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📚 | [Time with fluffy picture books] Recommended books for February 2021


[Time with fluffy picture books] Recommended books for February 2021

If you write the contents roughly
As Shuntaro Tanikawa wrote on the obi, it doesn't stop once I start reading ...

[Time with a fluffy picture book] Recommended book in February 2021 Mr. Fuwahane who has been active as a picture book instructor for over 6 years ... → Continue reading

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Shuntaro Tanikawa

Shuntaro Tanikawa(Tanikawa Shuntaro,1931May 12 -) is Japanesepoets,translator,Picture book author,Writer.Tokyo (currently Tokyo)I'm from. CurrentToyotama High School, Tokyo[Note 1]Graduated.Nickname is "Tanishun"[Source required].


philosopherHosei UniversityOf the presidentTetsuzo TanikawaThe father of a member of the House of RepresentativesTozo OsadaAs a mother, Takiko, her daughter[1],TokyoToyama-gunSuginamicho(CurrentTokyoSuginami) Born and raised. FormerAichiTokonameLongKentaro NiwaseYes[2][3].

In 1938, entered Tokyo City Suginami Daini Elementary School.

In 1944, entered Toyotama Junior High School in Tokyo.

19455 OfYamanote air raidI experienced. Also this year, it was evacuated to Yodo-cho, Kuse-gun, Kyoto Prefecture. Transferred to Kyoto Prefectural Momoyama Junior High School.

In 1946, he returned to his home in Suginami and returned to Toyotama Junior High School.

1948Start poetry and presentation from[4].1950Was an acquaintance of my fatherTatsuharu MiyoshiBy the introduction of "Literary world"Nero and five other editions" will be published.1952In the collection of virgin poems "Two billion light years of loneliness』Published.

Soon, in parallel with poetry, song lyrics, screenplaysessayWritten and critique activities.

In addition,Shintaro Ishihara,Atsushi Eto,Kensaburo Oe,Shuji Terayama,Keita Asari,Eisuke Ryosuke,Toshiro Mayuzumi,Yoshiyuki FukudaWith young cultural figuresYoung Japanese AssociationWas formed,60 years securityOpposed to.

1962In "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday song"4th Japan Record AwardReceived the songwriting award.1964From then on to film production (as a scriptwriter for the documentary film "Tokyo Olympiad")1965From then on, he entered the world of picture books. In the movie, "Ko IchikawaCalled the director's disciple, he wrote the script for the director's work. The 1973 "Crotch Trip" was particularly well received. The 1978 "Firebird" was also criticized because the movie itself was too playful. Although it was done, the script (published in Kinema Junpo) isOsamu TezukaIt is a majestic work that is faithful to the original work by and demonstrated its true character as a poet.

1967Will be the first translation of "Daddy-Long-Legs』(Jean webster) Is published. In the field of translation, "Swimmy』(Leo Leoni), "Peanuts], [Mother gooseAs of 2007, he has written about 50 types of works such as "Nouta".

As of 2007, more than 80 poetry collections and poetry selections have been published. It features a wide range of styles, from things that children can read and enjoy (such as "warabeuta" and "word play songs") to experimental ones (such as "definition" and "Coca-Cola lessons"). Tanigawa's poems have been translated into English, French, German, Slovak, Danish, Chinese, Mongolian, etc. and have readers all over the world.

In 2010, official Twitter started.

Proud to make a poet a living[5]As a member ofCopyrightHe is enthusiastic about defending.2007ToRare schoolSAPIXInsisted that the work was posted on the examination materials without permission and the copyright was infringed.Nada InadaWith 25 othersTokyo District CourtInjunction of publicationLawsuitCaused[6].. On the other hand, he said, "Poetry belongs to others as long as I wrote it," and I am also pleased with the project of arranging poetry starting from my own poetry. It seems that he wants to make money as a poet by the right.[7].

I've been married three times so farEriko KishidaIs the first Tomoko Okubo (former)New playThe actress) is the second person,Yoko SanoWas the third wife. Also, my son, who was born to OkuboKensaku TanikawaIs a musician and has performed many concerts by his father and son.

Practice one meal a day, at nightSeven-Eleven Ofbrown riceOf riceRetort packEvery day I eat mainly. Poetry is a notebook-type Mac, written in the living room or study[8].

Tanikawa once declares retirement for the translation work of "Peanuts"[9]I didn't like it very much, but after some twists and turns1967から2020Worked on the translation of all works for a long time.Tanikawa said that he had been involved in translation for about 50 years. I feel like I want it to be something, so I'm sorry that it looks like a complete collection of individuals, and even though I'm disgusted on the way, I'm wondering if it's okay (all works) I'm glad that this complete collection (which triggered the translation), I am. "Also, for Tanikawa, the characters that appeared have become like relatives.Of the original authorCharles M. SchulzaboutOsamu TezukaBecause I imagined a cartoonist like this, about the impression when I met him, he said, "It's not the image of a cartoonist at all. My first impression of him was a philosopher."[10].

2017By individual fansSapporo"Shun Cafe" officially recognized by Tanigawa opens in Japan. "Called a poet" (Mariko OzakiWritten by Shinchosha) In addition to being listed in the chronological table, it is also listed at the end of the chronological table of "Shuntaro Tanikawa Exhibition" (at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery 2018).


