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👩‍🎤 | Momoka Kinoshita will appear as a guest in the tour final of Kawachi REDS!

Photo Momoka Kinoshita will appear as a guest at the tour final of Kawachi REDS!

Momoka Kinoshita will appear as a guest in the tour final of Kawachi REDS!

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In addition to Momoka Kinoshita, scenario art will also appear as a guest in the tour final.

Momoka Kinoshita will hold a live house tour of Kawachi REDS at Shinsaibashi JANUS in Osaka on June 6th (Friday) <... → Continue reading


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Momoka Kinoshita

Kinoshita Momoka(Momoka Kinoshita,1997〈Heisei9 years>May 2 -) isJapan Oftalent,Singer-songwriter.. Female idol group ·NMB48Is a former member of.HyogoI'm fromKYORAKU Yoshimoto. HoldingsThroughShowtitleAffiliation. From the time of graduating from NMB48, "Hundred flowers"Activities under the name.During music activities, "kinoshitaThere was a time when he used the name, but as of 2020, he has returned to Kinoshita Momoka.

The categorization in Showtitle is neither an artist nor a talent, but a "super being freeter"[1].


2010September 9, "NMB48 Opening Member Audition(7256 applicants, 26 final passers), and debuted as one of the 10 NMB9 48st term research students at "Visit Zoo Campaign Support Project AKB48 Tokyo Autumn Festival supported by NTT Plala" on October 1th. ..

2011March 2NMB48 TheaterPerformance debut[2].. December 12, TV animation "AKB0048Pass the voice actor public audition to decide the voice actor in the "judgment special frame"[3].

2012On January 1, he was promoted to a regular member by joining 26 Team M initial members selected from 48 NMB29 research students. NMB16 2rd single "NMB8 48rd single released on February 3"Junjo U-19Was the first selection in the single title song. June 6, rested for one month due to foot injury[4], Returned from the individual handshake event on July 7[5].

2014NMB11 5th single "NMB48 10th single released on November XNUMXth"Not like, And the 4th single "NagiichiI returned to the selected members for the first time in about two years since then.[6].

2016NMB12 28th single "NMB48 16th single released on November XNUMXth"Someone other than meAs a Type-D coupling song, his first solo song "Priority" was recorded.[7].

2017On July 7, at the Team M performance at NMB29 Theater, they announced their graduation from the group.[8]..The graduation event was held for three consecutive nights.On September 3th of the same year, at Loft PlusOne WEST in Osaka, "Momoka Kinoshita x 9 Friend (Chuka Ichiban) -The Last Outrage as an Idol-"[9], Osaka on the 26thMisono UniverseHeld "Momoka Kinoshita / Rehabilitation Facility Celebration! Source Event"[10], The activity as NMB27 ended with the graduation performance held at NMB48 Theater on the 48th.[11].

After graduating from NMB48Hundred flowersRenamed to, held a solo event and restarted[12]..We are planning to form a band and develop a fashion brand.[13].


Ozaki YutakaIn his birthday performance at the age of 15, he said, "15 の 夜Was sung without permission[14].Tagline"I like apples or oranges, after all (Momoka!), I like the bottom of the tree more than the top of the tree."[15].

The target talent isKyary Pamyu PamyuとGolden Bomber[16].

I basically listen to various genres of music, but I'm not very familiar with current music[17].. My favorite singerRingo Shiina,JUDY AND MARY,RIP SLYME,Yurayura Empire,Theory of relativityIs[17].

HobbyCosplay,Tokimeki Memorial],Two dimensions[16].Jojo standingIs good at[18].. Before joining NMB48, I was withdrawn and watched only anime[19].

His special skills are drawing pictures and playing anime songs on the piano.[15].

The future of the dreamneatTo be[16].

My aspiration for 2012 was "I'm screaming at women and screaming at them !!"[20].

He says he has a "Gachi Yankee sister"[21]..Father works in railroad related work[22].


