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⛺ | [Thorough review of Carcams' Spring Bar Tent! ] Recommended for both family and solo!


[Thorough review of Carcams' Spring Bar Tent! ] Recommended for both family and solo!

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Except for the "High Line" series, the tent and pole storage bags are not separated.

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High line

Coordinate: 40°44.9'N 74 degrees 0.3 minutes west longitude /40.7483 N, 74.0050 W / 40.7483; -74.0050

High line(High Line) has a total length of 2.3kmNew York CityLinearpark.マ ン ハ ッ タ ンLocated in, called abolishedNew York Central RailwayWas built on the elevated part of the branch line of[1].. Similar, completed in 1993ParisProject with a total length of 4.8kmPromenade PlanteInspired by (tree-lined road), the high line is in the airGreen pathandAbandoned railway traceRedesigned as a park[2][3].

The high line is in ManhattanLower West SideIt was built in the abandoned southern section of the Westside Line, which extends to.Specifically, from Gunsvoth Street (14 blocks south of 3th Street)ChelseaThrough the districtJavits Convention CenterNear34 chomeTo the northern end of[4]..Once upon a time, the Westside line extended further south,Canal StreetIt led to a terminal just north of.However, most of that section was demolished in 1960.[5], The remaining section was also demolished in 1991[6].

Construction to convert the railway to a city park began in 2006[7][8].. In 2009, the first section[9], In 2011, the second section[10], The third section was released in 2014[11]..This project spurs real estate development in the neighborhood[12],Halo effectIncreased the value of real estate[13].. As of November 2014, the Highline is visited by nearly 11 million visitors annually.[14].


1847, New York City in ManhattanWest sideToCombined trackWas laid.For safety, "Westside Cowboys" on horseback were waving flags in front of the train[15]..Nonetheless, the freight train caused numerous accidents,Fifth AvenueBecame known as "Death Avenue"[16].

After this issue was discussed, New York City in 1929,New York StateNew York Central Railwayは、ハイライン建設を含むウエストサイド改良計画に同意した。13マイル (21 km)に及ぶ計画線は105の踏切を撤去し、に32エーカー (130,000 m2)の敷地を追加するものだった。費用は1億5000万ドルで、これは2009年の20億ドルに相当する[15].

Highline opened in 1934.at first34 chomeConnected to St. John's Park Terminal on Spring Street.The route isElevated railwayTo avoid the shortcomings of, I passed through the center of the block instead of on the road.This allowed them to connect directly to factories and warehouses and allow trains to enter the building to transport milk, meat, crops and unprocessed or processed products without disrupting road traffic.[15]. Also,Bell Laboratories-It also had the effect of preventing cargo from being stolen to the building (later the Westbeth Artist Community).Also,NabiscoThe factory (later Chelsea Market) has a space for railroad tracks.[17].

TrainWashington StreetIt is inWestern electric・ I also passed under the complex.This section still exists, but is not connected to the section that became the park[18].

In the 1950s, highway trucking increased and rail freight declined. In the 1960s, the southernmost section of the high line was abolished.This section runs from Gunsvoth Street to Washington Street to Clarkson Street, which is about half of the line.The last train to operate on the High Line was in 1980, and the freight was frozen for three freight cars.Turkeywas[15].

In the mid-1980s, landowners under the elevated line lobbied for the removal of the line.Chelsea resident and railroad fan activist Peter Obletz challenged the move to dismantle in court and attempted to run the train again on the high line.[15].. In the 1990s, several urban explorers and locals became aware that weeds, shrubs, and trees were growing in the trail trail ballasts, enduring dryness.

1999, Nonprofit Friends of High Line[15]Was founded by Joshua David and Robert Hammond, residents along the Highline.They insisted on preserving the highline and reusing it as a public space.Widespread community support to redevelop the Highline for pedestrian use was allocated a New York City budget in 2004.Mayor of New YorkMichael bloomberg, The chairman of the city council was an important supporter. On June 2009, 6, the section from Gunsvoth Street at the southern end to 8th Street was opened as a municipal park.[9].. The central part of 20th to 30th streets was opened to the public in June 2011. The northernmost section from 6th Street to 30th StreetCSX TransportationWas owned by, but was donated to New York City in 2011[19], Published in September 2014[14][20]..The branch line extending from that section is scheduled to be released in 2017.[21][22][23].


The highline was devastated until it was converted to a park, but the riveted steel viaduct remained basically healthy.Weeds, flowers, shrubs, etc. on the railroad tracksSumacThere was an irregular tree like this.Rudolph GiulianiUnder the mayor's administration, it was closed for dismantling.

In 1999, locals Robert Hammond and Joshua David formed the Friends of High Line.[15]..The purpose is the high lineParis OfPromenade PlanteTo promote conversion to elevated parks or green roads likeChicago OfMillennium ParkWas also inspired.

In 2004, New York City budgeted $ 5000 million to set up a planned park. June 2005, 6, the Surface Transportation Board of the United Statescertificate of interim trail use(Temporary use certificate of railroad track) was issued, allowing the city to remove most of the high line from the national railroad network.