1982ToArt AwardMinister of Education AwardAlthough he was selected as a member, he declined and has not received a reward from the state.


Collection of poems

  • "Two billion light years of loneliness』(Sogensha,1952
  • "Sixty-two Sonnets" (Sogensha,1953) Later Kodansha + α Bunko
  • "About love" (Tokyo Sogensha,1955
  • "Picture book" (Matoba Shobo,1956
  • "Shuntaro Tanikawa Poems" Tokyo Sogensha Poem Library 1958
  • "To you" (Tokyo Sogensha,1960
  • "21" (Shichosha, 1962)
  • "Falling ninety-nine" (Asahi Shimbun,1964
  • "Shuntaro Tanikawa Poems"Soshisha 1965
  • "Journey"Yasuo KazukiPicture (Kyuryudo,1968
  • "Shuntaro Tanikawa Poems" 1968 Kadokawa Bunko
  • "Shuntaro Tanikawa Poems" ShichoshaContemporary Poetry Library 1969
  • "Depressing Youth" (Yamanashi Silk Center Publishing Department,1971
  • "The day when the little bird disappeared in the sky" (Sanrio,1974
  • "I wanted to talk to you in the kitchen in the middle of the night" (Seitosha,1975
  • "Definition" (Shichosha, 1975)
  • 『』Hanmo SugiuraNational land company 1976
  • "Shuntaro Tanikawa Poetry Collection" Shichosha New Selection Contemporary Poetry Library 1977
  • "Besides that"(Shueisha,1979
  • "Continued Shuntaro Tanikawa Poems" Shichosha 1979
  • "Coca-Cola Lesson" (Shichosha,1980
  • "Warabeuta" Masatsugu (Shueisha, 1981-82) and later Bunko
  • "Mimi sushi"Gospel building bookstore 1982
  • "Daily Map" Shueisha 1982
  • "Once 1950-1959" Departure Shinsha 1982 "Once"Shueisha library
  • "Modern Poet 9 Shuntaro Tanikawa"Chuokoronsha 1983
  • "Dokin Shonen Poetry Collection" (Theory company,1983) LaterFore library
  • "Japanese Catalog" (Shichosha,1984
  • "Letter" Shueisha 1984
  • "Poetry turning" 1984
  • "Yoshinashi Uta Poems" (Seidosha,1985
  • "Shuntaro Tanikawa"Yasuo FujitomiHen Holup Publishing Japanese poetry 1985
  • "Looking at the blue sky, Shuntaro Tanikawa Poems 1" Kadokawa Bunko 1985 (renamed "Shuntaro Tanikawa Poems")
  • "Morning Shape Shuntaro Tanikawa Poems 2" 1985 Kadokawa Bunko
  • "Melancholia River Boat Poems" Shichosha 1988
  • "Hadaka Poetry Collection" by Yoko Sano (Chikuma Shobo,1988
  • "The most delicious place of the soul" (Sanrio,1990
  • "Depressing Youth Poems" Sanrio 1990
  • "To a woman] Yoko Sano picture (Magazine house,1991
  • "Trying to give poetry" Shueisha 1991
  • "Shuntaro Tanikawa Poetry Collection Sequel" Shichosha Contemporary Poetry Library 1993
  • "This is my kindness" (Shueisha Bunko,1993
  • "Earth Color Crayon Happy birthday earth3" Children's Earth Fund Edition media Factory 1993
  • "eighteen"Hitoshi Sawanopicture(Tokyo Books, 1993) Later Shueisha Bunko
  • "People's Knowledge Raz" (Shichosha, 1993)
  • "Travel" Shichosha, 1995
  • "People who listen to Mozart" (Shogakukan,1995
  • "Ishikoro Shuntaro Tanikawa Poems"Sachihiko KitagawaResponsible editing Iwasaki Shoten 1995
  • "Rather than being pure white" edited by Sobisha Shueisha 1995
  • "Iroha Uta"Makoto WadaPicture 1997
  • "Kindness is not love" (Gentosha,1996)- Photo:Nobuyoshi Araki
  • "Shuntaro Tanikawa Poems"Haruki library, 1998
  • "Everyone's Soft Shuntaro Tanikawa Poetry Collection" Dainippon Books 1999
  • "Minimal William.I.Elliott" Translated by Kazuo Kawamura (Shichosha,2002
  • "Come from a faraway country" 2003
  • "Mickey Mouse at Night" (Shinchosha Co., Ltd., 2003) Later Bunko
  • "You are there" Wataru Tanaka Magazine House 2003
  • "Reading Shuntaro Tanikawa's" Poetry ""Mio 2004
  • "Chagall and Konoha" (Shueisha,2005
  • All three volumes of "Shuntaro Tanikawa Poetry Selection" TaharaHen 2005 Shueisha Bunko
  • "Ima Boku ni Shuntaro Tanikawa Poems" by Kikuo Mizuuchi, Rironsha 2005
  • "Healthy and supple"Kosei Publisher 2006
  • "Shuntaro Tanikawa Song Book" (Kodansha,2006) --Lyrics collection
  • "Suki" (Rironsha, 2006)
  • "Photograph No Nakano Sora" (Arton, 2006) --Photo: Nobuyoshi Araki
  • "I" (Shichosha,2007
  • "Nice Alone" Children's Story Shop 2008
  • "Standing up one by one, Shuntaro Tanikawa, school lyrics collection"Yamada KenjiHen Mio 2008
  • "Children's Will" Photo Kosei Publishing Co., Ltd. 2009
  • "Tromso Collage" (Shinchosha, 2009)
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Picture book fairy tale

