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🥾 | JVC releases universal portable power supply & solar panel that can be used for outdoor activities and telework

Photo Portable Power Supply BN-RB62

JVC releases universal portable power supply & solar panel that can be used for outdoor activities and telework

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You can also use it to install the solar panel in a sunny place.

JVC KENWOOD is a new product under the JVC brand, the portable power supply "BN-RB62" and the portable saw ... → Continue reading


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solar panel

solar panel(British: solar panel) OrSolar panelWhat is the Taiyo Denchi Panel?Sun lightでPower generationFor doingパ ネ ルThat.Solar cell plate,Solar cell moduleTomo.


Solar panels are generally small one by oneSolar cellCollect multiple and put them in some kind of frame/structureパ ネ ルIt is a shape. The frame isAluminumIs often used.In some cases, a cell is sandwiched between two pieces of glass and used as an integrated building material. (See the photo on the right, a solar cell with integrated building materials)

Each solar cellElectromotive forceIs small, but multipleseriesBy joiningVoltageTo make it easier to use. In general,Lead acid batteryThe solar panel, which is supposed to be combined with (12V), uses a storage battery.ChargingIn order to do so, the electromotive force on the solar panel side is designed to be about 12 to 17V (higher than 20V of the storage battery). In addition, in order to increase the amount of current, a plurality of the above-mentioned series units,ParallelSometimes it is organized into.

It is also possible to use a single solar panel by connecting it to a battery or the like. One solar panel can generate electricityelectricityIs different depending on the size and power generation efficiency depending on the type of crystal, but it is difficult to say unequivocally.WattIt is about 100 watts.In the case of a small solar panel with a side of several centimeters, it is 1 W or less to several watts at most.The ones for residential and industrial use are larger, and the ones of 250w to several hundredw are the mainstream.

Solar power generation used in homesシステム(ResidentialroofMultiple solar panels are used in the above, etc.) and are connected to the power conditioner via a junction box.The power generated by the solar panels is consumed in the home and may be connected to the power grid in the form of selling power, in which case it is supplied to the power grid.

Solar power plantIn, a large number of solar panels are used to supply a large amount of electricity.The combination of multiple solar panels is "solararrayIt is called "solar cell array".

Solar panelsArtificial satellite,Space stationBut it is often used.

Structure and mechanism

The solar panel is the light energy from the sun (Photon),Photovoltaic effectApplyElectricalGenerate. The structure of the module is retained in the upper layer (top plate structure) and the lower layer (substrate structure). Often usedWaferBase crystalssiliconWith solar cells usingCadmium tellurideOr using siliconfilmType solar cell. Crystalline siliconsemiconductorIt is also a raw material for manufacturing.

For solar cells to be practical, they must first be electrically interconnected and connected to the rest of the system. In addition, it is necessary to protect it from damage at each stage of manufacturing, transportation, installation, and use. Especially,(I.e.(Hail) and(I.e.,SnowfallThe weight of is a problem. Especially for wafer-based solar cellsbrittleSo be careful. When moisture enters inside, there is a risk of corroding metal wiring and connecting parts, and thin-film solar cells and transparent conductive thin-film layers are also vulnerable to moisture.

Most solar panels are hard, but some using thin-film solar cells are flexible.

necessaryVoltageTo ensureseriesConnect the solar cell to電流Further them to ensureParallelConnect to.

Some or all may enter the shadows, or current may flow backwards at night. Separately to prevent itdiodeSometimes use[1].. Of monocrystalline silicon solar cellspn junctionHas the property of producing a reverse current when it is not exposed to light, but this is not necessary. The reverse current not only wastes electric power, but also has a problem that the solar cell has heat. The efficiency of solar cells decreases as the temperature increases[2] , It is desirable that the solar panel has as little heat as possible. There are almost no solar panels designed with cooling in mind, but it is desirable to devise measures such as allowing heat to be dissipated from the back when installing.

Recent solar panels includelensAlternatively, some designs use a mirror to collect sunlight into smaller solar cells. Solar cells with a high unit price per unit area (Gallium arsenideCan be used to make relatively inexpensive solar panels.[3].

