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📱 | Supporting vaccination reservations for the elderly / Shiga


Supporting vaccination reservations for the elderly / Shiga

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According to Koka City, there was no major confusion as the reception of reservations at the city hall etc. was improved.

Local people supported vaccine reservations for elderly people who are unfamiliar with smartphones.This initiative is in Shiga Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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BBC is not in the UK. It's Shiga Prefecture's TV station "Biwako Broadcasting"! News of Shiga to be worried about is being sent every day! Please check it out ♪

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Koka City

Koka CityIs theShigaLocated in the southeast ofCityIs. The southeast end isMieAnd the southwest endKyotoBorder with.


Koka City was old in 2004Koga DistrictIt is a city formed by the merger of the five towns, and occupies most of the former county area. Koga area745ToEmperor ShomuByShikakura PalaceHas a history dating back to ancient times, such as being built.EasternSuzuka MountainsAlthough it is a mountainous terrain that continues fromGokaidoIs one ofTokaidoCrosses east and west,Post townAsMizuguchi lodgingとTsuchiyama lodgingWas placed.Later in the early modern periodKoga NinjaKnown as the village of Koga Samurai, known as Koga SamuraiAburitsu Shrine,Iido Shrine,Yagawa Shrine,Tamura ShrineOld shrines such as are still in existence.Also,Fukinoji TempleLargest in JapanEleven-sided Kannon bodhisattva statueCultural assets such as are also existing.Jurakuji TempleとFukinoji TempleとOikeji TempleThe Great Buddha in the collection is called the Three Great Buddhas of Koka.

On the other hand, in the Edo periodMizuguchi ClanThe Kato family placedMizuguchi CastleIt also has one side that prospered as a castle town.After the Meiji era, the administrative agency of Shiga Prefecture was set up in the Mizuguchi area and became the center of Koka District.

On the industrial side, 2008Shinmeishin ExpresswayThe location of the industrial park has advanced around the time of opening, and it has reached the top position in the amount of industrial manufactured goods shipped by municipality in the prefecture.[1]. Also,Six old kilns in JapanIs one ofShigaraki wareThe kiln industry and the pharmaceutical industry, which is said to have roots in the Koga Ninja, have been popular since ancient times, and in agricultureTsuchiyama tea-Asamiya teaIt is also known as the origin of Omi tea.

In the second half of 2019, NHK "Continuous TV Novel"scarletWas broadcast in the Kogara Shigaraki area.[2].

About the city emblem

The city emblem was recruited and selected by the merger council, and as a result, a male figure in Fukuoka was established as the city emblem.[3].. The purpose of the design is to distort the shape of "Kou", and the outer circle is an image of a city where you can live in good health and peace of mind, and in it the brilliance of a lively city and hope for the future are expressed.[3].

About place names

There are two ways to read "Koga": "Kouka" and "Koga". As a result of the voting for the decision of the city name after the merger of municipalities, the traditional way of reading Koga-gun was taken over, and Kiyone's "Koka" was taken as the name of the local government.[4].. The reading of "Kouka" is said to have come from Mr. Kafuka, who was a Baekje family who ruled around Koga City in ancient times. In addition,Koga Station,Koga Dozan IC"Koga" in public facilities in the city is basically read as "kouka". In contrast,NameThere are not a few examples of pronunciations such as "koga" in the names of companies and private companies.Koga Health and Medical CollegeYou can also see examples such as.



Koka City is located at the southern end of Shiga Prefecture, with the southeastern edge of Mie Prefecture and the southwestern edge of Kyoto Prefecture. The city area is long from east to west, and the city area is 481.62 km.2It is adjacent to many local governments that belong to Shiga prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, and Mie prefecture. Koka CityOsaka-NagoyaIt is within 100 km from the railway, and although the railway does not pass through the main line connecting the wide area, several lines are laid,National Route 1IncludingKinki areaとCentral regionIt is an area where a wide-area transportation route connecting

