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📱 | Will "ROG Phone 5" come? ?? ASUS releases the latest gaming smartphone dither site!Oh ...


Will "ROG Phone 5" come! ?? ASUS releases the latest gaming smartphone dither site!Oh ...

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Kana Ueda, a very popular voice actor, will appear as a guest in "~".

Smartphone games also have beautiful graphics, high space that many players connect and play at the same time ... → Continue reading

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Kana Ueda

Kana Ueda(Kana Ueda,1980 May 6[7] -) isJapan OfFemaleVoice actor,singer.NaraIkoma Citybirth,OsakaHigashi Osaka CityBackground[3][5].I'm EnterpriseAffiliation[5].


Born in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture.Raised in Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.I moved to Osaka when I was in elementary school[3][4].

Since elementary schoolCosplayI was absorbed in Osaka京都 OfDoujinshi convention,Comic marketI often participated as a cosplayer.The first cosplay is "Sakura wars』Shinguji Sakura[8]..He is also active as a coterie writer and has published a douujinshi (Later).

Children's troupeBelong tostage,musicalWas doing.My first job was a commercial, and when I was a high school student, I was also in charge of hosting a music program.TAKARAGENNESince I was in elementary schoolTakarazuka Music SchoolGo to a prep school.Vocal music-ballet-ダンスHowever, I gave up because my height did not grow by the third year of high school.Osaka Prefectural City Oka High School[9] Then, I belong to the broadcasting department (general manager) and the light music department.In the broadcasting department, you can edit the tape and put it in the afternoonAmateur radioAfter passing the qualification, I carried the antenna and climbed to Mt. Rokkosan.Light soundIn the departmentピ ア ノ,drum,MarimbaI was in charge of all percussion instruments such as.Kobe Jogakuin University[3][4]When I was a university student, I won the Grand Prix at the audition "Voice Artist Project" of the magazine Voice Animage.[3][4]..While enrolled in universityJapan Narration Acting InstituteLearned in the training course of Osaka school,Arts VisionBecome a affiliation.In the meantimeEvery day broadcasting"Chichin Puipui"ofReporterWas in charge of.Then the current officeI'm EnterpriseTransferred to.

2001 years,Tokyo N ◎ VADebuted as a voice actor in the role of Gem in the drama CD "Knife Edge"[Note 1][10].. same year,Television Animation"Cyborg 009001 / Ivan Whiskey won the first regular role, "FF: U ~Final Fantasy: Unlimited~』In charge of the theme song, which became an individual singer debut.

Shortly after his debut, "avex modeAnd conclude an artist contract.Then in the same officeMai Nakahara-Chiwa Saito-Morinaga ScienceAnd voice actor unit "Mix JUICE"Mamiko Noto-Mai Goto-Kaori Shimizu-Rina SatoAnd voice actor unit "N'sIn the form of spinning out from N'sHitomi Raw-Miyuki MatsukiVoice actor unit "N ±, Formed a voice actor unit "M's" with Kaori Shimizu, derived from the radio. He also participates in charity activities in the "Hearts for Earth Aid & Relief Team (HEART)".

Currently, he sings the character songs of the cast works and releases the songs of the cast works by forming a voice actor unit, but he has not seen any individual singer activity.


With fellow voice actorsMonster hunter"Monster Hunter Association" is being created.Have a serialization in a game magazineMonster hunter frontier onlineWas also appointed as the CV of the same workTV program,EventsHe has appeared frequently in. "Ragnarok OnlineAnd 'Emil Chronicle Online] Is also appointed as the MC of programs such as.

Xbox 360of"Halo 3』I am absorbed inSuo AkiyamaHe also belongs to the "Halo 3" group, which plays Halo XNUMX with his fellow voice actors. "Halo 3: ODSTAlso played the role of Sadie Endesha. "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3He was also appointed as a dubbed voice actor in the role of Aryona, and is also in charge of the MC of the program.Also, the debut workFar East Amusement ResearchBecause it was a CD drama of Tokyo N ◎ VA produced, "Table talk RPGI also have experience playing. "Night Wizard The ANIMATIONWas appointed as Azel-Evilis and was recorded in the fan book "Reach for the Stars".Replay"The moon is a ruthless night queen』Also participates.

MahjongTaught meSatoru AkahoriSo, I participated in the tournament when I was still memorized (I participated at my own will because there was a vacancy at the beginning of the tour).At first, I went to Jakuso alone, but my friendShizuka ItoNo longer needed from acquaintances ofFully automatic mahjong tableWas handed over.This spread by word of mouth among voice actors and others, and my home becameSparrowIt became known as "Jongsou Ueda".I also turned my home into a mahjong villaTakeshi KoyamaI hit it off withVoice actor grand prixSponsored by "J-1 Grand PrixIt was held.

Television Animation"SakiWill play the main character, Saki Miyanaga.Radio programIn "Saki Raji -Kiyosumi Gakuen Mahjong Club-", the program proceeded while playing mahjong. In RONDO ROBE 2007Joji NakataThe production was made to be absorbed in mahjong on the stage with us.Furthermore, in 2011Take ShoboSponsored by "Mahjong Saikyousen Celebrity National TeamParticipated in.Live broadcast of the program and "Modern mahjongI am also in charge of the column serialization.In the same year, the "Two-dimensional Academy Mahjong Club" (general manager) was established with a focus on industry people, and the number of members has grown to over 400.[11][12].Masayuki Katayama,Hirokazu BabaSponsored by Good Player's Club[13] Also participates in. He also participated in the 2012 Mahjong Saikyousen Celebrity National Team, and although he struggled to climb Shirakawa in the qualifying, he passed second.In the final, he caught up with Katayama, who was the top in the aura, by 2 points, but he escaped to Katayama and finished second.

Ru (deceased)Abyssinian cat), Ren (Russian Blue / Male 15 years old), Ritsu (Abyssinian / Male 11 years old), Vivi (Tonkinese / Female 4 months old)CatHave a[14].

