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👍 | Resonating with the beauty of Maika Yamamoto "National treasure class ❗️" "Why is it so beautiful ⁉️"

Photo Image: Maika Yamamoto Official Instagram

Resonating with the beauty of Maika Yamamoto "National treasure class ❗️" "Why is it so beautiful ⁉️"

If you write the contents roughly
Also pay attention to Maika Yamamoto's Instagram, which is full of beauty.

"National treasure-class beauty ❗️" "Why is it so beautiful ⁉️" On the 22nd, actress and model Maika Yamamoto made her own Instagram ... → Continue reading

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Mai Yamamoto

Yamamoto Maika(Yamamoto Maika,1997(9)May 10 -) isJapan Ofactress,Fashion Model,talent.TottoriYonagoI'm fromIncentAffiliation. "LARME] Is a model.


"Tottori Bishoujo EncyclopediaAfter appearing in Vol2, he was scouted by the current office and2011In the first audition I received in springMitsui RehousePassed the audition of Mitsui's Rehouse 14th generationRehouse girlWas chosen[2]..From the July issue of the same year, a fashion magazine for teens "Nicola』Act as an exclusive model. July 2011 Cool drama "Still, Life Goes On] Made his debut as an actress.2013The first cover of "Nikola" in the November issue. The cover of this issue isMarie Iide,Oyamauchi Hanarin,Fuka Takashima, Yamamoto 4 people.2014Graduated from "Nikola" with the May issue. 5 times on the cover[3]Met.

2016Published in FebruarySakura no rain』, the first movie starring[4].. The same work,28 Tokyo International Film Festival(2015May 10From held)Panorama sectionWas premiered at[5].2017From April to March 4 "King's brunchAppeared regularly[6].


  • From the 1st grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of junior high schoolkarateAnd won the prefectural championship when he was in sixth grade[7].. Besides karate, I also have experience with softball in junior high school.[8].
  • Motto of mottoIs "believe in yourself"[9].
  • My favorite foods are peaches, figs, sea urchins and sushi[9].
  • The target actress isChiaki Kuriyama,KarinaIs[10].
  • Originally I was aspiring to be a model, and I was not good at acting, but I was attracted to the charm of acting by appearing in drama etc.[9].
  • There is one brother and one brother. About yourselfBrother complex(Especially to my brother), ``Out x DeluxeAt the time of the appearance, it was revealed that Yamamoto had selected the dating partner of his brother and brother.[11][12].
  • Matsuko DeluxeAbout Yamamoto, "I walk around there (while you look pretty)YankeeThe structure does not change, but I never evaluate myself, so I highly evaluate it as a recommended young actress.[13].
  • I have a dog, Malpu (Maltesetoy poodleWith the female "Sheri"Teacup poodleAnd two male "Reni"[14][15].


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  • Maika Yamamoto 2015 Calendar (October 2014, 10, Tri-X)
  • Maika Yamamoto 2016 Calendar (October 2015, 10, Tri-X)[73][74]


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