Depending on the configuration of the solar panelwavelengthCan generate electricity, but generally cannot cover all wavelengths of sunlight (especiallyUV,Infrared, Indirect light, etc.). That isSun lightYou are throwing out most of your energy. Solar panels are most efficient when illuminated with the appropriate monochromatic light. Therefore, a solar panel has been proposed in which sunlight is divided into a plurality of wavelengths and each beam is applied to a solar cell that is good at that wavelength.[4].. In addition, TPV (thermal electromotive force) power generation using a solar cell that can generate power mainly from infrared rays has been proposed.[5].

The solar conversion efficiency, which represents the efficiency of solar panels, is 5% to 18% in commercial products, which is generally lower than the efficiency of the solar cells alone that make up the panels.


Crystalline silicon module

crystalsiliconUsedSolar cellIs the most commonly used module that has adopted.Single crystalModule andPolycrystalDivided into modules.

Thin film module

film-Type module that uses solar cells. Low cost and high efficiency.

Glass substrate thin film module
It is a rigid thin film module, in which solar cells and modules are manufactured on the same production line. A solar cell is formed on a glass substrate or front plate, and wiring is also performed on the spot. The substrate and front plate have a multi-layer structure. As a solar cell, CdTe,Amorphous silicon (a-Si), multi-junction type of a-Si and uc-Si (single crystal silicon), CIS system, etc. are often used. The solar conversion efficiency of amorphous silicon is 6% to 12%.
Flexible substrate thin film module
This is a soft thin film module, and the solar cell and module are manufactured on the same production line. mainlyPolyethylene terephthalate A solar cell is formed on a (PET) substrate. Other,polyester,PolyimideFilm is used. They areInsulatorSo wiring is as easy as glass. On the boardElectrical conductorIf you use, you need a different technique. mainlyAmorphous siliconThin film type solar cell usingFluororesinIt is formed on the upper side and has the front side, and the back side is reinforced with another resin film.

According to IntertechPira, the thin film solar cell market including flexible substrates is projected to grow at an annual rate of 2019% by 35.[6].

Electronic circuit built-in module

Solar cell modules incorporating electronic circuits have begun to be manufactured. This allows individual modules to perform maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and monitor operational data to detect faults at the module level.

Performance and life

Solar panel performance (Watt peak) Is measured under "standard test conditions" (STC). That is,Irradiance1000W / m2, AM=1.5 solar simulator as light source, and test at module temperature 25℃.

The electrical characteristics include the nominal maximum output (Watt), the nominal maximum output operating voltage (bolt), nominal maximum output operating current (Ampere), nominal open circuit voltage, nominalShort circuitThere is an electric current. The actual output of the solar panel constantly changes depending on the amount of light, temperature, load, etc. The nominal open circuit voltage means the maximum voltage that can be generated without connecting any circuit to the solar panel. The nominal maximum output is the maximum output under STC conditions.

Since solar panels are usually installed outdoors, there are(I.e.To be exposed to for a long time. In the case of crystalline silicon modules, many manufacturers guarantee 10% output in 90 years and 25% output in 80 years.[7].


  • IEC 61215 (Performance of crystalline silicon type), 61646 (filmMold performance), 61730 (safety of all modules)
  • ISO 9488 Solar energy—Vocabulary
  • American Insurer Safety Laboratory UL 1703
  • CE mark
  • Electrical Safety Tester (EST) Series (EST-460, EST-22V, EST-22H, EST-110)


As of 2009, the total power generation capacity is 7.5.GWSolar panels have been installed. IMS Research predicts more solar panel shipments in the future[8].. In March 2011,Showa Shell SekiyuSubsidiary ofSolar frontierOperates the world's largest line in Miyazaki Prefecture as a single factory with an annual production capacity of 900 MW[9][10].

Top 10 companies (2009)

The top 2009 companies in terms of shipment volume of solar panels produced in 10 are as follows:[8].

  1. First solar(America)
  2. Suntech Power(China)
  3. sharp(Japan)
  4. Inlee Green Energy(China)
  5. (China)
  6. (America)
  7. Kyocera(Japan)
  8. (China)
  9. AG (Germany)
  10. Panasonic(Japan)

Top 10 companies (2017)

The top 2017 companies in terms of shipment volume of solar panels produced in 10 are as follows:[11].

  1. (China)
  2. (China)
  3. (China)
  4. (China/Canada)
  5. Hanwha Q CELLS(Korea)
  6. GCL system integration(China)
  7. (China)
  8. (China)
  9. (China)
  10. Inlee Green Energy(China)

Safeguard activation

Electric-generating capacity

With Panasonic's "HIT." P245Puis, the annual power generation is 1kW.