At the eastern end of Koka city,Suzuka MountainsMinamimine runs from northeast to southwest and forms an administrative boundary with the local governments in the northern part of Mie Prefecture. The highest elevation in Koka city belongs to the Suzuka MountainsAmametakeIs.From the mountains in the eastern part of the high-altitude city area to the northern part of the centerMizuguchi HillsIn the valley along the southYasu RiverHowever, it is a tributary of the Yasu River along the Sotani along the southern part of the city, which has a lower altitude than the eastern part.SogawaThe flats open along the rivers. In the Shigaraki district in the southwestern part of the city,OtogawaIs flowing. Note that the Yasu River system flows into Lake Biwa like other rivers in Shiga Prefecture, whereas the Oto River directly flows through Lake Biwa.SetagawaFlow into. Therefore, only Shigaraki area belongs to different watersheds in the city. As the main water area in the city,Yasugawa Dam,Aoto Dam,Ohara Dam,Koshinogawa Sabo DamThere is a group of artificial lakes created by the above.

Wide skirt

Geospatial Information Authority of JapanAccording to it, the north, south, east, and west edges of Koga City are as follows.

Northern end
North Latitude 35 Degrees 01 Minutes 51 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 09 min 50 sec /35.03083 degrees north latitude 136.16389 degrees east longitude / 35.03083; 136.16389 (Northernmost tip of Koka city)
West end
North Latitude 34 Degrees 51 Minutes 55 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 56 min 48 sec /34.86528 degrees north latitude 135.94667 degrees east longitude / 34.86528; 135.94667 (Westernmost edge of Koka city)←
municipal office
North Latitude 34 Degrees 57 Minutes 58 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 10 min 02 sec /34.96611 degrees north latitude 136.16722 degrees east longitude / 34.96611; 136.16722 (Koka City Hall)
Eastern end
→North Latitude 35 Degrees 00 Minutes 04 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 25 min 17 sec /35.00111 degrees north latitude 136.42139 degrees east longitude / 35.00111; 136.42139 (The easternmost tip of Koka City)
Southern tip
North Latitude 34 Degrees 47 Minutes 27 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 01 min 37 sec /34.79083 degrees north latitude 136.02694 degrees east longitude / 34.79083; 136.02694 (The southernmost tip of Koka City)



Main mountain


Main river


Koka City is basicallySetouchi climate zoneIs said to belong toInland climateBut also. However, since Shiga Prefecture itself is in a delicate position to which climate zone it belongs, and there are some fluctuations depending on the season, a clear line cannot be drawn. It should be noted that rainfall tends to be higher in summer than in winter.

Shigaraki (Shigaraki-cho, Koga-shi, altitude 265 m) climate
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)6.5
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−3.5
Precipitation amount mm (inch)55.2
Average days of precipitation (≥1.0 mm)
Average monthlyDaylight hours101.2100.9133.6166.3164.5127.6136.5173.8135.4136.6122.1115.91,614.4
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency
The climate of Tsuchiyama (Kitachiyama, Tsuchiyama-cho, Koga City, altitude 248 m)
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)6.3
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−1.9
Precipitation amount mm (inch)60.0
Average days of precipitation (≥1.0 mm)10.610.912.611.011.613.613.710.411.810.08.49.4134
Average monthlyDaylight hours90.998.2137.0167.1165.8128.3139.4177.2132.7140.2125.0108.91,610.7
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency


Administrative division

The old town name before the merger remains as the town name in the city and is referred to as "Koga-shi Koga-cho XX" or "Koka-shi Shigaraki-cho XX". However, "Oji" that was used in the address notation of the town period was abolished. For example, in the case of "Kojiamiya, Shigaraki-cho, Koga-gun," it was "Kaminoamiya, Shigaraki-cho, Koga-shi".[3].


The area corresponding to the current city of Koka reached the peak of population since the beginning of the 21st century. Comparing the 2005 census with the 2010 census, Koga City decreased by 1.24% to 92,693, and the rate of change was 19th out of 14 cities and towns in Shiga Prefecture.

Population distribution of Koka, Shiga, Japan.svg
Koga City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Koga City Age Distribution by Gender (2005)
■Purple-Koka City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Koka city (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Adjacent municipality

Shiga prefecture flagShiga
Mie prefecture flagMie
Kyoto Prefecture FlagKyoto


Until the merger
After the merger




Government office

In addition to the new government building built at the location of the old Mizuguchi Town Hall, four civic centers (former branch offices) that took over the old four town offices are conducting core operations.Furthermore, in 4, 4 civic centers were established to handle window operations and support for self-government activities.

