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🐈 | Tsuyoshi Kusanagi's acting "dog" is too excellent!Refer to my dog ​​walnut

Photo (Photo: Akihiro Eguchi)

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi's acting "dog" is too excellent!Refer to my dog ​​walnut

If you write the contents roughly
Kusanagi, who plays the couple's dog "Happy", who plays Manami Konishi (42) and Yuichi Haba (60), chases her favorite toys, hides her shoes and mischiefs, and gets excited. You can smash the contents of the cushion, or gently snuggle up to the depressed owner ... Run around the stage and become an innocent dog.

Two years after the performance in Kyoto-Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (2) starred in the stage "Family Story PART46 1" (May 2021-5 ... → Continue reading

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Manami Konishi

Manami Konishi(Manami Konishi,1978May 10 -) isJapan Ofactress,talent,singer,Singer-songwriter.. Nickname isKonishi[Note 1].

Kagoshima[1]Background[2]..The affiliated office is Elements.


As an actress

Debuted as an actress in "Cuckold Sosuke '98"[2].

1999 years,CatchIt is also a masterpiece of "Kamata March』I acted as a heroine.Since that time, TV dramas have become more active, and in 2001Fuji Television Network, Incsystem"Cocori Miracle Type], Appeared in variety for the first time and gained popularity.At the same time as an actressNHKContinuous tv novel"Chura』Appeared in the heroineEri KonamiPlaying a cool female doctor who is a love enemy of the drama, the drama became a boom and the recognition increased.

The first movie released in 2002, "News from Amidadou, 48th "Kinema Junpo Award" New Actress Award, 45th Blue Ribbon Award New Face Award, 26thJapan Academy AwardReceived the New Actor Award.The award was given for his achievements in playing the role of a girl with an intractable disease that she could not speak.

On June 2006, 6, the first photo book "16" taken from around 2000 to 6 years was released.

Kagawa OfSanuki Udon NoodlesThemed movie "UDON] InYusuke Santa MariaPlay the leading role with.Of this movieCannes International Film FestivalNew movie lineup presentation was held on May 2006, 5 (20st Japan time) and attended with Yusuke Santamaria.

Appeared since 2006Asahi beerManufacture and saleThird beerThe commercial for "Gubinama" was a hit.In a questionnaire by the Japan Craft Beer Association, it was ranked first in "Actresses who look good on beer" in 2006, and in June 1, it was ranked second in the CM favorability survey.

In 2007,TBSSeries drama "Kirakira Resident』Played the first starring in a serial drama.For the first time since debut to make a roleShortcutBecame[Note 2]. Since December of the same yearKyushu Shinkansen"SwallowWas appointed as an image talent of "" and was broadcast on March 3th.Cocori Miracle Type』Graduated.

2009,Nonchan Noriben"so,Every day movie contestReceived the actress starring award.

As a singer / singer-songwriter

March 2008, 3, movie ``Sweet Rain Reaper AccuracyThe theme song ofSunny DayIs the name of the role in the playKazue FujikiIn the nameDefSTAR RECORDSDebuted as a singer.OriconIt first appeared on the weekly single chart and won the 10th place.

Music drama "The best is not one 2016 SAKURA" that appeared in 2016[3]Is a song in the playKREVAThe distribution single "Tranquilizer ~ single ver. ~" Covering "Tranquilizer" was released for the first time on May 2016, 5 under his own name.[4],iTunesNo. 1 on the HIP HOP chart. "Tranquilizer ~ album ver. ~" Was recorded in the tribute album "monday night studio session" of Ohashi Monday Night Studio released on June 6th.[4].

On September 2017, 9, KREVA's sound-produced single "I miss you" was released for indie music.Singer-songwriterDebut as[5], Followed by December 12thSeiji KamedaReleased two Christmas songs "Kimi to Christmas" and "Christmas gifts" produced by the company.[6].

On October 2018, 10, he wrote and composed all the songs.KREVAProduced first album "Here We Go"SPEEDSTAR RECORDSReleased and made a major debut[7][8].

