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⛺ | 7 day trips to Saitama!Easy course summary that is easy to climb even for beginners and children


7 day trips to Saitama!Easy course summary that is easy to climb even for beginners and children

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There is also the Nagatoro Alps route that goes down from the mountaintop to Nogami station, so consider which route to use.

Saitama Prefecture is a prefecture with many so-called low mountains at an altitude of about 1,000 m.For this reason, it is recommended that even beginners and children can easily climb ... → Continue reading

 Saitama Mall

Saitama area blog "Saimapuru" which achieved 60 PV monthly. We introduce information on Saitama's outing spots, gourmet foods, and new open information centering on Ageo City.

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Nogami Station

Nogami Station(Nogami-eki) isSaitamaChichibuNagatoroLocated in Oaza HonnogamiChichibu RailwayChichibu Main Line(Chichibu Line)station.

Station structure

Single platform+Island homeHave two lines on one sideGround station.Outsourced station(Management station: Yorii station).Station staff work hours are from 7:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and from 7:30 to 19:00 on Saturdays and holidays.

WCIs outside the ticket gateFlush type.

1989 Or later,Seibu RailwayDirect train fromOhanabatake StationI was on the train from to this station (after thatYorii StationExtend to2007 May 3からNagatoro StationShortened to).The reason why the station was turned back was due to the wiring on the premises, etc., but the destination display etc. was guided as the "Nagatoro / Nogami" line in consideration of the ease of understanding for tourists.[1].

1 Chichibu LineYorii-(I.e.-Gyoda City-Hanyuaspect
2 Chichibu LineNagatoro-Chichibu-Mitsumineguchiaspect

Usage situation

  • The average number of passengers per day in 2019 is 1.
年度Boarding personnel
(1 day average)
2009 (21)413
2010 (22)390
2011 (23)367
2012 (24)363
2013 (25)349
2014 (26)350
2015 (27)340
2016 (28)330
2017 (29)317
2018 (30)314
2019 (First year of Reiwa)300

Around the station

Nagatoro Town was Nogami Town until the town name was changed in 1971, and the area around this station is the center of the town.


Next station

Chichibu Railway
Chichibu Main Line
Express "SL Paleo Express'
Express "Chichibu Road'
Yorii Station - Nogami Station - Nagatoro Station
Local train
Higuchi Station - Nogami Station --Nagatoro Station


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  1. ^ Electric Vehicle Study Group"Railway pictorialNo.560 May 1992 Special Issue P.5-128

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