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🐈 | "Unknown dog" Actually a fox Why? Recently witness information has increased


"Unknown dog" Actually a fox Why? Recently witness information has increased

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According to Nagasaki Bio Park, the number of foxes is increasing, and the number of people who are not very cautious is increasing.

Last week, the content of the report "There is an unknown dog on the premises of the house" posted on the official Twitter of the Saga Prefectural Police.At that time, police ... → Continue reading

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Nagasaki Biopark

Nagasaki Biopark(Nagasaki Bio Park)NagasakiSaikai CityIt is inZoo.Bio Park Co., Ltd.Is operated by.


Nagasaki Dutch VillageIn November 1980 prior toYoshikuni KamichikaHas opened.KamikachiSeihi TownA person who became an executive of the restaurant "Ichijo" in Nagata-cho, Tokyo from a government office employee, based on the tourist orchard that opened in 1973 on the land of Seihi-cho owned by Ichijo.Izu cactus parkIs the founder ofTokyo University of AgricultureUnder the guidance of Professor Norio Kondo, the natural animal and plant park "Nagasaki Bio Park" with the theme of "harmony between people and nature" was constructed in 1975.[1]..The total construction cost is about 2 million yen, which is a local customer who was close to Kamikaze.Shinwa BankInvested by[1].


We do not breed large carnivores,Llama-Capybara-Squirrel monkeyWe breed a large number of freshwater fish and insects, mainly mammals.Also, in 1994, it was the first time in Japan.HippoSucceeded in artificial breastfeeding.Behavior exhibitionIs also actively doing.

There are few cages in the park,White rhinoMost animals can be seen up close and can be fed, except for animals such as zebras and zebras.The partition from other zones is low fences, waterways, dark passages, etc., and it is unlikely that they will escape to other zones due to the habits of each animal, but capybara andMaraOccasionally appear in other areas.

2008/6/19 MalaysiaNationalMalacca ZooAnd a sister zoo tie-up.Along with this, from Malaysia National Park and Zoo Administration andLittle otterIt has been decided that 10 animals will be donated. As of January 2009, four small-clawed otters donated in advance are on display.

From spring 2005Fukuoka CitySuburbsFukuokaHisayama TownShopping mall inTrias"Trias Fureai Zoo" was opened. About 1-10 major animals are dispatched from "Nagasaki Bio Park", and although the site area is small, a considerable number of animal types are free-ranged, and you can experience the "mini bio park" -like interaction.The entrance fee is 3 yen for 300 years and older.

From March 2015MatsuuraBecame the designated manager of Takashima Mongolia Village, which is operated by the company, and was in charge of facility management after the reopening on August 8, 1, but withdrew in October 2016 due to poor performance.


The park is viewed by walking along the route. It is divided into 12 zones, the first of which pass on both the outbound and inbound journeys.Also, the whole gardenWooded areaとLaurel forestIt is inside, and you can see native animals.

Hippo "peach"

"Momo" is a hippopotamus raised by artificial nursing at Nagasaki Bio Park.

1994May 3However, since a normal hippopotamus was born on land where it gave birth in water, the baby hippopotamus (peach) could not move and became weak.The staff picked up the baby hippopotamus and started artificial feeding, but when he returned to the pond in May of that year, he could not swim because he was afraid of water.Here too, staff will train for swimming.At first, I couldn't close my nostrils and ears when I got into the water, but after training I became able to swim.The state of peach training was often featured on TV programs and became a picture book. On June 5st, the name "Momo" was given by open recruitment.

As of 2016, such a peach is also a mother of five children, and she and her family sprinkle charm in the hippo pond.

Masao Ito, a biopark employee who was involved in childcare for this peach,ButterflyWe are also conducting research onAsagi Madara OfmarkingIn the surveyKinkiとNagasakiIt is also known to have demonstrated long-distance travel between.Also, during the period when live butterflies were exhibited in the greenhouse of the bio park, it was a great way to build a system to constantly display tropical butterflies at low cost by mass breeding with one of the most advanced breeding techniques in Japan. Was contributing.

Opening Hours

Open all year round, 10: 00-17: 00, admission until 16:00.


Adults 1,700 yen, junior high and high school students 1,100 yen, 3 years old and over elementary school students 800 yen.However, there are group discounts for groups of 15 or more, schools, kindergartens, and nursery schools.Adults 8,000 yen, 3 years old-There is also an annual passport for elementary school students 4,000 yen.

A separate fee is required for food and drink and food for feeding in the park.There are also facilities and events that require an extra charge.


NagasakiFromNagasaki BusTake the bus bound for Ogushi.[2]

  • Immediately after getting off at the Bio Park bus stop
  • Get off at the forked bus stop, 5 minutes walk

SaseboIf fromHuis Ten Bosch StationIn front (Hotel Lorelei) ・Huis Ten BoschIn front of the immigration building-Free transfer between bio parks[3]


  • 1987March-Popular at the timeNippon TVSystem productionCriminal drama,Dangerous criminalThe location of Episode 33 "Survival" was held in the park.
  • 20047 month - Civil Rehabilitation LawApply for applicationbankruptcydid.The total debt is 21 million yen.
  • 2010May 1 - Fukuoka CityPet shop ownerHumboldt penguinI was arrested trying to steal one female in a bag.
  • 2015-Established Takashima Bio Park Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary.Entrusted with the operation of Takashima Mongolia Village.
  • 2016 --Takashima Bio Park, which was the designated manager of Takashima Mongolia Village, applied for cancellation of the designated management contract, and Takashima Mongolia Village will be closed on November 11st.[4].


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