rankAssistant Fire CommanderIs.In addition to air rescue personnelSpecial rescue team,Mountain rescue team,Fire and rescue task force(Hyper Rescue) is an air rescue team[12]It is designated as an aviation cooperation descent designated corps, and it will board a helicopter or support from the ground according to the case.Furthermore, in January 2016, it was an empty hyper rescue.Air Fire Rescue Task Force(Air Hyper Rescue) was founded.

At the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, in the event of a large-scale disasterEmergency fire support teamWe are conducting a business to deploy one helicopter to cities that can operate 24 hours a day, with the aim of enhancing and strengthening the equipment of.
As of July 2014Tokyo Fire Department Air Corps,Kyoto City Fire Department,Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps, One aircraft is provided to the Kochi Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention Air Corps.AlsoGreat East Japan EarthquakeLost a disaster prevention helicopterMiyagi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsAlso deployed in March 2013[13].


Safety standards

The safety standards for firefighting and disaster prevention helicoptersFire department Fire Service Organization LawIt was only "advice" based on, and the operational status was different for each municipality.[14].

Occurred in 2018Gunma Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsFrom the experience of "Haruna crash" from October 2019CaptainとCopilot"Double pilot system" operated by two people, to newly introduced aircraftFlight recorderThe new standards for mandatory installation and the placement of "operation managers" and "operation safety managers" have been summarized as "recommendations."
However, due to problems with securing personnel and budget, it will be implemented with some standards relaxed.[15].

Case of dispatching as wide area support

Activities in Japan

Overseas activities


Main deployment models

The model and number of helicopters deployed vary depending on each aviation corps, but the following models are used.

Bell Helicopter TextronCompany
Kawasaki Heavy Industries,MBBJoint development
Euro copterCompany
Euro copterCompany
Sikorsky AircraftCompany


Night vision device --Operated by the Self-Defense ForcesAir rescue teamIt has been adopted for the aircraft of, and it is also adopted overseas with infrared cameras etc.[20]It becomes an optical device that visualizes poor visibility.Enhanced vision systemIs also installed[20].

List of equipment owned by each prefecture / designated city

As of March 2021, 4, there are a total of 2 helicopters, including 5 helicopters from the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 7 helicopters owned by the Tokyo Fire Department, 42 disaster prevention helicopters owned by prefectures, and 23 fire helicopters from the government ordinance city.
Only Okinawa Prefecture does not have a firefighting and disaster prevention helicopter, and studies are underway with the aim of introducing it within 2022, but the introduction is expected to be delayed to 2024.

The deployment status nationwide is as follows.