In the training course of Japan Narration Actors Institute Tokyo SchoolSuzuki Tatsuhisa,Tomoaki Maeno,Daichi Kamihara,Nakamura RikoWas in the same class as.

From Osaka to Tokyo during collegeShinkansenI used to commute to work, but I moved to Tokyo while I was in school because of more jobs and lessons in Tokyo, and I have a university.KobeI continued to go to school by Shinkansen and airplane.For this reason, the income of voice actors often disappears due to transportation expenses, and they covered their living expenses by working part-time at The Lockup, a different-dimensional gastronomic space, and a yakiniku restaurant.

"Maria is watching』Co-starringMiki ItoI admire him as an older sister.Also co-starredMitsuhiro IchikiHe also called his role "Yuki" and had a deep friendship, but he didn't remember his real name until around 2015.[15]..He has a close friendship with other co-stars through the Yamayurikai.

Create a voice actor world snowboard club,Tomoyuki Shimura,Hiroyuki Yoshino,Tomoko Kawakami,Rie Kugimiya,Kaori Shimizu,Natsuko KuwayaWith colleaguesSki,ノ ノ ー ボ ー, Enjoying Scoot.

I am qualified to dress so at the eventEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euI often wear.SwordAnd also attended action school[16].

59 times Arima MemorialHit single / double / horse-ren / triple-double[17].

Yui Horie,Saki Fujita,Hitomi Raw,Natsuko Kuwaya,Mai Nakahara,Kaori Shimizu,Kawasumi Ayako,Takahashi Mikako,Shizuka ItoAnd make an "escape part"Real escape gameEnjoying[18][19][20][21][22][23][24].

Yui Horie, Saki Fujita, Hitomi Nabatame, Natsuko Kuwatani, Mai Nakahara and making a "Stamai Club" to enjoy Stand My Heroes[25][26].

Atsushi Abe,Nobunaga Shimazaki,Bunbunmaru (Mototaka Shinohara),Mafia Kajita (Takaki Kajita),Masakazu Nishida,Takahashi Li,Miumi Tanaka,FukudahdaFate / Grand OrderWe are holding a meeting to draw the gacha "Our Holy Grail War"[27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34][35][36].

EVO2016 "Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. FULL BOOSTWon the 3rd place in the world in the category[37], The following year's EVO 2017 "GUNDAM VERSUS(Gundam Versus) ”category 5th in the world[38], 2018 EVO 2018 "GUNDAM VERSUS" category won the best 8[39]..Partner is Riri.

AbemaTV Ofe-Sportsprogram"Shadow verseBecame the first voice actor queen in "The Strongest Battle"[40].

Tokyo Game ShowIn 2017, I got the title of "WoT Love Voice Actor" officially recognized by Wargaming Japan.[41].

Even if I handed out chocolate-in-law in the studio on Valentine's Day, I never got it back on White Day[42].

Acquired ABC certified instructor cooking qualification[43].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation




Web anime

  • Girls und Panzer 63rd Tank Road National High School Student Tournament Omnibus (Momo Kawashima)
  • Layered Stories Zero(middle)[106]

Digital comic



Drama CD / Radio CD





  • Chichin Puipui(MBS TV[202]
  • Chan Nep(TV Asahi
  • Chan Nep Ufufu in love ... (TV Asahi)
  • World collection(MBS TV)
  • I want to eat! (MBS TV)
  • Yokobe(MBS TV) --In charge of comments on the official website
  • Yoikobu (MBS TV) coming soon
  • Softbank mobile"J-PHONE'
  • Animate
  • Shueisha"Cobalt Bunko"
  • Toei"Majokko Megu-chan"
  • Capcom"Dino Crisis"
  • Capcom "Monster Hunter Frontier G"
  • Pony canyon"Green Green" (live-action appearance)
  • Cygames × Cy Designation "Granblue Fantasy"
  • ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ"Young Gangan"
  • Shimadzu Kogyo"Shoko Shuseikan"
  • Shimadzu Limited "Shimadzu Nariakira and I Time Travel Shuseikan-Matsuki-kun's Cannon Course-" (Yoko
  • Avex"Avex Rave"
  • Newgin"Cyborg 009"
  • KotobukiyaAkihabara Building "Narration in the store"
  • Comic market
  • Nexon"Colum Online"
  • Derby Week 2013 (Kaori Akagi
  • Bushiroad"Weiss Schwarz"
  • Bushiroad "Fate / stay night / Unlimited Blade Works"
  • Bushiroad "Card Fight !! Vanguard"
  • Sofmap"Over-the-counter narration"
  • Bizan Ropeway"Guide announcement"
  • Kou Choi Japan "Sengoku Ado Bencha"
  • KADOKAWA"Comptiq"
  • Ikebukuro Sunshine City"Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Exhibition -Holy Grail's Atrium-"
  • Compile heart"Hyperdimension Neptunia VS Sega Hard Girls Dream Coalescence Special"
  • Brownies×DMM.com POWERCHORD STUDIO "Eglia-Legend of the Red Bow"
  • Capcom"Monster Hunter Frontier Z"
  • Theatrical version Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection
  • Aniplex"Fate / Grand Order Fes"
  • Fuji and Gumi Games "Phantom of the Kill Local Kill Princess CM -Hokkaido Aroundight Edition-"
  • Fuji and Gumi Games "Phantom of the Kill Local Kill Princess CM-Niigata Prefecture, Dagda Edition-"
  • Aniplex "Fate / Grand Order Swimsuit Event 2017 Dead Heat Summer Race"
  • Capcom "Dragon's Dogma Online"
  • Theater Cafe & Dining "STORIA" "Announcement"
  • Aniplex"Fate / Grand Order Reprint: Dead Heat Summer Race! ~ Ishtar Cup of Dreams and Hope 2017 ~ Light Edition"
  • Lawson"Fate / Grand Order Campaign" (Ishtar,Ereshkigal
  • National Geo Wild"Planet of Birds" (FOX Networks)
  • Stage tour sound AR ×Seibu Railway"Mie Nike Zuna" (Yukari
  • Yostar"Sparrow soulPV World of Warships x Azur Lane Collaboration Talk Event in YOKOSUKA "
  • Square Enix "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Villas CM-First" CHOOSE YOUR LIFE #Unexplored #Influencer #Jockey #Giant Robo "" (hero
  • Aniplex "Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden"
  • Square Enix "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Villas CM-Third" CHOOSE YOUR LIFE #Heroine #Youth #Partner #Adventurer "" (hero
  • ufotable "Theatrical version" Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] "II. Lost butterfly Blu-ray & DVD Weekly CM 2nd [Rin Tohsaka Ver.]"
  • Bananaman's Drive Three(TV Asahi)
  • TVCM "Fate / Grand Order" Limited Time Event "Saber Wars 2-To the Beginning Universe-"
  • Mitsuaki Iwago's World Cat Walking mini(NHK BS Premium)

