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📱 | For commercialization of hologram smartphone stand "Holoste" that can summon your own NFT and your favorite characters ...


Suitable for commercialization of hologram smartphone stand "Holoste" that can summon your own NFT and your favorite characters ...

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Recently, we have raised seed rounds through a third-party allotment of capital to three companies, ANOBAKA, iFund, and Upstart Ventures.

YUIMEX Co., Ltd. uses a smartphone to use a favorite character or NFT as a hologram ... → Continue reading

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Funding(Shikincho Tatsu,British: Funding; financing) Is necessary for the business資金Means to procure.

The term funding is for government組織Widely used for private enterprises, sole proprietorships, etc. The term "financing" is broadly defined as the capital that one already ownsnet worthIt corresponds to the method of using). “Financing” refers to a new method of raising funds from the outside in a narrow sense.

It should be noted that fund raising using equity capital is also a kind of fine fund raising, and even if it is not particularly mentioned, it is an act that is frequently carried out internally in the organization, as it was and has been taken for granted. Some books focus on this method and focus on it). In the past (in the Showa era, for example), when someone insisted on an outsider saying "need to raise money", it would be said in accounting terms.Foreign capitalBorrowing a so-calleddebtHow to do (debt finance),Accountas"liabilitiesOften referred to as a way to make or increase something that corresponds to. However, recently, even if we say "financing", the method has become diversified, and it does not always make something that corresponds to debt, we use different types of crowdfunding, private placement bond, mezzanine finance, asset Various methods are available, such as liquidation, and when the term “financing” is brought up, it often refers to different methods (rather than simple debt financing). (Described later).

For private companies and private businesses (and individuals)

In the case of a private company or a private business, if the above is subdivided, the method of using the former's own capital isAsset finance"("Asset financing)) and already haveAssetIt is a method of obtaining funds by selling (part of) and cashing it (or allocating a part of the cash already held for the purpose).

On the other hand"Debt finance"Is"debtProcurement byAnd accounting (bookkeepingAccount)as"liabilitiesProcurement”. There are many, but traditionallyFinancial institutionBorrowed fromCommercial paper(CP) andCorporate bondIssuance of funds.

further"Equity finance"Is"stockFunding by issuing new(=stockIs newly issued,InvestorTo buy the stock and use it as a fund).

(However, in the United States and other countries, it is generally done by purely judging the future potential of a business based on a business plan, etc. and investing/investing. Rather than judge by the future potential of a business, a financial institution can repay the debt with its own capital at an emergency and ask, "Does financial institution staff have to be held accountable? I tend to judge from the perspective of whether I can protect myself or can I be blamed by my superior?" There is a strong tendency not to lend money to a person or organization, so it is explained in textbooks and the like that "debt finance" does not work in Japan (apart from the United States). Japanese financial institutions do not play the role of financial institutions."

Cloud Funding

In the past (old textbooks, etc.), only the above mentioned, old textbooks, etc.Cloud FundingFund procurement by companies has become very active, and the number of methods that do not rely on financial institutions is increasing. Of course, if there is a side to raise funds from the outside, there is also a side to provide funds to the outside, and the word "funding" is "funding". It takes advantage of the fact that even if the amount of money provided by one organization is small, it can be a considerable amount if a large number of people (a large number) gather. Crowdfunding includes donation-type crowdfunding, purchase-type crowdfunding, loan-type crowdfunding (social lending), fund investment-type crowdfunding, etc. Have different positions. For example, donation-type crowdfunding is justDonationHowever, it is not a debt and there is no need to repay, but for example, you give one finished product (one, one) to the person who donated after the product or work was completed ", etc., is considered as a kind of "sales".Sales(Friday)”. However, among donation-type crowdfunding, those that donate particularly purely (businessthe purposeOr people who sympathize with the "heart" provide pure money without any reward in order to purely support the business)GiftThis is a very helpful and very helpful financing method for those who raise funds. The treatment under the tax law differs depending on the country, but under the tax law of Japan, "when an individual is received from a corporation",Temporary income, And if “corporation is from corporation”, “corporation is from individual”, and “individual is from individual”, donations areGiftIs considered.

As mentioned above (apart from the United States), debt financing has become half dysfunctional in Japan, and the business idea of ​​a person with a good idea (a product idea) and the business idea of ​​a person with a good aspiration (mind) Because the plan tended to be buried (by the person in charge of the financial institution) without seeing the light of day, the effectiveness of crowdfunding is highly evaluated.

In addition, the “Funding Perfection Manual” states that there are also the following new procurement methods that can be used by small and medium-sized enterprises.[1].

Contrast concept

By the way, as a concept contrasted with fund raising,investment,British: investment).Cash flowAbove is funding (British: cashflow from financing activities) Is cash inflow, whereas investment is classified and contrasted with cash outflow, which is the opposite concept.


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