Mizuguchi area
  • Koka City Hall (Former Minakuchi Government Building/Former Minakuchi Branch)
Postal Code528-8502 6053 Mizuguchi, Mizuguchi-cho, Koga City
  • Banya Local Citizen Center
Postal Code528-0064 3737, No. 1 Nakayama, Mizuguchi Town, Koga City
  • Kashiwagi Community Center
Postal Code528-0057 1615 Kitawaki, Mizuguchi-cho, Koga-shi
  • Minakuchi Community Center
Postal Code528-0032 7-4 Yasaka, Mizuguchi-cho, Koka-shi
  • Ayano Community Center
Postal Code528-0023 1-20 Motomaru, Mizuguchi-cho, Koga-shi
  • Kiseigawa Local Citizen Center
Postal Code528-0049 308 1 Kiyogawa, Mizuguchi-cho, Koga-shi
  • Iwagami Community Center
Postal Code528-0007 557 Shinshiro, Mizuguchi-cho, Koka-shi
Konan area
  • Konan Daiichi Community Center (Former Konan Government Office/Konan Branch)
Postal Code520-3393 810 Noda, Konan Town, Koga City
  • Konan Daini Community Center
Postal Code520-3314 71 Sugitani, Konan Town, Koga City
  • Konan Third Community Center
Postal Code520-3305 818 Nogawa, Konan Town, Koga City
  • Konan Chubu Local Citizen Center
Postal Code520-3311 810 Noda, Konan-cho, Koga-shi (Konan Daiichi Community Center)
  • Kibogaoka Community Center
Postal Code520-3333 1-3 Kibogaoka, Konan-cho, Koga-shi 4-XNUMX
Tsuchiyama area
  • Tsuchiyama Community Center (Former Tsuchiyama Branch)
Postal Code528-0211 1715 Kitachiyama, Tsuchiyama-cho, Koga City
  • Ono Community Center
Postal Code528-0235 2154 Ohno, Tsuchiyama-cho, Koga City
  • Yamauchi Community Center
Postal Code528-0208 1970 Kurokawa, Tsuchiyama-cho, Koka City
  • Ayukawa Community Center
Postal Code528-0202 1950 Ayukawa, Tsuchiyama-cho, Koga City
Koga area
  • Koka Ohara Local Citizen Center (former Koka Branch)
Postal Code520-3435 173-1 Sagami, Koga-cho, Koga-shi
  • Aburitsu Community Center
Postal Code520-3421 2416 Ueno, Koka-cho, Koka-shi
  • Sayama Community Center
Postal Code520-3402 2967 Osaji, Koga-cho, Koga-shi
Shigaraki area
  • Shigaraki area citizen center (former Shigaraki branch)
Postal Code529-1851 1203 Nagano, Shigaraki Town, Koga City
  • Kumoi Local Citizen Center
Postal Code529-1803 72-3 Maki, Shigaraki-cho, Koka-shi
  • Obara Community Center
Postal Code529-1836 793 Yubara, Shigaraki Town, Koga City
  • Asamiya Community Center
Postal Code529-1841 467 Kamiasamiya, Shigaraki Town, Koga City
  • Tarao Community Center
Postal Code529-1821 2067 Tarao, Shigaraki Town, Koga City

Prefectural government agency

  • Shiga Prefecture Koga Joint Government Building

Wide area administration


City council

National agency

Ministry of Justice

  • Otsu District Legal Affairs Bureau Koga Branch
Prosecutor's office
  • Koka Ward Public Prosecutor's Office

裁判 所

  • Koga Summary Court





Fire department
  • Minakuchi Fire Department
    • Tsuchiyama branch office
  • Konan Fire Department
    • Koga branch office
  • Shigaraki Fire Department


Main hospital

Exchange facility

Cultural facility


  • Koka City Library
    • Minakuchi Library
    • Tsuchiyama Library
    • Koga Library Information Center
    • Konan Library Exchange Center-StoredMizuguchi ClanThe Kato family document was designated as a cultural property of Shiga prefecture in 2012.
    • Shigaraki Library