TV program

* IsInternet distribution.


* IsInternet distribution.

Radio Drama

  • Kaneno sound stand by me (Reika Morimura, Internet Radio: 2003 10 times in total)
  • Lovely ☆ Niruchana (Chana, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting: 2003)
  • FM Drama Theater Devil's Mikata (Devil Girl Atli, FM Osaka: 2003 --2004)
  • Kujibiki Unbalance (Lisa Humvee, Radio Osaka: 2004 26 times in total)
  • Lineage II Presents Shoko Nakagawa Shokotan Clan (Lillian, 2005 --2006 16 episodes)
  • Full moon street It rains in the moonlit night town (マ ゼ ン タ, Yurakucho Anime Town: 2005)
  • I'm a witch (Mary, Livedoor onair: 2007)
  • XNUMX months (Kodama Mio, Look, livedoor onair: 2007)
  • Made-to-order(Kanako Sagara, Livedoor onair: 2007)
  • Private! Sanjusangendo Gakuin (Senju Hanane, Dengeki Award: 2007)
  • The secret of Haruka Nogizaka (Nana Nanajo, Dengeki Award: 2007 all 4 times)
  • Poe no Ichizoku (Madonna, Radio Kansai: 2007)
  • Youth has begun! (Arisu Nagumo, Internet Radio: 2013)

Live action

  • Animata.com standard Marunage ♪ DVD
    • Take me to snowboarding ~ 50 tips for getting love on the slopes ~ (2008)
    • Take me to Kobe.KB Bus Tour to Enjoy with All Five Senses (2009)
  • Dramagix if ~ If I was ... (2004)
  • Kindai Mahjong Presents Mahjong Saikyousen 2011 Celebrity National Team Finals (2011)
  • Kindai Mahjong Presents Mahjong Saikyousen 2012 Celebrity National Team Finals (2012)
  • Kindai Mahjong Presents Mahjong Saikyousen 2013 Celebrity National Team Finals Kazegami Hen Vol. 2013 (XNUMX)
  • Kindai Mahjong Presents Mahjong Saikyousen 2014 Celebrity National Team Finals Raijin Hen Vol. 2014 (XNUMX)
  • Kindai Mahjong Presents Mahjong Saikyousen 2015 Celebrity National Team Finals (2015)
  • Kindai Mahjong Presents Mahjong Saikyousen 2015 Celebrity National Team Finals Volume 2015 (XNUMX)
  • Kindai Mahjong Presents Mahjong Saikyousen 2018 Celebrity National Team Finals Shield of Tsunekatsu Volume 2019 (XNUMX)
  • Kindai Mahjong Presents Mahjong Saikyousen 2018 Celebrity National Team Finals Shield of Tsunekatsu Volume 2019 (XNUMX)
  • Saki-DVD business trip version!Zajakukai Special (2009)
  • Voice actor Grand Prix official recognition! Voice actor world <Jakuou> deciding match! <J-1 Grand Prix> Vol.1 --Final (2008 --2012)
  • ZOMBIE-LOAN DVD Release Commemorative Party (2007)
  • Tales of festival 2011
  • Tales of festival 2012
  • Tales of festival 2015
  • Tales of festival 2019
  • Gentosha Voice actor blog book DVD Kana Ueda (2006)
  • VOiCE Newtype DVD No.001 (2003)
  • Maria-sama ga Miteru Autumn Lillian Festival Part 2009 (XNUMX)
  • Web TV DVD "Marumie Mix JUICE" Volume 1-3 (2003)
  • Yoikobu Vol.1 --6 (2009 --2010)
  • Tsurege Vol.9 Kana Ueda x Natsuko Kuwatani x Ikenie no Yoru (2013)
  • Saki-Fest Square Panic in a square universe! (2013)
  • Akihabara Voice Actor Festival (2012)
  • Mahjong BATTLE ROYAL 2013 (2013)
  • Kindai Mahjong Presents Akagi 13th Anniversary Festival, Dedication Mahjong (2011)
  • GOOD LUCK HUNTER Voice Actor Mahjong Coliseum (2012)
  • Girls und Panzer ~ Heartful Tank Disc ~ (2013)
  • Girls und Panzer ~ 2nd Heartful Tank Carnival ~ (2017)
  • Female voice actor Mahjong Queen Final Battle (2013)
  • Tokimeki Recipe Cafe Rice Volume-Kana Ueda & Kaori Shimizu- (2012)
  • Akane Fujita and Kana Ueda's Hop Step Stratos! (2015)
  • Tactical Roar Blu-ray BOX Special Limited Edition Mai & Kana Escort Ship Harusame Assault Report (2015)
  • Movie version Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection Special Edition Lyrical Pa V DISC (2018)
  • Theatrical version Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection Special Edition NANOHA Reflection PROJECT presents "Mikako's Room" (2018)
  • Theatrical version Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation Special Edition Lyrical Pa VI DISC (2019)
  • Movie version Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation Special Edition SPECIAL DISC (2019)
  • Movie version Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation Special Edition NANOHA Detonation PROJECT presents "Mikako's Room" (2019)
  • Movie version Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] II.lost butterfly Bonus disc Stage greeting (2019)


