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🐈 | [Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Triangle Square] Cat lovers' festival "Nyandarake Vol.11" will be held on June 6th and 27th.


[Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Triangle Square] Cat lovers' festival "Nyandarake Vol.11" will be held on June 6th and 27th.

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It is a large-scale event with more than 250 exhibitors selling and promoting everything related to cats such as cat-themed goods, sweets, cat food, and cat supplies.

At the "Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Triangle Square" in Nishi-Shinjuku, the cat lover's festival "Nyandarake Vol.11" will be held in 2021 6 ... → Continue reading

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Cat food

Cat food Is for industrially produced catsfeed.CatThe composition suitable for breeding is devised.

Cats that are carnivorous in natureTaurineな どEssential nutrientsThere are many.Over-the-counter cat foods contain them, and other pet feeds are not suitable for cats as a staple food.Most of the products that are produced and distributed are from overseas, especially canned fish ass.ThailandThere are many births.People eat most of the Thai cat cans of fishtunaIt is related to the fact that there are many Thai products.This is because cat cans are used for lean meat and meat that are not suitable for sea chicken.Some, but not all, sell white meat, but many cheap canned foods are like this.In Japan, the law on pet food and feed is so sweet that it is not necessary to list additives, so even if synthetic preservatives and synthetic antioxidants are added, they are often not listed.If you don't like these, look for overseas sites andAmericaEtc. are obliged to display allBHT,BHAYou can also check with the notation such as.


Many common brandsFood industryWaste materials such as are used as raw materials.In the examples of the main raw materials used, there are many that are described as chicken by-product flour and XX by-product flour.This is a powder of almost everything from animal skins, internal organs, bones, and hair.In addition, there is a theory that oil-based products such as tallow are rendered by boiling animals to extract oil, or using oil collected from major fast food restaurants for food.Especially in this caseshorteningDoes not exist naturally in processed fats and oils such asTrans fatty acidsOften contains.Also, in the case of rendering, at worst, it is a jumble of corpses and is likely to be of poor quality.There is also a rendering factory in Japan.In recent years, the existence of dry food, which is not found in nature, and the fact that it is over-processed and solidified, as well as the fact that these trans fatty acids and additives are related to the age of cats.sickThere are also theories that cats are basically carnivorous animals and that cereals are unnecessary, and many companies and people claim that they are the cause of allergies.Most of the popular brands on the market are basically穀物Base, mostly cereals, large quantitiescorn,RiceIncluding, to thismeatWithEssential vitaminsKind is added.In addition, the above tallow and by-product powder (digest) are added.The use of grains and by-product flour is for cost reduction and is indispensable for making cheap food.In recent years, the use of Chinese raw materials and contamination of materials have become problems.

Due to the above situation, some pet food manufacturers are selling more natural manufacturing methods and safety.Low content of grains and by-products, some of which are originsInnova EVOSome brands, such as, do not contain any grain.Many natural brands use edible quality raw materials, manufacturing methods and management methods and call them "human grade".Many of these brands are made from raw ingredients to match nutrition to the cat's natural diet.Natural brands generally add offal, fish, ground bone, herbs, some raw plants, and supplements to raw meat.Herbs may be added, but it is not known in detail if they are effective for cats.

In addition, these safe pet foods can be easily purchased at online shopping sites due to the spread of the Internet.

Some owners are feeding homemade feed.Even if it is a safe manufacturer of ready-made products, it may be found later that the raw materials are contaminated, and no matter how safe it is, it does not mean that it has been manufactured by itself.Handmade, in which you search for and make materials yourself, can be said to be the ultimate means.Cooked meat, raw meat, crushed bones, vegetablespureeTaurine and other vitamins are added as additives.Originally, many cats are contained in raw meatBacteriaResistant to meat, but to meatParasiteOther pathogens may be included, so they may be frozen before use.As the vitamin preparation to be added, there are cases where a vitamin preparation for humans is used and a vitamin preparation for cats is used.Veterinarians use homemade feeddigestive enzymeMay be recommended to add.Some vendors sell raw foods similar to such homemade feed in packages.Packed feed is usually stored frozen and thawed only where necessary.There are also companies that support handmade products, for example.AustraliaEtc.KangarooHandmade items such as meat packs are also being enhanced.