Foreign relations

Sister cities/partner cities


Partner city
  • Mie prefecture flagIga City(Kinki Mie)
  • Mie prefecture flagKameyama City(Kinki Mie)
    • We are conducting a business aimed at promoting tourists and exchanging tourists as an "Ikoka" cooperation, which is an acronym for the three neighboring cities across the prefectural border.
  • Nagano Prefecture FlagSaku(Chubu region Nagano)
    • 2004May 10 --Yukari no Machi Alliance (with former Konan Town)1990December 12 Friendship Friendship City Alliance)


sister city


Koka CityCeramic industry OfShigaraki wareShigaraki ware, known as the production center ofSeto,Tokoname,Echizen,Tamba ware,BizenAlong withSix old kilns in JapanIt is counted as one of.Also,Pharmaceutical manufacturing industryThe location of companies involved in the project is conspicuous, and more than half of the 17 member companies of the Shiga Pharmaceutical Industry Cooperative Association, which is a local pharmaceutical company union, are not only located in Koga City, but also manufacturing plants and research institutes of major pharmaceutical companies. There are multiple[5].. It is said that this is a remnant of Koga Ninja's good knowledge and formulation of medicines. There is also the Oil Sun Botanical Garden where Shionogi Pharmaceutical grows herbs in Koga Town, Koga City.[6].. Moreover, especiallyJapanese teaaboutTsuchiyama teaとAsamiya teaAnd has two leading brands in the same city.

Primary industry


Agricultural cooperative

Secondary industry


Main industrial park
  • Koka Industrial Park
  • Koganishi Industrial Park
  • Omi Mizuguchi Techno Park
  • Omi Mizuguchi No. 2 Techno Park
  • Satsukigaoka Industrial Park
  • Matsuo Industrial Park
  • Ukawa Small Business Complex
  • Hatta Satellite Park
  • Konan Frontier Park
  • Kogakita Industrial Park (under construction)

Tertiary industry


Main commercial facilities

Financial institution

Cooperative financial institution
Japan Post
Agricultural cooperative/Co-op

Companies based

Education/research institutions



Vocational school

Secondary school

high school


Junior high school


primary school




Central station:Mizuguchi Jonan Station

West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
Omi Railway
Shigaraki Highland Railway

In addition, the Shigaraki Kogen Railway isType XNUMX railway operatorOwns and manages railway facilities and uses the private and private method (vertical separation method) operated by Shigaraki Kogen Railway Co., Ltd. (Type XNUMX railway operator)[7][8].


Transit Bus

Intercity bus

Express Bus

Tsuchiyama SATsuchiyama Bus Stop at Tsu, Yokkaichi, Ise, Kyoto (Kyoto-Yokkaichi/Tsu/Ise Line(See above) (March 2008, 3), Nagoya/Kobe/Sannomiya (above April 20, 2008-).



Highway national road

Formerly pierced the city area of ​​Koka City from east to westNational Route 1Was a highway, but on February 2008, 2Shinmeishin ExpresswayHas opened, and the convenience of automobile transportation to Nagoya and Tokyo has improved dramatically. Accessibility from the Keihanshin area to the city area has also improved. To commemorate the first construction of the Shinmeishin Expressway in Shiga Prefecture on December 1995, 12,Former Tsuchiyama TownBy the "Second Meishin Shiga Prefecture groundbreaking ground" monumentTsuchiyama BridgeIt was built in the vicinity.

Regional high standard road

National road

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road

Road Station


Tourism Association

Former one year, the tourist associations of the five former towns started discussions about the merger in April 5. Later, in April 2005, the tourism associations of Minakuchi, Konan, Koga, and Tsuchiyama merged to form the Koga City Tourism Association. Due to this relationship, there are two tourism associations in Koka City. In addition, before the mergerMascot characterWas born asNinjaemon"(Ninja'scostume) Participates in various events as a character of Koka City Tourism Association[9].

