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🥾 | [Recommended hiking spot] Tochigi Prefecture "Shojinzawa Spring" Healed by natural spring water and beautiful forest bath


[Recommended hiking spot] Tochigi Prefecture "Shojinzawa Spring" Healed by natural spring water and beautiful forest bath

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Shojinzawa Spring is also a place where you can appreciate many wild birds and plants from its abundant water source.

The temperature has begun to rise, and hiking, where you can enjoy forest bathing, has become a perfect season.I would like to introduce you there ... → Continue reading


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Nanazawa spring water

Nanazawa spring water(Shojinzawa Yusui)Ministry of the EnvironmentSelectionOne hundred famous watersWas chosenTochigiShioya TownとYaitaNear the boundary ofMt. Takayama(Mt. Shakagatake) At the foot of the mountainelevationLocated at 590mspringIs.It has an abundant amount of spring water of 65,000 tons per day, and the water temperature is almost constant at around 11 ° C throughout the year.[1].

AroundHardwood OfNative forestHas becomeWater source forestByUndergroundNo drought or freezing even in winter[1][2].

Water quality is naturalAlkaline ionized waterAnd it is characterized by being cold and soft[1].HeiseiNationwide 9 in 37PrefecturesCollected fromDelicious waterHe has been certified as the number one in the whole country, and he is a regular who always appears in the top ranks after that.

The canyonHigashiarakawa DamInflow downstreamNakagawaWater systemArakawaJoin in.In Shioya Town, a water supply stand has been set up as a town revitalization project and sold to traders, and because general visitors are more hydrophilic, Shojinzawa's fresh water is guided to the nearby Higashiarakawa Dam Lakeside "Higashiarakawa". "Dam Water Park" is set up.


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