An album "Cure" containing 2020 original songs written and composed by himself on November 11, 25, XNUMX cover songs including "Gibbs" by Ringo Sheena and "Ain't Nobody Know" by Gen Hoshino.UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPANReleased more.


  • I have an older sister.
  • Has been open since 2006Oricon"Longing for small-faced beauty ranking (Small face queen) ”To be the first queen.After that, I keep the 2nd place[9].
  • After age 30Classical balletCame to do[10].
  • My favorite song isRed Hot Chili Peppersof"By The Way".He said that he listens to it before work that is very tense, especially before the stage appearance, because it raises the tension.[11].


TV drama



Entertainment shows

Sports program



Music video

Web magazine

  • Travel Web Magazine for Adult Women "Travel Color Luxury Stays" (2009)

Internet video

Audio book




  • Sunny Day(2008 3 å¹´ 月 日 19)
    • Kazue FujikiDebut single in the name. Dated March 2008, 3OriconIt first appeared in the top 10 on the weekly single chart, and also topped the weekly chart on May 5-May 11 on the KKBOX Japan-Korea Music Chart in Taiwan.
  • Tranquilizer ~ single ver. ~ (May 2016, 5)
    • First release in the name of the person. Released in 2014KREVASingle song cover. The album version is included in the tribute album "monday night studio session" released on June 6th.

Single (delivery)

  • I miss you (September 2017, 9)
  • Christmas with you (December 2017, 12)
  • Christmas gifts (December 2017, 12)
  • Last fireworks (August 2018, 8)
  • Even if I can't meet you anymore (October 2020, 10)
  • Unleash (November 2020, 11)




Photo album



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外部 リンク


Caretaker(Rusban, English: House sitting) is the owner of a house or other residence, or a person who was in the absence of a resident and was in charge of managing the house as if the owner or resident was there. is there.keeperAlso called (Rusui). Edo Period,Osaka Castle-Nijo Castle OfCastle guardWas praised. In Japan, there is also a surname "Absent." In many areas, it isneglectIs considered to be one of the forms ofbabysitter,Child minder,nurseryAre used. In addition, even if someone has an answering machine such as a family member, it is assumed that no one is present.AbsenceIt is called (Irusu).

Main work

  • Housework
  • Management of fire, water, gas, etc.
  • Door lock
  • Caring for the child (babysitter,Nanny (UK),Nanny)
  • Caring for those who need care (home helper)
  • Caring for your pet ((English edition))
  • Management of garden trees
  • Receipt of large mail and parcels


Answering Machine Law

The United States of America
The age at which you can leaveState LawIt is different for each.
Parents are arrested for children under the age of 8 in Maryland and under 14 in Illinois for children alone.
The United Kingdom
It is illegal to leave children under the age of 16 in the UK[1][2][3].
British information programBBC breakfastSurvey Reported More Than 2014 People Arrested in England and Wales 2015-500[4].
Persons under the age of 14 years, persons with physical and mental illness, persons with supervision over neglected elderly persons shall be punished with imprisonment for 6 months to 5 years. In addition, imprisonment of 1 to 6 years is incurred in the event of injury, and 3 to 8 years in the event of death. If the parent, child, guardian, spouse, or adopted parent, adopted[5].
Answering under 12 is illegal.
New Zealand
Answering under 14 is illegal.


An insurance company such as the United Kingdom woke up during a long absenceEmpty nestThere is a rule that refuses to pay insurance premiums for damage such as.

House sitter

A person who works as an answering machine is called a house sitter. You will be hired to pay for the above insurance and pet care. Since the resort also manages villas for some tourists, some people take a job as house sitters for the purpose of staying at tourist resorts for a long time.

Related item

  • keeper(Absent housekeeper)-Position in the Edo period. There was a person who gave the last name of "absence" to the person in this position.
  • Automobile -Left unattended in the car is a serious problem, with the risk of heat stroke and deaths. In the United States, there are cases of arrests in less than a minute.
  • Rented house -Lending a house. There are examples of lending to others when the house is not used for a long time.
  • Answering machine -A telephone that automatically receives a call and records the voice of the other party.



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