  • Koka City Tourism Association (in Konan Daiichi Community Center)
  • Shigaraki Town Tourism Association (Shigaraki Traditional Industry Hall)

Sights and historic sites

Main castles and mansions
Main temple
Main shrine
Main historical sites
Main ruins

Nearby Tourist Spots

nature Park
Theme park


Festivals and events

  • Tamura Shrine Eradication Festival
  • Shigaraki Bonmei Train and Bonmei Exhibition
  • Aino Tsuchiyama Saio Group
  • Mizuguchi Hikiyama Festival
  • Kunoichi Audition
  • Shigaraki Station Ceramics Market
  • Oil Day Festival
  • Kenketo Dance
  • Suzuka horse song national convention
  • Kurokawa Taiko Dance
  • Ohara Gion Festival
  • Shigaraki Fire Festival
  • Minakuchi Summer Festival
  • GO-SHU!
  • Sorikawa Summer Festival
  • Japanese drum sound Yume no Mori
  • Aino Tsuchiyama Post Festival
  • Shigaraki Pottery Festival
  • 10 hours endurance relay marathon
  • All Japan Ninja Championship
  • Aino Tsuchiyama Marathon
  • Ninja Satoyama Walk
  • Ninja Village Super Cross in Konan
  • Shigaraki Machinaka Arts Festival: Held once every three years from 2010
  • Shigaraki pottery walking path Burari pottery tour

Specialty/Special product

Origin-related celebrities

Native celebrity

People before the Edo period
Politicians, businesspeople, academics, bureaucrats, etc.

Related person

Politicians, scholars, writers, artists, etc.
  • Okumura Exhibition: From Mizuguchi High School, former member of the House of Representatives
  • Sora Hirai: Mystery writer. After getting sick, live a medical treatment in Koga City
  • Aikawa Satoru: Raised in Koka City, a manga artist. There are rumors that he is from Koka city, but he himself has announced that he is from Tokyo. No further details are available.
  • Kiyoko Kamiyama: Living in Shigaraki Town, Koka City,NagasakiSaseboI'm from The representative of the society that spreads the sum of blood donations from the potter and Shiga bone marrowFire fireModel)
  • Atsushi Fujimoto: A former professional baseball player (from Koka Comprehensive Science →Duplo→Hanshin Tigers→Tokyo Yakult Swallows)
  • Yoshinori Tateyama: A former professional baseball player from Koga College of Science and Technology (Koga College of Science →Matsushita Electric→Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters→Texas Rangers→Hanshin Tigers)
  • Kazuki Miyata: A former professional baseball player from Koga Health and Medical College (Koga Health and Medical →Saitama Seibu Lions)
  • Naoto Nishiguchi: Professional baseball player from Koga Health and Medical College (Koka Health and Medical →Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles)
  • Kazuya Matsuda: From Koga Health and Medical College, former professional soccer player, former Japan Futsal National Team (Koka Health and Medical →Gamba Osaka→Albirex Niigata)
  • Kenta Fujii: From Koga Health and Medical College, former captain of Futsal Japan National Team (Koka Health and Medical → Shuriker Osaka → Baldralar Urayasu → Pescadora Machida)
  • : From Koga Health and Medical College, former Futsal representative from Japan (Koka Health and Medical → Pescadora Machida)
  • : From Koga Health and Medical College, Former Japanese Futsal National Team, Former Director of Shuriker Osaka
  • : From Koga Health and Medical College, former representative of Futsal Japan (Koka Health and Medical → Shuriker Osaka)
  • Ryuji Nishimura: A professional futsal player from Koga Health and Medical College (Koga Health and Medical → Shuriker Osaka → Basazy Oita)
  • Takeshi Satouchi: Mizuguchi High School, former soccer national team physical coach, Kawasaki Frontale physical coach
  • Nakata Ichizo: A former professional soccer player from Koga Junior High School (Koka Naka → Sakura Naka → Sichu High School → Yokohama Flugels → Avispa Fukuoka → Jeff Ichihara → Oita Trinita → Vegalta Sendai → Vanforet Kofu)
  • Suzuki Bruno: From Tsuchiyama Junior High School, professional soccer player (Tsuchiya Naka → Gamba Osaka Youth → Albirex Niigata → Machida Zelvia → Albirex Niigata → Home United →FC Gifu)


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