4.936 P245Puis are required because the amount of electricity required for a general household is 20kW.


In the long run, solar panel prices have fallen. In 1970, the cost per watt was about $1, but in 150 it was $1998 per watt, which is one third of 1.[13][14].

As for the selling price, the lowest price (installation environment without slate front scaffolding) is 2014 yen to 9 yen/kWh for residential solar power generation as of September 250,000.[15]

Installation system

Self-tracks the sun and always directs the panel surface toward the sun to increase power generation.
Fixed rack
The fixed rack simply fixes the solar panels. Generally, it is installed at an angle according to the latitude.

Equipment incorporating solar cell modules


There are some problems, which are listed below.

Problems caused by natural disasters

  • On hot days, the power generation efficiency of solar panels decreases due to the rise in temperature.
  • Landslide, etc.Sediment disasterThere is a fear of "Earth and sand disaster caution areaThere is an example in which excavation is carried out without permission when installing solar panels, which has become a social problem.[18].
  • IbarakiJoso City内 のKinugawaThen,20159 OfTyphoon 18Due to(I.e.In a disasterEmbankmentHowever, it was discovered that the overfilled part of the relevant embankment had been cut down to a height of about 2 m due to the installation work of solar panels.[19].
  • Solar panels will be blown away by typhoons and tornadoes, causing damage to nearby houses.
  • Even if a part of the equipment or wiring is damaged, the panel will continue to generate electricity without stopping as long as it is exposed to sunlight, so there is a risk of electric shock or fire due to electric leakage.
  • Burden of repair costs due to loosening, deformation and damage of screws on panels and pedestals due to earthquakes and deterioration over time.

Impact on the surrounding environment

  • Near the solar panel devicePigeons nestBy makingHun harm
  • From the gap of the solar panelLeak
  • Light reflected from the solar panel
  • Installation of solar panels and harmony with the landscape
    • In Kyoto, within the aesthetic area, aesthetic formation area, building scenic area, scenic area, historical historical special preservation area, traditional building preservation area, view space conservation area, near view design conservation area, distant view design conservation area There are restrictions on the installation of solar panels[22].
    • In Nara Prefecture, there are restrictions on the installation of solar panels in landscape conservation areas and environmental conservation areas.[23].

Trouble when introducing residential solar panels

Please note that the following difficulties are associated with the installation of residential solar panels.

Risk of fraud and deception

Door-to-door sales were the most common complaint about sunlight received at the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan.As a number to support this, the number is published on the website of the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan.

In 2014, there were 3,333 consultations on solar systems.Of these, 1,851 are door-to-door consultations, and they skillfully develop their stories with slogans such as "I can definitely get the money back," but I can see how dangerous door-to-door sales are.Specifically, "I made a contract for solar power generation, but the actual selling price is different from the explanation at the time of the contract."

Since around 2009, when the FIT system started, malicious door-to-door dealers have been patrolling mainly in relatively young single-family homes, and since they are operated by a kind of investment solicitation method, the image of solar power generation Has deteriorated.

The contract with the door-to-door dealer can be canceled for 8 days including the contract date if the cooling-off system is used, but it is highly likely that the malicious dealer will have difficulty in dealing with refunds.A more vicious case is "fraud."In the first place, it is not a solar power generation company, and there are cases where it is called a contract and cheats cash on that day.

Of course, if the contractor goes bankrupt after installation, there will be no after-sales follow-up, so the rest will be at your own risk.In fact, according to a statement released by Teikoku Databank in January 2020, 1 solar PV companies went bankrupt between 2006 and 2019.

Installation cost is high

In most cases, a typical solar cell module is 1.7m long x 1m wide for introducing photovoltaic power generation, and 20 or more modules to obtain sufficient power generation commensurate with the power consumption at home. It is necessary to purchase the module of, and it costs more than 100 million yen to install.

According to the materials of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (Procurement Price Calculation Committee | Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2021, the current market price of residential photovoltaic power generation is 137.5 million yen, and the average installed capacity is 5.00 kW. ..The cost of introducing solar power is getting cheaper year by year, but it's still enough to buy a car.

When there was a green tax system in 2014, banks also had loans for solar power.Credit companies have all entered the market, but at the end of 2014, the purchase price of solar power was too high at the Diet, etc., and there was no loan.

