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👍 | Rin Takanashi's handmade 〇〇 is unpopular with her husband, Tomoaki Makino? !! "Ah!" "It looked delicious ..."

Photo Image: Rin Takanashi Official Instagram

Rin Takanashi's handmade 〇〇 is unpopular with her husband, Tomoaki Makino? !! "Ah!" "It looked delicious ..."

If you write the contents roughly
Speaking of Rin Takanashi, the episode (of homemade cookies) left an impact because he is known as a nutritious cook.

"Happy birthday, my husband." On the 11th, Rin Takanashi, the wife of Urawa Reds' wife Tomoaki Makino, is her own I ... → Continue reading

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Takanashi Rin

Rin Takanashi(Rin Takanashi,1988May 12 -) isJapan Ofactress-Fashion Model-talent..旧芸名はThe old stage name isMari Takanashi(Mari Takanashi).ChibaFunabashiBackground[1],Stardust promotionBelongs(JTB Entertainmentbusiness partnership).HusbandProfessional soccer player OfTomoaki Makino.


HarajukuScouted at and entered the entertainment world.

2005,Idol way』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Participated in the audition for "World Uniform Plan FINAL" and won the Grand Prix.At the end of the same year, the idol groupPink jam princessParticipated in the formation of.However, there was no noticeable activity other than releasing one CD, and Pink Jam Princess was disbanded in less than a year.

2007January,Ichinino-sanThanJTB EntertainmentTransfer to[2]..As the first contract talentJTBServes as a cover model for travel booklets.

2008From October2009Until March, "Mezamashi TV"(Fuji TV)"MOTTO Doki now!Appeared as "Ima Doki Musume".

In December 2008, the movie "GOTHAppeared in the role of heroine Morino Yayoi[3].

From March 20092010Until March,Special effectsDrama"Samurai Sentai Shinkenger』(TV Asahi) As a female warrior, Mako Shiraishi / Shinken Pink[4].

2012,(I.e.Master ofAbbas KiarostamiDirected by the movie "The Movie" set in JapanLike Someone In Love』[5].. This work65th Cannes International Film FestivalExhibited in the competition section, Takanashi also directedTadashi Okuno,Ryo KaseAttended the film festival with[6]..By the same work, the 27thTakasaki Film FestivalWon the Best New Actress Award[7].

2013October'sAfter school groove』(TBS) For the first time in a serial drama[8].2014 OfNHKContinuous tv novel"Hanako and Anne"soYuriko YoshitakaThe role of Ayako Daigo, a friend of the heroine who plays, is well performed and attracts attention.[9][10].

2017In Februaryfashion magazine"andGIRL』(M-on Entertainment) Joined the magazine's regular model from the March issue[11], April serial drama "Love is still alive』(Nippon TVStarring in the series), the July serial drama "Aino Marriage Agency』(TV Asahi system) showed an activity such as playing the role of a heroine,"Nikkei Trendy"magazine(Nikkei BP) To be the 2017 "hit person"Ryoma Takeuchi, Miyazon (ANZEN Manzai) To be elected[12][13][14].

2018of"Saigo don"soNHKTaiga dramaFirst appearance[15].

In my personal life,2016I met at a dinner party with a common acquaintance in June,Urawa RedsBelongingProfessional soccer player-Tomoaki MakinoAnd about 1 year and 8 months dating.2017May 12Received a proposal to2018May 1In response to the news that he is planning to get marriedInstagramOfficially announced at[16],same yearMay 2Submit a marriage registration to and get married[17].May 12,Tokyo·Shiba Park OfThe Prince Park Tower TokyoWe had a wedding reception at[18].



TV drama

Delivery drama

  • Compensation (delivered on November 2017, 11,Hulu) --Makoto Shiraishi


V cinema


Japanese dubbing

  • Burning(December 2018, 12, NHK) --The role of Hemi <>[35]


Travel program

  • Rin Takanashi goes ~ Kyoto of the sea ~ (March 2015, 3,BS-TBS)



  • AC Japan"Easy Forest" NHK Joint Campaign (July 2011)
  • JR East GroupView card"Card of different talent." (March 2013-)
  • ITO EN"Stylish Sparkling" (June 2014-)
  • ITO EN "Full Vegetable Vegetable & Fiber" (November 2014-)
  • Pip"Slim Walk" (March 2015-)
  • Itoen "Golden Oolong Tea" (April 2015-)
  • Kao"Asience(March 2015 -)



Release work


  • Pineapple Princess (April 2006)-As Pink Jam Princess

Photo album


Digital photo + movie works

  • Smile weather (September 2011, 9, taken by Shinsuke Ishikawa, delivered by Fan + G The Television PLUS)


  • First Trading Card (May 2010, 5)




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