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👍 | Chateraise "Tiramisu Roll", which is a hot topic on SNS. What is this deliciousness for 140 yen ...!


Chateraise "Tiramisu Roll" is a hot topic on SNS. What is this deliciousness for 140 yen ...!

If you write the contents roughly
Crashed coffee jelly in places between tiramisu cream.

Introducing a new adult-oriented roll cake for Chateraise! !!Chateraise's standard product "roll cake" is a little big ... → Continue reading

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coffee jelly

coffee jelly (Coffee jelly)coffeeとsugarIt was usedjellyso,DessertIs a type of[1][2].


JapanIt is sold by many food manufacturers and can be purchased at grocery stores and convenience stores.

Basically, it can be made with coffee and gelatin, and it is widely used in ordinary households.[3]..Powders that can be easily made by simply dissolving in boiling water are also on sale.

On the other hand, it is not well known outside Japan.[3][4][5].


There are various theories about the origin of coffee jelly, but it is said to be a frozen dessert born in Japan.1914(Taisho3 years)May 4AttachedYomiuri ShimbunThe recipe was introduced for the first time in the home section of[3][4]..However, about the recipe1817ToEnglandThere is a description in the cookbook published in[6][7]..Even in America1896The recipe is published in "The Boston cooking school".

1963ToNaganoIt is inMikado coffeeKaruizawaFirst sold as "eating coffee" at the store[3][4]..Japan in the 1970s at the latestSupermarketIt was becoming popular in general.

1918Jero, a famous instant jelly in the United States, released coffee gelatin (coffee jelly) in the United States.New EnglandIt did not sell outside the rural areas and was discontinued.Even now in the New England regionRhode Island,MassachusettsIt's called Coffee Gelatin, and it's served in some restaurants that serve American regional dishes, mainly based on 19th-century recipes, but it's not a very popular dessert.At the world level, it is a very minor dessert, and few people know its existence except those who have visited Japan and who are familiar with Japanese food culture.


Coffee with sugar addedgelatin,cold day,CarrageenanSuch asGelling agentでgelMake it into a shape.At this time, if it takes time to cool the coffee liquidiced coffeeAs in the case of making coffee, caffeine and tannins in coffee combine to cause a cloudy (milk down) phenomenon, so quenching is required to improve the finish.

how to eat

Coffee freshIt is often eaten with a sushi, and this is also attached to most of the commercial products.Cut into cubes,parfait,SundaeIt may also be used for desserts such as.

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