The selling price is decreasing year by year

Under the feed-in tariff (FIT), solar power generation purchases surplus electricity generated by electric power companies at a fixed selling price for 10 years (less than 10kW).

The selling price of electricity is one of the important factors because the main economic advantage for solar power generation installers is the saving of electricity costs due to this selling of electricity and self-consumption. Is about half the price compared to 10 years ago.Moreover, the future will continue to decline, so the future is uncertain.

Maintenance required

Many people think that photovoltaic power generation is maintenance-free, but maintenance such as cleaning and replacement of power conditioners is indispensable.Failure due to initial failure of the panel is covered by the manufacturer's warranty if it is within the period, and if it is damaged due to landslides or floods caused by typhoons, it can be replaced using insurance such as movable property insurance. You may be able to do this, but if you have not subscribed, you will need to replace it at the actual cost.

It is said that this power conditioner has a useful life of about 10 years, and it costs about 1 yen for each residential photovoltaic power generation to replace it.

The amount of power generated depends on the environment

The power generation efficiency of solar power generation is about 20%, and the amount of power generation is often less than in the initial simulation.The power generation efficiency is lower than that of hydroelectric power generation with a power generation efficiency of about 80% and wind power generation with a power generation efficiency of about 20-40%.In addition, the power generation status of photovoltaic power generation depends on the amount of solar radiation, and it is not possible to generate power during the hours when the sun is not rising, so it is not possible to meet the power demand at night.Moreover, even if the weather is good, once a large building is built around it, subsequent power generation will be hopeless.

Some homes are not suitable for installation

To increase daily power generation, solar panels need to be installed on the roof facing the sun.In other words, it is suitable for installing solar panels in houses with a south-facing roof in the northern hemisphere and a north-facing roof in the southern hemisphere.Considering light-shielding obstacles such as trees and chimneys, the ideal roof space for solar panel installation is less than 50%.Therefore, a large roof is generally required to install all the required panels.However, when the shape of the roof is complicated, the size of the solar panel does not fit well, and the total capacity is often smaller than expected.In snowy areas, it is also necessary to take measures against snowfall on roofs and solar panels.

There is a risk of neighbor trouble

In 2014, the news also covered the problem of reflected light from solar power generation.In industrial photovoltaic power generation, where a large number of solar panels are installed, the reflected light from the solar panels to neighboring houses is often a problem, and in the case of the reflected light trouble of residential photovoltaic power generation, it has developed into a trial. There is also.

Solar power generation is basically installed on the south, east, and west sides.Since the reflected light from the solar panels installed on the north side tends to go to the ground, there is a high possibility that the light will shine into the neighbor's house.In the damaged house on the north side, the temperature inside the house is close to 40 degrees Celsius, and it is dazzling and cannot live, which is directly linked to serious problems.

Another trouble is "sound".The solar panel itself does not emit sound, but the power conditioner, which is a machine that converts the generated electricity into electricity that can be used at home, emits high-pitched sound during operation.If you install the outdoor power conditioner in a place near the neighboring house such as an urban area without considering the floor plan of the neighboring house, it will lead to trouble with sound.

There is a risk of construction defects such as rain leaks and fire.

Solar power may be installed on the roof, which can lead to leaks if not properly constructed.However, door-to-door dealers do not install scaffolding even at sites that require scaffolding to reduce construction costs, use subcontractors to make it cheaper, and are not certified by the manufacturer, so the quality of construction is poor.

Regarding rain leaks, if the building company does not have permission to install the building, the guarantee of the building company will not work, and if the door-to-door dealer does not respond well, the rain leak will cause corrosion of the structural frame and termites. It is directly linked to fatal injuries such as causes.In many cases, construction by an inexperienced contractor who does not have knowledge of such waterproofing treatment leads to rain leaks.

2019May 1,Consumer Affairs AgencyAccording to a report compiled by the Consumer Safety Investigation Commission, from residential photovoltaic systems in about 2017 years until November 11火災, Ignition, smoke, and overheating occurred in 127 cases.Of these, at least 7 cases also spread to the roof side (however, as of October 2018, residential photovoltaic power generation systems have spread to about 10 million buildings nationwide, and the number of denominators is very large).In all cases of fire, the system and roof are integrated, and the report calls attention.[24].


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