Prefecture namePossession
Number of aircraft
Holding institutionbaseNicknameModelFlight contractorRemarks
Hokkaido2Hokkaido Disaster Prevention Aviation OfficeOkadama AirportHamanasu 1
Hamanasu 2
AS 365 N3 +
Bell 412EP
Asahi YokoDoctor helicopter operation
Operated jointly with the Hokkaido Police from 2022, scheduled to start 24-hour operation for transporting emergency patients[21]
1Sapporo City Fire Fighting Air Corps
(Sapporo City Fire Department)
Sapporo City Fire Department
Ishikari heliport
Satsuporo 1
Satsuporo 2
--Doctor helicopter operation
October 2019, Satsuporo 10 (Bell 412EP) IsSaitamaKawagoe-shiI was undergoing regular inspections at a maintenance shop in Japan,
First Year of Reiwa East Typhoon(Typhoon No. 19)Oppe RiverIs flooded due to the collapse of the embankment.
A large amount of muddy water flows into the hangar of the maintenance shop, and the aircraft is flooded about XNUMX meters, damaged and worn.[22]
Aomori1Aomori Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsAomori AirportShirakamiBell 412EPICentral Japan Airlines
Iwate1Iwate Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsHanamaki AirportHimekamiAW139[23]Toho AirlinesThe old aircraft is Bell 412EP
Miyagi1Miyagi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsSendai City Fire HeliportMiyagiAS 365 N3Tohoku Air ServiceMinistry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire AgencyFree use of the aircraft
The previous aircraft, Kawasaki BK117B-2, was worn out by the tsunami on March 2011, 3.
Under the Miyagi Prefecture Wide Area Air Fire Fighting Support Agreement, cooperation with the Sendai City Fire Fighting Air Corps when inoperable and 24-hour operation every other day
2Sendai City Fire Fighting Air Corps
(Sendai City Fire Department)
Sendai City Fire HeliportSendai
Bell 412EP
Bell 412EP
Doctor helicopter operation from September 2010[24]
Under the Miyagi Prefecture Wide Area Aviation Fire Fighting Support Agreement, cooperation with the Miyagi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps when inoperable and 24-hour operation on alternate days
Akita1Akita Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Akita AirportNamahageBK117 C-2Akita Prefectural PoliceCodeshare with the Air CorpsUpdated from BK117 C-1 in 2018
Yamagata1Yamagata Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Yamagata AirportStruggleAW139Tohoku Air ServiceThe old aircraft is AS 365
Fukushima1Fukushima Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Fukushima AirportEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAW139Central Japan Airlines
Ibaraki1Ibaraki Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsTsukuba HeliportTsukubaBK117 C-2Tsukuba Airlines
Tochigi1Tochigi Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Tochigi heliportOoruriAW139Honda AirlinesUpdated from Bell 2017EP in 412
Gunma1Gunma Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsGunma HeliportHarunaAW139[25][26]Asahi YokoHaruna (Bell 412EP) August 2018, 8Gunma OfKusatsu Shirane MountainCrash wear in the vicinity[27][28] AW2020 was delivered in December 12, and will inherit the nickname "Haruna" from the summer of 139 and resume operations.
Saitama3Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsHonda airportArakawa 2
Arakawa 3
Arakawa 4
AS 365 N3
Honda AirlinesDoctor helicopter operation (night operation and backup of dedicated aircraft)
Arakawa No. 1 (Eurocopter AS365) crashed on July 2010, 7.
Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps uses the aircraft of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications free of charge for "Arakawa 4"
Saitama Prefecture Special Mobile Assistance Team (Saitama SMART)Registration
Chiba2Chiba City Fire Department
(Chiba City Fire Department)
Chiba City Fire Bureau HeliportDecoy 1
Decoy 2
AS 365 N3
AS 365 N3
Tokyo8Tokyo Fire Department Air CorpsTachikawa Airfield
Tokyo heliport
AS 365 N3
AS 365 N3
AS 365 N3
EC 225LP
EC 225LP
EC 225LP
Own operationDoctor helicopter operation (Izu Islands, etc.)
"Otaka" is a free use of the aircraft of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications by the Tokyo Fire Department Aviation Unit.
"Hakucho" updated from AS 332 to EC 225
"Chidori" updated from AS 365 to AW 139[29]
"Hibari" updated from AS 332 to AW 189[30]
AS 332Will be updated ahead of schedule during 2019, at the time of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020
Policy to strengthen the aviation firefighting system by increasing the current 9 to 8 aircraft as the 9th operating aircraft[31]
Kanagawa2Yokohama City Fire Bureau
Air fire brigade