  • "Kenha Hechara"Akane Shobo, 1965 Later Bunko
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Prose Collection

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Novel drama 

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Interview co-authored

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TV drama


  • Shuji Terayama & Shuntaro Tanikawa Video Letter (Art Days, 2003) --Cast
  • (2005) --Translation
  • Momotaro's Journey



Tanigawa's lyrics (assuming that it will be a song) are written in hundreds of songs, such as "Japanese Keiko," "Nobody Knows," "Song Book," and "Standing Up Each Person." There are many songs, choruses, folk songs, etc. that are songs of Tanigawa's poems, and there is no end to the list, so here we will limit the lyrics to songs. See also external links.Municipal Sapporo Kaisei Secondary Education SchoolLyrics for the school song.

Songs for TV / Radio / Movies

Nursery rhyme

Other solo songs (songs, folk songs, etc.)


  • Question (Composer: Joji Yuasa) --For details on the composition, see Yuasa's "Mid of Life" pp.384-385. The score says "Shuntaro Tanikawa's words" instead of "Shuntaro Tanikawa's lyrics (lyrics)". Most of the text is composed of various interrogative sentences that Tanikawa thought.
  • Beyond the horizon(Composer: Makiko Kinoshita) --There are XNUMX mixed choruses, XNUMX mixed choruses, XNUMX female choruses, and XNUMX male choruses.
  • Sumiko in the blue sky (composition:Naohiko Terashima)-41thNHK National School Music CompetitionJunior high school club assignment song
  • believe(Composer:Ko Matsushita) --The 71st NHK National School Music Contest Junior High School Division Assignment Song
  • Life (composition:Teruaki Suzuki) --The 77th NHK National School Music Contest High School Division Assignment Song
  • Healthy, gentle and supple (composition:Ko Matsushita) --A suite premiered in December 2009 by the joint commission of Norihisa Ikeda and the Tokyo Metropolitan University Erica Mixed Chorus.

School songs, company songs, etc.

primary school
Junior high school
High school (including junior and senior high school)
Companies, etc.


For a more detailed list, refer to "" at the end of "" Volume 3 (Shueisha Bunko, 2005) edited by Tahara.

Related books

Related person

  • Ooka Shin --A longtime friend. As mentioned above, he has co-authored.
  • Takemitsu Toru --A longtime friend.Shinchosha Co., Ltd.Served as an editorial board member in a collection of books published by.
  • Kentaro Niwase --Cousin. FormerAichiTokonameLong.
  • --Cousin. Doctor. Also known for his book "Medical Record of Cancer Ward", Shuji Terayama,Karajuro,Akasegawa Haradaira,Arashiyama KozaburoThey were the attending physicians.
  • Hisao Kanaseki
  • Shuji Terayama
  • Kensaburo Oe
  • Hayao Kawai
  • Ryusei Hasegawa
  • Takaishi Tomoya
  • Makoto Wada
  • Yoshitomo Imae
  • Kenjiro Haitani
  • Shotaro Kobayashi ――I was a childhood friend of my neighbor for 30 years. He is still a good friend.
  • Kusunoki Katsunori
  • Genichiro Takahashi —— Mentioned in “Poetry Turning” and contributed to Takahashi's “History of Japanese Literature”.
  • Miyuki Nakajima ――I was influenced by writing about Tanigawa in my university graduation thesis.
  • HALCALI ――In the second album "Ongaku no Susume", "Lawn feat. Includes "Shuntaro Tanikawa". In the same song, a passage of his own poem is read aloud by himself.
  • SPANOVA --A passage of his poem is read aloud by himself in "We Always Go On" recorded in the distribution album "SetsunaLized SetzunaRider". He is also the composer and producer of the above HALCALI song.
  • Maywa Denki --Co-authored the picture book "Subyorumyu".
  • Tsukamoto Yasushi --Co-authored the picture books "Futari ★ On the Same Star" and "Soko".
  • Sawa wisdom --Released the album "Shuntaro Tanikawa". Shuntaro Tanikawa participated in the album "I Ask" by reading aloud.
  • Mitsuko Hase ――Many poems by Tanigawa are read aloud and made into works.
  • Hitoshi Komuro-Tanikawa is reading "Kappa" in "Kotoba Asobi Uta" at the "23 Wards Concert".
  • ASKA ――I have been influenced by Tanigawa a lot, such as carrying around Tanigawa's poetry collection for more than 1980 years since the fall of 40 when he made his debut.Also, on the video site YouTube, a video of a dialogue with Tanikawa is also released.


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注 釈

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