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📚 | Miyuki Miyabe "Brave Story" new edition published & first electronic version delivered!The new cover illustration is Akihiko Yoshida!


Miyuki Miyabe "Brave Story" new edition published & first electronic version delivered!The new cover illustration is Akihiko Yoshida!

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In the new edition, Akihiko Yoshida, who worked on the character design of the popular game, was appointed as a cover illustration, and a map drawn by popular eraser stamp writer, Keiko Nabeta is also included.

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. has released 20 new editions of the fantasy novel "Brave Story" by Miyuki Miyabe ... → Continue reading


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Akihiko Yoshida

Akihiko Yoshida(Akihiko Yoshida,1967[1]May 2[2] -) isJapan Ofgamecreater.Designer..Director of CyDesignation Co., Ltd.[3].


mainlyCharacter DesignI am working on.To the influenced painterRembrandt,Millet[Avoid ambiguity],Whistler,Mobius,Katsuhiro OtomoAnd so on.HobbyMountain bike[4].

Japan Design CollegeIn 1989 after graduationquestJoined the company[3]..At the companyYasumi MatsunoTogether withLegendary Ogre Battle], [Tactics Ogre] And so on.

1995ToSquareTransferred to (currently Square Enix)[3].

2006May 3Was released inPlayStation 2Software "FINAL FANTASY XII, And was released on August 2006, 8,Nintendo DSEditionFinal fantasy iiiFor the production ofCharacter designerI am involved as.

2013At the end of September, he retired from Square Enix, who had been enrolled for about 9 years, and became freelance.[5].

2014January,CygamesBecame a director of CyDesignation, a subsidiary of[3].

It has been highly evaluated both at home and abroad, and various illustrators and designers have stated that they were influenced by Yoshida's unique touch.[6][7][8]


Video work

Contribution / Other

  • Rage of Bahamut Some events, cards
  • Granblue Fantasy(In the name of CyDesignation)
  • New art
  • Guest artist illustration
  • Quarterly S No. 55 Cover & Making
  • Anime"Nisekoi』Episode 10 end card
  • DE DE MOUSE 3rd ALBUM "A journey to freedom" jacket illustration
  • DE DE MOUSE 5th ALBUM "farewell holiday!" Jacket illustration
  • Weekly Young Jump Special Edition Aoharu sweet Illustration Pinup
  • Monthly Shonen Gangan September 2013 Issue soul EaterFinal celebration illustration
  • Katsuhiro OtomoArt book "TRIBUTE TO OTOMO" tribute illustration
  • illustration June 2018 issue cover
  • Brave Story Kadokawa Bunko New Edition Cover Illustration


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