Yokohama heliportHamachidori 1
Hamachidori 2
--Both aircraft updated from AS 2 to AgustaWestland AW365[32]
2019 year 9 month,Biwa Peninsula TyphoonYokohama heliport flooded by high waves caused by (Typhoon No. 15)
Hamachidori 2 (AW139) Inoperable[33]However, after that, repairs and inspections were carried out, and the operation is now resumed.
2Kawasaki City Fire Department
(Kawasaki City Fire Department)
Tokyo heliportSoyokaze 1
Soyokaze 2
BK117 C-2
AS 365 N3 +
--Soyokaze 2 updated from Kawasaki BK 117B-2 to Airbus AS 365
Niigata1Niigata Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Niigata AirportHakuchoAW139Asahi YokoUpdated from Sikorsky S-76 to AgustaWestland AW139
Toyama1Toyama Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Toyama AirportToyamaAW139Toho AirlinesThe old aircraftBell 412EP
Ishikawa1Ishikawa Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Komatsu AirfieldHakusanBell 412EPCentral Japan Airlines
Fukui1Fukui Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsFukui AirportBlue ArrowBK117 C-2[34]Central helicopter service[35]Aircraft update in April 2016
Yamanashi1Yamanashi Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Japan Aviation Academy Futaba Gliding FieldAkafujiS-76DJanetUpdated from S-2018B in 76
Nagano1Nagano Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Matsumoto AirportJapan AlpsBell 412EPI
Janet[37]Bell 412EP (JA97NA) Nagano Prefecture on March 2017, 3Mt. HachibuseyamaCrash and wear in the mountains[38][39] SUBARU brought in the Bell 2020EPI in 412 and started operation in 2021 under the name of the Alps.
Gifu2Gifu Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsGifu AirfieldWakaayu I
Wakaayu III
BK117 C-2
Bell 412EP
Central helicopter service[35]Wakaayu IIIGifu Prefectural PoliceCodeshare with
September 2009, 9 One aircraft crashed and worn[40]
Shizuoka1Shizuoka Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Shizuoka HeliportOrange arrowAW139Shizuoka Air CommuterJA9933, which was entrusted to the Shizuoka Prefectural Police Air Corps, is no longer used
Unit 2019 was updated in 2.
1Shizuoka City Fire Department
(Shizuoka City Fire Department)
Shizuoka HeliportKingfisherBell 412EP--
1Hamamatsu City Fire Department
(Hamamatsu City Fire Department)
Hamamatsu City Fire HeliportHamakazeAS 365 N3--Operation was suspended from October 2018 to April 10 in order to aim for a two-person operation system at all times.[41]
Aichi1Aichi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsNagoya AirfieldWakashachiBell 412EPICentral Japan AirlinesThe old aircraft is Bell 412EP
2Nagoya City Fire Fighting Air Corps
(Nagoya City Fire Department)
Nagoya AirfieldNobunaga
AS 365 N3
AS 365 N3
--Nickname changed from "Nagoya" to "Nobunaga" and "Nagoya 2" to "Hideyoshi" by open call for participants.
Mie1Mie Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsTsu City Isewan HeliportMieAW139Central Japan AirlinesThe old aircraft is Bell 412HP
Shiga1Shiga Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsOsaka Airlines Hino HeliportluteAS 365 N3Osaka Airlines
Kyoto2Kyoto City Fire Fighting Air Corps
(Kyoto City Fire Department)
Kyoto Fire Department HeliportAtago
AS 365 N3
AS 365 N3
--"Atago" is a free use of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency aircraft
Osaka2Osaka Municipal Fire Fighting Air Corps
(Osaka City Fire Department)
Yao AirportOsaka
AS 365 N3
AS 365 N3
--As a successor to OsakaAirbus HelicoptersSelect H155[42]
Hyogo3Kobe City Aircraft Corps
(Kobe Municipal Fire Department)
Hyogo Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Kobe AirportHYOGOKOBE-1
BK117 C-2
BK117 C-2
BK117 C-2
Joint operation of Kobe Municipal Air Corps (Kobe Municipal Fire Department) and Hyogo Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention Air Corps[43]
The aircraft in Hyogo Prefecture is also outsourced to Kobe City.[44],
"HYOGO / KOBE-1" (updated from the former "KOBE-1") is a joint aircraft of the prefecture and city.
"KOBE-2" is Kobe City, "Hyogo" is Hyogo Prefecture
Doctor helicopter operation
Nara1Nara Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsNara HeliportYamato 2000Bell 412EPToho AirlinesThe old aircraft was July 1999, 7TotsukawaCrash and wear in the mountains[40]
Wakayama1Wakayama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsNanki Shirahama AirportDining KishuBell 412EPToho AirlinesStarted operation of doctor riding system from April 2007
Tottori1Tottori Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention Air CorpsTottori AirportDaisenAW139Asahi YokoApril 2010 Doctor helicopter operation (dedicated aircraft backup)