  • NewGin "CR Cyborg 009" (Ivan Whiskey/ 2003)
  • Abilit "Cyborg 009" (Ivan Whiskey/ 2004)
  • Abilit "Cyborg 009 SP" (Ivan Whiskey/ 2006)
  • NewGin "CR Special Mission Chief, Hitoshi Tadano" (Kazue Yamabuki/ 2008)
  • Heiwa "CR Sengoku Maiden" (Kenshin Uesugi/ 2008)
  • NewGin "Cyborg 009 To the Unknown Acceleration" (Ivan Whiskey/ 2009)
  • Aristocrat Technologies "Absolute Impulse ~ PLATONIC HEART ~" (Liu Moon Rei / 2009)
  • SNK Playmore "Roman Moon Flower Swordsman Gaiden ~ Akari and the Seven Youkai ~" (Akari Ichijo/ 2010)
  • Abilit "Cyborg 009 ~ Forever from the ground ~" (Ivan Whiskey/ 2010)
  • Heiwa "CR Sengoku Maiden 2" (Kenshin Uesugi/ 2011)
  • NewGin "CR Cyborg 009 Kizuna" (Ivan Whiskey/ 2011)
  • Spiky "Linebarrels of Iron" (Shizuna Endo / 2012)
  • Sammy "Pachinko CR Linebarrels of Iron" (Shizuna Endo / 2013)
  • Kita Denshi "Keitai Shoujo" (Miya Goto/ 2013)
  • Aristocrat Technologies "Master of Martial Heart II" (Liu Moon Rei / 2013)
  • Olympia "Pachislot Sengoku Maiden-White Swordsman Dancing in the Swashbuckler-" (Kenshin Uesugi/ 2013)
  • Heiwa "CR Sengoku Maiden 3 ~ Ran ~" (Kenshin Uesugi/ 2013)
  • Maruhon "CR Galaxy Railways Story-Branch to Eternity-" (Frel / 2013)
  • Sanyo Bussan "CR Saki -saki- Bishoujo x Gachi Battle" (Miyanaga Saki/ 2014)
  • Olympia "Pachislot Sengoku Maiden-White Kensei dancing in the Swordsman-Western Participation Edition" (Kenshin Uesugi/ 2014)
  • Sanyo Bussan "Pachislot Cyborg 009" (Ivan Whiskey/ 2014)
  • Sansei "CR Mahjong Himeden" (Seian / 2014)
  • Sanyo Bussan "Pachislot Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" (Hayate Yagami / 2015)
  • Olympia "Pachislot Girls und Panzer" (Momo Kawashima / 2015)
  • Olympia "Pachislot Sengoku Maiden 2 ~ Noble Shosei Shining in the Deep ~" (Kenshin Uesugi/ 2015)
  • SANKYO "Total Eclipse R" (Kazusa Yamashiro / 2016)
  • Sanyo Bussan "CR Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" (Hayate Yagami / 2016)
  • Nanasho "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann" (Kinon Bachika / 2017)
  • SANYO "CR Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha 99 Version" (Hayate Yagami / 2017)
  • Heiwa "CR Sengoku Maiden ~ Hana ~" (Kenshin Uesugi / 2017)
  • Olympia "Pachislot Sengoku Maiden ~ TYPE-A ~" (Kenshin Uesugi / 2017)
  • Nanasho "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Pole" (Kinon Bachika / 2018)
  • Bisty "Total Eclipse Nb Lv.MAX-RT" (Kazusa Yamashiro / 2018)
  • Heiwa "CR Sengoku Maiden 5" (Kenshin Uesugi/ 2018)
  • Olympia "Pachislot Sengoku Maiden TYPE-A +" (Kenshin Uesugi/ 2018)
  • Sanyo Bussan "Pachinko Saki -Saki- Achiga Hen MCD" (Miyanaga Saki / 2019)
  • Daito Giken "Pachislot S Re: Life in a Different World from Zero" (Anastasia Hoshin / 2019)
  • Olympia "Pachislot Girls und Panzer G" (Momo Kawashima / 2019)
  • Nanasho "Pachislot Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann" (Kinon Bachika / 2019)
  • Daito Giken "Pachinko Gunslinger Stratos" (I'm crazy/ 2019)
  • Yamasa "Pachislot Gunslinger Stratos" (I'm crazy/ 2019)
  • SANKYO "S Total Eclipse 2R" (Kazusa Yamashiro / 2019)
  • SANKYO "Fever Total Eclipse V" (Kazusa Yamashiro / 2019)


