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🚁 | Blue Innovation develops and introduces "automatic flight system for transmission line inspection"

Photo system operation screen

Blue Innovation develops and introduces "automatic drone flight system for power transmission line inspection"

If you write the contents roughly
Unlike the detection of power transmission lines by image analysis, the object detection sensor installed in this system is not affected by backlight, shadows, or similar structures, and can correctly detect power transmission lines.

A drone equipped with an object detection sensor.The module attached to the top detects power transmission lines and controls the aircraft and vibration ... → Continue reading


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Image analysis

Image analysis(Gazokaiseki) is natureInformation processingProcessing to sort out significant events from images using the method of.


Image analysis itselfcomputersBy optical calculation even beforeCharacter readingAndAstrophotography-Satellite photoThe image quality of the was improved.

From the image dataTextRecognize and convert to text dataOptical Character Recognition (OCR)Is also a kind of image analysis in recent yearsMachine learningThe field of application is expanding due to the progress of[1].

Previously dedicatedhardwareAnd specialized knowledge was required, but in recent years it can be used without specialized knowledgeGoogle Cloud Vision APIlikeCloud computingImage analysis service using[2][3][4].

Application areas

archeology, Fruit selection,Crime prevention,Medical diagnosisAnd so on.

Image analysis example


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