Bell 412EP "Tottori" updated to AgustaWestland AW139 "Daisen"
Shimane 1Shimane Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsIzumo AirportHakuchoBK117 C-2Central helicopter service[35]
Okayama1Okayama Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Okayama AirportKibiBell 412EPShikoku Air ServiceIntroduced in 2009
1Okayama City Fire Department
(Okayama City Fire Department)
Okananami AirfieldMomotaroBK117 C-2--
Hiroshima1Hiroshima Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsHiroshima AirportMapleAW139Central Japan AirlinesDoctor helicopter operation in collaboration with both teams
Updated from Bell 412EP to AgustaWestland AW139.
1Hiroshima City Fire Fighting Air Corps
(Hiroshima City Fire Department)
Hiroshima West AirfieldHiroshimaAS 365 N3--Doctor helicopter operation in collaboration with both teams
Yamaguchi 1Yamaguchi Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Yamaguchi Ube AirportKiraraAW169West Japan Air TransportDoctor helicopter operation[45]Updated from Kawasaki BK 117C-1 to AW169, and Nishi Nippon Airlines will be entrusted with operations from December 2019.
Tokushima1Tokushima Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Tokushima AirportUzushioBK117 C-2Shikoku Air ServiceDoctor helicopter-like operation (mutual access to Osaka and Wakayama)
Kagawa1Kagawa Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsTakamatsu AirportOlive 2BK117 C-2Shikoku Air Service
Ehime1Ehime Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Matsuyama AirportEhime 21BK117 C-2Ehime AirlinesDoctor helicopter operation
Kochi2Kochi Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Kochi AirportRyoma
--Doctor helicopter operation
Kochi Prefecture uses the Fire and Disaster Management Agency's aircraft free of charge for "Otome"[46]
"Otome", who was undergoing an airworthiness inspection in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture in October 2019,
First Year of Reiwa East TyphoonInundated by the influence of (Typhoon No. 19)Oppe RiverInoperable due to flood damage[47]However, the successor aircraft was delivered and the operation is scheduled to resume in December 2021.
Fukuoka2Fukuoka City Fire Department
Fire brigade
Fukuoka AirportYurikamome
AS 365 N3
AS 365 N3 +
1Kitakyushu City Fire Department
Fire brigade
Kitakyushu AirportKitakyushuAS 365 N3--
Saga1Saga Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention
Air Corps
Saga AirportKachidokiBK117 D-2[48][49]SGC Saga AirlinesPreparations are underway with the scheduled start of operation in March 2021, and the operation started on March 3 of the same year.[50]
Nagasaki1Nagasaki Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsOmura Air BaseNagasakiAS 365 N3Oriental air bridgeUpdated from Kawasaki BK 2012 to Eurocopter AS117 N365 in 3
Kumamoto1Kumamoto Prefecture disaster prevention firefighting
Air Corps
Kumamoto AirportlarkAS 365 N3 +Amakusa airline
Oita1Oita Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsOita Prefecture AirfieldYokazeBK117 C-2Kyushu Airlines
Miyazaki1Miyazaki Prefecture Disaster Prevention Emergency
Air Corps
Miyazaki AirportBlue skyBell 412EPKagoshima International Aviation
Kagoshima1Kagoshima Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsMakurazaki AirportSatsumaAW139Kagoshima International AviationUpdated from Bell 412EP to AW139
Doctor helicopter operation (including mainland and remote islands)
Okinawa0----------Under consideration for introduction[51]

Other institutions

Firefighting and disaster prevention activities at seaJapan Coast GuardIs in charge.

If there is a high risk even within the activity range of the firefighting and disaster prevention helicopter,Japan Air Self-Defense Force OfAir rescue teamThe work is outsourced as a disaster dispatch.

In areas where disaster prevention helicopters have not been introduced, such as Okinawa Prefecture,Prefectural Police Air CorpsAnd by the idea that the national government will correct the deficiencies in services that local governments should provide.SDFIs acting on your behalf.

Helicopters cannot reach from the mainland, and there are no airports where fixed-wing aircraft can take off and land. Remote islandThen,JMSDF OfRescue squadronIs dispatched by disaster dispatch.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism OfDisaster recovery helicopterIs a helicopter that collects information to support disaster relief and recovery activities, and does not take direct actions such as rescue or fire extinguishing.


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