  • Osaka Prefectural Ichioka High School 2001th Anniversary Ceremony (Moderator / XNUMX)
  • Tech Win DVD (Voice Data / 2002 -2004)
  • Maria-sama ga Miteru Yumi's alarm clock (Yumi Fukuzawa/ 2005)
  • TRPG Night Wizard Replay (Player:Red tree star,Yuriko Jinguji/ 2007 --2008)
  • Fate / stay night Digital Player Holy ARK (Holy ARK)Rin Tohsaka/ 2009)
  • Saki-Alarm clock with voice (Saki-Miyanaga Saki/ 2009)
  • Shimazu Nariakira and I(Yoko/ 2010)Shoko BuildingInside video
  • Clarion Car navigation guidance voice: Osaka edition (Anna Izumi/ 2014)
  • Kunihiro & Tama's Gunslingers Wedding (Moderator / 2015)
  • Recitation drama "Recitation drama Moranger V!" (5th dimension Nakaichi / 2016)
  • Arima Kinen JRA × Shin Godzilla Collaboration project "Shin Arima" (Cheetah,Emperor penguin/ 2016)
  • Hinaroji ~ from Luck & Logic ~ soloete (Yuko Morigatani/ 2017)
  • Hinaroji ~ from Luck & Logic ~ soloete Voice Acrylic Keychain Bromide with Cast Voice (Animate Ver.) (Yuko Morigatani/ 2017)
  • Hinaroji ~ from Luck & Logic ~ soloete Voice Acrylic Keychain Bromide with Cast Voice (Gamers Ver.) (Yuko Morigatani/ 2017)
  • Devil Buster ★ Star Butterfly Alarm Clock (Star butterfly/ 2017)
  • Denon "AH-GC20FATE Movie version" Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] "special edition" (Rin Tohsaka/ 2017)
  • Astell & Kern "AK70 MKII ~ Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] collaboration model ~" (Rin Tohsaka/ 2017)
  • Sony–Stories (Japan) Special Reporter (2018)
  • Everyday Compile Heart(IF / 2018)
  • Voice actor Red and White Song Battle 2019 (Moderator / 2019)
  • project758 (Sora Shirakawa / 2019)
  • Recitation "Crescendo Chapter XNUMX New Days" (Minia[205]2019[206]
  • Recitation "Crescendo Chapter XNUMX Spring Storm" (Minia[207]2019[208]
  • Recitation "Crescendo Chapter XNUMX Departure" (Minia[209]2019[210]
  • Music reading drama "Ningyo Joruri SOUND THEATER x Fire Color Bunraku" (Suehiro butterbur/ 2019)
  • Hellmode-Gamers who like to play games are unrivaled in a different world with abolished settings-Audio drama (Cecil)[211]
  • Alice nine. PREMIUM ONEMAN "WHITE PERIOD V" (2020, Kage Anna, Kumi Arisugawa)



Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[212]
1stOctober 2001th, 12Over the FANTASYAVCA-14281-
2ndOctober 2003th, 9Earth Merry-Go-RoundCOCC-15548-


Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[212]
1stOctober 2004th, 8KanaroCOCX-32860-

Tie-up song

Over the FANTASYTelevision Animation"FF: U ~Final Fantasy: Unlimited~"Opening theme2001
Earth Merry-Go-RoundTelevision Animation"If you live, Cosmos Zhuang in the capital Sutoko War Dokkoida"Ending theme2003