For many yearsVegetarianCat food is on sale.It is primarily targeted at vegetarian owners.

But most veterinarians oppose vegetarian cat food.The cat isCarnivoreThis is because sufficient nutrients can only be obtained from meat.Some of these nutrientsTaurine,Arachidonic acid,Vitamin A,Vitamin B12,NiacinIs included.These are not fully obtained from plant materials.Although cats can synthesize many of these, many vegetarian cat foods have other problems, even with the proper addition of these.The problem of acidification of urine is less likely to occur with meat-based feeds.Some manufacturers label it as passing AAFCO's Cat Food Nutrient Profile, but others do not recommend using the product alone and need to add others. It is supposed to be.Many owners do not follow this instruction and assume that the latter is a comprehensive nutritional diet, malnourishing their cats and, in some cases, causing them to die.

Pushing vegetarians to cats is like forcing vegetarians to eat meat, which is a very self-centered behavior.

Cat food form

Commercially available cat food is roughly divided into two types: dry food (solid feed) and wet food.Dry food is packed in a bag, wet food is in a can (Cat can) OrPouchIt is usually put in.Although not seen in Japan, some manufacturers sell frozen raw feed, which is divided into pie-shaped and medal-shaped pieces and sold in large blocks so that the owner can divide them by himself.

Dry food can be stored in a bag for a long period of months or years.There are packages that sell light-shielding properties and packages with a zipper, but from the viewpoint of oxidation, it is desirable to use up as soon as possible (within about one month) after opening.Wet food (cat cans) is sold in smaller pieces. 1, 3, 5.5Ounce(GIn terms of conversion, about 85, 156, and 369) cans are common.Frozen feed is sold for £.

Cat愛好 家And veterinarians should increase wet foods, homemade feeds, and raw feeds as much as possible, and recommend that all of these be used.The main reason is that these feeds are high in water and are thought to provide healthier amounts of water than dry food and water-fed cats.Also, these feeds are generally grains and othercarbohydrateThe amount is small, and the composition and texture are closer to the natural diet of cats compared to dry food.The advantages of dry food are longevity and low price.When using wet food or homemade / raw feed, the lower part of the catUrinary tractdisease,Diabetes mellitus,Chronic renal failure,constipation(SometimesMegacolon),obesityEtc. are generally thought to decrease significantly, and these are clearly more problematic than the dental problems that many owners may be more likely to experience when rearing with wet foods. I believe.

Conversely, some enthusiasts and veterinarians recommend focusing on dry food.When chewing dry foodTartarIt is said that it can be taken.However, in recent years this advantage has been considered minor.Depending on the veterinarian, wet foods, especially fishy onesPull topWhat's in the canhyperthyroidismI believe it is related to.Homemade feed may have some benefit to oral health over dry and wet foods, but it is better than feed in terms of oral health.ToothbrushOral care (by the owner or veterinarian) is important.

Owners often prefer dry food because of its convenience and price.The price difference is clear, and you can even leave it for a few days to feed your cat freely.Wet foods and raw feeds, on the other hand, rot and taste bad in a few hours.However, even if it is a dry food, it is not good to leave it for many days from the viewpoint of oxidation, and from the viewpoint of hygiene, the food that is about to be eaten may get saliva and bacteria may grow.It is good to make effective use of food trays (some of which can be set with a timer) that open after a fixed number of times or when a cat approaches.

Nutritional value of cat food

The sources for this entire section are:[1]See

It is well known that specially prepared feed is better for pets than leftover food.It is okay to give leftover food once in a while, but if it is applied excessively, the nutritional balance of the pet will be lost. It is nutritionally desirable for pets to buy cat food that says "complete and balanced" (meaning "complete and balanced").

To display "complete and balanced", the results of the analytical or rearing test must be from the National Association of Feed Inspectors (AAFCO) Must be met. AAFCO's Feline Nutrition Expert Subcommittee (FNES)New nutritional standardsannounced.This standard was established in 1992 and then revised in 1995 to reflect the research results.