Until I entered NMB48, I was a person who seemed to be withdrawn all the time.[23].

Opening member audition TheGym suitI received it as a figure and floated from the surroundings.Synchronous studentWatanabe MiyukiAt first, he felt that he was not good at it.[24]..In addition, I participated in the public audition of "AKB0048" in gym clothes, and at that time I was inviting laughter at the venue.[25].

Among the members, especially my ownMoeWatanabe says that he is "too cute and crying".[26].

Among the members who like anime, the captain of "Kimowo Taranger" formed by five people who are said to be "Kimoi".The breakdown is Momoka Kinoshita for red and Momoka for yellow.Mayu Ogasawara, Blue is Arisa Koyanagi, Black is Mao Mita, Purple is Hiromi Nakagawa[27][28]..The main activities are to cosplay all at once at a handshake event and to talk about anime lines.[23]..In addition, he is on good terms with Koyanagi and often asks him to take pictures of his blog (as of August 2011).[29].

BlogThe content of is very individual, and it is a sentence that tends to run out of control compared to other members (there were many relatively ordinary contents at the beginning).Although blog readers can write comments, the number of comments attached to each blog may be the same as that of NMB1 members as well as members of the senior group AKB48. "AKB48 x Weekly Playboy 2011(Released on October 2011, 10), while being a research student at the time, a three-page independent coverage article was organized with the title "NMB24 Kinoshita Momoka invades the weekly pre-editing department !?"[30]..While he posted "I am who I am" on my blog, I sometimes kept saying "Thank you" at the handshake event.[31].

Originally, NMB48 staff warned me to stop cosplaying, but as a result, he said, "I want to do it if I'm told it's no good. After that, I was disappointed."[32]..Of the same team MFumika MurakamiRefers to the behavior of riding on the Shinkansen while cosplaying or wearing a monster mask and walking around the city, calling it "Team M's shame" and at the same time saying "It's amazing to be able to show your own personality."[33].

At the coming-of-age ceremony in the AKB48 group, Kinoshita is a men's beige suit while other members are wearing furisode.National railwayAppeared in the conductor clothes of[22][34]..At the coming-of-age ceremony, I wore this costume related to my esteemed father, because I decided to show my sunny clothes directly to my parents.[22].

Google+In the club activities of the AKB48 group, I belong to the art club.[35].

Participating songs at NMB48

Single selection song

NMB48 name

AKB48 name

  • "Gingham checkRecorded in
    • Wind chime of that day-in the name of Waiting Girls
  • "Shoot signRecorded in
    • Midnight Strength-NMB48 Name

Album selection song

NMB48 name

AKB48 name

Theater performance unit song

Team M 1st Stage "The Dawn of Idol"

  • Heavenly bastard (1st UNIT)
  • Sorry girl (2nd UNIT)

Team M 2nd Stage "RESET"

  • Miracle is not in time

Team M "Dawn of the Idol" Performance

  • Beloved Natasha



Limited distribution

Release dateSong titleOfficial MV
-2019th of February 7My storykinoshita "My story" - YouTube
-2019th of February 7Delete datakinoshita "Delete data" - YouTube
-2019th of February 8livekinoshita "live" - YouTube
-2020th of February 2Dance numberMomoka Kinoshita "Dance Number" - YouTube
-2020th of February 8Just a little beautifulMomoka Kinoshita "Slightly beautiful" - YouTube


Release datetitlerecorded musicOfficial video
1st2020th of February 12Runaway1: Strength
2: World homework
3: Cooking class does not suit
Wait for 4: 5 seconds
5: 卍 JK 卍
6: Dance number
7: Just a little beautiful
8: Pretending to be a good person
9: My story
10: Killed by an idol
11: Hikaru
Work introduction video - YouTube

Solo music



TV drama


Television Animation

  • AKB0048(2012) --Megumi Wanibuchi
  • AKB0048 next stage (2013) --Megumi Wanibuchi




Magazine/newspaper serialization


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