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🎣 | "Bamboo shoot rockfish" Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture / Fukura Fishing Port-All over Japan ☆ Fishing pilgrimage

Photo "Bamboo shoot rockfish" Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture / Fukura Fishing Port-All over Japan ☆ Fishing pilgrimage (C) Shukan Jitsuwa Web

"Bamboo shoot rockfish" Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture / Fukura Fishing Port-All over Japan ☆ Fishing pilgrimage

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In the meantime, the "nail simmered" that you pick up with a little bit is also delicious, and the potato shochu "Naruto Kintoki" goes on ...

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Deeply sweet potato shochu

Naruto Kintoki

Naruto Kintoki(Narutokintoki)Naruto Strait,Former Yoshino River,YoshinogawaMade in sandy areas such asSweet potatoThe brand name of Tokushima prefecture.Shikoku-Tokushima OfNarutoIt is mainly cultivated in.Besides being edibleShochu, It is also used as a raw material for roasted sweet potato shochu, and most of the Naruto Kintoki producedKansai areaIs consumed in.


High system No. 14[1]"Kintoki", a variety selected from[2]..Selected and cultivated from "Tosa Beni" and "Sakaide Kintoki" introduced in Tokushima Prefecture in the 50s.[3].

Trademarks and special products

The notation "Naruto Kintoki" is a registered trademark of the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives in April 19.Regional collective trademarkIs approved, and only those produced in the designated area in Tokushima Prefecture can be called "Naruto Kintoki".[4][5].. It is not possible to use "Naruto Kintoki" in all kanji notation because it violates the Trademark Law.

The main cultivation area is the sandy area in the northeastern part of Tokushima Prefecture.Naruto City Otsu Town, Satoura Town, Tokushima CityKawauchi Town・ Itano-gunMatsushige Town,Kitajima TownIs a designated cultivation area.

"Sato Musume" at Naruto Kintoki sold by JA Satoura[6], "Matsushige Bijin" at the time of Naruto Kin, which is shipped from Matsushige Town[7]The brand name is given.

Story about Naruto Kintoki

TBS OfWolrun stay in the worldFrom a Japanese farmerパ ュ ュ ニ ニNaruto Kintoki was brought to the indigenous people.Local production of Naruto Kintoki is now well established, and locals call Naruto Kintoki "Kintoki", which is a popular vegetable.[Source required]


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