On April 2006, 4, Mayor Michael Bloomberg held a ceremony to commemorate the start of construction.The park is based in New YorkJames CornerLeadLandscape consultantWith Field OperationsArchitectsBy Diller Scofidio + RenfroDesignThe planting design was done by the Dutch engineering design.[24].

The main supporters are investors, designers, and her husband.Barry Diller, Her boyfriend and Tatiana von Fastenberg.Los AngelesThe hotel developer, known as the owner of the hotel, has 337 rooms across the high line.Standard hotelBuilt[25].

The southern section from Gunsvot Street to 20th Street was released on June 2009, 6.This section includes 8 stairs and elevators on 14th and 16th streets.

Park attractions include plants planted inspired by the landscape of abandoned railways that have returned to the wild.[26]..In addition, the surprising scenery of the frequently appearing urban areas and the Hudson River is one of them.The pebble-finished concrete sidewalk integrates with the railroad tracks, widening and narrowing, moving from end to end, and branching with the plants embedded in the ballast mixed with the cobblestones.The railroad tracks and sleepers laid are the ones that were once used on the high line.A part of the railroad track is reused for rolling chairs in a position where the river can be seen.[27].. Most of the 210 species of plants are irregular grassland plants, which form bushes.Liatris,Cornflower, Sparsely growing sumac and smoke bush, but not limited to those native to the United States.At the end of Gunsvoat, there are several typesBirchIs bringing sunbeams late in the afternoon.The ipe wood used in the built-in benches protects biodiversity, water resources and delicate ecosystems and ensures sustainable development.Forest Management CouncilWe are using the ones produced from the forest that has been certified by[28].

In addition to the fusion of buildings and plants, the Highline also has cultural attractions.As a long-term plan, the park is temporarily holding various installations and exhibitions.As the first installation, Creative Time, Friends of High Line, New York City Parks and Recreation Department, Spencer Finch The River That Flows Both Ways I ordered.This work fuses with the windows in the cargo platform of the former Nabisco Factory and is made of 700 purple and gray windows.Each color is an accurate measurement of the central pixel from 1 digital images of the Hudson River taken every minute.The origin of the title of the work is based on a magnified depiction of a photograph of the river.Creative Time was backed by metal and glass expert Jarlov Design for preparation and installation to realize the concept rooted in the appearance of rusty and obsolete windows in old factories.[29].. In the summer of 2010, a sound installation by Stephen Vitiero made from the tone of a New York bell was featured.Lauren Ross, director of the Alternative Art Space White Columns, was the first head of highline art.[30].

From 30th Street, the elevated line turns west and is under redevelopment planning10 Hudson Yard[31]Wrap around to the Javitz Convention Center on 34th Street. 10 One of the entrances to the Hudson Yard is located on the high line.In addition, a permanent, limited-time art exhibition, called "High Line Plinth," will be set up nearby in 2018.[32].

Mayor Bloomberg says the Highline project is leading the way in regional revitalization, with more than 2009 projects planned or underway in 30.[9].

In 2010, there was a small controversy that Highline's rules did not allow artists to sell their work in the park.[33].

On June 2011, 6, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to commemorate the opening of the second section of the High Line from 7th to 20th.The ceremony was attended by New York City Mayor Bloomberg, City Council Chairman Christine Quinn, and Manhattan Mayor, House of Representatives.[34][35][10].

Crime in the park is very low.Immediately after the opening of the second sectionNew York TimesReported that since the park opened暴行,robberyNo major crimes have been reported.Parks Enforcement Patrol (a police officer in the park) has issued orders to appear for various park rule violations, such as bringing dogs and bicycles on the sidewalk, but the frequency isCentral ParkLower.The park claims that the good visibility of the high lines from the surrounding buildings contributes to that.The feature of this design is the expert of city planningJane JacobsInspired by the work of."A park with nobody is dangerous. Parks that are thriving don't have to worry about it. You're rarely alone on the High Line," Joshua David of the Friends of the High Line told the newspaper.[36].

With the development of the high line, real estate prices along the high line are on the rise. In some cases, real estate prices have risen about twice on average compared to the area two blocks east.[37].

Museum site

Had a plan to build a museum at the end of Gunsvoth Street, but withdrew the proposal.Whitney Museum of American ArtIs uptownMarcel BreuerChanged the extension plan of the existing facility designed byRenzo PianoConstructed a new building designed by[38].

Popular culture

  • Walking the High Line The photographer recorded the devastation of the Highline and the natural vegetation from 2000 to 2001.This book also contains an essay with[39].
  • High lineAlan WeismanIn "The World Where Mankind Has Disappeared", it is discussed as an example of reproducing nature in the ruins.
  • 2007 movieI Am LegendIn 』, several tracking scenes were shot under the High Line in the Meatpacking District.
  • High line Louie In the second season of, it will appear as one of the main character's date places.

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