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 8Mobile Angel Angelic Layer Character Song Album Angel MusicRingo Seto (Kana Ueda"I can't be an angel!"Television Animation"Mobile Angel Angelic Layer] Related songs
May 10Chance Triangle Session Vocal Album Diva -DIVA-Jun Morimura (Kana Ueda"Gate To The Dream"Television Animation"Chance ~ Triangle Session ~] Related songs
May 5Ever17 Single Collection Action.5 Sara MatsunagaSara Matsunaga (Kana Ueda"Lullaby of tears"game"Ever17 -the out of infinity-] Related songs
May 8KID MUSIC MUSEUM 2"Der Mond Das Meer -Sara-"
To Heaven[Member 1]"Blinking"
May 3Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Vocal Collection Jewel Box 2Sara (Kana Ueda"Return to the Sea"Television Animation"Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch] Related songs
May 4Temperature of love ℃Lucia Nanami (Nakada Asumi), Hanon Hosho (Hitomi Terakado), Rina Toin (Mayumi Asano), Sara (Kana Ueda), Karen (Ema Kogure), Noel (Ryoko Nagata),Here(Satomi Arai"Legend of Mermaid ~ 7 Mermaid Version ~"Insert song for TV anime "Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch"
May 6Sensei's Time Drama CD MOMO EditionMinako Tominaga (Kana Ueda"What a lovely Bloody Rain"Television Animation"Time] Related songs
May 8Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure Original SoundtrackSara (Kana Ueda"Legend of Mermaid (Sara slow version)"Songs related to the TV anime "Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch"
May 8pastel pureRecitation: Yumi Fukuzawa (Kana Ueda"Pastel pure"Television Animation"Maria is watching ~ Spring ~] Related songs
May 9Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure Vocal Collection Pure BOX1Lucia Nanami (Asumi Nakata), Hanon Hosho (Hitomi Terakado), Rina Toin (Mayumi Asano), Karen (Ema Kogure), Noel (Ryoko Nagata), Coco (Satomi Arai), Sara (Kana Ueda"KODOU ~ Perfect Harmony ~ (7Mermaid Version)"Songs related to the TV anime "Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch"
May 9Sensei's time special boardMinako Tominaga (Kana Ueda"What a wonderful Bloody Rain (Zorigen MIX)"Songs related to the TV anime "Sensei no Time"
May 12Shiny sun / rainbow of happinessMikan Sakura (Kana Ueda"Shiny sun"Television Animation"School alice"Opening theme
Mikan Sakura (Kana Ueda), Firefly Imai (Rie Kugimiya"Rainbow of happiness"TV anime "Gakuen Alice" ending theme
May 4Spring image album that Maria seesYumi Fukuzawa (Kana Ueda), Sachiko Ogasawara (Miki Ito), Yoko Mizuno (Emi Shinohara"Red Rose Theme"
Songs related to the TV anime "Maria-sama ga Miteru-Spring-"
May 6This is my master musicIzumi Sawatari (Masumi Asano), Mitsuki Sawatari (Ai Shimizu), Anna Kurauchi (Kana Ueda"Affectionate Catamari"Television Animation"He Is My Master"Ending theme
May 7Miracle in loveSeina Katsura (Kumi Sakuma), Ayumu Oume (Eri Sendai), Kotoha Kutsugi (Kana Ueda), Minamo Katsura (Ayumi Tsuji"My Friend"Television Animation"Finest student council"Ending theme
May 7Graduation Next GraduationKatsumi Arai (Natsuki Yoshihara), Yuka Kato (Kano Yui), Moko Shimura (Kimiko Koyama), Reika Takashiro (Kana Ueda), Azusa Nakamoto (Kamada Kozue"Graduation / Strategy 2005"game"Graduation ~ Next Graduation ~"Opening theme
"Seika Girls' Junior High School School Song"Songs related to the game "Graduation ~ Next Graduation ~"
May 8Yellow vacationMomotsuki Gakuen 1st grade C group feat. Himeko Katagiri[Member 2]"Yellow vacation"Television Animation"Dash Pani Poni!"Opening theme
Momotsuki Gakuen 1st grade C group feat. Akira Tachibana[Member 3]
May 9Roulette ☆ RouletteMomotsuki Gakuen 1st grade C group feat. Ichijo[Member 4]"Roulette ☆ Roulette"
Momotsuki Gakuen 1st grade C group feat. Kurumi Momose[Member 5]TV anime "Pani Poni Dashu! 』Related song
May 10This is my master CHARACTER ALBUM 003 "ANNA"Anna Kurauchi (Kana Ueda"love"
"Affectionate Catamari"
TV anime "He is my master" related songs
May 11Best Student Council Best Album Best Music CollectionKotoha Kutsugi (Kana Ueda"FLOWER IN THE DARK"Songs related to the TV anime "Best Student Council"
May 11Girl QMomotsuki Gakuen 1st grade C group feat. Miyako Uehara[Member 6]"Girl Q"TV anime "Pani Poni Dashu! "Opening theme
Momotsuki Gakuen 1st grade C group feat.6[Member 7]
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Sound Stage 01Hayate Yagami (Kana Ueda"Love and kindness"Television Animation"Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's] Related songs
May 12Compass ~ Whereabouts of a smile ~Daibutsu Bounce (Kana Ueda), Yasuna Kamizumi (Yui Horie), Tomari Kurusu (Yukari Tamura"Compass-The Whereabouts of a Smile-"radio"Kana / Yui / Yukari Kashima Shirajio"Theme song
Daibutsu Bounce (Kana Ueda"Flower smile and haze grass"Television Animation"Kashimashi-Girl Meets Girl-"Insert song
May 1Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Sound Stage 02Hayate Yagami (Kana Ueda"Snow Rain"TV anime "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's" insert song
May 2Dash Pani Poni!Vocal Best Album Song The Best TenMomotsuki Gakuen 1st grade C group feat.6[Member 7]"Yellow vacation"TV anime "Pani Poni Dashu! "Opening theme
Momotsuki Gakuen 1st grade C group feat. Kurumi Momose[Member 5]
May 3Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Sound Stage 03Hayate Yagami (Kana Ueda"The sky you gave me"TV anime "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's" related songs
May 4Norte AmourDaibutsu Bounce (Kana Ueda"Ai no Ai"Songs related to the TV anime "Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl"
Yumao featuring DaibutsuKana Ueda"Michishirube(TV size) "Opening theme for the TV anime "Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl"
May 8Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Sound Stage Vocal Best CollectionHayate Yagami (Kana Ueda"Love and kindness (Piano edit)"
"The sky you gave me (Windy style)"
"Snow Rain (Another approach)"
TV anime "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's" related songs
May 1Fate / stay night Character Image Song II: Rin TohsakaRin TohsakaKana Ueda"KIRARI"
"KIRARI NUMBER 201 Re-mix"
Television Animation"Fate / stay night] Related songs
May 2Pumpkin Scissors OST WONderful tracks IISergeant Major Lili Stickin (Kana Ueda"On the bridge after the rain"Television Animation"Pumpkin Scissors] Related songs
May 3Pumpkin Scissors Dramatic CD Natural Green Yellow"Song of the Republic"
"Pumpkin soup"
"Republican Song Blue Arrangement"
"Pumpkin Ondo"TV anime "Pumpkin Scissors" ending theme
Stickin and his funny friends[Member 8]"Mercury ★ GO"
May 4Koisoku JetIchiru Mishima (Ami Koshimizu), Ayano Yamada (Rina Sato), Sayo Tomoe (Takahashi Mikako), Miya Goto (Kana Ueda), Momoka Fujimiya (Kaori Natsuka"Love speed jet"Web animation "Keitai girl"Opening theme
"Mirai Angel"Web animation "Keitai Shoujo" ending theme
May 5Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 01Hayate Yagami (Kana Ueda"Pray for the stars"Television Animation"Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS] Related songs
May 7Keitai Shoujo Character Song Mini Album Hexa colorsMiya Goto (Kana Ueda"Smile feeling !!"Web animation "Keitai Shoujo" related songs
Ichiru Mishima (Ami Koshimizu), Miya Goto (Ami Koshimizu)Kana Ueda"Love is also a serious game Jean!"Songs related to the game "Keitai Shoujo -Mahjong Spirits-"
May 9Hayate the Combat Butler! Character CD6 / Sakuya AizawaSakuya Aizawa (Kana Ueda"NA / NI / WA Love Mossion"
"Happy Lucky 7 Days"
Television Animation"Like Hayate!] Related songs
May 10Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 03Hayate Yagami (Kana Ueda"I think of you"TV anime "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS" related songs
May 12Rental Magica Special Album THE Lucky CD You can be happy when you listen to itAstral people[Member 9]"On a holy night"Television Animation"Rental Magica"Insert song
"Let's walk. (Astral Version)"TV anime "Rental Magica" ending theme
May 1Maria is watching ~ Winter Special 2007 ~Yumi Fukuzawa (Kana Ueda), Yoshino Shimazu (Haruna Ikezawa), Shimako Todo (Mamiko Noto"We Wish You A Merry Christmas'OVAMaria is watching] Related songs
May 2Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA Fan Disc Volume 1 Enclosed Bonus CD"JOY TO THE WORLD'