The National Scientific Research Commission (AAFCO's recognized authority)US NRC) Has made recommendations, but AAFCO's nutritional standards replace this. Feeds labeled "complete and balanced" based on AAFCO's nutritional component standards must be within a certain range of all defined nutrient amounts.The subcommittee determined their scope in light of current information on cat nutrition.Nutrient ratios are set so that cat food makers can use them as information when producing feed.

According to current standards, nutritional value depends on life stageFor growth and childbirth,For maintaining the health of adult catsTwo are defined.For this reason, some nutrients are reduced in the feed for adult cats, and overdose can be prevented.Also, some nutrients need to be disciplined from the beginning to maintain maximum intake.Overnutrition is a more common problem in many pet foods today than malnutrition.

The breeding test protocol has also been revised.As a result of these improvements, the statement "complete and balanced" has become even more credible and beneficial to consumers if there is an AAFCO nutritional standard or breeding test pass label.Other stickers, promotional claims, and proofs that claim to be from other institutions do not add security and can be confusing to consumers.

(Translation: In Japan, "complete and balanced" is a "general nutrition diet", which is a feed for cats (not other animals) and is displayed as follows.
  • "This product has been proven to meet the standards for a comprehensive nutritional diet as a result of analytical tests set by the Pet Food Fair Trade Council."
  • "This product has been proven to be a comprehensive nutritional diet as a result of a salary test set by the Pet Food Fair Trade Council."
The standards of the Pet Food Fair Trade Council are the same as AAFCO.Pet food associationPlease refer to the site of

The table below lists AAFCO's nutritional standards (for cats).It should be noted that the display is in a dry state.The analysis results posted on the product are in the state of feed.They cannot be meaningfully compared unless they are dried.In cat cans, 75% is water, so it is displayed as four times the amount in the dry state.In solid feed, 4% is water, which is 10 times higher.

Even in Japan, there are things that are publicized as AAFCO clear, but they are just basic things and should be used as a reference.

AAFCO Cat Feed Nutrition Standardsa
(Dry state)
Growth / childbirth period
Lower limit
Maintenance of adult cats
Lower limit
Upper limit
Arachidonic acid%0.020.02
Copper (solid feed)emg/kg15.05.0
Vitamin AIU/kg9000.05000.0750000.0
Vitamin DIU/kg750.0500.010000.0
Vitamin EfIU/kg30.030.0
Vitamin Kgmg/kg0.10.1
Pantothenic acidmg/kg5.05.0
Folic acidmg/kg0.80.8
Vitamin B12mg/kg0.020.02
コ リ ンjmg/kg2400.02400.0
Taurine (solid feed)%0.100.10
(Dry state)
Growth / childbirth period
Lower limit
Maintenance of adult cats
Lower limit
Upper limit
a Energy density4.0kcal/g Suppose.protein,Lipid,CarbohydrateFixAtwater coefficientIs 3.5, 8.5, and 3.5 kcal / g, respectively.Calories should be reduced if the diet exceeds 4.5 kcal / g, but not if it is less than 4.0 kcal / g.
b LipidThe required amount of itself is not clear,Essential fatty acidssource,Fat-soluble vitaminsLower limits have been set as a source of energy, to improve appetite, and to optimize energy density.
c A cat that is eating freely and has urinepHIf on average does not fall below 6.4, then in the dietmagnesiumAs the content increases, the risk in the urethral system increases.
d CarbonateorOxideIn the form of鉄Is extremely low.Therefore, their addition should not be included in the nutritional value.
e In the form of oxidecopperBioavailability is extremely low.Therefore, their addition should not be included in the nutritional value.
f 1 per kg of fish oil per kg of foodIU OfVitamin EAdd.
g 25 of dry mass of fish%If it does not exceedVitamin KDoes not need to be added.
h ThiaminUp to 90% of can be destroyed by processing (cooking).It must meet the values ​​shown here after processing.
i If it does not contain antibacterial or antivitamin ingredients,BiotinDoes not need to be added.
j Methionine TheMethyl groupAs a donorコ リ ンInstead of.When methionine exceeds 0.62%, the ratio of methionine to choline 1 is 3.75.

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