May 2Rental Magica Special Gift Love Album for ♂Honami, Takase, Ambler (Kana Ueda"Love is serious magic ☆ Rental Magica"TV anime "Rental Magica" related songs
Astral people[Member 9]"Oh, Astral"
"Tsukuru Hundred Times Song (Astral Version)"
May 2Fantastic Detective Labyrinth Labyrinth Song Series VIAoka (AokaKana Ueda"NO CTURNE BLUE"
Television Animation"Lovely detective labyrinth] Related songs
May 9Nogizaka Haruka's Secret Character Song 4Hazuki Sakurazaka (Kaori Shimizu), Nami Nanagi (Kana Ueda"Service inspaia"
"Hitoshi Yubi Quiet!"
Television Animation"Haruka Nogizaka's Secret] Related songs
May 12Christmas album "Maria-sama ga Miteru"Yumi Fukuzawa (Kana Ueda), Yoshino Shimazu (Haruna Ikezawa), Shimako Todo (Mamiko Noto)"About Come All Ye Faithful'OVA "Maria-sama ga Miteru" related songs
Yumi Fukuzawa (Kana Ueda), Hitoko Matsudaira (Rie Kugimiya)"Angels We Have Heard On High'
May 3Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage Vocal Best CollectionHayate Yagami (Kana Ueda"Pray for the stars (Kuru x 2 mix)"
"Thinking about you (Holy Sing ver)"
TV anime "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS" related songs
May 3"Hayate the Combat Butler!" Character Cover CD ~ Song Selection: Kenjiro Hata ~Sakuya Aizawa (Kana Ueda"Spread both hands'TV anime "Hayate the Combat Butler! 』Related song
May 5We welcome you enthusiastically.Miyanaga Saki (Kana Ueda), Kazu Haramura (Ami Koshimizu), Yuki Kataoka (Rie Kugimiya), Mako Someya (Ryoko Shiraishi), Hisa Takei (Shizuka Ito)"Enthusiastic welcome Wanda Land"Television Animation"Saki"Ending theme
Miyanaga Saki (Kana Ueda), Nodoka Haramura (Ami Koshimizu),"In a cruel wish"
May 7Romantic Strike.Koume Suzukawa (Kanae Ito), Akiko Ogasawara (Mai Nakahara), Noe Kawashima (Kana Ueda), Yuki Soya (Mamiko Noto)"Romantic Strike."Television Animation"Taisho baseball girl."Opening theme
May 7I'm waiting in a square universeMiyanaga Saki (Kana Ueda), Kazu Haramura (Ami Koshimizu), Yuki Kataoka (Rie Kugimiya), Mako Someya (Ryoko Shiraishi), Hisa Takei (Shizuka Ito)"I'm waiting in a square universe."TV anime "Saki-" ending theme
"Waiting in a square universe Cosmic Remix"
"Waiting in a square universe Fortune [☆] Cube Mix"
"Enthusiastic welcome Wanda Land SAKI will go up Mix"
TV anime "Saki-" related songs
May 7THE Dream Hit Square Character Song Game EditionMiyanaga Saki (Kana Ueda), Kaori FukuharaKaori Fukuhara), Kana Ikeda (Morinaga Science), Yumi Kajiki (Yuu Kobayashi"I'm bitten by a mahjong angel"
Miyanaga Saki (Kana Ueda"Premonition, it has bloomed!"
May 9Saki-Charason Vocal Album Vol.2Miyanaga Saki (Kana Ueda"Eternal Wind"
Miyanaga Saki (Kana Ueda), Kazu Haramura (Ami Koshimizu), Yuki Kataoka (Rie Kugimiya), Mako Someya (Ryoko Shiraishi), Hisa Takei (Shizuka Ito)"Ride On The Wave!"
Like Hayate !! Character CD 2nd series 08 Isumi Saginomiya & Sakuya AizawaSakuya Aizawa (Kana Ueda"Aim for Muteki"Songs related to the TV anime "Hayate the Combat Butler !!"
May 12BLAZBLUE SONG ACCORD # 1 with CONTINUUM SHIFTRachel Alucard (Kana Ueda"Queen of rose ~ Crimson bystander ~"game"BLAZBLUE] Related songs
May 12Haruka Nogizaka's Secret Pure Let's ♪ Roughly 2Hazuki Sakurazaka (Kaori Shimizu), Nami Nanagi (Kana Ueda"I want to be! I want to be! Nogisaka Maid Corps"Songs related to the TV anime "Nogizaka Haruka's Secret"
May 12beatmania IIDX spin-off drama ROOTS26S [suite] Vol.2Ayaba (Kana Ueda), Rina (Mamiko Noto)"Medicine of love""ROOTS26] Related songs
May 8Maid Sama! Made Latte Songs!Subaru (Kana Ueda"Ring a Bell"Television Animation"Maid Sama!] Related songs
Misaki (Ayumu Fujimura), Satsuki (Ayo Toyosaki), Honoka (Kana Azumi), Subaru (Kana Ueda), Erica (Mariya Ise"Magic of Love"
May 9Like Hayate the Combat Butler!Character CD COLLECTION / Nagi Sanzenin & Maria[Note 14]HAYATE's COMBAT FRIENDS[Member 10]"Pieeeeeeeeeeeees! ~ I want to get a clue about the sheep ~"Songs related to the TV anime "Hayate the Combat Butler !!"
May 4Strike Witches Theatrical Version Theme Song CollectionHeidemarie W. Schnaufer (Kana Ueda"Line protection'Theater animation "Strike Witches Movie version"Insert song
May 6Strike Witches Movie version secret song collection 1Sanya V. Litvyak (Mai Kadowaki), Eira Irmatal Utirainen (Ayumu Ohashi), Heidemarie W. Schnaufer (Kana Ueda"To the Promised Sky-The place I was in"
"Orasha Air March Air March"
Song related to the movie "Strike Witches theatrical version"
Heidemarie W. Schnaufer (Kana Ueda"Night flight"
May 1Like Hayate the Combat Butler! CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU Volume 2 Bonus CDSakuya Aizawa (Kana Ueda"Hurry up and smile!"TV anime "Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties" ending theme
May 4Snow Rain ~ Unison-trilogy ~Hayate Yagami (Kana Ueda), Reinforce (Sanae Kobayashi"Snow Rain Ver.Blessing Wind"Theater animation "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A's] Related songs
May 6Linebarrels of Iron BD-BOX Bonus CDEndo Shizuna (Kana Ueda"NON STOP SUNRISE"Television Animation"Iron line barrel] Related songs
May 10Fate / kaleid liner Prisma Illya Character Song Mini Album Prisma MusicaRin TohsakaKana Ueda"SURGE MY FLAME"Television Animation"Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya] Related songs
May 1Fate / kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! Character Song Prisma Parade vol.3Rin TohsakaKana Ueda), Ruvia Zelitta Edelfeld (Shizuka Ito)"RED x BLUE JEWEL-PHONIC"TV anime "Fate / kaleid liner Prisma Illya Tsuvai! 』Related song
May 4Phantasy Star Online 2 Character Song CD ~ Song Festival ~ IIIClarice Craith (Yuki Aoi),Sara(Kana Ueda"Unizotic Conflict"game"Fantasy Star Online 2] Related songs
May 3Recolove Original SoundtrackRiko Sorimachi (Kana Ueda"Best friend <less than lover-record memory"game"Recolove"Ending theme
May 4Girl Friend (Tentative) Character Song Series Vol.04Scarlet Camellia[Member 11]"Saga Tsubaki Triangle"game"Girlfriend (♪)] Related songs
May 7Idol Incidents Volume 5 Special CDCherry7[Member 12]"Glittering Sinfonia"Television Animation"Idol incident] Song in the play
May 8TV Hinaroji ~ from Luck & Logic ~ Ending & Character Song Mini AlbumYuko Morigaya (Kana Ueda), Mizuki Higashi (Maaya Uchida"Love is Hana, Love is Hina"Television Animation"Hinaroji ~ from Luck & Logic ~] Related songs
May 10Aoi Hananomai ~GRANBLUE FANTASY~Yuel (Kana Ueda), Socié (Ryoko Shiraishi)"Soukuhananomai"game"Granblue Fantasy] Related songs
Yuel (Kana Ueda
May 8CR Sengoku Maiden 5 ~ 10th Anniversary ~ Original SoundtrackToyotomi Hideyoshi (Ayano Shinmei), Kenshin Uesugi (Kana Ueda), Tokugawa Yeyasu (Chiba Sako), Yoshimoto Imagawa (Mari Yamamoto), Takeda Singen (Takahashi Mikako), Date Masamune (Mai Nakahara), Oda Nobunaga (Mikako Komatsu), Akechi Mitsuhide (Rie Kugimiya)"Thank you for the 10th time"pachinko"CR Sengoku Maiden 5 ~ 10th Anniversary ~] Related songs
May 10Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation Original SoundtrackDiache (Kana Ueda"Akatsuki no prayer"Theater animation "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation] Related songs
May 12World Witches Series 10th Anniversary Secret Song Collection Special Edition Vol.3 Western EuropeHeidemarie W. Schnaufer (Kana Ueda"Le ciel bleu""World witchesRelated songs
May 1Princess Connect! Re: Dive PRICONNE CHARACTER SONG 07Ayane (Yu Serizawa), walnut (Kana Ueda"Ding Dong Holy Night ♪"game"Princess Connect! Re: Dive] Related songs
May 11Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Character Song Complete BoxHayate Yagami (Kana Ueda), Reinforce I (Sanae Kobayashi)"I'll meet you someday"TV anime "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" related songs
Diache (Kana Ueda), Stel (Yukari Tamura), Levi (Mizuki Nana"Akatsuki no Prayer-Ver. Trinity Hearts"
May 6Fate / Grand Carnival 1st Season Limited Edition Bonus CDMash Kyrielight (Takahashi Li), Nitocris (Miumi Tanaka), Elizabeth Bathory (Rumi Okubo), Shuten-doji (Yuki Aoi), Ibaraki Doji (Nao Higashiyama), Queen Mave (Sakura Ayane), Atalanta (Saori Hayami), Mysterious heroine X (Kawasumi Ayako), Ishtar (Kana Ueda), Nero Claudius (Tange Sakura), Sitonai (Mai Kadowaki"Super affection"OVAFate / Grand Carnival"Theme song

Other participating songs

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
October 2005th, 12GORO MATSUI Produce Blister Pack VoicesKana Ueda"Persona"
October 2006th, 8Esper Mami Tribute CD 2006 ~ Kana Ueda ~Kana Ueda"Teleportation-Unconfirmed Love-"
October 2009th, 9Happy conditions / KizunaM's[Member 13]"Happy conditions"radio"Animata.com standard Marunage ♪"Opening theme
"Kizuna"Radio "Anitamadotcom standard Marunage ♪" ending theme
October 2011th, 4let's hold each other's handHEART[Member 14]"let's hold each other's hand"Great East Japan Earthquake Charity project "HEART" related songs
October 2011th, 11Mahjong Saikyousen Enthusiastic Fighting SongTakeshi Koyama / Dialogue:Kana Ueda, Tsuyoshi Koyama / Akira Kanamoto"The road to the strongest""Mahjong strongest battle"Theme song
Tsuyoshi Koyama / Ai no Te:Kana Ueda"Survival Battle"
October 2012th, 2Shin Hyakka Seiran II -Female Voice Actor Edition-Kana Ueda"Rondo-revolution"~
"Under the banner"~
"Nausicaa of the valley of wind"~
"Story spilled from the sky"~
"Heart in love"~
"For the first time ♡ Let's do it!"~
"I will teach you"~
"Memory of time'


  • Voila! ~ Kana ueda music video collection ~ (August 2004, 8 COBC-25)
  • N's & Himemiya Miran and Chocolate Rockers LIVE in YOKOHAMA (2010)

Manga / Books / Doujinshi

  • Koetama (Character draft / June 2011 issue-December 6 issue)
  • Kindai Mahjong Jakuso Ueda Prosperity Record (Column Series / November 2011 Issue-July 11 Issue)
  • Good morning welcome back (blog book / March 2006, 3)
  • N ±, I also started Doujinshi. (Doujinshi / December 2010, 12)
  • N ± live. (Doujinshi / February 2011, 2)
  • N ±, I started Doujinshi. Vol.2 (Doujinshi / August 2011, 8)
  • N ±, I started Doujinshi. Vol.3 (Doujinshi / August 2011, 12)


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